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Saturday, February 19, 2011

As reported here, attorney Orly Taitz filed a Freedom of Information violation suit regarding Obama's questionable social security number reserved for Connecticut applicants and the stonewalling by the Social Security Administration on numerous FOIA requests. On 2/16 the case was assigned to Chief Judge Royce Lamberth of the United States District for the District of Columbia. 

Via atty. Taitz; "My FOIA case Taitz v Astrue against Social Security administration was asigned to the chief judge of the District of Columbia, judge Royce Lamberth. The case was asigned on 02.16.2011

Case number 11-cv-402 . It is not on PACER yet. The complaint and all the atachments will be visible on PACER Monday or Tuesday" -Full complaint embedded below... Hat tip to Pixel Patriot.

- U.S. District Chief Judge Royce C. Lamberth -


Current complaint filed under federal statute 5USC § 552 (a)(4)(B) and the respondents are officers of the U.S. government


Plaintiff herein is Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ, President of “Defend Our Freedoms foundation”, filing pro se


Michael Astrue, Commissioner of the Social Security Administration

1. Plaintiff brings this action pursuant to the provisions of USC §552 known as the “Freedom of Information Act” (FOIA) and in particular 5 U.S.C. §552(a)(4)(B)


1. Plaintiff, Dr. Orly Taitz, esq, is the “President of the Defend Our Freedoms foundation” (hereinafter Foundation) and an attorney, who represented this foundation. 
2. Both the Plaintiff and the foundation are dedicated to the preservation of the Constitutional rights and Freedoms of the U.S. citizens. 
3. Plaintiff works closely with a number of licensed investigators. 
4. Plaintiff received a report and an affidavit from a licensed investigator and former Elite Anti Communist proliferation and Anti Organized Crime unit Scotland Yard officer Neil Sankey. (Exhibit 2 A and B)Mr. Sankey’s report and an affidavit, showed that Barack Hussein Obama, the President of the United States (hereinafter “Obama”) is linked in the National databases to some 39 Social Security numbers and multiple addresses. The number he used most often since around 1980 is 042-68-4425. According to Lexis Nexis and Choice Point this number originally was assigned to an elderly individual born in 1890, who resided in CT, but was assumed by Obama from around 1980-1981. 
5. The first three digits of the Social Security number signify the state. 042 signifies the state of Connecticut. 
6. Obama was never a resident of Connecticut. 
7. At the time Obama obtained such Social Security number he was a student, residing in Hawaii. 
8. To confirm such findings Taitz obtained an opinion of yet another licensed investigator, Susan Daniels, who attested to the fact that national databases show multiple social security numbers associated with the name Barack Obama, among them CT Social Security number 042-68-4425 used most often. She, also, found that this number was assigned originally to an individual born in 1890. Later, the same number was associated with the birth date 04.08.1961 and 08.04.1961. Dates of 04.08.1961 and 08.04.1961 suggest existence of some documents, created using an European system of dating: Day, Month, Year, versus the American system of Month, day, Year. Exhibit 1 
9. In and around 1976-1977 due to new Social Security requirements multiple elderly individuals, particularly women, who were housewives and never worked before, applied for Social Security numbers in order to obtain Social Security Benefits, therefore date of birth of 1890 originally connected to 042-68-4425 was consistent with many other examples of elderly individuals, born between 1890-1915, applying for Social Security cards for the first time between 1976-1977. 
10. National Databases such as Lexis-Nexis and Choice Point show another Social Security number, originally assigned to an elderly individual, being connected to the name Barack Obama. 
11. This social security 485-40-5154 is noteworthy, as it was assigned to Lucille I Ballantyne, born 12.22.1912, deceased 09.13.1998 
12. Ms. Ballantyne was the mother of Harry C. Ballantyne, Chief Actuary of the Social Security administration, who had access to all Social Security databases and death indices. 
13. Obama’s selective service certificate verification, readily available on the world wide web, shows a complete match with the number 042-68-4425, therefore verification of Obama’s use of this number since 1980. Exhibit 4 
14. Taitz verified this data with the third investigator, retired Senior Investigator with the Department of Homeland Security John Sampson. 
15. Mr. Sampson provided Taitz with an affidavit, stating that according to his investigation, the number Obama is using most of his life, is indeed a CT Social Security number. Mr. Sampson provided an expert opinion, that there is no reasonable explanation for one residing in HI to get a CT social security number. Exhibit 3. 
16. At the same time Taitz found that the National Databases show different dates of birth for Obama: 08.01.1961 and 08.04.1961. 
17. Recently released passport records for Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, show that Obama was listed in her passport under a name Soebarkah. (Exhibit 5) 
18. AP report from Indonesia, where Obama resided, show Obama’s Elementary school record, showing him using last name of his adopted father Soetoro, citizenship Indonesian, religion Islam. Obama denies all three facts.
19. Recently Neil Abercrombie, Governor of HI, in an interview to Honolulu Star Advertiser admitted that he was not able to locate the original birth certificate for Obama, only a notation by someone in archives, that some record exist, though no actual original certified long form U.S. birth certificate was ever found for Obama. 
20. Obama provided the public only a short form Certification of live birth created in 2007, right before the election, which does not contain any essential information, which typically would be found in the original long form birth certificate, such as the name of the hospital, the name of the attending physician and signatures, The state of HI statute 338-17 allows a foreign born child of HI resident to obtain HI birth certificate. 
21. The state of HI statute 338-5 allows one to obtain a birth certificate based on a statement of one relative only without any corroborating evidence from any hospital. 
22. The state of HI statute 338-6 allows one to get a late birth certificate, obtained as a result of adoption or loss of an original birth certificate 
23. Numerous reports, claiming that prior Governor of HI Linda Lingle examined Obama’s birth certificate were false as well. Lingle’s interview reveals that she relied on a statement of former Director of HI Health Department Chiyome Fukino, but Lingle never personally saw a birth certificate for Obama. 
24. Chiyome Fukino made a statement that there is a record in Hawaii, however she never provided any information, what record exists there. A record created pursuant to statute 338-5, 338-6 or 338-17 would not be sufficient to establish one’s birth in HI.
25. There were reports of newspaper articles, announcing Obama’s birth in HI. Follow up research did not uncover any such article anywhere. Nobody ever found any actual newspapers, announcing Obama’s birth. Only a microfiche image was found. There is no evidence, verifying when this image was created. Even if one were to believe that such news paper announcement actually existed, it still did not verify Obama’s birth in HI, as a newspaper article is not a prima facie evidence of birth and it could have been created based on a birth certificate, created under statute 338-5 and statute 338-17.
26. As above information showed that Obama does not possess either a long form birth certificate or a Social Security number of his own, Taitz filed a FOIA request for the Social Security number application for CT social security number 042-68-4425, which was issued in CT around 1977 to an elderly individual born in 1890 and later assumed by Obama.
27. Taitz agreed to accept a redacted application, which was denied. 

Continued in the Scribd doc embedded below. Previous reports on Obama's Social Security Number can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. 

Bonus: Jerome Corsi; Lawsuit Regarding Obama's Social Security Number Reserved For Connecticut Applicants -Video below... -Source.

Visit the Birther Vault for the long list of evidence against Hawaii officials and all of the people questioning Obama's eligibility; []. 
Taitz v. Michael Astrue, Commissioner of the Social Security Administration - Obama's Social Security Numb...


  1. The infamous Lamberth!

  2. Isn't he the judge that based his decision on tweeeter, blogs and other computer discussions??

  3. @Anonymous

    No, judge "twitter" is a different judge that presided over the Hollister case.

  4. When does the trial start

  5. I believe it was Judge Robertson of the Third District who made the famous "twitter" statement in his decision earlier in the Hollister case.

    Judge Lamberth is a Reagan appointee in the DC District Court with a reputation for integrity and courage to stand up to the government, although he has failed to respond to a number of Quo Warranto petitions regarding Obama's eligibility.

    He was the judge who ruled against the government on its long outrageous history of fraudulent mismanagement of Native American oil leases. This case ran on for years but Judge Lamberth refused to be intimidated or stiffed by the government.

  6. Orly Taitz has to be considered a hero for her persistent efforts toward truth and justice. She has often been ridiculed by those who fear and loathe truth and justice.

    Maybe this time Judge Lamberth will even seek truth and justice himself. Miracles can still happen.

  7. California Birther/Dualer/DoubterFebruary 19, 2011 at 4:34 PM

    Pretty please, judge, don't go wobbly and drink the Kool Aid like so many of the journalists-in-name-only have, to that point that WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah says they are starting to see mirages:

  8. I think this docket might be available at This site make all federal case dockets available free of charge to the public and without a pacer account.

  9. its time we started making these judges resign for not following the constitution. WE THE PEOPLE are fed up with this crap. its time to take a stand and clean up our country of this skum.

  10. Orly Taitz is my hero. She has been since I first became aware of her efforts. Her tracking down Judge Roberts, when he spoke at a NW univ., and confronting him with evidence showing the case needs to be heard, blew me away. That, I believe, occurred in Mar.'09.

  11. What Ms. Taitz is asking for is not a FOIA case. The only way that you can legally request the details of someone's Social Security number is to request it AFTER that person's death.

    IOW, she is, once again, asking for something that she has no legal right to.

  12. Problem is, Barry has used many s.s. numbers that maybe she'll inquire about one that he might not be using today, lmao. Either way, red flags go up when it is shown his use of multiple numbers over the years has occurred.

  13. Terri S.......
    She is asking for information on a Social Security Number that was assigned to a person that is now deceased. Just because Mr. Obama is now (illegally) using that number does not make it his. Dr. Tatiz is making a legal FOIA request about a deceased persons Social Security Number. She is not asking for Mr. Obama's info.

  14. He will be eliminated if he does not play along with the charade.

  15. Let us be honest. He must be out voted to end this nightmare. There is something that the old book predicts: The person who will come deceiving the nation will be the "Prince of air" the Prince of airwaves. The media is the airwaves and we, cannot, change what is predicted and noted. What must be done is to take the assembly of bloggers and expand the "righteousness" to all on the internet and through the films that attract youth. Think of this: why isn't one woman in the entire country have come forward and state that she has had sex or friendship with this man? The best solution to ending this puzzle is to convert Chris Matthews, and others with the same question. Enough of the BC, birther is a bad name. The question is : why hasn't one woman come forward and state that she was a girlfriend? Was Obama a gay man? And was Michelle his first girlfriend? Why does Obama reject the marriage act between a man and woman? Don't forget that the old book states the Roman 1 verse 26-32 will be practiced by the nation when the deceiver of G-d is here. Predictions were given to the people of G-d and those things can be reversed if the Prince of airwaves can be destroyed. We must remove him before our nation is destroyed. It will be up to the Republicans to get someone to beat him. They need a large group to overcome the negro vote. The hisplanic votes is the strongest. So having the hispanic Senator from Florida as a VP will beat Obama and the children of G-d will outsmart that evil darkness that control our whitehouse.


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