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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Via NewsBusters and Some; - Newsweek Insults Barack Obama As an ‘Anchor Baby’ - By Brent Baker

In a list of famous Americans with a parent (or both) born in another country, the un-bylined last page “Back Story” of this week’s Newsweek listed “BARACK OBAMA (Kenyan Father)” on the page headlined: “What’s So Scary About an ‘Anchor Baby’?” The brief text below the headline, and on top of the diaper, made clear the magazine’s attempt to undermine those suggesting citizenship should no longer be automatically conferred on anyone born within the United States:

  • There’s a movement afoot to alter the 14th amendment, the one that guarantees citizenship to anyone born on U.S. soil. Combine this with anti-immigrant policies like Arizona’s and you begin to question the idea of America as a melting pot -- as a nation of mothers and fathers welcomed here to seek better lives. But the country has benefited richly from their sons and daughters (right).

An “anchor baby” is a child born to parents in the U.S. illegally, so is the magazine suggesting that Obama’s father, as well as parents of the 32 others in their list, were all illegal aliens at the time of the births of their famous offspring? Talk about flinging scurrilous allegations and encouraging the “birther” crowd. ...continued here;

Bonus info via Commander Kerchner and some; - Some [RINO] Republicans Want Review of Birthright Citizenship. But is it Simply a Cover Story for Another Cloaked more Sinister Objective? -

By CDR Charles Kerchner - Watch carefully how these key but sneaky Republican leaders (RINOs) such as Senator Lindsey Graham will try to cleverly game this new initiative of theirs to make it look like on the surface that it appears they are trying to work on the very real "anchor baby" problem in the USA. But while they overtly say they are trying to correctly define who is a "born a Citizen of the United States" per the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to solve this "anchor baby" problem, they covertly in the process will also be trying to confuse the 14th Amendment part of the Constitution with another part of the Constitution, i.e., who is a "natural born Citizenship of the United States" as required in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution, the Presidential eligibility clause. Watch them speak and how they switch Citizenship terms in mid-sentence and use them interchangeably. These two terms and parts of the Constitution have nothing to do with each other and are in the Constitution for two different purposes. The "natural born Citizen" clause in Article II was added by John Jay and George Washington as a national security protection clause required for eligibility to serve in the singular most powerful office in our new form of government, President and Commander of the Military. It was added as a higher level of qualification standards to the existing proposed eligibility clause proposed by Hamilton to provide a "strong check" against foreign influence on any future President after the founders were gone in order that the person in that office would have no "foreign influence" claims on them via birth. They wanted all future Presidents and Commanders of the Military of the United States to have sole allegiance at birth to only the USA. Only a natural law "natural born Citizen" meets that requirement. The "natural born Citizens", as defined by natural law, are people born in the country to two citizen parents of the country, and they are by far the most populous sub-group of those who are "Citizens by birth" of a country. The remainder who are not "natural born Citizens" were made "Citizens by birth" per Statutory Laws passed by Congress such as Title 8 Section 1401, the 14th Amendment, and U.S. court decisions interpreting those laws and amendments, not always correctly. To learn more on the difference between "Citizen by birth" and being a "natural born Citizen by birth" see the historic and scholarly legal treatise by Emer de Vattel, The Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law, Volume 1, Chapter 19, Section 212. This legal treatise was used by the founders of our nation and framers of the U.S. Constitution to write our founding documents The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. ...continued here;

Visit the Birther Vault for all the evidence and the long list of people questioning Obama's eligibility; [].


Obama & Pelosi Flout the U.S. Constitution - 20100412 Issue Wash Times Natl Wkly - pg 5


  1. LOL Only the Left can get away with this type of writing.

  2. from the Cdr Kerchner linkSeptember 4, 2010 at 2:01 AM

    from the Cdr Kerchner link

    These key Republican leadership Senators KNOW there is a difference in the wording, meaning, and intent of the 14th Amendment, the Wong Kim Ark 1898 and other Supreme Court decisions, and Statutory Laws as to whose is a "Citizen of the USA", ... and the wording in Article II as to who is a "natural born Citizen of the USA". They know that those two extra adjectives have very special meaning rooted deeply in natural law. But they are going to deliberately blur the lines on purpose because of what these same Senators and both political parties did in the 2008 election, i.e., both political parties putting up candidates for President who had suspect Article II "natural born Citizen" status. Both candidates from the two major political parties for the first time in history did not meet the historic and natural law Article II meaning of the legal term of art "natural born Citizen of the United States", which is being born in the USA to two citizen parents. McCain was born in Panama and Obama's father was not a Citizen of the USA, not even an immigrant to the USA.

  3. Newsweek is a joke!

  4. One person they forgot to mention who had TWO parents who were not citizens of the United States was Andrew Jackson. Sure, he was eligible under any definition because he fell under the "grandfather clause" (born before the Constitution) but the fact is that we have had a president with two parents who were not citizens, and he turned out to be a great president.

  5. it dont matter about the grandfather clause obama does not meet the natural born clause in the constitution. the 14 amendment is no longer in affect it only pertained to the slaves and their children. we no longer have any of those people living. none of the children born here from forgen parents are eligible to be citizens. the 14 amendment applys to no one alive.

  6. What a STUPID website! The first thing on the list of records not released is PASSPORT??????

    Since there is a $10,000 fine for lying on a passport application, It's pretty STUPID to believe he lied....Just saying....

  7. Anonymous said...Andrew Jackson. Sure, he was eligible under any definition because he fell under the "grandfather clause" (born before the Constitution)

    You are factually wrong...Jackson parents were CITIZENS of a State prior to the Constitution, and as such were CITIZENS of the US upon its signing.........the Grandfather Clause does mean something and at any rate any argument that says it has/had NO EFFECT would be inadmissible in a Court case as being contrary to Marbury V Madison......also, the grandfather clause IS specifically what PROVES the '0' as ineligible in that the EFFECT of the grandfather clause on the Founding Generation expired with the last of that Great Generation but its LASTING effect is to REMIND all subsequent generations that DUAL-CITIZENS with DIVIDED ALLEGIANCE are not eligible.

    As for the 14th, I believe its days are numbered insofar as the "born" clause is concerned.............but you are absolutely correct that the '0' is not eligible for the office he holds

  8. There is no evidence that Jackson's parents were naturalized.

  9. Anonymous said...Andrew Jackson. Sure, he was eligible under any definition because he fell under the "grandfather clause" (born before the Constitution)

    That was also true of George Washington. So, what is your point? It does NOT apply to nobama!

  10. "Since there is a $10,000 fine for lying on a passport application, It's pretty STUPID to believe he lied."

    Do you actually believe this BS or did you post it here thinking we'd believe it even though you don't?

    Fear of the $10k fine hasn't kept others from falsifying their passport information. For that matter, fear if penalty didn't keep Oilbama from using multiple seocial security numbers, either. Idiot.


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