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Monday, August 2, 2010

This is in regards to the recent FOIA release of Obama's mama Stanley Ann Dunham's passport records.

As reported here, all pre-1965 passport records for Stanley Ann Dunham were said to be destroyed even though they are required to maintain passport records for 100 years.  Also, the U.S. State Department website states that the Passport Services maintains passport records for passports issued from 1925 to present.

I guess this explains the passport breach during the 2008 presidential campaign!?

Via Christopher Strunk's Scribd; Declarant Strunk is in opposition to a summary judgment filed by the DOJ in my case Strunk v DOS et al. DCD 08-cv-2234 seeks further disclosure in regards to DOS spoliation of documents in regards to my request under FOIA the passport and related records of Stanley Ann Dunham et al.. I have been awaiting these records and more since October 2008 when I first filed a FOIA request related to my active case in New York Supreme Court where the records will be used when the disposition of the Summary Judgment is complete; Hopefully, I will receive the additional records that exist from 1960 onward too. Clearly when the DOS release is combined with the US Customs and Immigration service release to Ken Allen amounting to about 90 pages shows that Lolo Soetoro and Ann Soetoro were having difficulties that would only explain the removal of BHO from her passport in 1968 especially since the Indonesian Government in Soetoro's words, any American, was in jeopardy there in Indonesia due to the “anti-American feelings" is shown at page 103 of [embedded below]... attached to the U.S. Government memo of January 12, 1966 with pages marked 000077 through 000080 therein at page 000078 regarding Lolo Soetoro’s request for a INA section 212(e) waiver and two year extension for his stay in the USA with Ann Soetoro, (that according to the US Government document of August 6, 1968 all three returned to Indonesia on July 20, 1966); Soetoro states:

“Most importantly, anti-American feeling has reached a feverish pitch under the direction of the Indonesian communist party, and I have been advised by both family and friends in Indonesia that it would be dangerous to endeavor to return with my wife at the present time. Of secondary importance is the fact that my wife does not yet speak Indonesian, Not only would she be forced to cut short her college education, but she would be left in a position of isolation in the community,”

It appears from the cross comparison on both the Customs and DOS FOIA released documents that on October 20, 1071 Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro (SADS) and BHO (a.k.a Saebarkah Soetoro) together boarded Pan Am Airlines Flight 812 unaccompanied by Lolo M. Soetoro in Djakarta Indonesia and arrived in Honolulu Hawaii on October 21, 1971 and sought entry into the USA on an expired Passport issued July 19, 1965 according to the DS 1423 Form for REQUEST BY UNITED STATES NATIONAL FOR AND REPORT OF EXCEPTION TO SECTION 53.1, TITLE 22 OF THE CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS with use of the expired Passport of July 19, 1965 shown as page 6 of [embedded below]....

It is important to discover whether or not based upon SADS' August 13, 1968 Passport Renewal Application to DOS shown as page 3 and 4 of [embedded below]... SADS excluded Saebarkah Soetoro (BHO)from her Passport of July 19, 1965; and therefore, left no way for BHO who is presumed to also have the right to an Indonesian Passport under Lolo Soetoro to reenter the USA with SADS except by use of the expired July 19 1965 passport.

That Declarant among other items of interest in the analysis presented by Dr Corsi in his Worldnet Daily Article (WND) takes issue with the insinuation that the 1965 edition of SADS’ passport was only good for 3 years when in fact it was to expire July 18, 1970 according to the actual reference by the US Government shown in the upper right corner of the application located at page 3; however in August 13 1968 SADS made an early application to renew the 1965 to remove BHO (a.k.a. “Saebarkah” Soetoro) from her own passport.

At that time, Lolo Soetoro was in a difficult effort with the State Department and US Customs and Immigration to obtain reentry into the USA and needed to reflect Saebarkah Soetoro (BHO) as an Indonesian for his own safety. That Saebarkah Soetoro (BHO) according to his own writing in 1971 would re-enter back into the USA to live with his Grandma Madelyn Dunham.

Except for the fact that the Exception request for use of the expired July 19, 1965 passport without use of an American passport as Saebarkah Soetoro as an Indonesian citizen which he was also entitled to an Indonesian Passport made without being on SADS renewed Passport of August 13 1968 made it easier for Saebarkah Soetoro / BHO to travel and obtain a renewed Indonesian Passport, rather than a British or even Kenyan passport that would be more difficult to explain or obtain to the Indonesian Government (having a USA passport there in Indonesian would dangerously expose Lolo Soetoro to government scrutiny since BHO was born in Kenya not the USA was adopted by Lolo Soetoro as a Indonesian citizen).

Thereafter 1971, Saebarkah Soetoro living in the USA went to the Indonesian Embassy in Hawaii to obtain or renew the Indonesian passport as part of his college funding program and that in 1981 through 1984 was then used while attending Columbia University to enter Indonesia, Pakistan and Afghanistan while working for Zbigniew Brzezinski then of the School of Foreign Affairs and the National Security Council with the Carter Administration and Reagan Administration transition. Source and here.

Previous reports on the records released via the FOIA can be viewed here and here.  Commander Charles Kerchner's great analysis can be viewed here.  World Net Daily published a report regarding the FOIA release here.
Strunk's DOS and DHS FOIA Responses DCD 08 Cv 2234 and Ken Allen s DOS and DHS Responses AZDC 09 Cv 373
Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro Passport Application File Strunk v Dept of State FOIA Release FINAL 7-29-10
Lolo Soetoro U.S. Records - Allen v DHS State and Allen v USCIS - FOIA Releases Final 7-29-10


  1. Looks like they scrubbed what they needed in 2008

  2. Hi all,

    Re. by CDR Kerchner (Ret) in his 31 Jul 2010 post in the Atty Apuzzo blog on the Dunham FOIA passport records release

    and ...

    Re. by Dr. Corsi in his 1 Aug 2010 article on the Dunham FOIA passport records release

    I noticed in the article by Dr. Corsi he has spelled the new name found for Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) as 'Saebarkah'. In my blog post I pointed out that it looked like 'Soebarkah' to me. I just looked at it again under a magnifying glass and it is clearly spelled to me as 'Soebarkah' with an 'o' and is definitely not an 'a' after the S.

    If researchers are going to look for this new BHO name in Indonesian and other records, they will have to spell it right or at least both ways if there is some dispute as to the way it should be spelled in Indonesia. But on the second page of document numbered P1, the name with the strike out lines through it, that name looks clearly spelled to me as 'Soebarkah'.

    An interesting observation to note is that the first three letters 'Soe' are also the first three letters of Lolo Soetoro's last name, i.e., 'Soe'.

    Please check the file yourself and if you all agree it's an 'o' and not an 'a', please correct people on the net as to the correct spelling as observed in that passport records document.

    We all know that the Soetoro name has been spelled many ways in Stanley Ann's and Barry's (aka Steve's) life. So beware of that too. She may have spelled Soebarkah different ways in other places.

    Here is where the file can be found so you can view the name yourself. Print it out for easier study.

    Feel free to cut and paste this and pass it along to other sites.

    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

  3. ObamaReleaseYourRecords says:
    Tuesday, August 3, 2010 at 1:37 AM

    They destroyed them in 2008…

    SapphireSunday says:
    Tuesday, August 3, 2010 at 9:55 AM

    Late March, 2008. You got it.

    Found at ThePostEmail


    Good day!

    Would you mind clarifying?

    They destroyed what?

    What appears to be missing?

    And how did you arrive at 2008 date?

    Sorry, I only see bits and pieces and miss important parts of conversation.

  4. @rosettasister,

    Dunham's pre-1965 passport records...

    Passport office breach during the 2008 presidential campaign, follow link to the investigative report at this link;

  5. Do all roads lead to Pamela Geller?


    Good ole Pamela Geller!

    Remember This?

    Zell, we really need you

    And so while I retire with little hope for the near-term viability of the party I’ve spent my life building, I retire with a quiet satisfaction that after witnessing the struggle of democracy over communism and fascism, the fear I once held that America might not rise to meet this new challenge of terrorism has vanished like a fog under the radiance of a new dawn.

    While the threat is still real, the shadow looming across a promising future is gone.

    And the credit for that goes to one man.

    Like the last lion of England, Winston Churchill, George W. Bush has stood alone and risked all to give the world a new, clearer path to the advancement of freedom.

    Abraham Lincoln, in his second annual message to Congress, stated:

    “In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom for the free — honorable alike in what we give and what we preserve. We shall nobly save or meanly lose the last, best hope of earth.”

    George Bush has injected into a region of enslavement an incurable dose of freedom, and thus nobly saved that “last, best hope of earth” — free men.

    (Of course, Pamela couldn’t see what was to come. None of us could.)


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