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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[update] This is getting good... Just when they thought the "release" would put the issue to rest. Let us see if the mainstream media continues the coverup... Below reports from Market Ticker, Drudge Report and The Smoking Gun web site... 


Via Market Ticker: Oh C'mon #2 - AP Is Involved?

The AP has also released a "different version" of the document the White House released. [White House Version Embedded Below, Note Between The Date Stamp And "Date Accepted..."]

Guys, this is too freaking blatant.

Incidentally, the AP's version was flattened before being PDF'd.  Too bad they forgot to do that on the *****house, er, Whitehouse copy.

Heh AP - betcha you won't look at this!

Here's the AP's document snippet on the accepted date:

And now let's have the Whitehouse version:

Look closely at the date stamp.  They're not aligned at the top.  The error is small, but it's there.  Also note the saturation problems in the Whitehouse version in the word "Date" and the fill on the "A".

The mystery deepens, but the evidence is even more damning than it was before: This "document" was tampered with.

Source and discussion begins here:

Via Market Ticker: You've GOT To Be Kidding Me (Birth Certificate)

Oh do c'mon.... oh Donald, this case is not closed.

You can't possibly by serious.

This document has been altered and whoever did it wasn't even very clever in doing so.

I downloaded the PDF from the White House Web site - the "official copy" right from the "Horse's Mouth."  Then I loaded it into Illustrator.  Look at these images I then screen-captured - first, the ENTIRE image itself:

Note the light blue border?  That's the PDF segment that was dropped in the background, which was the green "safety paper."  So far, so good - they just took the safety paper background and then dropped in a picture.  All is well, right?

Well, no.

Mother's "occupation" - the "Non" on "None" has been altered.  What was there before it was tampered with?

The "Accepted date" (bottom right) has been altered.  What was there before it was tampered with?

As has the other "Accepted" date.  What was there before it was tampered with?
There's another problem with those dates too - they're clearly altered, as is the "None"; here's a well-enhanced (at 1200%) version of one of the dates; you can clearly see the difference in saturation.  That was cut into the original picture folks.

By the way, they were dumb enough to leave the cuts in the clipboard too.  The bottom part (certification) I can see since it's clearly overlaid on a background.  But the content itself?

This document has been altered; it is not simply a photograph of the registrar's book that was dropped into a background, and it also is not simply an agglomeration of two images (the background they constructed, the "certification" and then the actual certificate.)

Now this does not prove that the alterations were actual changes in content.  They might not be.

But..... what other reason is there to alter an alleged high-resolution photograph?

Got Illustrator?  Don't believe me - check it yourself.

(To get the full list of things on the clipboard, load it and then select "Window->Actions->Links."  There they are.)

Advice to Obama: Next time you try to alter something you're presenting to the press hire someone who knows how to do it without getting caught.

Source and discussion begins here:

Via the Smoking Gun:
• If the original document was in a bound volume (as reflected by the curvature of the left hand side of the certificate), how can the green patterned background of the document's safety paper be so seamless?

• Why, if Obama was born on August 4, 1961, was the “Date Accepted by Local Reg.” four days later on August 8, 1961?

• What is the significance of the smudges in the box containing the name of the reported attendant?

• David A. Sinclair, the M.D. who purportedly signed the document, died nearly eight years ago at age 81. So he is conveniently unavailable to answer questions about Obama’s reported birth.

• In the “This Birth” box there are two mysterious Xs above “Twin” and “Triplet.” Is there a sibling or two unaccounted for?

• What is the significance of the mysterious numbers, seen vertically, on the document’s right side?

• Finally, the “Signature of Local Registrar” in box 21 may be a desperate attempt at establishing the document’s Hawaiian authenticity.  Note to forgers: It is spelled “Ukulele.” 


Video the Drudge Report:

Barack Hussien Obama "Birth Certificate" April 25, 2011


  1. I downloaded and opened the document in PhotoShop, enlarged it and compared it to my husband's certificate that we had scanned a few years ago. (He too was born in 1961 but he has a copy dated in 1974). I was struck by the amount of artifacts (white shadow) that surrounds all the text in the document. the 1974 cert could be enlarge to 1200% and i could still not replicate that. Most of the text degraded immediately upon zooming in. very strange. any thoughts?

  2. Here's what I'd like to know: Where is the raised seal on the document? Hmmmm???

  3. Yes,,, for any investigator wanting to find out about the Dr. who supposedly signed this, he must have some family that might be able to get a lawyer who could try and check into the Dr.s records. Since he is deceased, where he worked and what years, and actual Dr. occupation in the field, might be useful. I see the white smudges. Thanks to people like you who have something to compare it too, same year, same state, we are appreciative. Thankyou again

  4. While in the Marine Corps. I typed more than my fair share of documents. I spent a lot of time filling out forms with a typewriter, and that is why certain things stand out too me.

    After you have filled out a form a couple of times, you learn very quickly how to fill it out the easiest way possible, with the fewest chances for mistakes. You can see this in the Nordyke BC’s (linked below), but certain area’s of Obama’s BC don’t make sense to me.

    This is the main thing, and I don’t understand it at all. If you look at the Nordyke BC’s, and look at the parent’s names, and ages – notice anything? They make sense – they start immediatly after a return. After the return, the carriage is in the correct location, so the type starts there. Now look at Obama’s. His parent’s names, and ages are all indented by various amounts – why? I can’t believe anyone who had filled out this form before, would do that.

    Another thing along those same lines, the ‘None’ in field 17a. In the Nordyke BC’s it’s positions just inside the field, as soon as the typist knows they are easily clear of the previous field. On Obama’s, the ‘None’ is centered in the field. Why?

    These differences I think, make it clear that the person who typed the Nordyke BC’s, was not the same person who typed Obama’s BC. THERE MAY BE NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. The differences also show that whoever filled out Obama BC, was concerned with it being visually appealing – ie. the nicely centered ‘None’. But, I’ve never seen anyone who fills out documents like these be concerned with that.

    So, how many people typed out these forms?

    If you look at date signed field for the parents signature, that appears to have been hand written by the same person. That’s not uncommon – “sign here, don’t worry about the date, I’ll fill that in”. So, was the person who got the signatures the same person responsable for typing out the form? In my experience that was usually the case. That date is the same – 8-7-61, was the form typed on the same day it was signed? IE., two people filling out BC’s on the same day?

    Also, why is there two different ‘local registrars’? I’m certain that even if this was a forgery, there is NO WAY that could be screwed up – so who, and what exactly is a ‘local registrar’?

    I’m glad that this has been released, and I think I will sit back an listen to the real document experts now!

    Here is a picture of both of the Nordyke twins birth certificates. They were born a day after Obama, at the very same hospital.

  5. Widow of Obama 'birth doctor' advises Hawaii Health Dept. - Deceased physician's name appears on document released today -

  6. Another comment on twin, triplet thing. I am a twin. Born in Michigan. I was born second. On my twin sisters birth certificate it does NOT mark first, (no boxes checked at all), but on mine it marks second. I don't know if this is something that every state does, requires, or not. It needs to be checked into, because, if there is more than one, maybe the first box being checked here is another smoking gun

  7. @Anonymous

    I don't know if its because my PC is old but when I zoom in or out I get alot of white (the lettering and the surrounding white) it looks like one of the layers in the video.
    Also the signature appears to pixelated and it looks as if someone traced it in a paint program.

  8. The white smudges are usually the result of a poor copy and paste attempt, in my experience. It's doubtful that someone cut something from the original document, as I don't see any evidence of repeated patterns, clone tool, and such. However, someone could have pasted other information IN and stupidly left the background INSIDE the numbers white. That's what usually happens when someone forgets to use the magic wand tool on the enclosed spaces -- the background comes through when you paste it in.

    Something else suspicious here is the designation of Obama's father as "African". I don't know, but I strongly suspect, that Hawaii didn't refer to black men as having an "African" race in 1961.

  9. ORYR,

    Check this post out. I could very significant information found at FR.

    Poster Fred Nerks going through BP2's old postings found the birth and death of a baby born on Aug 4 and died Aug 5th, 1961.


  10. Why does the supposed stamp of Alvin Onaka at the bottom say "ABSTRACT OF TXE RECORD"??? Typo on a stamp? Seriously?

  11. African is a dead give-a-way, as far as I am concerned, and this is what it is. They did it on purpose, well-knowing we would know. They are that bold. While we fret and sift, they are up to more no good, such as drilling for oil in Brazil to send to China, to line their pockets more, while denying drilling in OUR America, and we will pay the price. Time for all Military watching who don't want to follow the USURPER in chief, to go get him, before they impliment their next objective on our BELOVED AMERICA

  12. Maybe he was born on a different planet too. Who's to say thing guys was born on earth to begin you guys know how stupid you sound? I never check these sites, but i happened to stumble across it today to see what was being said... Obama did release his records! Yeah, i know, ,it's fake and all that jazz right??....Gimme a break!!! Shut down this website. There is no merit behind your theory!!!

  13. I'll shut it down when Obama AKA Soetoro AKA Soebarkah releases ALL his records...

    The birth certificate is just one small part of the large issue...

  14. This birth certificate in my personal opinion is just more smoke and mirrors by the Obama administration to make this issue go away! He thought after 3 years people would forget and drop this subject, well he was wrong so he presented this lame document. But over and beyond his right to serve as president in accordance with our constitution. Let's look at the mans track record so far and determine if his approach is the right direction for our country. I think not, however everyone has to make up their own mind regarding the information out there.

  15. @ObamaRelease YourRecords
    Apparently he's to stupid to comprehend the video showing the layers.

  16. If Dr. David A. Sinclair delivered Obama then who is Dr. Rodney T. West?


  17. EVERYONE!- I don't know what this means- but maybe someone with more computer skills can tell us--

    Copy the PDF image of his birth certificate, then paste it into MS Paint.

    Proof of forgery or computer glitches????
    It can't be that bad of a forgery can it???

  18. Forget the document, google map the hospital address 6085 kalanianaole is a home that was built in 1948

  19. Hello, yes it can be that bad of a forgery,, be cuz, they want it to be. Think, Government, if ANYBODY had the clout to make a forgery, that would LOOK real, it would be the government,yes??It is a coverup for the NEXT MOVE

  20. They are doing something else while we concentrate on this damn BC, that has no merit. Not that SCOTUS noticed, Right???

  21. I know it is a rude awakening, but at least some of us recognize it for what it is. How come our past 2 presidents haven't come to the fore to help with a constitutional problem??? hmmmmm Wow, good question, since Bush Jr. walked out with Obama, the night of the BIG SPEACH, RIGHT?? Since he was soooo constitutional,,, where is he now??

  22. I have followed this site for some time and have found little evidence of dispassionate, objective analysis of the data at hand. Nor do I see more than one point of view. Are other points of view suppressed because they are "porn, span and threatening comments"? Or because you are not interested in giving them a voice? Is there room for rational discourse? This is a test. I await to see whether my comments are posted.

  23. You don't need to copy it into any program to see it is a fake....enlarge it can see the copy & paste job and the digital imprints of some of the letters & numbers, including the signature of the attendant and registrar and even some of Ann's signature. Also the cert #....FAKE!

  24. @Anonymous


  25. @Anonymous

    Why would the Nordyke twins have a COB number before Obamas when their birth is after?

    61 10641 - Barry's #

    61 10638 + 61 10639 - the twins...

  26. The person with the first comment asking how it can loose sharpness in the document, I think it has different layers and those layers are in different dpi resolution

  27. @ObamaRelease YourRecords

    Can you confirm the following via other certificates?

    The date by the registrar has a dash in it. The problem is that this date is made from a rubber stamp not from a typewriter. On one of the other certificates posted on line 20 is typed and line 22 is stamped, I assume because they are different dates.
    When the date is the same it looks as if the same stamper is used.

    So why on Aug 8 does the stamper have a dash and and on the Nordykes and the other one there is no dash?

    Mine is from IL but it is a stamper and has no dash. Can anyone who has one from Hawaii see if there is a dash in this date?

    I have never seen a date stamper with a dash as the three categories month, day and year are on a little band that you manually rotate to set the date.

  28. This is probably nothing. Why is the registrar on the Nordyke twins BC not the same as Barry's? How many "local" registrars are there? Same hospital within a day or two, why wouldn't it be the same name?

  29. @Anonymous

    That's not the address of the hospital. It's the address of Barry's mother. Look at the Nordyke Twins BC.

  30. Did I miss something or is the address different for the hospital on the Nordykes BC than Obama's,
    also why is Obamas BC have that green background and Nordykes don't.

  31. Let's not forget, while we are looking for fraud, that staring us right in the face is the proof that Obama is a dual citizen rather than a NATURAL born citizen.

    His father is not listed as Frank Marshall Davis, an American citizen, but the British subject, Obama, Sr.


  33. Yes, the race being "African" is a dead give away. Just on a practical level, there is no African race, that's ridiculous. In the 60s that would have been listed Negro, colored or black. Get real! Also the name of the hospital doesn't match the timeframe according to their own documents:

  34. this is what it looks like when you import the pdf into adobe image ready

  35.;page=1551 good thread!

  36. Another video debunking the fake long form. Bo must go to jail for the fraud he owns.

  37. someone please explain why Obama, if he was truly hiding the facts about his birth, release a document that so many seem to have reasons to say its a forgery? Surely he could hire expert forgers to make it a little harder to detect.

    What I dont get is how you can list a hospital that was not going by that name in 1961 as your birth hospital. Surely it is not that simple.

    Either way he is not a nbc and should be removed now that he admits his dad is obama sr.

    Total fraud this guy is.

    Dont give up helping us get the truth. Keep this website going.

  38. Take this to the white house

    Article II of the U.S. Constitution states that “No person except a natural born citizen … shall be eligible to the Office of President,” and so the question is: Does natural born citizen mean born a citizen or born in the U.S.? The Founding Fathers were of course aware of both jus soli (birthright citizenship) and jus sanguinis (citizenship through parentage), but deliberately wrote “natural born” rather than something like “born on U.S. soil,” arguably to include children born to U.S parents outside the country.

    The first Congress of the United States (which included many of the Founders) furthered this interpretation, when, in 1790, they passed the Immigration and Naturalization Act, stating that: “The children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond the sea, or outside the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural-born citizens of the United States.” (In 1795 Congress however passed a new act stating that: “… the children of citizens of the United States born out of the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, shall be considered as citizens of the United States.”)

    Originally the passing of citizenship to children only applied through one’s father, which is why George Romney (born 1907 in Mexico to an American father) was automatically a U.S. citizen, while Winston Churchill (born 1874 in England to an American mother) wasn’t. Only in 1934 did Congress change the law so that citizenship automatically passed through one’s mother as well.

  39. @Anonymous

    I will keep going until all Obama's records are released and his social security number issue is dealt with...

    My protest has never been about Obama's birth certificate alone.

    That is just one small part of a larger issue...

  40. In 1961 we had electric typewriters, you can see that this certificate is falsified, the 'K' is not lined up in several places and the
    letter 'R' Barack is not the same and is not lined up straight as other same words. A couple of the 'S' are not the same. The dates where manipulated. And the file number top right 61-10641 is manipulated from 61-10611. One thing for sure is that the name BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA has a letter count of 666. There are two 6s in the file number and the dates has many 6s. Weird ah.

  41. I do think it is possible that since Obama Sr. was African that the BC might indicate "african" instead of "negro" as other BC's may show, but I do question the designation of country as "Kenya, East Africa". Does anyone know when "East Africa" became an accepted designation instead of just Africa. Just seems a little too specific...when I was growing up africa was just and always just "africa"...Anyone know any different?

    Also the "anon" who is the typist and spoke of typing forms, I very much agree with you. It does seem a little strange on how it is set up. It would be interesting to look at other BC's with your comments in mind. What struck me unusual is actually in #5A and #5b -- While I could see someone adjusting the roller to be sure the "x" made it into the box for # 3, it seems really strange to see "August" adjusted slightly higher than the numbers that follow. It would be unusual for a typist who is filling out a form to actually have adjusted the roller so slightly to have it type out that way. (may also just be me...but the "comma" after the "4" also seems a little off in it's spacing).

    I know everyone will say everyone is examining this too closely... and perhaps we are, but I have always paid attention to my "gut" and it has kept me alive. On a "gut" level, this just doesn't feel right!

  42. Wow ... this site is pathetic for so many reasons, but did someone here actually call it the "Black House" (with the cowardly author inserting asterisks for the letters spelling the word "Black" ?

    This just in from "Fair & Balanced" Fox News ... Civil War Ends, Racist Bigots Lose.

    "I am forced to moderate the comments" = "In my America, we have no interest in free speech"

  43. Piss off...

    The New York Times moderates their comments as do many other liberal-run sites...

    Your point, race baiter!?

  44. My Take on Obama's BC Release

  45. We must examine the evidence and draw conclusions based upon observations. The document is clearly a fake.

    People can draw their own conclusions beyond that, but a scientific methodical examination of the document reveals forgery.

    "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." —Albert Einstein

  46. My apologies, I'm sure you meant no ill will in calling it (with asterisks, of course) the Black House.

    The truth, which you all claim to seek, is that it is no longer appropriate to refer to the "racist undertones" of the birther movement, as that would imply a degree of subtlety. There is nothing subtle about the movement, nor is there anything subtle about your post. If you disagree, please explain your choice of words.

  47. Just wondering: Why did Obama have to send away for a copy of his long form birth certificate in the first place?
    Did he lose his sometime in the past?
    If he lost it, then he must have lost it in 2007 or before, because his short form birth certificate that we see at the FactCheck site has 2007 stamped on back.
    My point is this: If Obama already had a long form birth certificate, whey didn't he simply show that one instead of making a big thing of having to contact Hawaii officials to get another one so that he could put Trump in his place.

  48. Wow, I guess I simply misunderstood. You must have meant some other kind of House that is the opposite of White.

    "Incidentally, the AP's version was flattened before being PDF'd. Too bad they forgot to do that on the *****house, er, Whitehouse copy."

    Almost as weak as Trump (who apparently "always got along with the blacks"). Don't hide your hatred behind asterisks. If you're going to be a bigot, at least be honest about it.

    Moving on.

  49. @Anonymous
    I've never seen "Black House" posted here, neither in posts nor comments. Not until you posted here in your comment, that is. Idiot.

  50. Can you not read?

    "Via Market Ticker:..."


  51. @Anonymous
    So, if, in 1961 or today, black people from the continent of Africa are of the African* race, are white people from the continent of Africa also of the African race?

    *There are only three races: Mongoloids, Caucasoids, and Negroids. (Notice that "African" isn't one of them.)

  52. @dotdotcom
    The operative phrase at the bottom is that it is a “COPY OR ABSTRACT” (abstract meaning lifted summary information; not necessarily complete information or a reproduction of the entire document.)
    (hat tip to DrCary, commentator at Post & EMail News)

  53. @Anonymous
    Liar. You didn't just "stumble upon" this blog site. You heard that Barky released another birth document today and you set out to find "birthers" to harass because fucking with other people is the only thing that makes you POS losers better about yourselves.

  54. @Anonymous
    "I have followed this site for some time and have found little evidence of dispassionate, objective analysis of the data at hand. Nor do I see more than one point of view. Are other points of view suppressed because they are "porn, span and threatening comments"?"

    Your POV is identical to that of the so-called mainstream media. It is also the prevalent POV of most politicians from each of the two main political parties in America. Therefore, your input isn't needed among the readers and commentators here. When we want to hear or read your POV, we turn on our televisions or pick up the NYT. You, as an individual, have nothing new or unique to add to the discussion.

  55. @Anonymous
    I've never seen "Black House" posted her until tonight, after you and the other flying monkey dropped that turd as you swooped over the place. Idiot.

  56. @Anonymous
    You may have misunderstood. Other than your own deep-hidden racism, what made you think the asterics are to hide the word "black?" Wouldn't it make more sense to hide an obscenity, maybe "shithouse" or "whorehouse," as examples?

  57. The "Via Market Ticker" part ... which you dutifully reproduced ... is not likely in there because it contradicts your own views. It is there because you read it, had a good chuckle about the author's hilarious word play, and felt strongly enough about it to share it alongside your own two cents. In doing so, you endorsed it. Close enough for me.

    Night y'all.

  58. Whatever race baiter...

    The text was copied directly from the link as is... I didn't redact or edit shit...

  59. One of the problems, I noticed, is with the date in the lower left (next to authentication "stamp")

    Zooming in close reveals that the "Apr 25" is different from the "2011" The "2011" appears to be computer generated and not a rubber stamp.

    This forgery is worse than the first one LOL

  60. I a kind of surprise of how many persons are here writing anonymous- same like in dictatorships
    fear returned.
    -Truth is entrance key to liberty and to maintain liberty you have to be brave-therefore
    I am not an expert but under spatial short optics the certificate seems be fake. But is it simple to find out . The number four on top should be compared with 1000 birth certificates born before him and after him- because it is a stamp mark. About the twin issue. I was thinking it to. What makes concern is this part were a field in parents part was filled up but over it stood something what seems to be taken out. What does it mean? Was there eventually an adopted twin. the kenia story I personal dont take
    Where are pediatrician records and hospital records?
    But here it comes – and I want to go every one down on logic not on emotions and be fair. Why they spend so much money to cover up for it. More than that I am convinced than it is wanted that public opinion gets linked to the second level of his eventually also fraudulent identity like an eventual double false flagg pocket.
    For me he is not Muslim- he is also not what eventually gets introduced in the next pocket of whatever comes. For me it sounds like he is eventually a long term prepared British egg infiltrated in another agency and even eventually raised up with whatever religion to smear up at the end for interests other countries because I think it is wanted that public opinion gets doubt even that is planned.
    Myself as non American was exited about the idea of Afro-American but I am far to sceptioc than to believe fast and never suffer obamania.
    Under realistic optics I saw that obama in election time was less war head than mc cain for the moment and was not wrong in it. But here it comes. Since he stepped in he weaken your great nation in foreign politics and inner politics and money print party means nothing else than money to take away from others- under his governance America got almost dissolved and formed into a fascist country .
    Ron Paul does not propose fema camps- but they exists- who is planned to be there- no matter were we taking it-planned to make human life suffer. And I tock a sharp lock to his head advisers who helped Taliban and had al Qaeda ties and thought it was a good idea to replace shah with religious islamists.
    Who got in danger with it and had to face more trouble?.
    Well any how nice try- as far as I can see a few bad rounds seem to be stopped and eventually your intel gets reorganized in serving people and not foreign America destroying interests. Myself I had to pay a very high prize for freedom. It is an extraordinary privilege not be be silent and to be on that what history will prove to be on the ride side.
    And remember- everyone is born free and same under the law – no matter which belief religion or origin- but he has to be born in your country.
    Very simple .
    I remain with deep hope that we all no matter which belief we chare and form where we are can work it out in peace can prevent worst and can make

  61. The poster could of meant Phony house.Not Black House.

  62. I'm a graphic design expert who could easily make a forged document you couldn't recognize as a forgery. That aside, it is obvious from examining the PDF released by the White House that their graphic designer is a complete moron.

    I took a look at the PDF and the way their graphic designer went about overlaying the scan over safety paper (I assume they did this for looks only) is about the most cumbersome and backwards way of doing it. Whoever it was actually used a Adobe Illustrator clipping mask to cut out the background of the black and white birth certificate scan so the safety paper shows through! That's about the worst possible way I can think of to get that effect.

    What you are pointing out are just horrible mistakes by a stupid and overzealous graphic designer. They should have just released a clean color scan like the AP one.

    But the fact that they have a stupid graphic designer who would release work that is obviously very crappily done does not mean the original is in any way tainted.

    Just use the AP scan. It's far better.

  63. Even if he was born on Mars, He's still an American Citizen because his mom was. If McCain had no trouble running for president being born in Panama why should Obama had trouble running when he's born in a Hawaii hospital?

    This entire fiasco was created by the right wing to distract YOU READING THIS from the REAL PROBLEMS in the world and it's worked brilliantly. Congrats, lemmings.

  64. Nice try,,,

    "Citizen" and "natural born Citizen" are not one in the same...

    PS., the original birthers were the Democrats that went after McCain's "natural born Citizen" status...

  65. There is something VERY VERY fishy with this document. As someone pointed out, there is no "edge pixilation" on the letters would be there on any scanned document. If you have black text on a green piece of paper, scan it, and magnify it, you'll see all kinds of different colored pixels (greyish green, greenish grey, etc) around the edges. Heck, even if you have black ink on a WHITE piece of paper, you'll see this kind of color pixelation. Yet on this one , if you zoom in, you'll see pure white around much of the text. That means it was put together by someone operating a computer. Now perhaps you are thinking, well maybe thats how Hawaii issued it: as a computer generated form. Well, if that is the case, then how do you explain the curved edge on the left, which clearly gives the appearance , or intends to give the appearance that this was a physical page scanned in? You can't have it both ways. YOU'RE BUSTED OBAMA.

  66. @Anonymous
    Maybe it's because you can't chew gum and walk at the same time that you've convinced yourself that the rest of us can't keep up with more than one issue or developing situation at a time.

    You might amaze yourself with how well you can follow multiple news stories and current events while simultaneously juggling your own personal responsibilities and duties if you worried more about how you spend your time and energy instead of focusing your efforts on telling the rest of us what we should be doing and thinking. You'll never know until you give it a try. As for now, however, it seems that your focus is on how you must distract us from this REAL PROBLEM.

    Oh, and fwiw, Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin, among others on the right, have insisted that this entire fiasco was created by the left wing to distract conservatives from the REAL PROBLEMS that Barky is causing for this country and in the world. Congrats, wingnut. You and Sarahcuda are twinkies.

  67. I am curious about three things though:
    1) Why is the letter "O" in OBAMA (twice) on the same line whereas the "O" in Oahu (twice) a half a line up. The "K" in Kansas is also a half line up.
    2) Was it common to sign a birth certificate three days after birth?
    3) Was Oahu spelled O'ahu then or Oahu?

  68. ***** KEEP IT SIMPLE************

    We can make this even more basic, still.

    ****It doesn't look old.******

    Old documents look old. Look at the image of Trump's. It looks old. Or the Hawaii twins. If you're old enough, look at your own. Is it that brand-new perfect, like Obama's? Is it absolutely clean? Is it without a single crease or blemish, with every typewritten letter perfectly printed by a supposed manual typewriter circa the mid-1950's? No imperfection whatsoever of any sort at all? Look at trump's carefully. And the twins. And your own.

    By the way, I do think they tried to make it look legit: the scribbled square and hand-written numbers that make no sense are exactly how an amateur who thought they were being immensely clever would try to make it look genuine, without reckoning on the extremely necessary faked aging of the document.

    Take it from a special effects pro, and I am. This is such a basic fake it wouldn't make it as a simple movie prop of a half-century-old document and certainly wouldn't be given a second glance by the experts at Antiques Roadshow.

    Old documents have some indication of their age when they're half a century old. THEY LOOK OLD. This is a fake. Not maybe. Absolutely.

    ~Pro Graphics Special effects Person

  69. Folks, this is the answer!

    I think I have figured out how this latest Obama/Hawaii con job on this alleged original long form BC got so screwed up. It’s the only thing that makes any sense.

    All of the letters of request over emphasize the fact they are requesting and dealing with certified copies of the original long form birth certificate and in Fuddy’s response she states “Through that authority, in recognition of your status as President of the United States, I am making and exception to the current departmental policy which is to issue a computer-generated certified copy,” and goes on to state these are copies of your original Certificate of Live Birth.

    All of this paperwork was produced and carried out just to set the stage for the White House show while the truth is, the computer generated BC had already been created via the White House crooks in coordination with the Hawaiian crooks and already existed in the WH computer.

    With the letters return, hand out copies was produced and the glorious con job show took place.

    Their big mistake was that they put the faked up document on the White House web site without flattening out the layers.

    This is the only thing that makes sense and it's tied around Obama's very own neck.

    Your thoughts?

  70. Fox News Has Just Posted An Article About An "Adobe Expert" Who Is Claiming That It Is Perfectly Normal For Scanned Documents To Appear In Layers And That There Is Nothing Fishy About It.

    This Article Calls For A Rebuttal From Those Who Are Qualified Experts!

  71. @Anonymous
    I would point out, that they may just possibly have picked a Dr, whose signature was on records of the time at the hospital of record. Someone PLEASE make sur Donald Trump gets this. He has the wherewithall and finances to get it broken down, and if he keeps it out there and can prove the point, well maybe, we can remove this conman from office. ANOTHER thing--If you attend a University as a foreign exchange student,on any SCHOLARSHIP you have to provide birth certificate and passport copies... D"U"H. Why hasn't that info been gotten if they released those facts from Occidental?

  72. No records were released from Occidental...

  73. @Anonymous
    The artifacts you see are a result of PDF this case a kind of Mixed raster compression alrogithm was used. You guys are silly...

  74. Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot trying to be soooo smart that we end up looking really stupid. To the poster above who said "It doesn't look old." PLEASE get yourself a new pair of reading glasses. This document (real or fake) is clearly labeled is a brand-new COPY of the original which is allegedly in a book in a vault in Hawaii somewhere. Anybody can see that the put the book on the photocopier, loaded the special green paper in the copier and pressed the button. Of course it doesn't look old. Duh!

  75. Fox News document expert in tank for Obama? - Man claims birth certificate real, but look how he's championed president previously -

  76. @Anonymous

    I have been asked by the administrators here to respond to this and I'm happy to:

    "This document (real or fake) is clearly labeled is a brand-new COPY of the original which is allegedly in a book in a vault in Hawaii somewhere. "

    Okay, smart-ass, pay attention this time, alright?

    The analysis I have demonstrated makes it clear that the fact the birth certificate put forth by the White House IS A COPY. Of course. THAT DOESN'T MATTER. What is a "copy"? A "copy" is a "reproduction". Therefore it should also show some indication of the severe aging of every other 50-year-old document you will ever see. Here is what the different kinds of "copies" manifest:

    1. PHOTOGRAPH: Image passes through a glass or plastic lens, even digitally, and that softens the image, but does not erase the aging manifestations.

    2. PHOTOCOPY (also generically known as a "xerox"): produces a high-contrast copy if not set for "photograph". This would, if set for a light setting, make the light aging manifestations vanish, but the high contrast of a photocopy would mke the mid-and-dark aging maniofestations worse and more apparent than a photograph. In a photocopy, the "Photo" setting on a photocopy usually exaggerates the mid-dark grays. It looks "dirtier".

    3. COLOR SCANNER: Even in light settings, the light and mid-tones are readily apparent.

    Obama's document has none of those visual manifestations. Everything between the letters on the Obama's document is 100% clean. There is not even a spec of imperfection on a supposed 50-year-old document. That is impossible.

    ON THE ISSUE OF LIGHT/MID TONES OF DOCUMENT AGING: While it might be argued that the document was set so light as to eliminate all the light-and-mid-tone discolorations and inconsistencies of the aging paper, the pencil notations on the document make that impossible: *the pencil notations are apparent*, as are the soft terminators along those pencil edges, therefore the aging manifestations should be very, very apparent as well. The document is absolutely pristine of any aging manifestations whatsoever. This is a fake.

    IF THIS SOUNDS COMPLICATED, just scan/photograph/photocopy your own birth certificate if it's over 40 years old and let's see how perfect it looks.

    Simple. You don't need to be a graphics analyst to do that yourself.

    I am not alone in this. Thousands of people all over the world took one look at this thing and their jaws dropped it's so apparent, and that probably includes people working in health records all over the nation.

    Yes, it's a copy. A copy of the ink. A copy of the paper. And a copy of the aging manifestations of a half-century old document that looks absolutely, 100% brand-new.

    Understand? This is not a copy of a 50-year-old document. It's impossible. Get it, now?

  77. Hawaii DOH and/or Obama were already suspected of releasing a forged document when the short form document was released, and people were already suspicious and didn't trust either one of them.
    Hawaii DOH and/or Obama were supposedly releasing the long form birth certificate to gain the confidence of those who had their doubts about Obama's birth in Hawaii.

    Why would Hawaii DOH, and/or Obama, choose to use a process to create the document, that allowed for the possibility of fraud or tampering that could result in a forged document, instead of choosing the process of scanning or copying that would have eliminated the possibility of fraud or tampering?

    Doesn't Obama releasing an obviously clearly fraudulent long form document, along with also being suspected of previously releasing a fraudulent short form document, negate any credibility that was hoped to be gained from releasing that long form document?

    Why then even bother to do so?

  78. Please comment on this:

  79. What is there to comment about... Snopes is run by a Liberal husband and wife out of their house...

  80. I enjoyed your entries on Toxic Words - such great thoughts and a wonderful reminder to watch the words I use - to be positive and kind and use words to build up rather than tear down. :)


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