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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[ update-4AM EST-5/19- Interview with Jeff Kuhner and Jerome Corsi on Obama's Social Security number(s) posted below. updated with White House response. ] Obama’s Waterloo - Jayme Evans - If recently published reports are true, and I have no reason to doubt they are, then the judgment, reputation and credibility of many a journalist and politician have been irrevocably destroyed along with the myths planted by Barack Obama, who apparently has a great deal of explaining to do about who he is, where he came from and why he’s using another person’s Social Security number.

In a May 11, 2010 article, WorldNetDaily’s Jerome Corsi reports that two independent investigations by two different investigators in two different states (using two different data sources) discovered that the Social Security number used by Barack Obama mysteriously coincides with Social Security numbers verified to have been issued by the state of Connecticut between 1977 and 1979, a full two years after Obama’s first, publicly-documented record of employment at a Hawaii Baskin-Robbins back in 1975. OUCH.

For over a year, those who value the Constitution and still possess critical thinking skills have insisted that something in Barack Obama’s records (or, rather what isn’t in Obama’s records) stinks to High Heaven. As a result of that public skepticism, we’ve been viciously attacked by so-called “journalists”, politicians, pundits and Obama’s base. Some who dared question, like Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, even face career-ending prosecutions as a result.

Lakin’s story has been completely ignored by the mainstream media. A US Army officer defying orders, challenging the legitimacy of the President of the United States and facing court-martial is a huge international story by any measure. It garnered 196,008 hits on Yahoo and 146,000 hits on Google. But, for the Associated Press, it’s quite a different story. Despite their empty protestations of the people’s right to know, not one single hit on the search term “Lt. Col. Terry Lakin” was found in the AP’s exhaustive, world-wide archives:

It matters not if Barack Obama stonewalls, if the AP ignores the story or if Bill O’Reilly wishes it away; for it does appear that the smoking gun pointing to Obama’s illegitimacy may have finally been located, although O’Reilly’s journalistic giblets and his apology to the good Lt. Col. remain MIA. O’Reilly’s dismissal of those wanting Obama to prove his eligibility is no different than politicians dismissing Tea Party concerns over health care cost or effects without reading the bill; willful ignorance. Unfortunately for the O’Reillys of the world who have staked their professional reputations on the silly notion that the issue had been resolved by a newspaper ad, it hasn’t.

The evidence uncovered by these two private investigators was arrived at independently and fits perfectly with the numerous allegations of forged documentation made previously, particularly Obama’s Selective Service registration.

•Those who dismissed this issue poo-pooed the Constitutional question as trite and irrelevant.

•They said the election decided the issue.

•They said Barack Obama had been vetted.

•They said the issue of his eligibility had been “raised, vetted, blogged, texted, twittered, and otherwise massaged by America’s vigilant citizenry”.

•They said we were kooks; that there were more important issues we needed to consider.

•They alleged a huge “birther” conspiracy cooked up by racist Neanderthals who also believed the Earth was flat.

If this report is true, Barack Obama committed the crime of identity theft and quite likely used the poison fruits of that crime to usurp the office of President of the United States, just like I and others who had the courage to go on record had said he did.

But I’ll go a step further: He couldn’t pull something like this off alone. He would have needed help forging documents and forming the alleged conspiracy. Besides his inner circle, that help would have lurked within Health and Human Services, the Social Security Administration or another federal agency. His co-conspirators must be tracked down, arrested, tried and if found guilty, they must be thrown in the US Army’s Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth along with this phony. All social security numbers used by the usurper must be traced to their points of origin and any discrepancies must be investigated, punished and fully disclosed in a public forum.

These two investigators stand solidly behind their claims. The time for concrete answers to the questions surrounding just who America elected in 2008 are long overdue. The evidence that he isn’t who he says he is has now become too overwhelming to ignore. The damage he’s doing to our economy and social structure is far too extensive to allow this evil charade to continue any longer.

Senator Jim DeMint said that health care legislation would be Obama’s Waterloo. DeMint was right that there would be a Waterloo, but health care wasn’t it. Nor will it be energy, jobs, taxes, Cap and Trade, free speech, or any other 1,000-page legislative priority. It won’t even be his birth certificate. It will quite likely be two other pieces of documentation, both of which he subverted for his own twisted aims; a social security number and the US Constitution. - end.

Jayme Evans is a veteran of the United States Navy, military analyst, conservative columnist and an advocate and voice for disabled and other veterans. He has served for many years as a Subject Matter Expert in systems software testing, and currently serves as a technical lead in that capacity. He has extensively studied amateur astronomy and metallurgy, as well as military and US history. Source: War of Wits, also published at

[ SSNs embedded below Jerome Corsi interview, previous report on this here. ]

Neil Sankey - Barack Hussein Obama Addresses & SS Numbers -

Affidavit of Deportation Officer John Sampson Regarding Obama's Social Security Number 8-11/2010

Susan Daniels Affidavit Regarding Obama's Social Security Number(s)

SSNs & addresses belonging to dozens of Barack Obama's, Stanley Ann Dunham and Michelle Obama.


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  4. So .... when are we going to remove this criminal from the White House?

    What do we have to do to start the process? Is there one single HONEST prosecutor left in this country? Is there one single honest court left in this country?

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  7. To see whose deceased's SSN the usurper is using just type in any number purported to being used by him, now or in the past, in this online SSN search tool:

  8. Some of you are unprepared for the battle you are engaged in. Anyone supporting the current regime should now this.

    There are consequences in life, many of you would do well to take head of that. For some of us are NOT playing games.

  9. Funny, I used the same phrase in my blogpost yesterday regarding Obama and The Gulf, as it pertains to Waterloo.

  10. The current regime, the old regime all of them the NWO. Bush Senior announced a New World Order. This has been going on for a long time....look at all the Masonic symbolism on your dollar(currency)....the all seeing all. They are using an old Roman strategy...Divide and Conquer. They are all the same...WAKE UP.

  11. You cannot do anything using the court system. And you cannot do anything trying to appeal to congressmen or senators. In fact there is nothing you can do. All of our governments have been taken over by criminals. All of them. And unfortunately they are all playing for the same team. So there is NOBODY in any government that can help you. Nobody. Either get used to it, or get involved in FIRING them all.

  12. Even liberals understand that he was slipped in illegally,but they don't care because he's their guy.
    Truth be told,the CIA,FBI and every upper level law enforcement official knows that the country would burn to the ground if a legal move were made to undo the election.
    Forget it,get over it,nothing will be done and every judge that touches this case legally & properly would be dragged from their homes by riotous mobs at 3am.
    He's here,he's queer,get used to it

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  14. Obama's house of cards seems to be held together by supper glue. More steam heat is called for.

  15. none of you can spell worth shit. will this trial change anything? how many people are actually supporting this? how many people are taking place in these marches? i thought manning said this would be front page news, because "the news will pay attention to a bunch of white people protesting". i haven't heard shit on the news about this, and if it weren't for, i probably wouldn't even know it was taking place. that's how illegitimate this whole escapade is. it will not change anything. it's going to take "we the people" to get proactive, and polish out pitch forks.... not practicing fake law, in a fake courtroom, with a fake judge, and fake attorneys. get real.

  16. All you ever wanted to know about Barry Soetoro, and more can be found here...

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  18. @Anonymous - I think you commented on the wrong thread... this post is regarding Obama's social security numberS...

    Don't kill the messenger...

    oh, and, read your last comment, that would be the reason...

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  20. As to the reason for no or terrible news coverage read this essay for an opinion of our current version of the so call 4th estate, the press and media.

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  22. Ok, so Obama is a fake. Here's the rub Stanley, the Fake has his finger on the "Nookular" (G.W. Bush) trigger. Want to arrest him? Ok, pick which city you want to go first. G'head, I dare you.

    Now, shut up and get back to losing your jobs.

  23. Obama had contact with BP contractors prior to the rig failure, citing a vital desire to quickly harvest the domestic oil success to lower gas prices before june. Oops, backfire. He authorised the faulty equipment in a desperate attempt to win a quick public opinion this summer. Oops, backfire.

    Mean while if i dump 1 single litre of oil in the storm drain sewer, i goto prison with a hefty fine.

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  25. How does a prosecutor get chosen for such a case? Wouldn't we need a police organization to place him under arrest and hold him were he can't do more damage?

  26. As the interviewer said, If this was GW Bush, it'd be headline news and Congress would be calling for impeachment.

    How is it that this Liar-in-chief is untouched by all this? How do we evict this criminal from the presidency? Hopefully before he ruins America?

  27. Why don't you people leave the United States if you hate it so much!

  28. Will Lifelock be coming out with a new commercial with this as a catch phrase - Protect your Identity from Obama,Get Lifelock !!!

  29. Anonymous said...

    Why don't you people leave the United States if you hate it so much!
    May 19, 2010 7:04 AM

    You misunderstand. We don't hate America. We hate being lied to. We hate death being brought to other countries in our name. We hate the loss of freedom and civil rights to security legislated by the Military/Industrial cronies. Do you actually like being treated as guilty instantly when the right is, innocent till proven guilty? I don't want my nieces and nephews fighting in a war "over there" for resources. Got it yet? We love this country and what it stands for. But we won't sit down for a fake. Got it yet?

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  31. The elites did not realize the power of the internet. They do now so be prepared.

  32. Just you wait. there will be an event that will take all of the attention away from Obama. The Nov. elections are coming and I think it will be just before or on that day. He isn't a citizen.
    Why isn't the secret service doing something? they took the oath so did our military. Who is running this country? It' isn't this asshole.

  33. The US has now reached a stage which can be compared with the Roman Empire after Augustus.

    Augustus became de facto Emperor after his defeat of Marc Antony in 31 BC.

    He respected all the OUTER FORMS of the Republic, while actually ruling as Emperor.

    After him, the Emperors came to power by inheritance from their predecessor, or very frequently later on, by simple murder of the ruling Emperor.

    The US is now at the stage where the rules established by the Republic for attaining the position of "President" - or Emperor if you will - are arbitrarily violated.

    From here on, the rules will be violated more and more. Finally, the Military will decide who is "President". (At present, it's the Financial Elite who select the "President")

    Later, the Military will select one of themselves and he will just stay "President" while he can until the Militay wants another.

    Lastly, the Military "President" will rule until he dies or is murdered.

    That's the way it will play out, and actually there is little or nothing that can be done about it.

  34. come on guys...he's CIA..from day one.....just tony blair...recruited early by MI5/6

  35. For Josh and the other mental giants who've determined the best defense of their Obamessiah is the verbal attack of The Won's detractors, the following from Canada Free Press is for you (and about you.)

    Ten Mental Mistakes of Obamatons
    By Kelly O'Connell Sunday, May 16, 2010

    3. Personal Attack (Ad Hominem)
    This fallacy is committed when a person is insulted for delivering criticism.

    Example: After broadcaster Rush Limbaugh launches a blistering attack upon Obama, claiming his actions were “socialist,” Obama asks a friend to respond. US Senator Al Franken officially replies, pointing out that claim is wrong because… “Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Idiot.”

    Analysis: Even the most ponderous commentators can deliver accurate critiques of politicians. Further, doing counter-commentary like explaining Sarah Palin is a transparent “moron,” or that Dick Cheney is clearly “evil” is not so much a way of sharing genuine information, as a manner of circling the wagons against officially denoted enemies to destroy them. It’s a tribal response designed as a defensive maneuver.

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  37. The guy is good for the country. I don't know what you are complaining for. No wonder no one listens to you. You are just playing a game to support the republicans.

  38. If O'bongo were white He would already have been impeached. Nobody will call him out on this because it would start a race war in the US.

    It is that simple. The old double standard.

    Remember that movie, "White Men Can't Jump"?

    Just think what would happen if someone came out with a movie called "Black Men Can't Read"?

    Cities would burn, would they not?

  39. this is just part of the reason Obama records are sealed its his work with the CIA that made all of this illegal Presidency possible we can all bitch an moan about this till he leaves office but i seriously doubt anyone in power will stop this madness.

  40. Get a life you ignorant biggots. Two crackpot PI's who cannot prove this social security number is not Barack Obama's and you nut jobs go ape. Where were you when the last president lied us into war and his vice president made energy policy that is now killing the Gulf of Mexico?

  41. @Anonymous...

    The SS number Obama is currently using is confirmed via the Selective Service website...

    The question is; why does Obama have a SS number issued in a different state and why does it also come back from someone born in 1890?

  42. Can't believe that Americans are so credulous!
    If you people believe that this guy is kosher, than you must believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden!

  43. It’s now official – there’s no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors:

    quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:

    'The Israeli Prime Minister's office recently put the number of "living Holocaust survivors" at nearly a million.' (page 83)

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  45. Yessiree, King Obamination travels in the finest (and most avaricious) style befitting the Chicago underworld criminal dictator that he is. He listens to no one except his antichrist superiors. He is a wicked and deceitful man who is delivering bondage upon the American people for total and complete exploitation. Everyone knows he is not an American Citizen. But the leftist liberals choose to ignore it and they are in power at the moment.

    Thank the Lord his success will be short-lived, for I believe Christ will bring this evil God-hating man into terrible judgment. Time is short.

  46. It isn't that we believe he's kosher, it's the fact that any and all attempts to remove him have been and will be thwarted. This is a criminal syndicate we're talking about here, plain and simple. This fact is so obvious that only the very very stupid don't see it. How could you not? People that defend Obama are mostly racist blacks that don't even pay attention to what he is doing.


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