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Friday, June 18, 2010

Via WND and a Supreme Court Justice; - Congressman says Obama birthplace 'not in Hawaii' - Inglis spars with Colbert over race in South Carolina district -

A Republican congressman fighting to retain his seat from South Carolina's 4th District says President Obama was born "not in Hawaii."

Rep. Bob Inglis gave the answer during a tongue-in-cheek "interview" on the satirical Colbert Nation show.

Inglis, who is facing a runoff in the coming week with Spartanburg prosecutor Trey Gowdy, was being grilled about whether he was a conservative.

"Are you conservative enough for the 4th District?" Stephen Colbert asked.

"I sure hope so," Inglis responded.

Inglis noted he had been endorsed by the National Rifle Association and the Christian Coalition.

Then Colbert said, "Complete this sentence. 'Barack Obama was born in …"

"Oh," said Inglis, "Not Hawaii." ...continued here. video below, a lot of joking going on... sick!

Carolina's 4th District Primary - Bob Inglis
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  1. I thought Obama was born in Hawaii? LOL

  2. Interesting that within a month there's George Lopez's joke about the Birth Certificate, the Colbert show here with Inglis, and also at the end of a week-old RedEye segment on whether O was in a music video from 1993, there's a lot of joking about wanting to see the birth certificate of the person who looks like (is?) O:

    If the eligibility issue is popping up this much in popular culture, it's a good sign that the issue is getting too big to go away.


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