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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[UPDATE: LTC Lakin's punishment here]-[DAY 2 HERE] The main stream media should be ashamed for their non-investigative reporting on the Lt. Col. Lakin court-martial, and the Obama eligibility issue in general. I find it disgusting that the media wait until the day of the actual court-martial trial to report LTC Lakin's plight that begun more than a year ago. Out of all of the media outlets in this country why must they all regurgitate the same AP story? Do we not have any journalists left? You can view the regurgitated AP report at ABC, Fox, Forbes, LA Times, WTOP, and Yahoo. Image source.

UPDATES: I am awaiting a phone update via Commander Charles Kerchner who is attending LTC Lakin's court-martial trial at Fort Meade[embedded below]. This post will be updated throughout the day as more details are available... -snip 11:49am-

12:14 - LTC Lakin pleads guilty to 1 of 2 charges; LTC Lakin pleaded guilty to not meeting with a superior when ordered to do so and not showing up at Fort Campbell in Kentucky where he was supposed to report. LTC Lakin pleaded not guilty to a second charge of missing a flight he was required to be on. -Source.

1:52 - Snippets via Stars and Stripes; The guilty plea won’t erase Lakin’s bid to challenge the president’s legitimacy in court. Those charges dealt with secondary issues, not his direct refusal to deploy... ...His attorneys were expected to challenge that issue later Tuesday, although the military judge hearing the case already has placed tight restrictions on how far she’ll let them go... ...At the hearing, Lakin told the court that he still believes that questions surround Obama’s presidency but that he should not have refused to meet with his superiors and report to Fort Campbell, Ky., while making his protest. “I was praying and soul searching,” he said. “I believed there was a question that needs to be answered to ensure a valid chain of command. But I had asked every question, done everything else I could short of disobeying orders, without success.” -Source.

3:15 - Snippet via CAAFlog(anti-Lakin blog); ...Judge Lind found his guilty pleas to be provident and accepted them. The defense then moved to dismiss the dereliction of duty spec as an unreasonable multiplication of charges in light of the accused’s guilty plea to Specification 3. The prosecution did not oppose the motion, and Judge Lind granted it. She then entered guilty findings on Specifications 1-3 of Charge II and on Charge II itself. LTC Lakin elected to be tried by a panel of officers. The defense asked the judge to advise the members that LTC Lakin had pled guilty to violating lawful orders, and that his pleas were accepted. Neither side attempted to use voir dire to explore their theory of the case. Of the ten officers named to the court by the convening authority, nine had heard about the case; one expressed an opinion negative to the accused, and the judge granted a challenge for cause for that member. The prosecution did not exercise any peremptory challenges; the defense challenged one member, leaving eight. All are O-6s. ...The state of play now is as follows: trial will begin at 1500 hours with opening statements on the missing movement offense. Source.

3:33 - Snippets via; Lakin drew a distinction between the charge he pleaded guilty to -- failing to report for duty -- and the charge of missing movement by skipping the flight to Fort Campbell. Lakin refused to deploy to Afghanistan this summer because he maintains that if Obama is not legally eligible to be commander-in-chief and therefore any orders he issues would be unlawful. ...Whether or not Lakin is convicted on the one remaining charge, he still faces a maximum of 18 months in jail, separation from the Army, and loss of all pay and allowances. One of the four counts of disobeying orders was subsequently dismissed by the court because the same charge is incorporated into one of the other counts. Had the conviction remained he would be looking at an additional six months confinement. Lakin admitted he disobeyed orders to report to superior officers. "But my orders to Fort Campbell were for the purposes of deployment," he said, arguing since those deployment orders were illegitimate, he was justified in not following them. ... The birther cause did make it into discussion, however, as Lakin spent more than an hour answering Lind's questions about his decision to plead guilty to failing to report for duty. Lakin spoke in low tones throughout the morning session, sometimes with long pauses before answering a question or pausing mid-sentence. Around the time he refused orders to meet with several superiors, he said, he was dealing with advice from legal counsel and was wrestling with his own conscience and personal beliefs. ...Though the court-martial is not going to weigh Lakin's arguments about Obama, the colonel's brother said Lakin "is looking forward to making a statement at the end of the trial." -Source.

8:00 - CDR Charles Kerchner, Patty Dunn, and Dr. Kate report on the LTC Lakin court-martial from Fort Meade... Video below...

9:30 - Via Safeguard Our Constitution; Countdown to Court Martial: Update from Dec 14, 2010. Update here.

11:00 - Snippet via WND; Lakin guilty on 3 counts. Army doctor still fighting most serious charge. Lakin's brother, Dr. Greg Lakin, was more upbeat about Puckett's defense strategy. ..."[Puckett] wants to focus on the big issue here," Greg Lakin told WND. According to Lakin, Puckett chose to concede the smaller matters in order to direct the court martial panel's attention on the "missing movement" charge, which is most closely linked to Obama's personal authority because it ties directly to the order to deploy to Iraq as part of Obama's surge strategy. "The president has taken full credit for the Afghanistan deployment, he signed the order," said Greg Lakin. "Terry will have a chance to say his piece during the sentencing portion of the trial." Continued here.


Countdown to Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin's Court-Martial: The Chain of Command; The Military Makes it Clear: A No Brainer. Chain of Command at Source.

CPT Pamela Barnett(Barnett v Obama), CDR Charles Kerchner(Kerchner v Obama) join in solidarity to support LTC Terry Lakin at trial. Continued at Source.

A public statement regarding Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin's upcoming court-martial from Commander Charles Kerchner. Statement at Source.

General Thomas McInerney on Lt. Col. Terry Lakin's Court-Martial; There Will Be Congressional Investigations if Lakin Goes to Ft. Leavenworth. Interview at Source.

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin's Attorney Neal Puckett on All Fired Up: Obama's Eligibility; IF it is a political question, why aren't politicians pursuing it. Interview at Source.

Attorney Neal Puckett: Call the Army Leadership to Task on LTC Lakin's Plight for Answers on Obama's Eligibility; It's a Constitutional Issue. - Interview at Source.

LTC Lakin's Lawyer: Conviction certain; We have to proceed without the documents, evidence and witnesses that have been denied to the defense. Source.

LTC Lakin's Brother on Revolution Radio: LTC Lakin's Had Other Active Duty Military that Want to Sign Onboard; I'll Carry the Flag on this One! Interview at Source.

Wikipedia Scrubs LTC Terry Lakin Article in 71 Minutes; Jerome Corsi and Al Discuss Scrubbing of LTC Lakin Article with Peter Boyles. Interview at Source.

Dr. Corsi on LTC Lakin's Court-Martial & Obama's Usurpation: pResidents that hide documents are taking a big risk; extensive cover-up going on. Interview at Source.

LTC Terry Lakin's Brother Dr. Greg Lakin on Court-Martial; He's Taking His Stand and He is Ready to Defend It, Got Obama's First Political Prisoner!? Interview at Source.

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin's Brother Dr. Greg Lakin and World Net Daily's Jerome Corsi on the Peter Boyles Show to Discuss Lt. Col. Lakin. Interview at Source.

An Original Song Dedicated to Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin: By Patra; It's Time to Know the Truth. Song at Source.

Action Alert, Calling All Patriots: Countdown to the Court Martial; LIEUTENANT COLONEL TERRY LAKIN ACTION ALERT.(Don't let up!) More details at Source.

Previous reports on LTC Lakin can be searched here. Visit the Birther Vault for the long list of evidence against Hawaii officials and all of the people questioning Obama's eligibility; [].

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin Letter to Barack Obama
Lt. Col. Terry Lakin Charge Sheet
Ruling on Defense Request for Witnesses and Evidence in LTC Lakin's court-martial - 6/1/2010
United States v LTC Terry Lakin - Ruling on Motions(Discovery) – September 2, 2010
Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney's Affidavit Supporting Lt. Col. Terry Lakin - 8/19/2010
LTC Lakin - A Sampling of Common Blunders and Uncorroborated Statements by Members of Congress about Obama’...


  1. Are you upset that your golden calf is going to be destroyed today? Ha ha ha!

  2. Thank you ORYR! Look forward to your updates.


  4. Everyone needs to flood FOX NEWS in every way they can.Get outside the offices with signs in support of Lakin.

    call FOX NEWS' "FAN" number which is





    DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH BECK, O'REILLY, VAN SUSTREN, I've tried.You'll get thrown off "Gretawire" just for mentioning it.It's happened to me a dozen times.

    DO PUT YOUR TIME AND ENERGY INTO THESE SHOWS, the ones most likely to be sympathetic and flood them:

    SPECIAL REPORT w/Brett Beir (he has mentioned the citizenship in passing a few times)

    OLIVER NORTH (for obvious reasons)

    SEAN HANNITY (who has started mentioning it slightly and you can tell he's ready to bust a gut on this)

    Others,less sympathetic

    America Live w/ Megyn Kelly
    America's Newsroom w/ Bill and Martha

    FOX & Friends

    FOX News Sunday

    FOX Report w/ Shepard Smith

    FOX Report Weekend

    Geraldo at Large


    Happening Now w/ Jon Scott & Jenna Lee


    Glenn Beck

    On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren

    Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld

    Special Report w/ Bret Baier

    Studio B w/ Shepard Smith

    The O'Reilly Factor

    War Stories w/ Oliver North




    Thank you.

    ~ Redd Dogg, a rural name for a big city boy.

  5. There was once a shot heard round the world. Will this be the shot heard round the U.S. Maybe all of us who know the truth will take it to the next level and vidicate LTC Lakin and all the others.

  6. From an OBot to you birthers:

    GO FUCK YOURSELF. Lakin will burn today, he will be sent to prison and there's not a god damned thing you can do about it.

  7. we also need to tie up rush limbaughs phone line until he screams uncle along with laura ingram . but some body please post the phone numbers . i do not have them. especially rush limbaugh. we cannot let the cowards continue to hide.

  8. Rush; 12 Noon and 3PM Eastern Time at: 1-800-282-2882

    Laura; Her show ended at 12pm: 1-800-449-8255

  9. Lakin will be sent to prison and Obama will remain president. All you can do is CRY CRY CRY because there isn't a THING you can do about it aside from armed uprising. To that I say BRING IT ON, we have a NASTY surprise waiting for you when you try it.

  10. Go take your meds you vile delusional scum...

  11. My only medicine will be living to see you birthers absolutely destroyed. We hate your guts and will do everything we can to provoke a war so we can have you burned.

  12. How many times do I have to remind you, you are outnumbered and outgunned, dimwit.

  13. The Obots making these anti-Lakin, pro-Obama predictions are doing so to ease their own nervousness. They took a huge gamble on Obama, and when even Saturday Night Live starts mentioning it in a way that isn't necessarily mocking, you know the issue is cracking open along with his Presidency and the Democrat Party.

    This is becoming the same pattern we saw with both the Nixon and Clinton scandals:

    1. Dead silence
    2. Grassroots concern
    3. the mocking of 'conspiracy theorists".
    4. nervous joking (where we are now)
    5. All hell breaks loose.

    We're one step away. Keep the pressure up and we'll get to step 5, but we have to keep the pressure on Rush, Hannity, Fox news, etc. Eventually, they'll choose coverage over the humiliation of being silent when MSNBC has given it coverage.

    ~ Redd Dogg, a rural name for a big city boy.

  14. I find it surprising that you are amazed that MSM hasn't reported on this situation as it isn't in their ideal to report on anything that might be negative towards Obama or the left. Although the lovefest is over with Obama, MSM still wants to spin liberalism as good for the country and Obama is still part of the left. Investigative journalism is dead and replaced by left leaning AP, etc.

  15. Not to mention agents of Operation Mockingbird

  16. There is not a single current judge, congressman, constitutional scholar or law professor that agrees with your interpretation of the natural born citizen clause.

  17. Now, now qwertyman, not one federal case have made it past standing and or jurisdiction to get to that question.

    Go back over to the obot friendly sites... You are not welcome to post here... Didn't I tell you that 7 months ago!?

  18. From a birther to you obots,
    It's sad that you little weasel cowards can't appreciate what these brave men and women are doing for all of us. All who have fought in past wars and gave their lives so that you have the freedom of speech to try to disgrace them. Just remember when your sitting at your computer in your underwear playing with yourself, you can thank the brave soldiers who made this country possible and keep it safe.
    God bless America!

  19. "From a birther to you obots,
    It's sad that you little weasel cowards can't appreciate what these brave men and women are doing for all of us. All who have fought in past wars and gave their lives so that you have the freedom of speech to try to disgrace them. Just remember when your sitting at your computer in your underwear **** playing with yourself*****, you can thank the brave soldiers who made this country possible and keep it safe.
    God bless America!'

    LOL and Amen!

  20. From a truthseeker to you Obots,

    If you're going to invite us to "Bring it on!" it would be nice if you stuck around to face the facts when we show up, rather than turn tail and run away like a chicken with its head chopped off like your Master Obama/Soetoro did at his recent White House press conference.

    God Bless Lt Col Lakin

  21. The latest obot/bankster/Saudi oil propaganda on LTC Lakin...

  22. from the link

    Lakin's parents and two brothers were among those seated in the courtroom, as was Orly Taitz, the Russian-born Israeli émigré to the U.S. who has filed numerous lawsuits in an attempt to force Obama to release documents related to his birth in Hawaii.

    During a break in the proceedings this morning, Taitz told reporters that trials in the old Soviet Union were more just than what was happening in Lakin's case. She accused the judge of trying to "put words in [Lakin's] mouth" and get him to acknowledge that his deployment orders were lawful. She also claimed Lind's previous rulings in the case excluded witnesses Lakin wanted to call and discovery of documents related to Obama's birth.

  23. the phony mark levine must also be bombarded with emails and phone calls etc. he is called the great one but i call him a great fraud of journalism and another coward.

  24. Only reason Levi is where he is...LORD HANNITY THAT FRAUD!

  25. Lakin is TOAST ... The first of many birthers to be destroyed.

    What ya gonna do about it , huh?

    Still waiting ...

    Lol by the way, I found some evidence of your vast overwhelming numbers ORYR ; Lakin article. 90+ % of the comments are from people AGAINST Lakin.... Nice try at your lie asshole.

  26. You are indeed delusional... How old you are?

    90% of 14 comments... LMAO

    Follow the links provided above you will see you clearly are outnumbered in the hundreds of comments...

    Plus, my stance that you are outnumbered has nothing to do with comment threads. It is EVERY poll conducted on this issue, you dinbat!

  27. Funny thing all the name calling is from the Obot’s

    When their hero “Obama” himself is a birther.

    Yes that’s right Obama don’t know where he was born.

    Obama now claims he was born at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

    Obama claim from 2006-2009 he was born at Queens Medical Center in Honolulu
    Before 2006 Obama told reporters he was born in Kenya.

    So there you have it Obama is questioning his place of birth from three places.

    If I was an Obot I would be asking my leader where was your place of birth?

  28. The Obots must be worried - they're all wee wee'd up today! A smell of fear surrounds their hateful comments and dirty words. Best witnessed in their typical leftist bully tactic of attack. Obama has yet to prove his eligibility and rather than offer facts or a portfolio, the only answer they can offer is a fraudulent pile of cat excrement! Who could have guessed that so many on the left are in the bondage of hatred and cut from the same socialist, communist, pseudo-fascist and American-hating cloth as Obama.

    God Bless Lt. Col Lakin and all the U.S. Military men and women (and their families) and veterans that have fought to protect our security and freedom. God Bless America!

  29. Waiting on a call from CDR Kerchner.
    Do not worry folks.
    No matter what happens, our resolve will win.
    God Bless.

  30. CHANGE the channel! Shame on the MSM !
    No Hannity!
    No M. Levin for me!

  31. Where is the latest update the court closes at 5 o'clock c'mon release your records you are supposed to stay on top of this stuff

  32. After Lt Col Lakin is convicted and jailed, the obots think they have won...When his case makes it into the civilian courts on appeal, standing he now has as he is incarerated and has lost his freedom. Also Congressman elect, Lt Col. West does have the balls to initiate congressional investigation in 3 weeks and counting down...

  33. is allen west even at the trial? seems to me he would be there if he is truly interested and has plans to begin a congressional investigation. i personally have not heard him say one word to question obamas eligibility. where has he been?

  34. One cannot appeal a military court martial in a civilian court.

    One also can't appeal any trial in which the defendant pleaded guilty originally.

    From all indications, Lakin just gambled his career and retirement...and lost.
    He plead guilty and was found guilty.

  35. I absolutely HATE the right wing American "Patriot" ... we obots are declaring WAR on you. What do you think about that?

    Can you think of any solution to that? It's about to get real nasty because we're going to do EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE to keep pissing you off and provoking you. When are you going to prove to God that you aren't yellow snivelling COWARDS!?!?!?!?!?!

  36. I just heard that the wife of the doctor who deployed to Afghanistan to take LtC. Lakin's place is on the witness list for the prosecution. Obama is trying to make sure that the Court Martial panel gives him the maximum punishment by using Major Dobson's (Lakin's replacement) wife.

  37. California birther/dualer/doubterDecember 14, 2010 at 10:57 PM

    Red Dogg, thanks for the email addresses. I just penned the following letter and fired it off to them:

    As a journalist with bachelor's and master's degrees, I find it stunning that not even your staff would follow basic journalistic standards to ensure the fairness of the court-martial (or should I say kangaroo trial) of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, the decorated Army officer who refused to be deployed to Afghanistan over concerns that his orders may not be legitimate. I say this in light of the very real possibility that the presidency was usurped by someone who has persistently refused to come clean on his background.

    Since military officers like Lakin have solemnly swore to defend the Constitution from enemies both overseas and in this country, I cannot understand for the life of me why the media continues to either ignore this issue or be ignorant of the facts of it. It's not Lakin who is being derelict in his duty; rather, it is those conducting this sham trial, particularly the judge who previously said she could not admit any evidence that Lakin constitutionally is entitled to aid his defense for fear that it may cause an "embarrassment" to the putative president, as well as those who have failed to cover it for the benefit of those who care about the Constitution.

    Lakin today pleaded guilty to three counts, but only because the judge has made it impossible for him to attain the kind of justice he is entitled to. Now he faces a prison sentence that would include hard labor -- and for what? For merely seeking to ensure that Barack Obama is constitutionally qualified to issue orders that affect him as well as those whom Lakin commands?

    Having intently followed this issue and all of its intricacies, I can assure you that this matter is far from having been resolved. This issue will not go away until you get to the bottom of it once and for all. Imagine how this would reflect on your organization should it fail to have taken action when -- not if -- the truth comes to light to reveal that fraudulent measures indeed were committed to usurp the presidency.

  38. RE: "Taitz told reporters that trials in the old Soviet Union were just than what was happening in Lakin's case. "

    Taitz is right. Without the eligibility Lakin has zero defense. This is a Stalinist practice.

  39. RE: “We're one step away. Keep the pressure up and we'll get to step 5, but we have to keep the pressure on Rush, Hannity, Fox news, etc. Eventually, .... “

    Rush, Hennity, Fox are not allowed to talk about this. They are allowed a joke or two here and there but they prevented from comprehensive and objective reporting. Same for Mark Levin. They talk endlessly about trivial matters avoiding the core issue.

    The Judiciary Branch is hell bent to protect the secret. Congress is not interested. The Dems will naturally are covering up.

    The GOP current leadership is on the opinion that the eligibility issue is hurting the chances of 2012-GOP candidates. Strange, but that is how it is.

    Most Tea party groups will not touch the issue with a 10-foot pole. In other words The Alinsky tactic worked.

    Your only hope is that some courageous new House member will pursue the matter in January. The requests should go in that direction – all other directions are hopeless.

  40. California birther/dualer/doubterDecember 15, 2010 at 12:36 AM

    WTF? The state-run media STILL doesn't get it, like this report by ABC:

    An Army doctor who refused deployment to Afghanistan because he questioned whether President Obama was born in the United States pleaded guilty today for failing to obey orders but pleaded not guilty to the count of missing a flight he needed to be on.

    Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is among the so-called "birthers," who continue to question whether Obama was born in the United States and thereby eligible for the presidency. They argue that they have yet to see Obama's original, signed birth certificate, even though the president released a copy during his campaign.


  41. Will an attorney help?

    Tell me if I am right or wrong.

    There is an inherent conflict of interest here. This court is under the control of the Executive Branch (not under the Judiciary Branch). However, the head of the Executive Branch is the accused (by the defendant). Therefore, the accused has control over this court.

    If I am right – can that be used as a part of the appeal?

  42. Wiki leaks had info on about Obama's mama working for the cia. There is a lot more to Obama than anyone knows. Moore the film maker who soros fronted the money to. So he would put ofut films he wanted. Moore is giving wiki the bail money I bet it is coming from soros.They need to look into soros.

  43. This has been going on for 2 years we the people can not just sit back and let them control us and not make the media talk about the issue because if its false and birthers are crazy then they should be talking about how birthers are crazy and showing his certification of live birth EVERYDAY ON THE MSM

  44. They tried to impeach clinton for having sex but they wont even attempt to impeach obama over not showing a birth certificate to prove he is eligible

  45. All of this over a 20 dollar birth certificate

  46. Paraphrasing JFK.
    "The corrupt government has made peaceful revolution impossible so now violent revolution is inevitable."

    Note to Obots. Please keep your Obama bumper sticker on your car.

  47. "Note to Obots. Please keep your Obama bumper sticker on your car."

    Yeah, bring it on bitch. You just try something and your family will find your brains splattered all over the side walk.

  48. Go jump off a tall building you delusional obot...

  49. "Paraphrasing JFK.
    "The corrupt government has made peaceful revolution impossible so now violent revolution is inevitable."

    Note to Obots. Please keep your Obama bumper sticker on your car."

    I bet you're a coward like that old man in Nashville who rammed the guy with the Obama bumper sticker. He had his daughter in his car. If one of you evil motherfuckers did that to me I would kill you on the spot..

    WANT WAR, BRING IT THE FUCK ON. Stop making threats and DO SOMETHING!

  50. How about I push you off a tall building you lying prick.

  51. Last I checked it is you delusional obots that have been using threats of violence against us "birthers"...

    Go take your meds you anti-American, vile scumbag...

  52. Oh stop your lying bullshit you pig , Birthers have been the ones to make veiled threats of violent armed uprising ever since Obama ran for presidency ; I actually hope one of your idiotic followers makes a martyr out of someone with an Obama sticker, like the commenter suggested. The TRUE bloodbath of birthers will begin once one of you makes that mistake.

  53. ORYR: You are going down you evil piece of shit.

  54. All talk no action... you big anti-American pussy!

  55. Birther/Dualer/Doubter from CADecember 15, 2010 at 12:09 PM

    Amazing that the obots would open their piehole in praise of that gay military scumbag AKA Bradley Manning, who is being held as a suspect in the Wikileaks scandal, but not make so much as a peep for transparency that should clear Lakin's name. We know who the true patriot is and who the treasonous rat is. The former will lead us to a crushing victory should a civil war ever break out over these issues.

  56. "Lakin will be sent to prison and Obama will remain president. All you can do is CRY CRY CRY because there isn't a THING you can do about it aside from armed uprising. To that I say BRING IT ON, we have a NASTY surprise waiting for you when you try it."

    What? You gonna' throw your dirty undies at us?

  57. California Birther,

    You're fighting the fight where most just chat in message boards, so great work. If I may, and I say this gently and politely, you might think about another, much shorter one that attacks their journalistic standard generally without a topic of example and then winds up with a roundhouse punch about Lakin. Re-reading yours, and the ones I have sent, it occurs to me that at this point the moment his name, or the words Obama and birth or citizenship are brought up together, they may stop reading right there without getting the full effect. We really need to be terriers about this and go at it from every angle. We'll wear them down, eventually. This is a wat of attrition, and we have to win it. indeed, you can see the media cracking at the seams all over the place about this. Time, effort and raw determination despite how unrewarding it is to us will do the job. It's apparent, now.

    It's a grueling, tiresome activity without reward, I know, but I personally re-invent myself every day for the task. What is happening to Lakin and the larger citizenship scandal (be sure to call it a scandal, not issue) simply cannot be allowed to stand. Not ever.

    A big media/journalistic semper fi to you, my friend. Thank you.

    ~ Redd Dogg

  58. The only people to blame for Terry Lakin being cashiered from the U.S. Army are you birthers who have promoted this nonsense, and then used this now disgraced former officer. It would be nice to see at least one of the birther leaders owning up to their responsibility for Terry Lakin's current situation.

  59. Wow,

    Where do I begin?

    Obama's birth certificate does not need to be shown. He is constitutionally ineligible to be President. His father held a british citizenship. Thus he could not be natural born.

    Since no one was able to challenge this prior to the election and he is now in office, no court in the country is going to hear this until Obama leaves office.

    Orly Taitz pushed her obsession onto Lt. Col. Lakin. Lakin was subject to the normal military chain of command. He was given a lawful order by his immediate superiors. Anyone who has been in the service can tell you that it doesn't matter if Obama, or the Sec Def or anyone else up there is eligible to be where they are. Up the chain of command is the assumption that you have been given a valid order. It is assumed that the person giving you the order knows he got it from a valid higher command, and so on.

    Lt. Col Lakin is way too far down the chain of command to bring up Obama's eligibility.

    Sorry but Orly Taitz found a fool and used him. I feel sorry for the man, but that is what happened.

    Any lawyer worth their salt would know that his claims would not be allowed in. And yet, everyone seems to take Orly Taitz as some kind of God lawyer. I see her as someone who is using the military officers she has been giving bad advice to as a person seeking their 15 minutes and nothing more. And at the expense of some military men.

    I have nothing against going after his records. There is something suspicious about someone that has to hide everything about himself.

    But Orly Taitz surely isn't the way!

  60. You clearly have no clue what you are talking about...

    Orly Taitz had nothing to do with the LTC Lakin situation...

  61. Hey dumbshit, if you have followed LTC Lakin's timeline you would know that he was seeking answers long before we "birthers" were even termed as "birthers" and long before this blog and other "birther" blogs were even around.

  62. The trial had NOTHING to do with "Birthers." It had to do with refusing orders. The military does NOT work if people don't follow orders. I didn't vote on whether to go out on patrol when i was in Vietnam. Lakin doesn't get to vote on his orders, either. You get an order and you do it. It CAN'T work any other way - and THAT'S what the court martial was all about.

  63. You too, have clearly not followed this issue... Run along!


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