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Sunday, November 7, 2010

On FOX News Sunday with Democrat Chris Wallace, Rep. Darrell Issa stated, "I'm going to be doing a lot of investigating," and, "The most important thing my Committee can do is seek the truth." Well then, Mr. Issa, how about one of the first investigations be Obama's fraudulent use of social security number 042-68-4425 reserved for Connecticut applicants. Most of the investigative work was already conducted, which is posted below, and we already know that Obama never lived or worked in Connecticut. All that is needed is that you confirm this very serious crime with the subpoena power you will have come January. Then deal with it like it would be dealt with if you or I possessed a fraudulent social security number. This is far beyond the "Birther" issue, but, like the "Birther" issue it isn't going away until it is dealt with. Do your job!

Please contact Rep. Issa and demand he investigate this serious issue. Here is his web contact form url, send him the link to this report with a brief message urging him to investigate; His phone number is; DC Phone: 202-225-3906 

Here's what we already know regarding Obama's fraudulent social security number 042-68-4425:

Snippet from May, 2010; By Devvy - Worldnetdaily carried a headline earlier this week regarding Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Obama, aka Barack Dunham, aka Barry Dunham using a social security number issued in the state of Connecticut.

NEW YORK ­ "Two private investigators working independently are asking why President Obama is using a Social Security number set aside for applicants in Connecticut while there is no record he ever had a mailing address in the state.

"In addition, the records indicate the number was issued between 1977 and 1979, yet Obama's earliest employment reportedly was in 1975 at a Baskin-Robbins ice-cream shop in Oahu, Hawaii.

"WND has copies of affidavits filed separately in a presidential eligibility lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia by Ohio licensed private investigator Susan Daniels and Colorado private investigator John N. Sampson.

"The investigators believe Obama needs to explain why he is using a Social Security number reserved for Connecticut applicants that was issued at a date later than he is known to have held employment."

This issue has been around for quite some time; I wrote a column about it November, 5, 2009:

"In a letter from licensed investigator Susan Daniels to Judge Carter, Ms. Daniels states:

"I am the private investigator who contacted Dr. Orly Taitz when I found that Barack Obama has been using a bogus social security number for years, which is a felony. I have been a licensed investigator for almost fifteen years and recognized it immediately as fraudulent."

"While this may well be true, without any documentation to prove Obama used all those SSNs (For what purpose? Tax evasion, fraud regarding business transactions or campaign cash?), we just don't know. Several months ago, I had email exchange with an individual (I will not name for privacy), who believes Obama used his former home address for fraudulent reasons. This person seems to have good grounds support his allegation. However, only a full blown criminal investigation by law enforcement (like DOJ) would provide evidence."

Long ago, Neil Sankey was once attached to elite Scotland Yard units which hunted down IRA bombers and other high level criminals. He is now semi-retired from a life long career as a private investigator. Sankey collected hundreds of SSNs belonging to dozens of Barack Obama's, Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama's mother) and Michelle Obama. The compiled list and affidavits embedded below. ...continued here;

Obama Guilty of a felony !!!???
by obfelony

It has been reported that Barack Hussein Obama has used various social security numbers. These have been derived from national databases. Most of the ones reported are most likely erroneous information. However, there is one that stands out. It is the number 042-68-4425 that was issued out of the state of Connecticut. It is this number that he has fraudulently used ( and possibly still using ) and is thus guilty of multiple felonies.


The following pictures show the result of a Freedom of Information request of Barack Hussein Obama's Selective Service registration.The main thing to notice from this is the Selective Service number he was issued : 61-1125539-1.

Now, by going on the Selective Service page and doing a search on :

Last Name: Obama

Social Security number: 042-68-4425,

Birth Date August 4, 1961,

you get this resulting record.

The record corresponds to the Selective Service registration number 61-1125539-1, the one issued to Barack Obama as shown per the FOIA request. This is 100 % verifiable proof that an official government record exists in the name of Barack Obama, using the social security number 042-68-4425. You can do the search yourself ( you may get the message that the record has been accessed too many times, but through persistence you will get the record - go on at different times during the day ( if you try between 12 AM and 3AM EST you may get it just as they reset the count. They don't indicate how many times the record can be viewed, so it may take some time to get it. It took me about a week of trying).

As you may well know, social security numbers are issued to a person corresponding to the state where said person was residing when the number was applied for. Also, the first 3 digits of the number indicate which state that is. The 042 number, the one Barack Obama used in his Selective Service application, indicates the number was issued from Connecticut.

This begs the question. How can someone who has never resided in the state of Connecticut ( especially before the age of 18 ) get a social security number issued from that state ? The answer is - he couldn't. Thus, this is an illegal use of a social security number - a felony. Also by use of this number in applying for selective service, he has committed another felony punishable by $250,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison. Another question is also posed by this. Why use a fraudulent number when it would be very easy to get a legitimate one issued ? Who is this man?

******************* NOTE *******************

On Social Security's website , they have this statement:

Note: One should not make too much of the "geographical code." It is not meant to be any kind of useable geographical information. The numbering scheme was designed in 1936 (before computers) to make it easier for SSA to store the applications in our files in Baltimore since the files were organized by regions as well as alphabetically. It was really just a bookkeeping device for our own internal use and was never intended to be anything more than that.

But if you read this closely, it is nothing but double-speak. Of course it is not designed for geographical information, but it was used to designate the region it came from.

From the paragraph preceding that statement on their site : The Area Number is assigned by the geographical region. Prior to 1972, cards were issued in local Social Security offices around the country and the Area Number represented the State in which the card was issued. This did not necessarily have to be the State where the applicant lived, since a person could apply for their card in any Social Security office. Since 1972, when SSA began assigning SSNs and issuing cards centrally from Baltimore, the area number assigned has been based on the ZIP code in the mailing address provided on the application for the original Social Security card. The applicant's mailing address does not have to be the same as their place of residence. Thus, the Area Number does not necessarily represent the State of residence of the applicant, either prior to 1972 or since.

Broken down says this :

Prior to 1972, the area number represented the state in which the card was issued. The applicant did not have to live there. However, the applicant had to apply at that local office in the state where the card was issued. If you needed a social security number to apply for a passport back in 1967 ( when he moved to Indonesia ), then this is the only way he could have had one issued.

After 1972, the area number assigned has been based on the ZIP code in the mailing address provided on the application for the original Social Security card. Thus he would have had to have a legal mailing address in Conn.

So, in order to get a number issued from Conn., he either had to have been in Conn. prior to 1972, or had a legal mailing address in Conn after 1972 ( but before he was 18 since that is when he used the number ). If he applied after 1972, the only way he could get a number issued out of Conn was to use a mailing address in Conn. But why do that when you live in Hawaii ? Why not just have the card sent to your residence ?

As a side note, in his "autobiography " he mentions the first time he visited the mainland was in 1972 ( but he also says he remembers watching the Watergate hearings on TV in his hotel in Chicago- those didn't occur until Spring 1973 ). He mentions every place they visited. Not once was Conn. mentioned. The next time he set foot on the mainland was when he attended college in California. Source. Thanks Mike!

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Affidavit of Deportation Officer John Sampson Regarding Obama's Social Security Number 8-11/2010

Susan Daniels Affidavit Regarding Obama's Social Security Number(s)

SSNs & addresses belonging to dozens of Barack Obama's, Stanley Ann Dunham and Michelle Obama.


  1. Only a democrat can get away with blatant fraud. You or I or a republican would be sitting in the slammer.

  2. Nice to know Obama's ss number is plastered all over the internet. I would be a bit concerned if mine was. He must have that Life-Lock. lol

  3. What a complete fraud this imposter is. Do we have any honorable leaders left?

  4. Lock the criminal up and throw away the key!

  5. Just sent him the link and a request to get to the bottom of this.

    Thank you for posting!

  6. if we dont rise up and demand this man be prosicuted to the fullest extent of the law along with all the coconspitators who helped him pull the fraud on us. its long past time for some real answers.

  7. If you put everyone in jail that is involved in this cover up, the white house, pentagon, FBI and CIA buildings would be empty !

  8. I hope on some of those images you credited Debbie Schlussel, who discovered this first. And by the way, she calls Darrell Issa JIHAD DARRELL!

    See her blog and you will see what I mean.

  9. "I hope on some of those images you credited Debbie Schlussel"...

    LOL... Are you blind? Her url is only in big red letters on the images...

  10. ORYR, just asking. She can get VERY Testy

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