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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Charges for "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" against Obama and his administration are now posted at the 'No Confidence, We Demand Resignation Petition' website.  I also embedded them below for your convenience, along with the Petition Letter and Instructions.  It was reported tonight on the Patriots Heart Network that the goal of 1,000 'Flame Builders' by Sunday was far surpassed.  Also, Major General Paul Vallely and Scott Wichell were on with Chalice Jackson to discuss the Obama admin. resignation/investigation drive in full detail.  You can listen to the show, which aired 6/27/10, here, or use the player embedded below...Previous report on the 'No Confidence, We Demand Resignation' petition drive here

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We Demand Resignation Petition - The Charges against the Obama Administration to be investigated: 6/27/10

 [NOTE: This project is time-sensitive, act now, you can print directly from embedded docs below]
The No Confidence We Demand Resignation Petition Letter for Obama et al.

No Confidence We Demand Resignation Petition Instructions and Worksheet

Become part of the spreading grassfire and the grassroots call “NO Confidence and We Demand Resignation” to Mr. Obama and other Officials. From individual Sparks we build Flames as we demand resignation for High Crimes and Misdemeanor. Print and send!  Direct link for the PDF's here.  Full details here;


  1. ..this needs to be known by as many people as possible so we can free ourselves!


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