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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Atty Mario Apuzzo & CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) will be guests on the Howie Mandel Radio Show hosted by Jim 'Howie' Mandel - Tues 15 March 2011, 10:00 p.m. ET. The subject will be the Obama eligibility issue and states' rights issues in trying to pass Presidential Eligibility Assurance Acts and get them into effect before the 2012 primary and general election cycle. The Republican Party leadership in the State of GA is blocking the passage of a Presidential Eligibility Act to properly vet candidates in future elections for compliance to Article II, Section 1, the presidential eligibility clause. Why are the Republican leaders of the GA House of Reps blocking a simple law to support and defend a part of our U.S. Constitution given that Congress, the Courts, and the media have done nothing? Why are all our institutions throwing the Constitution under the bus and continuing to cover up for Obama's refusal to prove his true legal citizenship identity beyond reason doubt which he has not done to 2/3 of the American people. That issue and more will be discussed. Tune in tonight.

Listen to the show live at this link:

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) | ####

The States Have the Constitutional Power to Pass Legislation Prescribing Presidential Ballot Access Requirements Including Determining Whether a Candidate Meets the Eligibility Requirements of Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 - Details here. 

Notre Dame Professor Charles Rice: Obama's eligibility could be biggest political fraud in the history of the world; time for a new approach -Details here. 

Attorney Mario Apuzzo: All presidents born after 1787, except for Chester Arthur and Barack Obama, met the “natural born Citizen” criteria. -Details here. 

Commander Charles Kerchner: List of U.S. Presidents - Eligibility under Article II Grandfather Clause (GFC) or Natural Born Citizen (NBC) Clause or Seated due to Election Fraud -Details here. 

Visit the Birther Vault for the long list of evidence against Hawaii officials and all of the people questioning Obama's eligibility; [].

U.S. Presidents & Eligibility: Grandfather Clause, Natural Born Citizen Clause, or Seated by Fraud
The Citizenship Status of Our 44 Presidents


  1. I will be tuning in for sure. I always love listening to the two of them. Patriots both!

    Thanks for the heads up!!

  2. Hey ORYR,

    I just noticed that Glen Beck's news website is running your Youtube video of Michele Bachmann. I am very surprised to see it posted there with Beck's past comments on birthers.

    Keep up the great work!

    Did Michele Bachmann Crack a Birther Joke?

  3. Hey ORYR thanks for info!!! Just a little thing here: today a coworker's wife took his mother to the DMV to get an Id card (her drivers license was going to expire and she no longer wanted to drive or renew it for that matter) She showed a copy of her original hospital generated long form birth certificate, her social security card, her soon to be expired drivers license, and other proof of where she lived and who she was.... Guess what... they rejected her BIRTH CERTIFICATE because it was 84 years old they told her she needed a new certified copy to get an I.D. card.... Obama shows a phony COLB that has no hospital name no doctors name or signature and he gets to run the country and the military.... what a JOKE... just thought you might like that

  4. I think CMDR Kirchner got it right.

    It appears that a deal may have been struck before the 2008 election to keep eligibility issues out of the Mainstream Media spotlight.
    For the first time in U.S. History, the American people had the choice of choosing between 2 INELIGIBLE candidates.

    McCain had the required U.S. citizen parentage, but technically was not born in U.S. controlled territory, as he was born in Panamanian territory instead, and therefore was not a Constitutionally eligible candidate.

    Obama has not definitively proven his alleged FANTASY Hawaiian birth beyond a reasonable doubt, or to the exclusion of all other locations such as Kenya, and cannot be a Constitutionally eligible candidate, as his father was never a U.S. citizen.

    Congress, with the help of future usurper Obama's input, passed Senate Resolution 511 declaring McCain to be a Constitutionally eligible candidate.

    That same Congress refused to deal with Obama's eligibility issue, and subsequently the Media and the courts have refused to report on or investigate the issue as well.

    All court cases filed have been refused to be heard by the courts on procedural grounds such as lack of standing and political question.
    All cases have been ended, denied, or dismissed, without any case ever being heard on the merits.

    It would be easy to give McCain the benefit of the doubt, because Panama never claimed to have any citizenship rights on McCain.

    Obama on the other hand volunteered the information to Congress, the Media, and the courts, and the American people, that he was a dual citizen at birth due to his Father being a British/Kenyan citizen, and that by virtue of that fact that he himself was born a dual British/Kenyan citizen as well.

    Obama is a Constitutional lawyer who worked on legislation concerning Electoral fraud as a Senator before running for the Presidency, and knew that he did not meet the eligibility criterion as a Natural born citizen, but also knew that the term had never been defined by the Constitution, Congress, or the Supreme Court.

    He fooled the SHEEPLE by calling himself a Native born citizen, despite his refusal to even prove that as a fact and that alone placated the SHEEPLE.

    Obama is a usurper and he knows it, even if the SHEEPLE do not.


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