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Friday, February 26, 2010

Okubo directs Hawaii DoH staff to release pdf file with scans of a computer printout containing redacted pages from the Birth Index, which would contain the surnames Obama, Soetoro, Dunham and Payne. (They should post them at FightTheSmears)

This is regarding a Hawaii UIPA request from the Post & Email, Inc..

From the Post & Email: (Feb. 26, 2010) — In response to the public outcry over my last report regarding Okubo’s apparently false response to my request for index data from the Hawaii Birth Index, Miss Janice Okubo has directed staff at the Hawaii Department of Health to release a pdf file containing what appears to be scans of a computer printout containing redacted pages from the Hawaii Birth Index for those sections, which would contain the surnames Payne, Dunham, Soetoro and Obama.

In response to the evasive denials of my original UIPA request, and the outright claim I had written what I did not write, Miss Janice Okubo admitted to me last week, that microfiches of the Hawaii Birth Index did exist, and that they did not contain the said surnames. Following my disclosure of that to several friends, I was given a copy of a Treasury Department Document from 1949, showing that at least one individual with the surname Dunham was born in Hawaii, during the period in which the Hawaii Birth Index was used.

As a consequence I wrote Miss Okubo and asked for copies of the microfiche, to prove the veracity of her claim, and offered to pay for them. I also suggested to readers of The Post & Email that they contact Mrs. Lingle, the governor of the State of Hawaii, asking for an outside review of the matter.

Today’s release of a pdf file appears to be the Department of Health’s way of responding to this public outcry, even though the documents do not prove anything, since they are not prima facie evidence of anything, other than that...

...Please note that it is not an unimportant fact that the images released do show that the Birth Index data does contain the names of the parents. In her correspondence with me, Okubo denied that I could ask for the Birth Index information for children based on the surnames of the parents. So if these images are evidentiary in any manner, they are evidentiary of Okubo’s obstruction of my initial UIPA request, since I never asked for the parents’ names, only the names of the children. She has the names of the parents right there; why did she refuse to do a search on that basis?

View the Hawaii Birth Index and read the full P&E report, HERE.

Contact info for Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle;

Governor's Office
Governor Linda Lingle
Phone: 808 586-0034
Fax: 808 586-0006

Click HERE for Gov. Lingle's website contact form,or copy & paste url;

If you would like to contact the other pertinent players in the Hawaii Gov't, visit the Operation Hawaii Five-Obama protest, HERE.

Demand they investigate the clear obfuscations of the Hawaii UIPA Laws.

Here is some background and research regarding the criminal actions of some of the Hawaii officials.


Also, to this day, Hawaii DOH officials still refuse to verify any of the 3 different Obama COLB's posted online by Obama's campaign. Much more on that HERE.


  1. look closely at the hand signs that obama and Lingle are sending......same hand sign that both Bush's gave there a secret club worlwide that we don't know about? Are there two part of that club? I think this should be investigated...

  2. LOL... just a "shaka" sign aka Hang Ten or Hang Loose... depending on region...

  3. I have A sign to give Obama with my hand. With only one finger pointing up!!

  4. As far as I'm concerned Obama's refusal to release his records can only mean he has something to hide. And, that can only be one thing. He is not a natural born citizen and therefore not qualified to be president. He and the Democrat party have perpetrated a fraud on the people of the United States, and have committed treason. I personally do not have the power to remove him from office, but I do not acknowledge him as my president and I wouldn't urinate on him to put out the flames if he were on fire.

  5. Bush uses the BS sign, pinky and index finger.

  6. It's all 'Alice In Wonderland' to me. I am going to go out back and paint the roses red white and blue, just to be sure I remember what Country I'm in.
    I am Neil Brian Goldberg, the angry Independent candidate for the Ca US Senate seat. So many across the Country are wishing me well and praying for this campaign. If each one sends just $5.00, I will have bumper stickers, radio ads and traveling funds to win. Join me - Make War On Boxer. I intend to come out of nowhere to utterly defeat and embarrass these frauds. <Contribute!

  7. No it isn't the same sign at all... that's the Hawaiian saying for hang loose! Your thinking of the pointer finger and the pinky one that should be up that reflects the sign of the devil!

  8. K.A. - It stands for "hook 'em Horns" referring to the University of Texas Longhorns.

  9. oops = I just read your comment a little closer - sorry about that! Oh, well, a little trivia for you!


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