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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another candidate joins the long list of people that want to see Obama's papers. Via Politico and some; - GOP candidate raises birther issue -

The GOP nominee challenging freshman Rep. Gary Peters in Michigan would like to see President Obama’s birth certificate.

National Democrats are circulating a video of Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski, a former state representative and entertainment executive, telling a gathering in Novi, Mich., “You have a president that seems to be, um ... well ... I don’t know if he even has been born in the United States, but ... until I see a birth certificate.”

Raczkowski stood by his comments in an interview with POLITICO Thursday. “I stand by the comment. ... I believe this: He is our president of the United States, he is the president of the United States, and I guess my question is ... I would love to see his birth certificate,” he said.

And he had words for the Democrats circulating the video: “They don’t need an HD recorder — they can call me. I’m very open, they can call me; we can have an open discussion, perhaps even a debate.”

Raczkowski won Tuesday’s Republican primary in Michigan’s 9th District and will face Peters in the November general election. Raczkowski beat businessman Paul Welday, the preferred candidate of the state’s GOP establishment. continued >> ...typical leftists Obama eligibility talking points here. [image source] Partial bio of Mr. Raczkowski posted below video of his remarks.

Education. Rocky grew up in Farmington Hills in the heart of the 9th Congressional District, graduating from Harrison High School. Rocky earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science and psychology and went on to his Master’s studies while serving in our Armed Forces. In 1998, while serving in the State Legislature, he earned a law degree. Rocky is also fluent in three languages and believes in a life of learning.

Military Service. Rocky enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve at the age of 17, serving four years as an infantryman and reaching the rank of Sergeant. In 1990, Rocky attended Officer Candidate School, where he received his commission and became a 2nd Lieutenant in the infantry. He has served in many leadership and command positions and is currently the rank of Major. Rocky is also a paratrooper and certified Pathfinder.

Public Service. A lifelong citizen of Michigan, Rocky volunteered on his first campaign at the age of 11 and won election to the Michigan House of Representatives in 1996. After winning re-election in 1998, Rocky was chosen by his fellow legislators to serve as the youngest Majority Leader in the nation. In 2002, Rocky waged a spirited battle against Senator Carl Levin, a campaign that gave him valuable experience, building coalitions, raising money, and running on a statewide level.

Continued at Rocky Raczkowski's campaign website here;

Below is a recap of the long list of people questioning the usurper...

- New York Congressional Candidate Anthony Tolda: Obama is the Greatest Threat America has known; Obama's Presidency is Illegal! - Source.

- Black congressional candidate and professor wonders if Obama 'entitled' to office. - Source.

- Video: U.S. Senator David Vitter Supports Obama Birth Certificate Lawsuit - Source.

- Steve King: 'There's one [birth certificate] in this country we haven't seen' - Source.

 - Rush Limbaugh says Obama is afraid of the eligibility issue, Got Papers, Got Deportation!? - video, Source.

- Congressman Bob Inglis says Obama not born in Hawaii. - video, Source.

- South Dakota's secretary of state: Obama's citizenship may be 'scam'... - video, Source.

- Fox News Military Analyst, Major General Paul Vallely Calls for the Resignation of Obama aka Soetoro, and New Elections, Got Orange Revolution!? - Source.

- Michael Savage says Obama is a Usurper, questions Military on Obama's eligibility, Got Citizen Parents!? - below, Source.

- Savage: We Know Where Gen McChrystal Was Born and His Birth Certificate Resides, Out of Control Rogue pResidency, Got Civilian Coup!? - video and Source.

- Hawaii Confirms Tim Adams Was 'Senior Elections Clerk' in the 2008 Election, Oh, Adams is also a Hillary Clinton Supporter! - Source.

- George Lopez; "if the pResident doesn't have to prove where he was born, why should we..." -, Source.

- Obama Mouthpeice Robert Gibbs Dodges Question on Obama's Social Security Number Issued In A State Obama Never Resided In. - video below, Source.

Obama's Social Security Number(s) - Jerome Corsi on the Jeff Kuhner Show - 5/18/10 below, Source.

- LTC Terry Lakin Speaks Out On His Court Martial & Defense Denial In A New Video. - video below, Source.

- Former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, R-Ariz. - below.

Is this why Lou Dobb's was bought off CNN airwaves... and here.

- Mayor of Champaign, IL doesn’t believe Obama is a citizen - THREE-TERM MAYOR: “I DON’T THINK HE’S AN AMERICAN, PERSONALLY”... Source.

- 59% surveyed by the NY Daily News, who trashed Lt. Col. Lakin, want to see proof of Obama's constitutional eligibility to be President and Commander in Chief, Got Small Fringe Group!? - Source.

- Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Admits They're Evading Eligibility Issue, Attorney Mario Apuzzo Resonds - Source.

- 60+ Lawmakers 7 States Tell Obama; if you want on 2012 ballot, RELEASE THE RECORDS! - Source.

- Candidate for U.S. Senate questions Obama’s eligibility, leads in the polls, Commander Kerchner Responds. Got Free Press!? Source.

- Nevada Gov Candidate Demands Governor Gibbons Investigate and File Quo Warranto Against Obama. Tea Party Leaders Making Huge Mistake! Got Leadership!? - Source.

- Virginia Attorney General Says Obama's Citizenship Will Be Tested! Lays Out How To Challenge Obama's Eligibility. - Source audio below.

- Rep. Broun Not Sure if Obama is U.S. Citizen, Calls Obama a Socialist with Marxist Past, Commander Kerchner Comments - Source audio below.

- Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist, Obama refuses to prove natural born Citizenship, not legal POTUS. - Source. audio below.

- Dr. Alan Keyes Keynote Speaker At Dayton OH Tea Party - Obama Birth Certificate - 4-13-10 - Source. video below.

- Jeff Kuhner Now Calls Obama Usurper, Said Obama is Illegitimate President, Rush Limbaugh Agrees? Got Agreement!? - Source.

- Jeff Kuhner declares we have a fascist gangster in the White House, says Obama must release all records and top DC Lib Journalists now have doubts about Obama, but afraid to report it. - Source.

- Michael Johns, a former White House & federal government official, conservative policy analyst, writer and Tea Party Leader; Release the Birth Documents - Source.

- Tea party protesters rally in Fairbanks Alaska - KTVA ... ask constitutional questions which they want answers to. - Source. hat tip CDR Kerchner.

- Obama Says Tea Party is Full of Birthers. Obama, Release ALL Your Records! - Source.

- According to a Military Times survey, 6 out of 10 U.S. Soldiers are “pessimistic” or “uncertain” that Barack Obama is eligible to serve as Commander In Chief of America’s armed forces. - Source.

- Commander Charles Kerchner; Newspaper Birth Announcement Ads in 1961 in two Hawaiian Newspapers do NOT prove Obama was physically born in Hawaii. - Source.

Members of the Armed Forces that have or are judicially challenging Obama's Eligibility; Cmdr. Charles Kerchner, Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick,  Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, Cmdr. Douglas Stoeppelwerth, Maj. Stefan Cook, Col. Hollister, Lt. Cmdr. John Steidel, Capt. Pamela Barnett, Colonel Harry Riley, Lt. Col. Richard Bauerbach, Lt. Col. Mark Wriggle, LCDR Jeff Winthrope, Capt. Robin Biron, Col. John Blair, Capt. Harry Butler, MSGT Steven Neuenschwander, Major David Mosby, Capt. David Smithey, MSGT Jeffrey Schwilk, Sgt. Jeffrey Rosner, SFC E7 Robert Perry, Chief Warrant Of.Thomas Davidson, Sgt. Jason Freese and Commander David LaRoque...

Let us not forget about these gems;

25 Mar 2010: (A problem for Obama's eligibility issue cover up surfaces in Kenya)
James Orengo in Kenya makes statement in Parliament that Obama "born here in Kenya", "not a native American".
Member of the Kenyan Assembly on March 25th, 2010, admits that Obama was born in Kenya.

Kenyan officials affirm: Obama 'son of this soil'. In partying mood after election win, did African lawmakers say too much? Source.

13 Apr 2010: Obama makes a secret and last minute surprise visit to the Kenyan Embassy with cover story he went to his daughter's soccer game.

On Saturday, 4/10/10, President Obama broke with protocol and left the White House alone without the press in tow. This behavior by a President is apparently unprecedented. He disappeared about the same time the internet was buzzing with the story about Orengo. Cat Corben's article on, President Obama Goes To Soccer Game That Didn't Exist? is provocative, and raises some intriguing questions. Please be sure to read it so you understand why this may be important. continued here.

03 & 10 May 2010:
Full page ad in Washington Times National Weekly edition quoting James Orengo saying Obama "born here in Kenya":
Minister in Kenyan Natl Assembly on 25Mar2010 states Obama "born in Kenya" - "not native American"

Kenyan Ministers Orengo & Khalwale: Obama "born in Kenya"-"not native American"-"should repatriate"

12 May 2010: (The solution? A pay off has been arranged to cover things up and keep people quiet.)
Congress learns of it and wants to know why money being given to Kenya for P/R efforts over there for his family's political allies there.)

Three members of the U.S. Congress are calling for a probe into the Obama regime’s plan to funding the promotion of the revised Kenyan constitution. 

Hmmh? Why does Obama care so much about what is going on in Kenyan politics with his family and cousins over there that he has to keep giving them money -- personal previously during his campaigns and visits there -- and now taxpayers money since he's the defacto President? Hmmh? Connect the dots. Quid pro quo? What is Obama covering up? Could it be this?

Will the major media finally, fully, and thoroughly investigate this using their investigative reporter tools and FOIA requests with the power of the press to get access to all of Obama's early life hidden and sealed documents and records? Do those in the media even want to know the truth?

CDR Charles Kerchner
Kerchner v Obama & Congress

and this one from the 2008 DNC Convention, and some;

Kenyan Parliament on Obama...The Country Which He Originates 17 Col 2
Kenya Parliament Minutes 5Nov08

Obama an Unconstitutional Illegal President - 20100201 Issue Wash Times Natl Wkly - pg 5


  1. The more the merrier!

  2. The list gets longer by the day.

  3. Hate to tell you this, but Raczkowski supports Muslims!

    "Raczkowski also made entrees to the extremist Muslim community. When he was running for the U.S. Senate, he made frequent trips to Dearbornistan’s pro-Hezbollah, anti-Semitic Shi’ite Muslim community, bragging to them how he took Arabic in the Army and seeking their endorsement. In that same U.S. Senate race, Raczkowski could not account for several hundred thousand dollars in money his campaign was given by the Republican party and other donors. And, some suspect, he converted it to personal use. Raczkowski, who doesn’t really have a definable job, has a law degree, and has repeatedly failed the Michigan Bar for which he studied with his friend, convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick (who passed).

    But Raczkowski’s pattern of apparent embezzlement doesn’t just end there. It appears that in his latest, um, “venture,” he ran a ticketing company for rock concerts, according to a federal lawsuit (read the complaint) alleging theft by Raczkowski of several hundred thousand to several million dollars. In his zeal to make money the old fashioned way (fraudulently), promoters of the concert say that Raczkowski seized the ticket boxes and destroyed tickets, so that the venues and promoters wouldn’t know how many tickets were issued and how many attended (he and they were paid by counting the ticket stubs). He, then, under-reported attendance, but his fraud wasn’t even done competently, they say. Raczkowski destroyed too many tickets, which didn’t match his fraudulently-reported undercount.

    Raczkowski often brags of his military service, but after the 2009 lawsuit was filed, his lawyers used his military service as an excuse that the suit “should not proceed at all.” The judge didn’t buy that despicable mocking of the service by our many American soldiers who are honest and don’t use their service to the country as an excuse for theft of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

    The activities allegedly committed by Andrew Raczkowski, as described in the suit, are criminal. And if they are true, he should be behind bars, not in Congress. The Democrats have Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters (both of whom should also be behind bars). Do the Republicans really need a Raczkowski? According to the docket of the case, the lawsuit is scheduled to go forward throughout 2011, when Raczkowski would serve in Congress. Terrif.

    Moreover, last week, Phyllis Schlafly was in town doing a fundraiser for Raczkowski, during which Schlafly said single women were the second biggest group of voters for Obama, because they need to rely on government and Barack Obama to replace the void of a man in their lives. She’s absolutely right, and as a single woman (who voted for McCain), I’m not offended. But Raczkowski threw Schlafly under the bus, Obama-style, less than 24 hours later to pander to feminists. He’ll throw his tea party and anti-jihad supporters under the bus with the same speed."

    So if you ask me, Rocky, YOU ARE A NEOCON!

  4. Better a "neocon" than a damn liberal, socialist!

    However, those are some shocking details. I'd be curious to hear what Rocky has to say about all those accusations.


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