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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

UPDATE(10/22): The obots tried but failed to debunk the fact that a person CAN obtain a copy of their Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth from the Hawaii Department of Health. The newly published documentation embedded below the two images originally posted here.

(10/20) How will the slobbering obots spin their way out of this one? A person at Free Republic posted a copy of her Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth that she obtained from the HDoH in September of 2010, including her purchase receipt, which are both embedded below for your viewing pleasure. The obots have spent the last two years spreading disinformation saying that Hawaii no longer issues the 'Certificate of Live Birth' and instead only issues the short-form 'Certification of Live Birth' and that is the reason why Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah AKA Barry Soetoro can't release one.

Most of us that researched all of the evidence on this issue know that Obama can't release a long-form Certificate of Live Birth because the Hawaii DoH does not have a hospital generated vital record for Obama to produce the Certificate of Live Birth. What is most likely on file at the HDoH is an ACT 96 type affidavit. Any child could have obtained the same type short-form COLB under the Hawaii ACT 96 program, in effect at the time of Obama's birth, which also allowed FOREIGN BORN children to obtain a Hawaiian COLB.

Now you know why the Democratic Party of Hawaii and the Democratic National Committee would not certify that Obama was Constitutionally Eligible to be POTUS.

UPDATE(10/22): New commentary from the source can be found here; 

Source of the Certificate of Live Birth can be found here, here, here and here. Another citizen researcher is working on a similar project which can be viewed here. Visit the Birther Vault for the long list of evidence against Obama and the Hawaii Department of Health and all of the people questioning Obama's eligibility; [].

The images of the released long-form are posted in the embedded Scribd document below...
Confirmed: Hawaii Department of Health Can Issue a Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth AKA Long-Form Birth Cer...
Official Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth vs Obama's Certification of Live Birth
2000/2004/2008 Democratic Party of Hawaii Certifications of Nomination for Presidential Candidates -
2008 DNC Presidential nomination certificate with constitutionally eligible provision - Hawaii
2008 DNC Presidential nomination certificate without constitutionally eligible provision - Georgia
Obama Ineligible - I tried and lied but it won't go away! Wash Times Natl Wkly 2010-10-04 pg 5


  1. LOL The obamanites will never give up defending the impostor. All they can do is try and ridicule and lie their way out of this.

    The people are finally waking up!

  2. As seen on other comments left at this site the Obots will defend this fraud to the death.

    Unfortunately for the Obots they're far outnumbered.

  3. I love it. The truth shall set us free. Ten dollars is all it would take for Obama to end this, or would it?

    Nice try Obama supporters. You can't fool all of us.

  4. You know I am so sick of all the hyped up B.S! Why keep up the 3 ring circus. THE ILLEGAL FRAUD IN OUR WHITEHOUSE NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED NOW! MONTHS AGO. AFTER ELECTION DAY YOU HAVE HAD IT YOU PIECE OF LYING SHIT! We are lucky we have somewhat of a country left. It is all but obvious our judicial system,military have all been infiltrated,buckle your seatbelts people,we have work to do.

  5. It appears that this female, born in Hawaii, of parents born in Oregon and Florida, is an A2S1 natural-born citizen, and is therefore eligible to become President of the United States.

  6. I spoke with a Hawaii DOH official in the spring of 2009. As indicated on their website it is their standard practice to issue a computer generated Certification of Live Birth (COLB). The reason given was that it is easier and less time consuming. She stated that a person who required a certified copy of their long form Certificate of Birth needed to make that request in writing and provide an explanation as to why it was needed. The request would then have to be approved by the registrar. Chairman Soetoro or any other person with a legitimate reason for making the request would have no trouble obtaining a certified copy of their long form BC.

  7. Hey, why is there no date stamp from September, 2010? Whenever you get a new copy of a BC they put a date stamp on it. Look at the Janna 1971 BC that is available on this website ( ). Interesting. Where is the signature of the current registrar? where is the raised seal? Where is the statement that says this is a true copy of information in the possession of the DOH?

    This looks alot like the copy of the women's BC that she posted back in early 2010.

    Looks like you've been had.

    Is she asking for any kind of donations?

  8. Hey Obot,

    Go post your dribble elsewhere...

    PS; where's the seal on one of Obama's Factcheck COLB, which is much different from the Fightthesmears COLB?

  9. It was a bet according to the source. Though you already know that. You would have to ask her about the seal, signature and stamp.

    Now, explain these... where's the seal on Obama's Factcheck #3 COLB, which by the way is much different from the altered Fightthesmears COLB, which also doesn't have a visible seal on the front?

    The fact is the BC is just one small part of a larger issue which is his "natural born Citizen" status. Which you already know is not the same as a Citizen.

    Now go play elsewhere!

  10. Nice work nothing better than actual documents to refute Obama and his gangsters. Our biggest problem is that the government (courts, congress, Department of Justice, etc.) have failed us and what is our next course of action? Hopefully a national leader will surface that can rally us to march on Washington to remove Obama.

  11. CDR Kerchner,

    more documentation on this subject at FR
    The link.

  12. This isn't Commander Kerchner, but, thanks for the update.

    I will update the post with the active link.



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