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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Video: Commander Charles Kerchner schools Mike Huckabee on Obama's nativity story and Mike Huckabee's claim that Hillary Clinton vetted Obama - Response below video...

Via Commander Kerchner and Some; As to his claim that Hillary would have used the information if she had it, her operatives are the ones that launched the Berg v Obama operation. But I think Obama was going to play the race card on her and hubby Bill (again) and/or had new dirt on both of them and convinced Hillary to back off with the veiled threats on those matters ... plus the promises of the Sec of State job and lots of juicy new financial opportunities for hubby Bill with her being Sec of State. Hillary's campaign was also deeply in debt at that time too. Whatever the ultimate reason Hillary declined to go "nuclear" at the DNC convention after that private meeting between her and Obama. So I believe the Clintons knew a lot of the truth, i.e., that there is no conclusive evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii (but not all we know now) and decided to "compromise" in the face of whatever dirt release threats and financial offers were made by Obama to/against Hillary in the private pre-convention meeting. When it comes to dirty politics and community organizing dirty tricks, the Clintons were no match for the Obama Chicago wrecking crew. So I think Hillary knew about Obama's problems. But Obama knew about some new and even bigger dirt problems about Hillary and Bill. So going "nuclear" at the DNC conventions would have likely knocked them both out at some point with some 3rd last minute "white knight" emerging to pick up the pieces for a divided DNC convention with Hillary and Obama trashing each other. So the deal was made. JMHO.

After almost 3 years of questions about Obama's nativity story one would think Huckabee was better informed. Huckabee ought to read this "Catalog of Evidence" by Atty Mario Apuzzo to learn more about what is known and not known about Obama's nativity story. If anyone knows how to get email to Mike Huckabee at an address he reads himself, forward this to him and suggest he print out and read this Catalog of Evidence to get better up to speed on some of the eligibility issues with Obama.

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

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    NO BC NO DC !!!


  3. When Barack Obama, Jr. was six, his mother married an Indonesian oil manager, a
    “ Muslim” named Lolo Soetoro, and the family moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, where the boy's half-sister Maya was born.

    The family would reside there for four years. Obama attended school in Indonesia under the name Barry Soetoro; at that time, only Indonesian citizens were permitted to attend school in that country.

    Now being The Adopted by His new Father Lolo Soetoro Obamas name was now Barry Soetoro / note: look up Soebarkah Soetoro.

    Now Also!"ineligible" to be POTUS under the Constitution.Because he was adopted,!!

    His US Citizenship was given up in Indonesia Via/ Adopted by His new Father Lolo Soetoro .

    Obamas name was now Barry Soetoro..and there is no evidence he ever reapplied For US Citizenship!.


  4. Don't be fooled, he knows more than we do and he's still on Fox's payroll.

  5. Huckabee may be very well informed...

    He has to take an approach as someone who is open to a revelation of the facts rather than a conspiracy theorist...

    Eventually he will be asked why he can't just make the "birthers" get in line...much the same way as Palin was...

    He should be able to respond that....

    These people do not seem to be asking for anything that is unreasonable...They haven't asked for anything that every other president has willingly provided...If I were elected (or if I choose to run), then I would willingly provide these documets to establish my eligibility...In the words of President Obama, "The only people who don't want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide..." ...Perhaps you can explain why the president has spent over $2M preventing the disclosure of these documents... I do not have it in my power to make these people go away; however, President Obama does!

  6. Great analysis especially that the Clinton's would have pulled the plug on Obama - Obama and his thugs knew that the Clinton's had plenty of dirty laundry and money could easily sway them from the election, however I think Bill is vengeful and will always hate the water boy that stole the WH from him. Berg remains around to fetch birthers if the Clintons need them to unseat Obama.

  7. In the end, the Clintons might make Barry an offer he can't refuse.

  8. IMO, Huckabee should not be let "off the hook" for his comment by claiming it was "a slip of the tongue". Had he not gone on about the "Mau Mau Revolution" he may have been able to make "Slip of the Tongue" fly. But as far as I know - The Mau Mau Revolution did not Occur in Indonesia. So how could it have been a "Slip of the tongue" unless Hiccupabee knows less about History than he knows about Obama.

  9. A "slip of the tongue" like this actually helps Barky and his cohorts. Some who saw the program and heard what Huckabee said about Barky growing up in Kenya will believe it, run with and repeat it. It's just that much more disinformation mixed in with the already confusing and hard to find facts.

    Thanks for nothing, Huckabee. You're about as useful as tits on a boar hog.


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