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Monday, February 7, 2011

A New Interview with Former Senior Hawaii Election Official Tim Adams: Obama Birth Certificate Never Existed in Hawaii; Arrogant that Obama Doesn’t Have to Answer to the American People. Hat tip Protect Our Liberty.

Via First American; - Obama Birth Certificate – “Never Existed in Hawaii” - Taylor Hardy

Tim Adams agreed to a telephone interview and we spoke on February 3, 2011. Within the first couple of minutes of the interview I tossed my questions that I had formulated before speaking with him. Listen to your gut is sometimes hard advice to follow and this time I’m glad I listened to my instincts.

I think there was some apprehension as I spoke with Tim. The saying that first initial impressions count and they do –I think Tim is a standup guy and I felt he’s a man with honest intentions not out to hurt anyone or to push some political bent. Our phone interview lasted approximately 59 minutes followed up by email.

Tim served in the US Army briefly for about two years and ended up in Korea working in the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). He held a Top Secret/Crypto clearance and was discharged from the Army after serving over 21 months on active duty. Tim has experienced a seasoned life pursuing an education using the Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP), scholarships and student loans for the past seven years. Currently Tim has a graduate assistantship (GA) and a half tuition stipend allowing him to work and complete his education. Tim has worked while in school to keep his costs down and his debt manageable. He expects to graduate in May 2010, with a Masters Degree in English from Western Kentucky University.

My first email to Tim after the phone interview was to establish baseline credibility and then to determine what might the mainstream media (MSM) use to discredit Tim personally. Make no mistake my intentions are not to discredit Tim but to validate himself, his story and to understand whether or not his credibility fits within the goal of publishing this post in a series about Americans, who like Tim, have a truthful story to tell. Referring this as a test and it is not, but if it was, Tim passed with flying colors.

David Weigel, a blogger hired by the Washington Post wrote in Honolulu city clerk debunks new 'birther' theory, “The internal contradictions of Adams's story haven't stopped him from expanding his media presence this week, most recently with a local TV interview in which he repeated his claims (some of them based on popular "birther" rumors from the Web) while, confusingly, stating that he didn't think Obama's eligibility was an issue.” Weigel resigned shortly after the article and “leaked online messages showed him disparaging some Republicans and commentators in highly personal terms.” Weigel did not interview Tim Adams nor did he offer Adams an opportunity to respond to his claim about “internal contradictions.” My view is the “internal contradictions” Weigel wrote of is the internal struggle visible while watching and listening to the audio and videos of Tim Adams. I don’t feel that Tim is seeking harm or discourse but just trying to do the right thing. It’s my opinion and at least I did interview Tim Adams unlike Weigel....

...Continued here;

Hawaii Election Official Tim Adams Signs Affidavit Declaring No Obama Long-Form Hospital-Generated Birth Certficate on File in Hawaii. -Source.

Former Chief Elections Clerk in Honolulu Says Obama Not Born in Hawaii, No Long-Form BC Exist. - 6/9/2010 - Source.

Hawaii Confirms Tim Adams Was 'Senior Elections Clerk' in the 2008 Election, Oh, Adams is also a Hillary Clinton Supporter! - 6/10/2010 - Source.

Regarding (fmr)Hawaii Official Tim Adams and the Media, there is a Process for Amending the Constitution, Usurping or Race-Baiting Isn't One! - 6/21/2010 - Source. 

NEW: Hollywood Reporter Mike Evans: Governor Abercrombie told me there is no Barack Obama birth certificate in Hawaii; Absolutely no proof! - 1/24/2011 - Video below; Source.

Visit the Birther Vault for the long list of evidence against Hawaii officials and all of the people questioning Obama's eligibility; [].

Sworn Affidavit by Former Hawaii Senior Elections Clerk Tim Adams: No Obama Long-Form Hospital-Generated Bi...
Hawaii Sr Election Clerk-Obama Not Born in any Hawaii Hospital-Wash Times Natl Wkly-20100621 Pg 5
Citizen v natural born Citizen-It's Don't Ask Don't Tell-20100426 Issue Wash Times Natl Wkly - pg 5


  1. Interesting no person in the main stream press won't interview him.

  2. it will never happen

  3. A smart, ambitious journalist could easily break this story wide open.

  4. If Az and the handful of other states don't pass their bill on proving the eligibility issue before candidates get on their ballot, then we will know the country is totally lost. You know the elections will all be rigged.

  5. its because they all know hes a fraud the lame stream media have sold out the people of this country by giving obama a pass on this. its time to lock these traitors up!

  6. AZ is just making it hard for their GOP candidates. Remember, Obama didn't win AZ.
    It went red. So it doesn't matter if he loses that whole state next time- he did the first time.
    But GOP candidates may have a hard time finding their long form BC's too.
    In that case, Obama might actually WIN states he lost the first time around.

  7. What else do you expect from the Newspaper of Operation Mockingbird?

  8. Of course it's good if states force candidates to prove their eligibility. The Obots are seriously worried that several states may force Obama to show what he doesn't have. If even one state forces proof of eligibility, as most people believed they were already doing, it will force the issue into the MSM and maybe even Fox News.

    As the CRS document to all members of Congress of April 3rd by Jack Maskill one looks at eligibilty, not the feds, not the states.....unless you are an Obot defending your Messiah, how could you possibly object to the states doing the job most people believed they were already doing to verify eligibility?

    Because someone "might have trouble finding their long-form birth certificate" is not a reason to blow off the eligibility requirements of the Constitution or of the states.

  9. AZ is just making it hard for their GOP candidates. Remember, Obama didn't win AZ.
    It went red. So it doesn't matter if he loses that whole state next time- he did the first time.
    But GOP candidates may have a hard time finding their long form BC's too.
    In that case, Obama might actually WIN states he lost the first time around.


    AZ allowed Obama/Soetoro to "self-attest" that he met the constitutional qealifications for POTUS. Thus no state and/or party official in AZ had to verify his claim.

    Therefore a change to AZ states' election laws are necessary.

  10. I don't care who is running or on what side... all possible candidates need to be vetted, if for no other reason than to hopefully prevent, or at least reduce the risk of this EVER happening again. I imagine it would be pretty easy to prove that all the current potential candidates are 2nd generation Americans. Unless Rubio trys to run, which I believe he is only 1st gen American and therefore can not run... which is too bad because he might make a good POTUS.

  11. California Birther/Doubter/DualerFebruary 8, 2011 at 10:59 AM

    Why is it that that Barry Soetoro's Auntie Zeituni Onyango always pop into my mind when we are asked to trust him that he meets the constitutional qualifications to be president? Could it have anything to do with the fact that she was here illegally, disobeyed a deportation order and then lectures us that we somehow owe her some kind of reparation after she managed to win a stay of her deportation order now that her nephew is a usurper of the presidency?


  13. @Anonymous

    The answer is obvious.... it's not news.

    Tim Adams was NOT a "Senior Elections Clerk", he was a minor temp, low man on the totem, in charge of wastebasket emptying, essentially. Neither he, nor even the office in which he was hired for a few days to shuffle some paper, had access to the information he's pretending to be in possession of.

    Birthers have a confirmation bias just perfect for someone like Tim Adams to take advantage of in his search for 15 mins of fame. The rest of us have to deal with reality.

    The reality is Tim Adams is a nobody, with no story worth paying any attention to. So the news media isn't.

  14. @Witch

    Wrong! You clearly don't know the facts or you're purposely spinning it.

    Adams never claimed to be in possession of any records.

    Hawaii officials confirmed he was a "Senior Elections Clerk"...

    Go play elsewhere!

  15. @Witch Your attempt to demonize Adams is blatantly wrong. You err in your thinking and I question your motives. HAD you read the Congressional Research Service 14-page report under seal to Congress, you'd sing a different tune. That same said report was leaked and had it not been leaked, more malicious LIES against anyone standing up against OBAMA would have surfaced. Instead, you got nothing--- because you didn't exercise the least amount of due diligence to check the facts. Tim Adams isn't out for any fame or 15 minutes.

    Taylor Hardy

  16. Go jump off of a tall building you brainwashed Obamabot!

  17. I think this is testament to all of the right's strength and will to persevere.
    Only the strong and patriotic will have the fortitude to cry for another 6 years.

  18. Just a note that the Arizona birther bill just went down in flames with a 5-3 vote in favor of not passing it.
    Don't shoot the messenger. It's elsewhere in the news also.


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