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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

As previously reported here, Colonel Gregory Hollister verified via the Social Security Number Verification Service that Obama's social security number was "never issued" even though Obama used the social security number in his Selective Service Registration. The Obots are doing their best to have Col. Hollister prosecuted for verifying the number via the database. I guess they don't understand that Obama works for us which makes Obama our EMPLOYEE. Got Standing!?

Snippet via the Gazette; - Springs man's claim to have Obama records starts buzz -

A Colorado Springs “birther,” retired Air Force Col. Gregory Hollister, has Internet blogs abuzz with what may be an illegal foray into an online Social Security data base and how he obtained a copy of President Barack Obama’s draft registration from 1980....

...Hollister said Tuesday a private investigator, Susan Daniels of Ohio, gave him what is purported to be the president’s Social Security number. He then accessed the Social Security Number Verification Service to find out to whom it was issued and to access Selective Service documents.

The site allows registered users to verify names and Social Security numbers for employment purposes and warns that using it under false pretenses is a violation of federal law.

“According to the Social Security Administration, that number was never issued,” said Hollister, who challenged whether the president is an American citizen in a lawsuit the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Jan. 18 without requiring a response from the White House.

However, that’s the Social Security number that appears on the Selective Service documents Hollister obtained.....

...Hollister denied breaking any laws.

“I was very meticulous and made sure everything I did was compliant with the law,” Hollister said, noting that he sent Obama an 1099 tax form.

A 1099 is an IRS income reporting form for independent contractors and free-lancers. Hollister did not explain how sending that to Obama complies with federal laws on the use of Social Security data.

Daniels said her doubts about Obama’s citizenship have only been reinforced by what Hollister found out.... ...Continued here and another report here.

Previous reports on Obama's SS# can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Visit the Birther Vault for the long list of evidence against Hawaii officials and all of the people questioning Obama's eligibility; [].

Susan Daniels Affidavit Regarding Obama's Social Security Number(s)


  1. Here's The Usurper ; in his own words...well, who knows- perhaps with an assist from Willaim Ayers ;-)
    ~"Dreams From My Father"
    excerpted from pg 345
    "I was just thinking about how life is so strange. You know, as soon as the Old Man died,the lawyers contacted all those who might have a claim to the inheritance. Unlike my mum, RUTH HAS all the documents needed to prove who Mark's father was."

    "the Old Man"=Barack Obama Sr
    "my mum"= Stanley Ann Dunham
    "Ruth"=Ruth Nidesand, B Obama Sr's 3rd wife 2nd U.S. Cit bore him 2 children, in Africa
    "Mark"= B.O. Jr.'s half-brother, son of Sr & Ruth

  2. Get ready to frog march this communist muslim usurper fraud out of the peoples house and directly into a federal prison.

  3. Bill O'reilly speaking with Trump today only could laugh when Trump started to talk about the birth certificate,funny how O'reilly didn't start to yell at Trump and call him crazy,O'reilly just had Trump for ratings that is why he made the interview into two parts.....

  4. ..(Sorry) i forgot to say Carl Rove is a idiot for saying no one cares about the birth certificate issue....

  5. Obama/Microsoft Illegal Campaign Contributions 2008:

  6. Interesting article. The only problem that Mr. Hollister is going to have is how he used the SSN that was given to him.

    Having been a victim of identity theft, I was issued a new SSN. Going to the SSN website to verify my old number will show that it was never issued. Something tells me that Mr. Obama was given a new SSN after his SSN started showing up in blogs. That is common sense.

    You can try to spin this anyway you want to. You haven't done much to help by publishing the items Hollister scanned. Too bad that he didn't redact the postal bar code on that Selective Service card that he had mailed to him. I guess he wasn't aware that bar code contained his full address. It is also too bad that Orly Taitz has now filed those items with her FOI suit.

  7. Via email:

    As Obama's new campaign theme initials are ... WTF ! Well the charges against Colonel Hollister sure deserve that classic military lingo response. A retired military officer is being threatened with identity theft for exposing that the putative president Obama is committing criminal identity theft for years by using someone else's Social Security Number. The media has the world turned upside down. They should be investigating Obama, not Colonel Hollister. Investigate the messenger and not the criminal in the White House.

    A Catalog of Evidence - Concerned Americans Have Good Reason to Doubt that Putative President Obama Was Born in Hawaii | by Atty Mario Apuzzo

    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

  8. karl rove says nobody cares about the birth certificate. that rino phony idiot must be asleep most of the time and is not checking out the polls. he is another wimp and coward anyway.

  9. I doubt those who are squawking about this, would have standing or the inclination to bring any action. And Hollister should say "bring it on!". Because any legal action against him concerning the SS# should entitle him to discovery. If it is actually the SS# of a dead person, and the number is being used fraudulently by Obama, then he should be exonerated, and Obama would have some "splainin" to do.

  10. are all of people really crazy

  11. @Anonymous
    Most of all, it's too bad your mom let's you use her computer.

  12. deport Obama's marxist muslim ass back to kenya or indonesia! LOL

  13. Obama had more than one issued social security number, an altered draft registration, numerous places of residences that he never lived at, his Harvard & Columbia education was paid for by the Saudi Prince! ---IMPEACH THIS FRAUDULENT, TREASONOUS, LYING, DECEITFUL PRESIDENT! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF HIM AND HIS THUGS IN OFFICE!

  14. We need Trump !

    Got to and sign up today.

    It's time for Trump to tell Obama

    "Your Fired!"

  15. Why not search for his SS number under his adoptive name?

  16. @Anonymous

    Your explanation doesn't work to exempt Obama from fraud because the 042 number appears on his SSS registration number supposedly dated in 1980.

    So if the 042 were given to him to protect him from identity fraud, it is yet another indication that the SSS form is fraudulent.

    Obama used a 282 number that is tied to his Senate office address based on public records. That would have been between 2006 and 2008.

    Meanwhile Obama uses the 042 number for his tax returns.


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