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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Has Obama Won the Birth Certificate Game?
By: Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
May 15, 2011

Some believe that the "birthers" should be embarrassed. They believe that Obama could have released his birth certificate a long time ago, but instead suckered the “birthers” in and then at the opportune time, released the document for maximum political gain. They conclude that Obama is a very clever guy and has therefore won the birth certificate game.

At worst, this is Obama’s enablers’ continuing fraudulent cover for Obama and at best their wishful thinking regarding his hoped-for political cunningness.

Obama is not clever at all. It took him over 2 and ½ years to finally release his long-form Certificate of Live Birth. I do not believe he held on to that certificate for some political advantage. Even if the birth certificate is real, he has lost millions of voters for his cowardly conduct in not releasing it in due course to the people he is supposed to serve like a normal Presidential candidate should. His conduct is even more reprehensible given that his alleged long-form Certificate of Live Birth does not contain any information which he would have had any interest in keeping confidential and he has caused our nation to lose incalculable millions of dollars in public and private time and resources arguing about his birth certificate. And let us not forget that he allowed a highly decorated military officer, LTC Terry Lakin, to go to prison for 6 months rather than just release the document.

Even though Obama has released a computer scan of his alleged long-form Certificate of Live Birth, there is still an open question whether the underlying paper birth certificate is real. We can hardly say that it is real when the underlying paper document which was supposed to be filled in with a typewriter in 1961 shows evidence of kerning (a certain way letters are graphically printed which cannot be done with a typewriter in 1961).

But in the end, even if the birth certificate is real, it proves Obama is not an Article II "natural born Citizen," a child born in the U.S. or its jurisdictional equivalent to a U.S. citizen father and mother. This means that a “natural born Citizen” inherits his or her allegiance and U.S. citizenship from being born to U.S. citizen parents and from being born on U.S. soil rather than acquiring them from a positive law which is what a naturalized citizen does. This positive law naturalizes a person to be a U.S. citizen “at birth” when he or she is born abroad to one or two U.S. citizen parents (missing U.S. place of birth and in some cases also at the same time only having one U.S. citizen parent) or born in the U.S. to one or two alien parents (missing two U.S. citizen parents).

Obama's father was born in 1934 or 1936 in the British colony of Kenya. Under the British Nationality Act of 1948, he was born a British citizen (a “Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies”). While he came temporarily to America on a student visa to study, he never became nor ever intended to become a U.S. citizen. Hence, when Obama was born, his father was a British citizen, and under that same Act Obama himself inherited from his father British citizenship. Obama, if born in Hawaii, therefore, did not inherit his U.S. citizenship from his natural parents but rather acquired it by positive law, i.e., the 14th Amendment or 8 U.S.C. Sec. 1401(a), which naturalizes persons who are born in the U.S. but lack two U.S. citizen parents to be U.S. citizens “at birth.” Hence, Obama can be a “citizen” under the 14th Amendment or 8 U.S.C. Sec. 1401(a), but he is not an Article II "natural born” citizen. Obama is therefore not eligible to be President and Commander of our military forces.

Obama loses any way he turns or pretends to turn.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
May 15, 2011
Copyright © 2011

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Yes Virginia-There is a Usurper in the White House-Obama Long Form BC Forged! Wash Times NW 20110516 pg 5


  1. First off, to prove that any professional photoshop/effects idiot can do much better than the fake BC, I did the little shot that ORYR chose to use as the header of this article. It took about 90 minutes, playing around, to get the grain and softness and perspective right. I could have done a better Birth Certificate than the white house offered in half that time. Seriously. So could many hundreds of other professionals. No joke. (nice of you to run that, ORYR)

    Mario Apuzzo, who is a definitely a patriot, IMO and respectfully, misses a couple of points, I think.

    1. The birth certificate is a fake, there's no maybe about it. It has been demonstrably proven with manifest evidence of the most actual kind. There is no question. It looks better than a crayon scribble but as evidence is just as worthless. It may be hard to believe for some who have not bothered to watch the vids and read what experts like Zebeth have said, but when you have worked successfully in the field for over a couple of decades as I have, you can see the BC is SUCH a fake it just makes you nuts. It's so obvious it's crazy.

    2. It is said here that Obama may have held on until the right moment to make the birthers look foolish and shows what a truly clever politician Obama is. That's an interesting take - with which Apuzzo clearly does not agree - but misses the larger point that there are only three possibilities in all this: 1. Obama is a usurper, 2. that he is not clever but malicious, manipulative and even to some extent sadistic, which puts his emotional balance into play - certainly that would be immature to say the very least, or 3., that he is in fact paranoid and otherwise truly mentally ill on a very significant level. That might explain the endless vacations while people try to keep the pressure off him. While Apuzzo cites the leftist spin, he does not mention the only 3 actual possible realities which are extremely serious.

    He's right about Natural Born. The legal issue may be the natural born status, but the key to opening that door is the one Obama himself provided: an obvious forgery of a birth certificate every expert recognizes as such.

  2. It may be forged or it may not be forged.

    But, the point is that it is not a copy of a hospital generated bc. Those do not carry the word abstract on them. There is no need for that word on a photocopy of a long form hospital generated bc.

    Keep pressing for a real photocopy of a hospital generated bc and keep pressing on the two citizen parent issue.

    And while we're at it, keep pressing on his ss#, and keep pressing on his college records, and keep pressing on his surrendered law license.

  3. @ 4;32 PM

    I take your point, and I have never been a 9/11 truther, area 54, bigfoot, gray alien kind of guy in any way shape or form. Unlike most Americans I believe neither in UFOs (no proof) or Ghosts (no range and far too few for billions of former inhabitants, plus no evidence). I say that so you and anyone else knows that for my own analysis based on a couple of decades of relevant work, I mean what I say based 100% only on the evidence: The birth certificate that the White House put up on the WH website is a fake. It really is. It's a fake. Look at all the evidence by all the people who not only make the claim, but demonstrate the fact by deconstructing the document before your eyes.

    "There is no need for that word on a photocopy of a long form hospital generated bc."

    Except to leave wiggle room in case they were caught. Not arguing, just saying that is certainly the reason for it, because the BC isn't just not genuine - from the layers to the specific content that was obviously altered, it has been carefully constructed. Add to that the lack of aging, which would have been a matter of artistry far beyond the skill set demonstrated in the manipulation of the characters, and you have a carefully constructed forgery created by low-level practitioners at best.

    It's a fake. Absolutely. No guesswork or anger-driven interpretation from someone who dislikes Obama (I do). The conclusion is based on the evidence (just as I poo-poo the claim that the photos were doctored, which is the flip side of the coin - I see no evidence of that). On the birth certificate, however, there is no question whatsoever in any way, shape or form. It is a fake. Get used to saying it. It's a fact. Absolutely. The birth certificate is a fake.

  4. What's the greater outrage? The fake birth certificate or the media not investigating anything about this guy for 3 years?

  5. Facts do not win, results determine who won. Apuzzo is right on everything, but guess what, Obama is President and there is no action by the people or government to enforce the Constitution. Obama could post a picture of the guy forging his birth certificate and he would still be President. This is all fixed and we just talk about it. Someone please get those adoption records or the real bc, then we might gain mainstream interest in why Obama should be lead out in handcuffs. I dont think Corsi was able to get that stuff, Trump quit, so who is doing the work? I hope Lakin sues. It might be our only hope left.

  6. the fake bc was only used to get his stupid base to tell on the fence voters, see I told you birthers were racist idiots. This keeps hie electoral majority in place. Nothing else. It just makes the typical moron who supports him or who works in the media to have a talking point. Liberals dont need the truth, they need a talking point and Obama gave it to them. Do you think if we had a real Congress or Republican leadership that Obama would have even gotten to the point where he became President and could even be in the position to release a bc that was fake with no ramifications or a big laugh in. This behavior makes him look like a bigger circus clown then Trump could ever try to be. Its so laughable its sad. We might as well just advertise we have a muslim in the white house thats how little this matters to the moronic majority. Its all fixed folks and the only thing that will change it is if we get his real bc from a foreign country or those adoption records. Until then, we can analyze the truth correctly on may different websites and Obama will just shake his head, laugh all the way to foreign back while he destroys this country and redistributes the wealth while we allow it to happen for fear of being called racist. Props to the NWO guy who created this whole scenario. Its quite brilliant to play on our stupidity.

    Obama..."duh, winning"

  7. Us, for not doing anything.

  8. Three posts by the same Obot in a mock display of self-flagellation in the hope that we will follow his performance off an emotional cliff and give up. What pathetic bullshit.

    If you are a real conservative, get out of the way, loser. If you want to quit, then go do it, but stop taking up time and bandwidth, jerk off.

    If you're an obvious Obot, then, gee, please do go fuck yourself, okay?

    Have a super-pleasant evening, asshole.

  9. All talk, no walk can't fix this. We need action. We need action, and we need it now.

  10. We ***have*** action: slow, deliberate, methodical and effective action. Despite his swagger, Obama is up against a wall, now:

    Everyone knows he his hiding his records - we did that. Trump got on his case because of us - we did that. People have traveled and interviewed and gotten damning information - we did that. Obama's hand was forced to release a fraud - via Trump, but we still did that. Now the fraud is being exposed by experts - we did that. And it is now being plastered across every newsstand in America for all of our fellow citizens otherwise duped by the media to see - we did that, too.

    Stupid ideas such as marching, violence, anything like raical behavior will make us look crazy - that is if anyone sees us en mass at a rally at all. There was a 9/12 march of 1.5 million conservatives and the media locked it down and almost no one in america heard about it.*** But the tea party people are seen every day, in their home towns, in parks and via street signs and meetings. That's us. And we're winning.***

    This is a slow iceberg, but when it hits Titanic Obama Presidency, you know what the result will be. We are that iceberg. And we're winning.

    Do not confuse the anxiety of impatience with the disappointment of failure. We're winning.

  11. "...I did the little shot that ORYR chose to use as the header of this article."

    And it gave me a good chuckle!

  12. "What's the greater outrage? The fake birth certificate or the media not investigating anything about this guy for 3 years?"

    The second thing you said....

  13. one of the posters you seem to be calling an Obat, why dont you go fuck yourself. I am in this cause with money donated to Lakin and letters written. What are you doing?

    No one wants to quit but no one wants to go in circles while Obama destroys this country. I am glad to get out of the way if the people with real money and conncections are going to do the work. There is so much evidence that Obama is a criminal and not eligible but why has he made it this far? Because the evidence we need to get most people to believe this is serious has not been produced.

    I will say this again, until you get the real adoption records or proof he was born outside the USA, the issue is not going anywhere. It will not be won in the courts.

    By the way, did I tell you to go fuck yourself?


  14. @ 8:11

    The difference between us is that I have a professional expertise that I bring pro-actively to this battle, that we are, manifestly, winning for sure. For whatever your pathetic motivation, you bring defeatism and only that.

    Have a nice self-love session, jerk off. The rest of us have a job to finish. Get your sorry as out of the way.

  15. I see world net daily is making a big issue about the proof of the forgery: that stupid kearning issue again. A commenter there got it right: that isn't kearning: that is the inconsistency of an old manual typewriter. We know that for a fact because NOTHING is uniform on that document, and a computer would have produced UNIFORM kearning. Stupid. Hear that, WND? STUPID! THIS MEANS YOU!

    I mean, here they have Zebest's expert testimony, and her cred "trumps" most others, and she says it's a fake for several reasons, not any of which have to do with "kearning"; You have some guy on a youtube who did a brilliant discovery of repeated letters, and I tried what he suggested and he was right; My own analysis (after a couple of professional decades) of there being no aging - meaning it was new or someone did a hell of a clean-up job, which may have happened: it would be easier to do that then blend all the aging artifacts of the disparate elements, which takes some real skill not in evidence; Obama's first name "Barack" "floats" over the page insomuch as it does not bend with the background onto which it was superimposed; "African" instead of Negro - and I know, I did some detective work on that one and there is no way hospital protocol and state and federal law demanding the term negro was going to be disobeyed by someone whose job would have ended just to be politically correct in a way that did not exist in 1961; Signatures made up of different pixel arrangements; the multi-layers which CONTAIN DOCUMENT CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION - abolute proof positive of a forgery; And more.

    But what does WND choose to call conclusive evidence? "Kearning". Or as I call it, the manifestation of a sloppy old typewriter.


    Our side has to seriously get with the program right now and stop being the gang that couldn't shoot straight on this issue. This is getting pathetic.

  16. @Pro Graphics
    Pro Graphics, when did you join this battle? I ask that because, having followed Barky's ineligibility issue since the summer of '08, I know that not every discouraged or even defeated "birther" is an Eeyore troll. There have been days that I, too, have admitted defeat.

    Listen, I understand trying to keep the morale of the troops high but accusing every commentator who expresses discouragement of being a troll isn't the way to do it.

  17. mean you can spot a fake birth certificate with your "Pro Graphics". What a unique talent.

    I am sure my professional credentials outshine yours all day long so dont talk about things of which you know nothing.

    I do not bring defeatism but reality. As much as I want this usurper out of office, we are not winning when he spits on the Constitution daily and there is no one in government forcing this issue. We will only win when we find his real Kenya birth certificate or his adoption records.

    But since you are such a genius who insults people without grounds, you must know exactly what needs to be done so Ill get out of your way.

    Keep us all updated on what you are doing to finish the job.

    I am looking forward to more "Pro Graphics" wisdom that involve the results of real action and not just talk about what Obama is doing.

    You are probably related to Trump.

  18. I too have followed this since the summer of '08 and sometimes get discouraged. I think that a lot of it comes from Obama's cocky attitude. He is increasingly acting like he is untouchable because he knows that the media won't go after him. I swear he could shoot Biden in the head on live TV and the media would spin it that somehow old slow Joe's head just exploded from some weird medical condition. Has anyone else noticed how much more cocky Obama is getting everyday?

  19. Since I can't edit my previous post, I would like to add the following. It almost seems like Obama is daring us to come after him. That's the way he comes across to me and it just turns my stomach.

  20. @AuntieMadder

    Expressing discouragement in the face of battle is bullshit. Realism is one thing, saying "we are beaten" is another, it's bullshit and I call bullshit when I see bullshit. The hypersensitivity you exhibit to the idea that expressions of defeatism doesn't belong in this fight. Lose it or please join the opposition officially, where the result of such actions will be greatly appreciated.

  21. @TexasT

    That's one way to see it, Texas. The other is that he's doing what all street punks do: He's bluffing with that cocky attitude in the hope that his seeming confidence will make him invulnerable. That's a typical, unsophisticated approach. Our problem is we have yet to fully wrap our heads around the fact that we have a guy like that in the White House. Clinton tried a similar approach: self-righteous indignation. That didn't work either.

    Slow and sure gets the job done, Texas. We're in the end game.

  22. @ 6:18 PM,

    "We will only win when we find his real Kenya birth certificate or his adoption records. "

    Be my guest. When you find them let us know. In the meantime, the rest of us will be doing what we do that has, in fact, been working. But by all means, don't let us stop you. Good luck.

  23. Let's say a Kenyan government official came forward very publicly and released his BC, do you think congress would act to remove him or would they pass some kind of amendment to the constitution in the dark of the night to exempt Barry and keep the peace?

  24. @TexasT

    Last year, yes. Not anymore. There is no such thing as the dark of night with the internet, organization and overall public awarness on this issue, now.

    The tea party is driving the landscape to which all else are mere respondents, and despite Tea Party leadership being shy, the rank and file masses - the voters - are not. It would be all their political careers are worth.

    I know these lulls in the action, even if only for hours, can drive a person nuts. A good way to spend the time is to contact the state legislators and congresspeople and let them know that this is the one issue you are prepared to hold them accountable. Deliver or be replaced. It's as simple as that.

    You can also contact the Globe and tell them you'll buy 5 copies of the next one with an Obama fake BC/ social security number story headline on it. That's big money for them in the aggregate, and a great motivation to press the issue.

    We're very close, now. This is the end game. Patience and perseverance.

  25. Via Jerome Corsi's Facebook page:

    At the last minute HANNITY CANCELLED -- I guess joining Bill O'Reilly to dismiss the "Birthers" -- we had keep the first radio for Hannity for 3 months. He cancelled today. STEVE MALZBERG gets the first interview later this afternoon. Call Hannity and let him know what you think.

  26. TO PRO GRAPHICS @ 4:03 PM

    Before I ever saw the wnd article (below)... and back when I first saw the Fox article (referenced in the wnd article)... I immediately knew that the "expert" was no "expert" by the fact that they said he was "Adobe certified" - this term means nothing other than someone was willing to pay a high fee to take a multiple-choice test and if they pass the test... Adobe mails them a certificate. All you need to pass is the Adobe program so you have access to the Adobe HELP menu and anyone could pass this Adobe Certification test. In other words, it sounds good but means crap. There are books and online articles and information aimed at helping people to pass this Adobe certification test - it's a big scam. It is no way an indication that you truly understand how to create and understand deeper implications of how the Adobe programs work. Just means you might be a good "test taker." I have never bothered to pay the outrageous fee to take the test and yet Adobe sends me an invitation (every time they gear up to release new versions of the software) to be in their beta program and participate in helping them to find and fix "bugs" in the program. I'll take my understanding of the programs over an "Adobe Ceritified" person any day. In fact: I roll my eyes every time I see someone say they are Adobe Certified. Moral of the story: Whenever you see that someone has to use the term "Adobe certified" to give their opinion credence - consider running like hell in the opposite direction.

    Fox News document expert in tank for Obama? - man claims birth certificate real, but look how he's championed president previously

    Mara Z

  27. Is this really Mara? I doubt it because Mara is married last I heard and has a hyphenated last name, now, but I'll pretend it is. ;)

    Of course, Adobe certification means almost nothing. It's better than nothing, but not much better. I have been at this game before photoshop was even invented, and have been with it when the first release came out (those were the days! Remember the "options"?! Ha! Hilarious). What matters is whether people will pay you lots of money to create the work they need as opposed to paying someone else lots of money to create the work they need. There is no other barometer other than the fair market. The only one who wins with the Adobe certification is Adobe. Potential clients who don't know better often regret the results from their new freelancers.

    Another real-world barometer for success is to be a continually well-respect co-author of photoshop books that get rave reviews from positively everyone and have those books sell like hotcakes year after year after year, with never a detractor in a world full of know-it-alls. That would describe Mara Zebest's most public credentials, and they are unassailable.

    Mara really needs to start calling people like New York's WOR radio talk show host Steve Malsberg and others and get the word out. Few people, if any, have the combination of apparent honesty, bravery, and irrefutable credentials as Mara Zebeth. With Trump gone, we need every Mara Zebeth we can get, and so far there's only one.

    The Fox News expert is definitely in the tank for Obama. But the question is, why is Fox News in the tank for Obama? This was the only guy they could get - someone who blogged online to heap praise on obama? In the vernacular of the current internet community, WTF?!

    But the tea party has proven on a massive scale that grassroots effort can change the world. We will.

  28. To Pro Graphics @ 8:04 AM

    "Is this really Mara? I doubt it because Mara is married last I heard and has a hyphenated last name, now, but I'll pretend it is. ;)"

    Yes it is really me... and if you look carefully, my name was never hyphenated... also... I'm no longer married. And I commented to you a few times on the article about me... jokingly asking if you could stop misspelling my name... but even in the above post... it's cracking me up that it comes so natural to so many people to misspell my name in this manner now. Maybe from reading your article. LOL

    Also, the day the LFBC was released, I contacted the local Fox affiliate. I was interviewed for quite a long time. The reporter and camera man were at my home for over two hours and filming for over an hour of that time. They absolutely realized that everything I was showing them was true and real. After showing them how to spot the discrepancies... they even started to point out items themselves. They were stunned at how blatantly obvious the document was (as a fake).

    With all that said... when it came to putting the report together... they spent half the time showing Obama showcasing the BC. Another couple of minutes giving some guy a lot of air time who managed to say absolutely nothing of substance... and then introduced me as the "Skeptic" and only aired my answer to the concluding question of "What does all this tell you?" To which I replied, "The document is a fake, a fraud."

    The next day is when I was contacted by Globe and they gave me a larger voice in the matter.

    Read my post on the other article link in which I explain not to rely on the media... We are the new media now so the moral of that statement is to spread the word... talk to friends, neighbors, strangers... anyone that will listen.

    I managed to prove it to a lefty friend I recently had a conversation with... the document itself is so easy to use as proof. Once I showed him what to look for, he couldn't deny it. He's still a lefty but he wrote a letter to the Baltimore Sun that the BC brings to light questions about Obama's eligibility that he can no longer dismiss. The letter won't get published... but at least he's one more that knows the truth. If enough people know... this is where our power in addressing it will come from.

    And ask yourself this? What normal President (who was secure in his eligibility) would behave in this manner? (below link)

    Obama's campaign website selling "Made in the USA" T-shirst with picture of birth certificate on back - they're so witty

    Mara Z

  29. ** PRO GRAPHICS,

    Remember me telling you about my friend who was a graphic artist, co-author etc... who had proved that Obama's BC was fake. You asked me to send you her links etc... I responded "look no futher". I told Mara that her Globe article was posted on this site, plus I asked her to check out the site. (Plus, I mentioned that there were people like yourself who seemed to all be on the same page and we are --- OBAMA IS A FAKE and A FRAUD!.)

    Mara mentioned to me that when she posted, you did NOT think it was her". I have no reason to BS you - it is Mara. My word.


  30. Well, Mara, it's great to meet you. The thing to do, IMO, is to get you on talk shows because no mtter where the rest of us are in the business, your credentials as a widly published author are the kind of thing that makes your word unassailable. I donlt know to what degree you want to interject yourself into the controversy, but we all have our strengths. I have always been a behind the scenes/behind the camera kind of guy, but while most of us are Ringo, and that's fine, for this situation IMO you should be John or Paul. IMO, you seem made to order to be a frontperson if you are so inclinded.

    You know, I've been toying with the idea of getting some designers and other experts to hold a press conference somewhere in DC if we can arrange it. The media will ignore us, but as experts we can strengthen the resolve of our tea party compatriots. We have the evidence and then some - as you know this thing is child's play to reverse engineer. dead simple. Now we need to get the word out.

    It would be good if you could cite your cred here often and speak up here a lot. It seems a lot of the big outfits interested in this issue check in here. What people need now are hope and courage to peak up en mass. We have everything else we need to win this thing.

  31. @Anonymous

    Thank you. I guess my response didn't read well, because with the smiley face what I was attempting to suggest is that I was not sure it was Mara, but suspected it was. My apologies for letting the vagueness of inflection-less medium overshadow what I was trying to say.

  32. To Pro Graphics @ 8:39

    A pleasure to meet you as well, I've enjoyed reading a lot of what you've written. The meeting in D.C. sounds like a good idea. Although I sort of made a vow not to travel until the TSA is abolished. (smile)Hate the TSA concept (or any bureaucracy for that matter).

    Ya know, a week after the Fox interview, and after the Globe interview, I got a call from an D.C. aide from my congressman's office. She asked some questions and asked if I could send some screen captures or any information I had. I gladly provided everything I could possibly share with her. Only I suspect the Congressman is just gathering information and merely plans to sit on it.

    But if you did have a meeting in D.C. and we could arrange to get the attention fo some trusted Congressmen, we might have an impact. Let the news out and also open it to the Tea Party. I know there are tons willing to address this issue alone but sit on the side lines as long as they feel they are a fringe group. Let's have a Tea Party dedicated to this topic alone and see how fringe the topic really is?

    Whaddaya think?


  33. Hi, Mara,

    Naturally, I think it's a terrific idea. I'll bet you knew I'd say that, too. My side could create a promotional video advertisement with some slick polish that might let people know it's the real deal.

    I was unaware that you had been on FOX. Do you have a link to the video? (It must exist).

    It seems to me that we only need two people to get on board and we can build on this thing very quickly: 1. As you suggest, a congressman. It seems to me that all we need it one. If one will stand and introduce the conference, that's enough. If he can get others, that's great. 2. We need someone well within the rank of the actual tea party organization to help co-ordinate withe the masses. The problem with these kinds of events is people think they can do it on their own just by getting the word out, and the incentive isn't powerful enough - it winds up only being a couple of people, and it would be good if there was at least a small crowd. I have several other ideas, but should not express them in public, lest give the game away.

    If anyone cam reach a congressman who has shown an interest and get their contact info, we can take it from there (we an;t do everything!)

    The media will never cover it, but OUR media will, and there would be youtube videos like mad being seen by the hundreds of thousands if not millions. That's enough to keep a real fire under this, keep well-founded doubts about Obama's constittional legitemcy going and the trickle-down will continue to effec t the public at large. We can win this thing, there is no question. Such a dramatic presentation, even if "only" seen by millions off youtube, will hasten the conclusion substantially. The worst that can happen is people continue to remain too queazy about who Obama is to really get all that enthusiastic despite the cheer-leading of the MSM. Once again, that's a very, very big victory and well worth the time and effort.

    Mara, I think a very good thing to do is for you to make a video. If you can shoot some shots of the deconstruction, and yourself doing an into if you want, along with a separate, unbroken narration, we can make a nice slick presentation for youtube (try to keep the microphone close or do it in a room with carpet and padding so the sound isn't hollow). As much as these things appear to have no impact, they get hundreds of thousands of hits and have a very big impact. Indeed, that's how we've gotten this far; Trump would have never picked up on it if it were not for things like this. This really is the tea party formula, and it works for us, but not for the liberals.

    I'll try to arrange OYRY to contact you and we can exchange contact info (I have had a lot of communication with ORYR, so ORYR knows it's me when I write. At the risk of sounding like a jerk, you'll have to find a way to confirm it's you, because the Obama/ACORN people really do play the absolute dirtiest games imaginable, and seem to enjoy it.). We cannot possibly co-ordinate with any efficiency in a forum like this, and this needs to be a tight, effective operation if we're going to do it.

    I'd love to see the Fox interview.

  34. Pro Graphics @ 7:50

    Any ideas how to exchange email addy's without it being in a public forum such as this? As far as the fox news piece. I'll actually post a link but must offer the disclaimer that I hate how they portrayed me.

    Obama's Birth Certificate isn't satisfying Skeptics

    But I got to tell you... I really admire the air time that this guy got in Colorado...

    VIDEO: Graphic artist questions Obama Birth Certificate - A Grand Junction (Colorado) graphic artists says President Obama's recently released digital birth certificate is completely altered, but he doesn't know if it's real or fake


  35. @Anonymous

    MZ, if you send me your email addy using the contact form at the top right of this site I will pass it on to PG via private email...

    Or just send me it in another comment and I won't publish it...


  36. Mara,

    It really was nice of them to NOT state your credentials. You could have been any old graphic artist the way they did it, not someone whose published name is listed as co-author on one of the number one series of books about photoshop around. I can see why you wouldn't be happy with it, to say the least.

  37. Pro Graphics @ 5:13 PM

    As I mentioned they took a lot of footage which also included taking pictures of my books to document my credentials. As you observed, they did not mention or show any of it.

    Also, to let you know, I gave ORYR my addy and permission to pass it on to you. So hopefully you got that information.


  38. @Anonymous

    I forwarded your email address to him...

    He may be offline at the moment...

  39. ORYR,

    Got it and responded. Thanks.

  40. @Pro Graphics

    You're welcome...

    Going to check my other email in a few minutes... Had to get some sleep for a while...


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