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Friday, June 25, 2010

Via Attorney Mario Apuzzo; - Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate: A Quick $10,000.00 for Dr. Conspiracy -

It appears that I gave Dr. Conspiracy a tough math problem to tackle. I have published a Catalog of Evidence that details evidence pro and con for a Hawaiian birth for putative President Obama. The catalog which is entitled, A Catalog of Evidence - Concerned Americans Have Good Reason to Doubt that Putative President Obama Was Born in Hawaii, may be read at[embedded below]. Dr. Conspiracy tells us he has a masters in mathematics and that he has calculated using his vast knowledge of mathematical formulas that my Catalog of Evidence equals 0. He arrives at that by multiplying the 35 (the then-number of paragraphs in the Catalog) by 0 (Dr. Conspiracy’s assigned value to each one of my paragraphs) which he so artfully explains equals 0. Calling his complex calculation, “Multiplication by zero,” Dr. Conspiracy explains how he solved the problem: “This one may yet see the light of day. I was inspired by the posting of Mario Apuzzo’s 35th entry in his catalog of Obama smears. While I’m not a real doctor, I do have in [sic] Masters Degree in mathematics and one of the things you learn pretty early on is that any number multiplied by zero is still zero. The point of the article is that Mario may have 35 things in his catalog, but if they are all worthless, then the value of them all is 35 times 0.” Indeed, Archimedes would be pleased.

Well, now that I have found someone who is a world-renowned mathematician working on my Obama problems, I figured that I would give Dr. Conspiracy another math problem. Bill Keller, leader of, an internet ministry that has over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide and who is seen daily on Comcast's MyTV8, has issued a $10,000 reward to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow to produce Obama's Hawaiian long-form birth certificate. Late last year, Keller was hired to produce and host an infomercial that was seen in markets around the country. He asked the simple question, where was Obama really born? Maddow used her MSNBC program to mock and demean Keller and others who simply request that Obama produce his long-form birth certificate. Keller contacted Maddow's producers and offered to appear with her on her program, but she declined his offer. As a result, Keller has made his $10,000 offer to Maddow to produce Obama's Hawaiian long-form birth certificate. One would think that if Obama has released his birth certificate like his enablers tell the world, the $10,000.00 should be easy money for Maddow to earn. But let us see if she is able to produce the birth certificate and take her cash. ...continued here.

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