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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Washington Times columnist and Radio show host, Jeff Kuhner, declares we have a fascist gangster in the White House, Kuhner says Obama should just show the original birth records along with his other records. Jeff also challenges Chris Matthews to debate him on Obama's records. Kuhner says key editors and journalists from liberal newspapers are telling him "something smells wrong with the story," but are afraid to report the story out of fear of ridicule. - ORYR - audio below... [image source]

Via the Conservative Monster; This is Jeff Kuhner talking about the Blago trial after Mike from NY calls his show. I agree with Jeff, Obama will declare executive privilege to avoid testifying in that Blago trial. Then, Jeff challenges Chris Matthews and he states that there are rumors that Obama has for names, Barack Hussein Mohammad Obama. If you listen closely, you can hear Mike from NY on the phone say "Oh my God" LOL

This just keeps getting better everyday - via Steve Cooper, at the Conservative

[Snippets via previous Birther Report on Jeff Kuhner]Via GiveUsLiberty; Jeff Kuhner..."Mr. are a are an illegitimate president of the United States!"

Talk show host Jeff Kuhner, on 570 WTNT, who two months ago said on his program that he thought that Obama was probably born in Hawaii, just said that Obama is a USURPER and an illegitimate president of the United States! This story breaking minutes ago!

Kuhner characterized the Obama "presidency" as one of the biggest cons ever!

Kuhner calls O'Reilly STUPID! "Murdoch and Fox in bed with the Saudis...birth certificate issue off limits because Saudi Arabia buying up access and influence in the United States!" Source.

Steve at the Conservative Monster sums this issue up pretty good; Fox News using left wing smears to undermine the Obama eligibility issue?

The birther term is a term that left wing extremists are using to silence anyone that dares to bring up the deception around Obama's eligibility issue. TAX DOLLARS are now being spent to fight these lawsuits and we are crazy? The people shouting "you are crazy" on the Internet are either Obama operatives or brainwashed fools that stare at Glenn Beck's blackboard all day. The left are desperately attacking anyone that dares to bring up this issue.

Obama does not love this as Glenn Beck insists he does. Obama fears this issue and so do the communist insurgents that surround him and that is why there is a nationwide news blackout on this issue on TV and on radio. ...continued here.

Jeff Kuhner can be heard live M-F, from 12PMEST - 3PMEST, also streaming live online at 570 WTNT.

ABOUT 570 WTNT's JEFF KUHNER: Jeff Kuhner is a columnist and media commentator at The Washington Times. His column appears every Sunday in the Commentary section.

Jeff is the President of the Edmund Burke Institute, a Washington-based think tank committed to integrating minorities into the conservative movement.

Jeff has been a guest on the Savage Nation, the Sean Hannity Show, and various other nationally syndicated talk shows. He has also appeared on FOX News and MSNBC. Jeff previously was the editor of Insight magazine, as well as assistant national editor at The Washington Times.

Prior to becoming a journalist and columnist, Jeff was a professor of modern American history at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Source; 570 WTNT. ...previous report here.

Obama an Unconstitutional Illegal President - 20100201 Issue Wash Times Natl Wkly - pg 5