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Monday, April 19, 2010

Via and Commander Kerchner; - Lt. Col. Lakin’s Journey – Living in Times that Try Men’s Souls -

Zach Jones - I rarely watch the Bill O’Reilly show on Fox because I’m not a fan of Mr. O’Reilly’s interview style. However, I received an email saying that Megyn Kelly would be looking into the allegations of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin concerning Obama’s eligibility. Ms. Kelly’s involvement tweaked my curiosity. Because of the tremendous amount of courage and commitment to principle that’s embodied in Lt. Col. Lakin’s refusal to obey orders he believes to be ‘unlawful’, I tuned in last week to see if fairness and objectivity in reporting could possibly emerge out of the morass of misinformation currently dominating the mainstream media.

Being aware that Bill O’Reilly has been consistently (mis) representing the ‘natural born citizen’ issue as merely a ‘citizenship’ issue and portraying everyone involved as a misguided group of nutcases, so I didn’t harbor any expectations that he would experience an ‘ah hah’ moment. (Mr. O’Reilly relies on the existence of birth announcements placed in local newspapers to prove his case but fails to mention that the birth announcements were most likely placed by the state, not Obama’s family.) However, I did have hopes that Megyn Kelly, an attorney, would at least frame the issue correctly. Once again, my hopes were misplaced.

I realize O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly are not journalists – they’re commentators/entertainers. And, the ‘natural born citizen’ issue and those attempting to peer behind the curtain have been effectively and maliciously recast by mainstream media misreporting and omission as something meriting ridicule, it’s not surprising to watch entertainers like O’Relly and Beck join in the piling on of the media herd. It’s sort of like a case of school bullying. Sometimes - once something or someone is portrayed as being a certain way, those with knowledge that could slow or reverse the momentum of attack fail to stand up. For whatever reason - they want to belong to the click, aren’t willing to risk criticism, want to keep a low profile, or they want to be popular (or at least not unpopular), etc. They fail to stand up and injustice continues.

I expect this of kids but not of national media figures or news organizations. Even though FOX does lead in the race towards Fair and Balanced reporting among the mainstream media, they have consistently failed regarding the ‘natural born citizen’ issue. In for a penny - in for a pound, I suppose.

I mention Glenn Beck only because of late he’s hammering away on a quote from Gandhi.

"Use truth as your anvil and non-violence as your hammer. And anything that does not stand the test when it is brought to the anvil of truth and hammered with non-violence, REJECT IT."

In any event, O’Reilly and Ms. Kelly portrayed Lt. Col. Lakin’s refusal to obey Obama’s orders as a mere attempt to attract attention to the issue. Ms. Kelly gave no information or opinion about the ongoing controversies regarding the definition of the term ‘natural born citizen’.

This is the issue. The issue that the media (including FOX) have been intentionally ignoring and misreporting is the abundance of legal opinion indicating that in order to be a ‘natural born citizen’ both of your parents must also have been U.S. citizens at the time of your birth. Regardless of where Obama was born, he fails to meet this part of the test to be a ‘natural born citizen’.

“Use truth as your anvil…” Anyone studying the eligibility issue is fully aware of this truth. There are in fact various contentions as to what ‘natural born citizen’ means, why it was included in the United States Constitution and how it should be interpreted.

So O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly are suggesting that Lt. Col. Lakin, facing a dishonorable discharge, loss of benefits and prison time is merely attempting to garner attention? Please!

“…and non-violence as your hammer” This decorated military officer with 18 years of service is being required to risk all because others have failed to do their jobs. The media, state election officials, the Electoral College, Congress, the courts, the Chain of Command and Sen. McCain have all failed to meet their responsibilities. It’s now suggested that maybe they were all waiting on each other.

How about Ms. Kelly at least entertaining the notion that Lt. Col. Lakin is living up to the Oath he took? How about at least understanding that there are in fact those among us who take such Oaths seriously? How about the possibility of losing one’s life, risking loss of limb, taking another’s life, subjecting oneself to charges of being a war criminal etc. vis-à-vis ‘unlawful orders’ originating at the very top of the Chain of Command? This seems more likely to be the motivation for Lt. Col. Lakin’s non-violent actions. Attempting to garner attention? Please!

“…anything that does not stand the test when it is brought to the anvil of truth and hammered with non-violence, REJECT IT.” Most reasonable people looking at the facts presented thus far and possible likely motivations cannot reject Lt. Col. Lakin’s actions without more information.

Why didn’t Ms. Kelly and Mr. O’Reilly point out how easily Obama could have resolved this issue for many that is undermining military cohesion and discipline? He could have long ago presented his long form birth certificate, college records, and etc. to establish conclusively that he was born in Hawaii and does not have dual citizenship. (But by Obama’s own admission his father was not an American citizen at the time of his birth.) Well, maybe he can’t.

“Use truth as your anvil…” Isn’t this the truth the media should be focusing on? Why won’t Obama release his long form birth certificate, college records, bar application, passport information, etc., etc., etc.? Weighed against the interest of soldiers in theater risking life and limb following ‘orders’ that could be ‘unlawful’ - doesn’t Obama’s small privacy concern pale in comparison? Weighed against the possibility that a Lt. Col. with 18 years of service is risking his career and liberty - doesn’t Obama’s small privacy concern pale in comparison?

“…and non-violence as your hammer” Let’s see. Lt. Col. Lakin, CMD Kerchner, Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, III, Captian Connie Rhodes, Maj. Stefan Cook and many other members of the military have been questioning the eligibility of Obama to serve as Commander In Chief and jeapadizing their own military careers. Is it reasonable to believe that they would not take such drastice actions without real concern over Obama’s eligibility. How do these military lives and careers weigh in the balance when compared to merely releasing documents that every other Presidential candidate has voluntarily released?

“These are the times that try men’s souls.” Thomas Paine... continued here. previous post on this here.

Via Commander Kerchner; Those two announcements in the Hawaiian newspaper in 1961 only prove a birth was registered there. A registration was allowed to be made by any family member via a simple mail-in form to the state Health Dept. No 3rd party witnesses to the birth were required. Thus the family could lie and register a birth in Hawaii when it occurred elsewhere, simple to get the child U.S. citizenship, a highly coveted status then and now.

Obama could have been born anywhere in the world and if Obama's grandma filled out the form and mailed it in to the birth registration office saying Obama was born at their home in Hawaii, a vital record would be created and the birth announcement was on the list of birth's registered next week and sent to the two newspapers. With data systems it is GIGO, garbage (false registration data) in yield garbage out (fraudulently created birth record out) and subsequently computer print outs and statement by Hawaiian officials that they have a record of Obama being born in Hawaii.

WND investigation first in 2009 and follow on stories in 2010 into how the newspaper ads were placed in those two papers in 1961 by the state, not the family. See these two and many other articles as to how the Honolulu Advertiser and the other sister pub got the announcement insertions from a list from the state each week, not from the families. These were public service birth announcements provided by the state. Garbage/falsified data on the available simple mail-in form sent into the birth registration office in 1961 by a fraudulent filing by Obama's grandmother to get her foreign born new grandson U.S. citizenship illegally but easily given Hawaii's lax laws back then yields a birth announcement in the paper for a birth in Hawaii that was registered there but did not physically occur in Hawaii, as James Orengo, Member of Parliament, in Kenya recently attested to, as have other MPs in Kenya and as have members of Obama's paternal line family in Kenya.

2009 investigation into the two Obama Birth newspaper announcements:

2010 follow-up investigation report in the Obama Birth newspaper announcements:

The main stream media is deliberately lying about how these birth announcements got into those newspapers when they say the family placed the ads and that someone was anticipating that someday Obama would run for President. First the family did not place the ads, the state did. And the family member filed the false birth registration data on the mail-in form simply to gain the child U.S. citizenship, a highly coveted status then and now. Birth registration fraud occurs today and it occurred then. And the Hawaiian authorities were a victim of the birth registration fraud by Obama's grandmother back in 1961 and now they are covering up that there is no independent evidence to verify the false registration that Obama was born in Hawaii. No hospital or doctor's name. Just the false testimony of the grandmother on a mail-in form that no one verified back in 1961.

CDR Charles Kerchner

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