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Friday, May 28, 2010

Last year, hundreds of Chrysler Dealers lost dealerships due to the Chrysler bankruptcy sale.

Attorney Leo Donofrio and Attorney Steve Pidgeon represent 82 former Chrysler dealers seeking to recover compensation for the theft of their dealerships and contractual rights.

Below is the Old Chrysler response brief along with Donofrio & Pidgeon's reply brief.

Previous reports and interview(s) regarding the Chrysler case can be viewed here and here.

H/T Pixel Patriot, Source.

Old Chrysler Response Brief in Chrysler Bankruptcy Case - 5/17/10 -

Pidgeon & Donofrio Reply Brief in Chrysler Bankruptcy Case - 5/21/10 -


  1. What happen to the quo warranto Donofrio said he was going to file?

  2. Here is Leo's report on the Quo Warranto;

  3. I think Mr.Leo is right the Chrysler dealers should be given the compensation for which they will somehow able to overcome the situation.

  4. The Chyrsler dealership rip off, cap and trade, financial reform, the health care takeover, tourism and businesses being destroyed by the Gulf Oil spill are ALL part of the MASTER PLAN.

    Please read this article to see how ALL of the dots are connected.


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