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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Video: World Net Daily's Dr. Jerome Corsi reports that he will be having a top expert file a criminal complaint with the FBI this week about  Obama's newly forged birth certificate. Dr. Corsi also reports that Donald Trump called him today to find out what Dr. Corsi's next move was related to Obama's eligibility. During this lengthy interview Dr. Corsi reveals new information regarding the Bush Administration's attempt to get Obama's Kenyan birth documents. Interview aired on Infowars Radio Show on 5/24/2011.

UPDATE: Jerome Corsi To File Criminal Charges; Clear Channel Communications Scrubs Corsi Interview From Bill Cunningham Podcast!? -Details here.

Jerome Corsi: Criminal Fraud Committed By White House To Keep Obama In Office; Challenges Mainstream Media & Bill O'Reilly -Video here.

Corsi Smacks Down Radio Host Over The 14th Amendment And The Irrelevant, Non-Binding, Ankeny v. Governor of Indiana State Case -Video here.

Jerome Corsi To Release Details On Key Media Person Who Helped Create Obama's New Birth Certificate; Got AP's Mark Niesse!? -Video here.

Jerome Corsi: Obama Birth Certificate 100% Forged; Sources Say Hawaii Forged Obama's Certificate of Live Birth Placed It In DOH Book. -Video here.

Jerome Corsi's First Interview Post-Release of "Where's the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to be President". -Video here.

News Release: Legal Proof That pResident Obama’s Certificate Of Live Birth Is A Forgery. -Details here.

Photoshop Expert & Author Mara Zebest Declares Obama's Latest Hawaiian Birth Certificate A Complete Phony -Details here.

Irrefutable Proof Obama's New Birth Certificate Forged Using Nordyke Birth Certificates -Details here.

Comparative Analysis By Pro Graphics & Special Effects: Trump Vs. Obama; Birth Certificate Fraud -Details here. 

Busted: White House Now Claims They Ordered Short-Form COLB From Hawaii Department Of Health In 2008 Yet COLB Is Date Stamped 2007 -Details here. 

Confirmed: Democratic Party of Hawaii would not certify in 2008 that Obama was constitutionally and legally eligible for the Office of President -Details here. 

Notre Dame Professor Charles Rice: Obama's eligibility could be biggest political fraud in the history of the world; time for a new approach -Details here. 

Attorney Mario Apuzzo: All presidents born after 1787, except for Chester Arthur and Barack Obama, met the “natural born Citizen” criteria. -Details here. 

Commander Charles Kerchner: List of U.S. Presidents - Eligibility under Article II Grandfather Clause (GFC) or Natural Born Citizen (NBC) Clause or Seated due to Election Fraud -Details here. 

Jack Cashill Discusses Obama's Fraudulent Social Security Number Reserved for Connecticut Applicants -Video here. 

Detailed reports on Obama's SS# can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Visit the Birther Vault for the long list of evidence against Hawaii officials and all of the people questioning Obama's eligibility; [].
News Release: Legal proof that President Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth is a forgery.
Yes Virginia-There is a Usurper in the White House-Obama Long Form BC Forged! Wash Times NW 20110516 pg 5


  1. My how the worm turns? Perhaps the Bamster better extend his overseas trip (if you know what I mean)...

  2. Will somebody who knows Dr. Corsi talk to him about safety precautions. We know the Clinton history and Obama history on untimely deaths of witnesses/potential witnesses and sources.

  3. (Breaking News)Donald Trump related to Benedict Arnold.....


  4. 2 five letter words meaning fraud... OBAMA


  5. The news release says that the LFBC does not have the footprint or the birth weight. Neither does the Nordyke twins BCs. Hospitals do not issue birth certificates.

    What the hospital gives to new parents is worthless as proof of citizenship, you cannot get a passport, driver liscense or register to vote with it. It is not much more then a souvenir.

  6. NEWS

    If anyone is interested, I have uploaded my own Graphic Evidence site which is basically a tight, streamlined little place where the complicated lingo of the graphics industry is replaced by easy-to-understand descriptions and pictures proving Obama's birth certificate to be a fake. Anyone can go there and understand it.

  7. I am truly afraid for Dr. Corsi's safety at this point. Barry's White House is capable of anything, and will become ever more desperate at time goes on.

  8. Great! Now Corsi is changing his story. I could swear that in an earlier interview (might have even been one that ORYR posted?) Corsi said that he knew the name of the doctor, David Sinclair, before the White House released the document--I remember this clearly because it was so shocking to me. And now he says that he didn't know the doctor's name because the person reading the document to him got too scared and ran out of the building! What's up with that?

  9. oryr / i heard dr. corsi and i believe he used the words criminal charges.

  10. As I began to suspect about Cohen and Trump back circa 17 April 2011, that something was fishy going on in that Trump was ignoring all the information that our side of patriots were sending him via Cohen for many weeks. The AZ group put together a portfolio. Susan Daniels the private investigator sent him a report. I sent him many reports and copies of the petition to the Supreme Court in Kerchner v Obama and many of Atty Apuzzo's writings on NBC. I wrote him a one page executive summary explanation on the difference between a CERTIFICATION form and a CERTIFICATE form from HI. He ignored it all and kept to his what soon be obvious script saying the same stuff over and over. I began to suspect that Trump was not truly interested in learning the truth and in exposing the usurper in chief, Obama. but instead could be secretly working with Obama and teeing up a forged BC release. That is now apparently what is becoming more and more obvious to me in listening to Trump's conversations and dealings with Dr. Corsi.

    Here is the eBlast I sent out about my efforts to educate Trump on the issues for many weeks and my surfacing concerns on 17 April 2011.

    At this point in time, in my opinion, Mr. Trump is definitely suspect as to his real motives in all this "release the BC brough-ha-ha he did" and he is looking more and more like he was operating with the Obama team rather than trying to expose it. It backfired on them when the blatant raw data forgery got release somehow instead of the finished/flattened image version. The house of cards are going to fall. The chickens are coming home to roost. The truth always comes out. The truth and the Constitution will win in the end. We the People will ensure that.

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

  11. With the evidence pointing to the Kenyan birth, and with the age of the mother at the time along with the evidence of the necessity to phony up or steal a SSN, why don't all these experts simply emphasize that O must not then be ANY kind of a U.S. citizen??? That would make a much greater impression on the public than still trying to tutor them on NBC which they will always misunderstand. Just start shouting that it looks like he isn't a U.S. citizen period. IF he were even a native or naturalized citizen along with what public opinion is he would not have to hide anything nor would there have to be any fraudulent SSNs, but esp. that CT SSN points to the no citizen at all status.

  12. I hope Corsi is telling the truth. If he doesn't release the "February 24th" predicting story ... we'll know that he is making stuff up as he goes.

    I hope it's not the case. Do you think he'll release this "story" in the next few days? It seemed like he wasn't taking Alex's advice to release (meaning maybe he was making it up on the fly) ...

  13. First Trump, now Corsi. The new "Keystone Cops". Soetoro isn't worried.

  14. I have to agree with Corsi if he is relaying his conversations with Trump accurately; something really seems suspicious with all the pumping for info and lack of interest in anything else. There is always the possibility that trump is thinking of getting back in and wants to know what Corsi is going to do so he can gauge his own actions accordingly - or even steal Corsi's thunder. While it all sounds suspicious, Trump hammered Obama so hard and mercilessly that it's tough to imagine Obama's thing skin would have stood for that. Trump really whacked him day and night in ways that will leave lasting impressions on Obama's reputation.

    As frustrating as it all seems, it does look like this whole Obama defense is falling apart. My own view has been for a bit that we're in the end game on this. Now I feel certain of it. No, we won;t get a big announcement of resignation tomorrow. But Obama's reputation and ability to defend himself seem to be crumbling. Ultimately the good old boys in the GOP won;t be able to not attack Obama on this; it's all becoming too much, now. Some of these guys won;t want Corsi going after THEM, because Coris really did sink Kerry. That or any number of other things happens could happen, and then Obama really is finished.

    Keep the pressure on. Yes, it's been a long fight, but the victory will be all the sweeter when it comes, and victory *is* coming. This fraud of a birth certificate is Obama's Blue Lewinski dress, and the media tried to protect Clinton, too. This is 1000 times worse.

  15. Obama is in huge trouble here and so is the Hawaiian government. Corsi has mole(s) on the inside turning on Obama and Gov. AberCrombie the Commie. Now, we're waiting for him to swear out his criminal complaint against Obama.


  16. Smoking Gun: Gov’t moles alerted investigator of planted Obama birth certificate 2 months before release


  17. Trump is calling Corsi because he is afraid of being exposed for his own involvement in the cover up. I am sure Obama offered him plenty to participate and his own greed probably got in the way of his thinking. If you know Trump and his business dealings, you know he would screw anyone for a buck.

    He might need to do some jail time himself.

    Cmdr Kerchner you are a patriot. Many thanks for your efforts.

  18. Trump betrayed the U.S. In fact, his silence is supporting the illegal alien criminal. I only mention this so he is dealt with accordingly.

  19. oryr / corsi said criminal charges to be filed by an expert near the end of the interview.

  20. @Pro Graphics
    @Pro Graphics
    I agree with you that thin-skinned Barky couldn't have been pleased with the thumping Trump gave him. For that matter, Trump didn't appear to take it well when Barky and the SNL idiot verbally bitch-slapped him, either. It was right after that that Trump went completely silent and two or three weeks later that he announced he wouldn't be running for POTUS after all.

    It's really difficult to guess what Trump was up to without hearing the call for myself. Trump could have been working for the Kenyan's regime or he could have been silenced. He may have called because he wants to re-enter the race but wants some inside information on Barky's odds of running again and of winning before he decides, or he could be snooping for the Kenyan. (The latter seems too much unless Trump thinks Corsi's a fool who would tell all to Trump.) Corsi's intuition could be spot on or he could be at least a little bit paranoid. Notice that Corsi said he was suspicious that Trump might be a mole for the Kenyan or that he might be wanting to take the credit for Corsi's work, or something to that effect. The latter seems to be a growing issue for Corsi and some of the other "birther" researchers; while our executive branch is under control of the usurper and the country faces a Constitutional crisis, they're jockeying for position. <---insert eye-roll emoticon here

    Anyway, it's hard to say at this point what Trump's deal was/is. As someone else commented here (I think it was here), we'll know for sure when/if Trump builds in Chicago the tallest skyscraper in the world.

  21. All roads lead back to the Hawaii coverup...If Corsi is on the up and up, we're getting close folks...

  22. California birther/dualer/doubterMay 24, 2011 at 10:46 PM

    I agree with Pro Graphics' take on this fluid situation. The WND article about Trump pumping Corsi for details includes this part that tells me that Trump just may not be done with Barky yet and that we indeed are in the end game now that Barky released that fraudulent document and set up his sorry ass for imprisonment:

    Trump pumps Corsi for latest on Obama
    Requests information from author of 'Where's the Birth Certificate?'
    Posted: May 24, 2011
    8:32 pm Eastern

    By Bob Unruh
    © 2011 WND

    Donald Trump

    Barack Obama's "birth certificate" is now public and billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump, who had surged into the lead among possible GOP contenders for the 2012 nomination by grilling members of the media about Obama's constitutional eligibility, is back on the sidelines, right?

    Maybe not.

    Trump today reached out to WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi, author of "Where's the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President," with a long list of questions about where the issue is, and where it seems to be going.

    According to Corsi, who is appearing on wall-to-wall radio programs – between 10 and 20 per day – to respond to questions about his latest best-seller, Trump asked him about the book, its evidence and what is happening next in the effort to document whether Obama is, in fact, constitutionally qualified for the presidency under Article 2, Section 1's "natural born citizen" requirement.

    Get the inside details on what could be the most serious constitutional crisis in modern history, in "Where's the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligibility to be President."

    At the time of the Constitution's writing, "natural born citizen" was commonly held to be a citizen offspring of two citizen parents born on the soil of the land.

    (Story continues below)

    Corsi said Trump specifically wanted to know what will happen next in the campaign to reveal the truth about Obama.

    "He asked, 'aren't you discouraged?'" said Corsi.

    "But why should I be discouraged? There's breaking news about Obama's eligibility, the book is selling well," he said.

    Listen to Corsi's account of the conversation:

    "I told him he needs to publicly say that the document in the vault, the original long-form birth certificate, needs to be exposed and examined independently," Corsi said. "The doctor's records, the Kapiolani records of Ann Dunham to corroborate she was in that hospital."

    "I told him if you don't press these issues you can't be surprised if there are those who think you're working with Barack Obama [on the dispute]," Corsi added.

    Read more: Trump pumps Corsi for latest on Obama

  23. If THE DONALD is helping Obama with the releasing of this fraudulent certificate, then THE DONALD was in some way complicit to the FRAUD!! He may not have done anything illegal, But morally he has!!! He sold the soul of the USA for 60 Million dollars and maybe a CASINO in UNSUPERVILLE (CHICAGO) !!!
    Hope he sleeps well!!! Beacuse I don't!!!!

  24. @California birther/dualer/doubter

    Re Trump, yes, no one can read anyone's mind, and I don't blame Corsi for being wary of every dark corner. There isn't a lot we can do about the relationship between them until Trump makes a move or the Obama citizenship issue is close enough to resolved that Trump's participation becomes moot.

    Please pay a visit to

    and please leave your ideas and opinions on the bottom of the page on the message board so people know the site is living, and not some dead thing on the internet. The graphic evidence of fraud in Obama's birth certificate posted there - and spelled out so everyone can understand the otherwise over-complicated graphics language - is extremely important, and needs to be seen.

    For the record, I make not one thin dime off that site, nor will I ever (the embedded pop-up ads come with that particular hosting service, which is free and easy). This is a matter of wrapping up this issue - and hopefully the Obama presidency with it - as quickly as possible.


  25. Everyone, including Corsi, seems to be forgetting that Joseph Farah admitted that he was the one who told Trump to only ask "Where's the birth certificate?" and not talk about anything else.

  26. Use Van Jones techniques in reverse. Instead of top down, bottom up go bottom up first and educate the masses. Create a professional video presenting all the evidence in an easily understood manner. Maybe like presenting evidence in a court of law. Make many copies. Organize with the Tea party, Freedom connector and any other organizations intent on removing o. Have town halls all over America at the same time. Senators and Congressman of both parties to be invited. Invite all types of media. Meanwhile if Trump can be used do so. Get him mouthing off everywhere. Recruit many sympathetic public types and get them spreading the message. What about the Koch brothers I keep hearing about? Can they not be used to help fund and spread the message? Rally at the White House demanding he resign. Billboards, commercial spots, get everything going simultaneously, relentlessly. In their faces over and over. Are there oathkeeper judges who could be used to set up grand juries so that he/they can be indicted? Get the private investigators on a targeted group of congressman/senators. Get something on them and use it to strong arm them into helping. Whatever it takes! Hit them everywhere all at once.

  27. @Darcy


    Outstanding. This is how it's done. And if not, it's sure as hell the right attitude to have.

    CAN DO!

    Thank you, Darcy.

  28. Wow, Darcy, you are dreaming. All of what you suggest has been done. BTW, the tea parties are our biggest enemy in trying to get the word out. If anything, they work against us.


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