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Monday, June 14, 2010

The fact is it doesn’t matter where the Usurper was born… “Citizen” and “natural born Citizen” are NOT one in the same and the SCOTUS mentioned this in four rulings…

A “natural born Citizen” is one born on soil to CITIZEN PARENTS! Even the senate confirmed this with the resolution they passed, during the 2008 campaign, where they declared McCain a “natural born Citizen” due to McCain being born to U.S. CITIZEN PARENTS!

Don’t you remember McCain was forced to release his original long-form birth certificate, his medical, his school, and his military records!?

Again; “Citizen” and “natural born Citizen” are not one in the same, if they were the Democrats would not have tried to change the definition of a “natural born Citizen,” FIVE TIMES. Could this be the reason Nancy Pelosi signed two different DNC Cert. forms prior to the election? ...continued below the embedded items.
- FIVE ATTEMPTS TO RE-DEFINE NATURAL BORN CITIZEN SINCE 2001 -                                                            

2008 DNC Presidential nomination certificate with constitutionally eligible provision - Hawaii                                                            

2008 DNC Presidential nomination certificate without constitutionally eligible provision - Georgia                                                            

Just because one is born on American soil does not make them a “natural born Citizen,” “Citizen,” yes, but not necessarily a “natural born Citizen.”…

Any person that reads Article II of the constitution will CLEARLY see it states; “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President…”

From reading Article II, one can clearly see that “Citizen” and “natural born Citizen” are NOT one in the same.

Unless Obama is 200+ years old he is NOT constitutionally eligible to be POTUS… It’s as simple as that!

P.S. the 14th Amendment did NOT change or amend Article II in any way!

Oh, and the Obama COLB that was posted on the internet is NOT a birth certificate… it is a short-form Certification of Live Birth… not a Certificate of Live Birth. Hawaii did NOT even accept the short-form COLB as proof of a Hawaiian birth, due to the policy in place, until 2009. The same COLBs were also issued to Hawaii Act-96 applicants, which allowed one to get a COLB by just stating one was born there with no hard evidence to show… They were handed out like candy in Hawaii in the 1960s.
Official Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth vs Obama's Certification of Live Birth                                                              

Also, when one would apply for a COLB or a child was born the Hawaii DoH sent a compiled list to the two newspaper outlets which in turn published the "birth" announcements…. The newspaper announcements were NOT hospital generated, they came from the Hawaii DoH… Did you know Hawaii refuses to verify the Obama COLB was issued by them? Also, did you know that Hawaii is required by law to release Obama's records due to public statements made by Hawaii officials?

Oh, and the Obama COLB(s) was found to be a forgery by numerous different experts, including this one;

Let us hear what Senator Chuck Schumer said about personal records of presidential candidates;

So much for Obama's promise to run the most open and transparent admin in history!
Obama an Unconstitutional Illegal President - 20100201 Issue Wash Times Natl Wkly - pg 5


  1. Very nicely put together. Even a third grader could understand it.

  2. Great Job Thanks so much!!!!!

  3. Yet not one memeber will bring this issue to light. The gov won't do anything. The courts won't do anything, and the News media will not do anything. There is nothing the American People can do.


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