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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Research Summary on Hawaii Birth Certificate Number 151-1961-010641
The Post & Email

~ Image supplied with permission by "Interrogator & Ladysforest" ~

by Researcher

(May 13, 2011) — Editor’s Note: The following report was compiled by the person who traveled to Hawaii last July and reported her findings to The Post & Email shortly thereafter.

According to the COLB posted on for Mr. Obama, his birth certificate number is 151-1961-010641. The number was allegedly assigned when his birth certificate was allegedly filed with the State Registrar on August 8, 1961. The Nordyke twins, whose original long-form birth certificates were posted on the internet, are identified as file numbers 151-1961-010637 and 151-1961-010638 respectively, and were assigned and accepted by the State Registrar on August 11, 1961. I am in possession of an email dated February 3, 2010 in which Ms. Okubo stated that the certificate numbers were assigned by the State Registrar and only in the main DoH office located on Oahu (Honolulu).

Based on this information, it is not possible that 151-1961-010641 was assigned three days earlier than were 151-1961-010637 and 151-1961-010638. The file number 010641 was likely assigned on Friday, August 11, 1961 and no later than Monday, August 14, 1961.

A small group of researchers that I work with identified an infant girl named Virginia Sunahara, born on August 4, 1961 at Wahiawa Hospital in Wahiawa, Oahu, HI. Due to complications, she was transferred to and later died at Kapiolani Women and Children’s Medical Center (most likely) on August 5, 1961. This happens to coincide with date of birth and birthplace of the Nordyke twins. Assuming that her medical records were also transferred to Kapiolani, the birth certificate likely originated at Kapiolani and was included in the group of birth certificates that contained the Nordyke twins.

a. Born the morning of August 4, 1961 at Wahiawa Hospital, Wahiawa, Oahu, HI.

b. Due to complications, the infant was transferred to hospital in Honolulu. Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children is the most likely; however, Queens Medical Center is also a possibility.

c. Died at Kapiolani the morning of August 5, 1961.

d. Death notice appears in the Honolulu Star Advertiser on August 8, 1961 and the Honolulu Star-Bulletin on August 14, 1961 for Tomiyo Sunahara; no birth announcement was published.

e. Interred at National Cemetery of the Pacific, aka Punchbowl in Sept. 1961.

f. One researcher requested verification from the Veterans Administration that Virginia Sunahara was interred in plot U-966F (Sunahara listed as buried here. See: and was informed that there were no records responsive to her request. The gravesite in question was allegedly occupied by James T. Sawamura. I visited Punchbowl on July 21, 2010 to confirm. I went into the office to obtain information about plot number U-966-F. Virginia Sunahara was not listed in the database; the clerk showed me the computer screen. The database indicates that James T. Sawamura is buried there. Born Jul 23 1926; Died Oct 14 1980.

g. The same researcher made a UIPA request from the DoH for an abbreviated, non-certified copy of the Sunahara COLB per the DoH Public Health Regulation Chapter 8B and was informed “no records exist that were responsive to her request,” which is the UIPA equivalent response that this person did or does not exist, according to the DoH. The correct response based on previous requests for other abbreviated, non-certified copies of the COLB, is “denied per HRS 338-18” since the requester “does not have a direct and tangible interest.” PHR Chapter 8B does however allow the release of such information but the DoH thus far refuses to comply.

h. I personally visited the DOH Office in Honolulu on July 21, 2010 and found Virginia Sunahara’s name in both the birth and death indexes spanning 1960-1964.

i. The research team did some footwork and determined the following: The father, Tomio Sunahara, was cremated and interred at the Mililani Memorial Gardens. Born Oct 13 1924; Died Mar 26 1968.

j. I visited the Sunahara birth address of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The house was in a relatively poor area, the house was unkempt and was not much more than a shack; there were discarded items and lawn bags full of pop and beer cans scattered everywhere. I approached the door where I could hear Fox News blaring in the background and knocked. A 50ish man in a pair of swim trunks, no shirt, answered the door. From what I could see, the house was extremely unkempt and had not been cleaned in years. There was stuff piled everywhere. The man at the door was Virginia’s brother, xxxxxxx.

k. I asked if xxxxxx, Virginia’s mother was home, and he asked me what the purpose of my visit was. I explained that I was researching infant deaths in 1961 and that I had attempted to visit Virginia’s gravesite at the National Cemetery but I could not locate it. He confirmed his father Tomio was buried at Mililani (which is no more than 5 miles from Wahiawa) and that Virginia was buried with him. I asked again if I could speak with the mother and he took me to a room located behind the carport and knocked on the door. The mother was asleep but awoke and came to the door. The condition of her room was the same as the inside of the house. He left me with the mother and returned to the house. I explained again that I was researching infant deaths and wanted some details regarding the death of Virginia. This is what I got:

i. Tomiyo/Virginia Sunahara was born the morning of Aug 4 1961 at Wahiawa General Hospital.

ii. She was having difficulty breathing and they transferred her to a hospital in Honolulu. Mrs. Sunahara did not remember which one but I assume it was Kapiolani since it is was more likely equipped to handle neonatal complications. She also could not recall where she was taken or who the physician was. You have to keep in mind that she is 83 years old, and this event occurred 50 years ago.

iii. Virginia survived less than a day which likely places the time of death sometime in the early AM of Aug 5 1961.

iv. I asked I could see the birth/death documentation and she said she could not remember if she even had it. Even if she did, given the condition of the house, I seriously doubt that she would have been able locate it.

v. I expressed my condolences to the mother regarding her loss, thanked her for the information and then left.

l. I called a member of the research team and asked them to find out where Mililani Gardens were located. After I left Wahiawa to head back toward Honolulu, I saw an exit for Mililani and exited. I stopped at the public library and obtained driving directions.

m. In the meantime, the research team member contacted the mortuary and confirmed that Virginia was indeed buried there with her father, Tomio as was her brother Stephen who passed away in 2002. According to mortuary, Virginia’s remains were dug up at the National Cemetery October 1968 and placed with her father’s, Tomio Sunahara.

I drove to the cemetery and stopped at the first office I came to and obtained the plot location. I explained that I was researching infant deaths from 1961 and asked if it was possible to view Virginia’s birth and death documentation (which was likely transferred to the mortuary when her remains were transferred). I was informed that I could not see the documentation due to legal and privacy concerns.

I located the gravesite. Again, by all appearances, this has been here for quite some time. There is zero evidence that this grave marker is a recent addition.

During my visit to the DoH office in Honolulu on July 20, 2010. I examined and made images of various index books:

a. The 1955-1959 birth index

b. The 1960-1964 birth index

c. The 1960-1964 death index

d. The 1960-1965 marriage index by Groom

e. The 1966-1970 marriage index by Groom

f. The 1960-1965 marriage index by Bride

All of the index books with the exception of the 1960-1964 birth index included the date range in the header on each page. My analysis is that there is a canned report the Vital Records department can run for the various indexes based on a specified date range and it is one of the parameters included when the report is printed. The fact that the 1960-1964 index lacks the date range in the header is a good indication that a custom report was generated to include Mr. Obama. His name was either somehow inserted or a report was created to include all births registered between the years of 1960-1964 and Mr. Obama. I have no doubt that the DoH has some sort of birth registration for Mr. Obama; however, his birth was likely registered sometime after 1964 or it is either a late/delayed or foreign birth registration.

During my visit I spoke with “Jesse the Vital Records Supervisor” and asked him if the birth indexes included foreign/out-of-state births, Hawaiian Births, and Late/Delayed Registration Births and I was informed no, that they included only the births that met the general birth criteria. I asked to see the aforementioned and I was told they did not exist or were not available. This is in direct conflict with the DoH Specific Records Retention Schedule items VDR-10, VDR-6, VDR-1. The Post & Email was able to obtain pages from the Certificate of Hawaiian Birth Index from Ms. Okubo, so its existence has already been confirmed. I asked if I could obtain a copy of a specific person’s index data and I was informed no, that it would contain too much information. I asked if I could obtain a redacted copy that included only information that appears in the index books (vital event, name and gender), and again, I was informed no.

Summary/Analysis:... ...continued here: -Hat tip to

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Citizen v natural born Citizen-It's Don't Ask Don't Tell-20100809 issue Wash Times Natl Wkly - pg 5



  2. California birther/dualer/doubterMay 15, 2011 at 12:15 AM

    Why not a peep from the lamestream media on this issue so far? I know it must be a tough thing to swallow, especially when considering that it would cause your Dear Leader to meet the same fate as or a fate worse than happened to that ol' cuss Nixon, but enough with the pretense already. Really, it's not so hard. Here, let me hold your hands and get you started: "The long-form birth certificate that was recently released by the White House in response to those who question the Hawaiian birth of President Obama may not have settled the issue after all. If anything, the controversy has only worsened as the result of a barrage of criticism over the validity of the document. Citing the unavailability of the president to comment on these charges due to a scheduled round of golf, his spokespeople at the White House referred reporters investigating these accusations to ... "

  3. "Citing the unavailability of the president to comment on these charges due to a scheduled round of golf"

    Ironic you guys are always making snide comments about Obama's vacations yet you probably didn't say a thing while Bush was whacking bushes on the ranch. Bush spent a lot more time on vacation then Obama. Double standards much?

  4. It is time to remove "Virginia" from the White House!

  5. California,

    I think the press has become filled with people so rabidly xenophobic of conservatives that when the idea of Obama being found to be a fraud is brought up, hallucinatory images of the roll-back of the US to the 1950's cultural condition so terrifies and enrages them that common sense and right and wrong get lost. The good news is that when obama goes - and with this fake BC he will go - so does much of the media - probably another reason for the continued press attempts at cover-up.

    However, the longer this goes on, the worse it will get for all when it finally concludes, and we're on the fast track to conclusion with the fake BC.

    BTW, as we know, the social security administration on their own website categorically states that they do not nor have every re-assigned social security numbers. If Obama is using someone else's, then it must by simple necessity be an illegal use - and that's a serious felony.

  6. @Anonymous

    Another obamarroid lie. GWB spent a significant portion of that so-called vacation time at his ranch in Crawford, TX which was set up with a command and control center.

    Crawford not quite being the level of exotic destinations like Rio, Spain, Hawaii, etc. Why isn't Obama spending time at his "home" in Chicago?

    Could it have something to do with a corrupt deal with one Tony Rezko?

  7. Didn't Obama's grandmother have access to the records of dead people at the department where she volunteered. This may not be so much the Hawaii Dept that is involved as much as his grandmother who died from cancer right after Obama visited here. You know, the cancer that was never reported. Maybe it was cancer of the broken hip she had.

  8. As long as everyone here enjoys wasting time talking about crap, Soetoro isn't worried. What needs to be seriously discussed is what we do about it. It appears to me that none favor marching to resolve this. Thats unfortunate. Until we organize a multi-million person march on the capitol, things will get worse here. Its obvioulsly a race to see who wins. Either Barry and co. succeed in holding us hostage or we take matters into our own hands. So far, the score is Soetoro 100, United States 0. I will admit, we are beginning to look ridiculous. Fucking Trump didn't help either.

  9. @ 6:57 AM,

    With respect, whether Obama's mother had records or not is immaterial, IMO. The point is Obama's ss number is factually proven to not have been given to him through the legal, legitimate procedure. We don't need to figure out the how of it in advance to legitimize the claim. The claim is already a fact. Two people have the ss number, and Obama is one of them and the other person was assigned theirs first and the SS administration does not re-assign numbers. Done. Obama is in thsi country under a fake SS number. Absolutely. Definately. Nothing left to prove. The facts are manifest and proven 100%.

    Maybe Obama can explain the how of it when there is enough public outrage developed through Trump, the states' legislatures, a judge or two (they appear to be breaking down slowly on the issue), the globe magazine and the rest.

    The fear has been the shame of mockery, and that is quickly being replaced by a new cultural manifestation: it is becoming hip among the population to call Obama's birth certificate a fake. This is the beginning of the end for Obama. He cannot survive this. It's impossible, now.

  10. We are all slowly drowning over this issue. There is no such thing as "breaking news" when it comes to covering an illegal alien criminal squatting in our White House. If anything, the real story is our own inablity to reverse the situation. Whoever heard of Americans sitting on their collective asses while this charade continues? Are we still Americans? At best, we sit with our laptops and complain. We suck. The time calls for action. I hope and pray we all come to our senses and realize we are all alone on this and it is up to us to act.

  11. @ 7;41,

    Oh, stop. Did you think this was going to break open overnight with a complicit liberal press?

    We have trump. Now we have the fake BC to which Obama has committed himself (that's the big story; he giving the thing his okay). We have experts all over the country with great degrees and experience calling it out as a fake. Local TV stations are picking it up. The Globe has it plastered in front of all of America (some patriot where I bought it did a cute thing: they put the last two remaining issues side-by-side in front of everything else on the rack to advertise the story to passersby - I love that. I was sorry to have to buy one and diminish the effort)

    If you said this a year ago I might - might - have agreed. That kind of defeatism you are expressing is silly and self-destructive, now. Get with the program. This is a slow process and we're winning.

  12. Pro Graphics, Soetoro felt comfortable releasing the forged bc. That, in and of itself, tells me he knows no controlling authority will act. In other words, it doesn't matter who proves what. We were not abandoned by Trump bacause he was never with us. In fact, I'll go so far as to call Trump a coward. Prove me wrong.

  13. @ 8;08,

    You're obviously an obot pretending to be a conservative espousing the embracing of defeat to influence others because the "prove me wrong" argument is a signature of their presence.

    You are making the accusation that Trump is not with us despite all the evidence to the contrary, from my statements to his to millions who believe it. You're the anomaly, not the rest of the world. It isn't up to the world to prove you wrong. It's up to you to prove yourself right.

    Now go fuck off like a nice little troll. There's a good fellow.

  14. "There is something seriously wrong here". I hope we can get some traction on this.

  15. Why are there (why would there be, as is the case) two identical sequential listings for Virginia Sunahara on the Hawaii interment listings cited above? Nobody else on that listing seems to have a duplicated entry. Do you understand that anomaly?

    THANKS as always for this massively difficult research.

  16. Impatience is good (sometimes). I am in the mindset today that ProGraphix is probably correct too. Either way, I cannot contain the white hot anger I feel at Fox News and most of conservative talk, Medved, Hewitt, Beck, Coulter, Levin and many more, also nearly the entire Republican Party.

    Meanwhile these great "patriots" allow Lt. Col Lakin to be thrown under the bus which shows what liars and cowards they are; while a black minister in Harlem, the real-deal Rev. David Manning, whose church has helped many blacks hurt by the welfare state policies of the past 46 years, has been unswervingly courageous. I might go so far as to call that Christ-like.

  17. California birther/dualer/doubterMay 15, 2011 at 9:31 AM

    Pro Graphics, you are spot on in saying that the reason the libs fear the lid being blown off this scandal of the ages is that it would smash their dreams of creating a utopia and instead restore America back to the time when baby Virginia Sunatara spent a sadly short time on this Earth when she had her birth certificate number usurped by the usurper's family.

  18. So well put about the one sad day of the life of Virginia. Brings sayings to mind such as Yes, Obama, there is a Virginia. Seriously, though, how lower can you go? Steal a certifcate# from a dead infant and a SS# from a dead person who never worked?

    Sometimes impatience is virtue. On the other hand, Critical Mass has not been reached yet that millions would take it to the street.

    Where I'm most furious is the cowardice, duplicity of so-called patriotic pundits and commentators such as O'Reilly, Medved, Hewitt, Levin, Coulter and many more.

    It speaks volumes that they would allow Lt. Col. Lakin to go to prison rather than bother to employ honest and integrity.

  19. Retired Intelligence OfficerMay 15, 2011 at 9:51 AM

    @AnonymousShe was supposedly later dug up and interned with her father when he died.

  20. @Pro Graphics
    "You're obviously an obot pretending to be a conservative espousing the embracing of defeat to influence others because the "prove me wrong" argument is a signature of their presence."

    That particular type of troll is called an Eeyore.

  21. @Anonymous
    Yes, Grandma Dunham did have access to the records of dead people. Give me a little while and I'll find and cite the source where I read that.

    Barky should have been content with the American citizenship his grandmother acquired for him and not pushed it by going into politics and riding affirmative action all the way to the top.

  22. Awful News Video Report on Terry Lakin's return to Maryland at

  23. Yes Virginia ... there is a usurper in the White House.

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

  24. I don't know anything about being a troll. I'm also not an obot. I'm sorry Pro Graphics and possibly others think I am. I'm suggesting, at this point, everyone knows Soetoro is an illegal alien criminal. It obviously doesn't do any good producing more evidence when we have a mountain of evidence already. My point is, and has always been, we are not being heard. Period. In fact, we're being told to fuck off. If no action is taken, say hello to Soetoro forever. By the way, Trump said what now? He's going to do what? To who? You seriously don't believe Trump was ever going to speak out, did you? And I don't want to hear any more crap from Trump on the bc unless he admits it's a fraud and says what he plans to do about it.

  25. ORYR, check your mail for a sample of how even a modest fake done in 90 minutes outstrips that stupid thing several times over. (done by me as a catharsis/joke, but still)

    @ 9;49 am,

    It's all just terrible. I think we're all absolutely livid at FOX NEWS, etc. Some of the supposed conservative sites make me crazy, too. Has anyone seen "Patriot Action Network"? You better not dare say anything bad about Glenn Beck, the ultimate anti-birther, or the supposed impartial moderators will cut your digital throat. I saw today a moderator named "Dee" had a really great thread (sarcasm) for all conservatives: asking them the GOP candidate they would LEAST be likely to vote for!! In other words, IMO, the ultimate GOP-bashing thread started by a moderator. Some patriot action that is. IMO, unbelievably stupid when this country is, in many ways, fighting for its constitutional life.

    Still, we're winning by sheer numbers, dent of effort, legislators and thank God for a guy named Trump.

    That BC is such a pathetic fake for a non-organic, non-photographic style stand-in it's maddening.

  26. @ 11;42 AM,

    "It obviously doesn't do any good producing more evidence when we have a mountain of evidence already. "


    Negative, negative, negative. No use, no use, no use. Impossible, impossible, impossible.

    Why don't you go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. What is you point? That we are wasting our time? Fine. It's our time to waste. Get lost.

  27. will someone explain to me why $X,XXX.XX wont convince mom and brother to take a trip to obtain a copy of Virginia's BC. That would clear the matter up!!!

  28. Maybe we should nickname Soebarkah "Virginia Slim".

  29. If anyone had doubts as to the GOP's complicity in the usurpation of the presidency by an illegal candidate, the fact that GOP leadership and members have systematically thwarted/not embraced efforts to expose the truth anout Obama should confirm it.

    Note that election fraud was committed in a number of states which REQUIRED candidates meet the US Constitutional requirements to attain office. In some of those states the highest authority for the elections were Republicans. And citizens filing claims of election fraud have been to no avail.

    So you have the MSM, of which Georgy Schwartz is linked to 30 of these organizations, and the GOP involved in the ongoing cover-up.

    We need to unite and collectively raise our voices in opposition to the ruling class. We need to demand accountability.

  30. California birther/dualer/doubterMay 15, 2011 at 12:56 PM

    I wonder what unfortunate prisoner's number will be appropriated by the squatter when he goes from the White House to the big house.

  31. @Hotlanta Mike

    That's fine, but it's the wrong message right now. Eating our own alive while simultaneously trying to expose this fraud about Obama to the larger population is absurd and boarders on Obot territory.

    Want to go after the GOP too on this? okay. Work all the harder at exposing and seeing this situation with Obama resolved FIRST, then go on a holy crusade against our own side.

    Yes, the GOP has tuned a blind eye and deaf ear. Yes they must be held accountable. I suggest the best time for that is during town hall meetings a year from now when we ensure that only true conservatives get the primary votes.

    Now is not the time. The issue with Obama is huge and in desperate need of resolution in a way that meets the letter of the law. You have a palatable message, more or less, but now is the worst possible time for it, unless you WANT to do the democrats' bidding, because attacking the GOP now is exactly what it amounts to politically.

  32. @Anonymous


    I think that you need a new calendar. Bush is no longer president. "You need to catch up to speed." I'll save you some time and money so that you will not have to visit your therapist. Here, is the prescription:

    Repeat the following 10X every waking hour, until you can get it through your thick head that Obama is now the occupant in the White House & is responsible & accountable for the mess he has created:

    "It is 2011. Bush is not president. Obama has usurped the Office. He is to be held responsible and accountable."

    "It is 2011. Bush is not president. Obama has usurped the Office. He is to be held responsible and accountable."

    "It is 2011. Bush is not president. Obama has usurped the Office. He is to be held responsible and accountable."

    "It is 2011. Bush is not president. Obama has usurped the Office. He is to be held responsible and accountable."

  33. World Net Daily is reporting that

    1. Obama was probably adopted by Seotoro, since his sister said he was to millions on facebook. The story is that it's now officially confirmed that if that was the case, then Obama's birth certificate would have been amended and the original sealed and put away. This isn't conclusive but casts a long *legal* shadow over the long form, regardless of the conclusive forensics.

    2. This bothers me more though it is only a footnote in the article (in my opinion the importance of points 1 and 2 should be reversed at WND): Hawaiian records officials are refusing to confirm that what the White House put out is indeed what they have on record. Now, we don't need to speculate, we know through both expert testimony of well-known people, some not so well known and thousands of common photoshop users that the birth certificate is a pathetic fake - so I'm not sure why WND is going down this road - but anything that suggests an official government confirmation of the fact of the forgery, such as Hawaii's refusal to confirm the long form as genuine, certainly piles more evidence onto this thing overall.

    We are fast approaching the time when our lilly-livered GOP congressmen need to address this issue and stop with the knees-knocking, frightened-to-death timidity. To remain silent at this stage of the game is simply insane.

  34. New ads for this weeks issue of the Washington Times National Weekly edition -- pages 5 and 9. Obama Long Form BC a Forgery. And, The 3 Enablers. See them here with links from there to download them from

    CDR Kerchner (Ret)

    P.S. If you'd like to see more of these ads in the print media, please consider making a donation to help the cause via the link below my signature above. Thank you.

  35. @Pro Graphics
    So, what the hell is the legal name of the guy currently living in the White House? When did Barry Seotoro (fka Barack Hussein Obama II) change his name back to Barack Hussein Obama II and was that a legal change of name in the US?

  36. What about Issa? He's been working on the Gun Walker Episode, but shouldn't he be working on a congressional investigation into SSN fraud, and selective service fraud, not to mention the fake lfbc's? Isn't he the one right now, at this time to hold accountable up on the Hill. He IS the oversight leader. He needs a sheetload of letters from the Americans, threatening him his job. Orly & Com.Kershner need to go after Issa, for not doing his constitutional duty, and getting the biggest investigation going now. How can we accomplish this?

  37. Hey, Commander Kershner, I went to your sites you mentioned and found I could copy one page as a flyer. I am making copies, and putting them up all over town. I made a comment about Issa, I was hoping to get some feedback. I saw on about 1 & 1/2 month ago, how Issa was investigating different things, in a certain order, there were maybe 10 things on the list, it asked you to vote, and I did. Obama was at the bottom of the list. I moved him to #1, even tho Gun running was #1 at the time. It somehow got removed within a couple of day's time. My computer is slow, and between a large farm and bed bound husband, do not have time to search oil for immi site, to see if I can find it. I have a feeling it was removed almost entirely as fast as it came up. That is why I asked about Issa. Since he is head of the oversight committee, and in charge of congressional investigations. We need to bombard him as a large, mad, upset America, and put him in the "BIG HOT SEAT". Would love to hear a little feedback on this subject. Maybe I have missed something about this, which is entirely possible.

  38. Found this interesting comment about the number used on Obama’s forged BC.

    Dr Ron Polland | April 29, 2011 at 5:28 am | Reply

    Not “probably,” but DEFINITELY. I and my fellow researchers (which includes Butter) have not spilled the beans on this one just yet because Sunahara is not some random name pulled out of a list of death certificates of people born on Aug 4, 1961.

    Virginia’s certification number WAS 10641 and it was swiped to put on Zero’s Photoshop birth certificate(s) – compliments of co-conspirator and inveterate liar, DOH Director Chiyome Fukino, and a member of the Sunahara family tree, which intertwines with four other prominent families, who all share a common goal.

    It will get bigger mention in my e-Book which will expose the massive fraud to put Barry X on the political fast track to the White House. The first part, “A lie is born,” focuses on the birth certificate scam and the people who made the forgeries, disseminated it, and covered it up.

    The perpetrators and collaborators, big and small, span every corner of this country, from Seattle to St. Petersburg and from Pennsylvania to Hawaii. You can also throw in one or two Middle Eastern countries as well because this fraudulent enterprise is, after all, a “family thing.”

    The PDF put on the WH website was made by someone who wants to expose Obama. He or she set him up by creating an easy-to-prove forgery that even a 5 year old can do:

    In my blog,, I show how to do it. You simply highlight the image in the PDF, press Control-C to copy it; open a blank word document, or any image editor, and press Control-V to paste it.

    What you get is a whited-out form with a partial signature of Stnaley Ann Dunham Obama – one that was copied from her forged signatures in the two divorce decrees – one for Obama Sr and the other for alias Sutoro. Even the “last-minute” insertion of “Stanley” in the signature matches the aforementioned divorce decree.

    There are other clues in the PDF forgery, and I have been predicting for a long time that someone would do something like this to blow the whistle on Zero.

  39. @AuntieMadder

    I wish I knew the answer. Obama's mother also listed him at one time as Sobarkah, or something like that. Since his sister did not just infer but essentially categorically confirmed that Obama was adopted by Seotoro, then one assumes his name was Seotoro as I think are in his school records (one or two we have seen). Without any other records available, one must assume that the man in the white house is, literally, no joke, President Barry Seotoro, except that if that is true, then he isn't even the President. Just some unbelievably ballsy, egotistical guy named Barry Seotoro ruining the economy.

  40. Barack Hussein Obama, II AKA Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah AKA Barry Soetoro

  41. Hey, pro graphics, the other nite you thought we were a little gushy, & a little MUSHY, because we said "we loved you guys", but WE will be the minutemen on the front line ( all ready and set, with military issued guns and ammo ), to fight for OUR AMERICA, in a way that could only surprise the ENEMY. Just Saying

  42. Put the booze down, commie obot...

    You bastards despise America and what She stands for...

  43. IMO, the new newspaper ad almost looks like a parody of the cause because of the cartoons involved. They're blowing a big opportunity by not running an ad with the actual graphic breakdown of the birth certificate; those are pictures anyone can understand. They should, IMO, use them. Nothing else makes sense if you have that option - and they do.

  44. Logical thinking says : "SOMETHING IS WRONG ON CAPITAL HILL" >>> Logic is important. Logical thinking says #1) All on Capital Hill are involved. We Americans know this, #2) What can we do about it?? ( We have a good idea ), and #3) They, (on capital hill) hope we will retaliate, so they have a reason to go after and kill us, logic says. SO, HOW DO WE GO AROUND THIS?? This IS a good "LOGICAL QUESTION" Remember how the middle east has been infiltrated and incited to go against their Governments just to be shot at by the Government and killed. Keep it in mind, yet I will fight for my Country. Still, everyone has to give this some deep thought. It may come down to this, Just saying, I am prepared, are you???

  45. I am 9:17, and hope, truly, you were not calling us boozed up and obots. signed, American Veterans, Naval, retired, who appreciated Pro Graphics, and ORYR, but, with reservations now. We loved what you have done, but not your put down. Thanks, the ones who will fight, when the fight is upon us.

  46. We, Naval, retired, and still in commision had comment 10:05pm, along with 10:54pm, so you will know the inniment dangers involved. We believe, being prepared will be an option for every American at home, and want you to understand. Truly, we see this as an outright takeover, Who of us could neglect the obvious? Rebublicans, and Democrats. There is already too much info to dismiss. Guard you and your families, and hide your ammo, keep fighting the cause, be prepared, and let them know in no uncertain terms, FIX IT, or bring it. Signed, An American Retired Naval Officer, that served on "The Presidents Flagship", injured, to death and back,, and back up and fighting. MUST REMAIN ANONYMOUS, thanks.

  47. Why didn't the researchers ask the mother or the brother to send off for the baby's certified copy of her long form to see what they got back? Now that would be interesting.

  48. This will never be settled until someone outside of Hawaii is actually allowed to go look at the original books.

  49. Over the weekend I went to and looked at the birth certificate. I do not have photoshop or google chrome. All I did was zoom in on the certificate at the site. What I noticed is that behind quite a few of the words entered the green safety background was missing. I believe the document presented by BO is suppose to be a copy of his certificate that was printed on a security paper fed into a printer. There is no reason the security paper should be altered. Try it yourself and look closely at various words. Look “inside”and around the words you will notice the green security lines are missing. My guess is that the document was scanned and altered. Why else would the green security marks be missing?

  50. I was informed that I could not see the documentation due to legal and privacy concerns.

    >>anyway around this from the surviving family? If someone stole my child's ID I would want to know about it.... wouldn't you? Then I would sue them for damages. Wouldn't you?

  51. The obots are getting desperate, now; they hide behind conservative slogans, wrap themselves in the flag and claim anything they want and no one knows a thing about even their expertise on anything, and instruct us to give up the issue - and now it isn't working. Their calls for defeatism are meaningless and are being called out.

    This is especially true since this game has been played and lost by the Obots: they were saying the same thing before we got Trump, a larger public awareness and now a fraudulent document called such by some of the best in the business, and now they are still trying to say it AFTER we have Trump, a larger public awareness and now a fraudulent document called such by some of the best in the business.

    These people who claim to be military - but tell us to quit, who claim to be conservatives - but say obama has won, who claim to be "birthers' - and say all is lost, really, seriously need to go find a life. That routine is over, ACORN. No one is buying it anymore. Have a wonderful afternoon.

  52. @Pro Graphics
    In addition to his sister's statement, there's also the Indonesian school registration form of Barry Seotoro, first published by the AP, no less.

  53. Bob Strauss, where in the blogosphere have I seen you before?

  54. @bob strauss
    What are the odds that Fukino would have a relative who was born and died right around the time of Barky’s birth date as per his official life narrative? And in Hawaii, too. How convenient is that?

    It’s because of claims like that one that I wonder with suspicion about Polland and some of the other self-identified birthers/amateur sleuths among us.


  56. Via Jerome Corsi's Facebook page:

    At the last minute HANNITY CANCELLED -- I guess joining Bill O'Reilly to dismiss the "Birthers" -- we had keep the first radio for Hannity for 3 months. He cancelled today. STEVE MALZBERG gets the first interview later this afternoon. Call Hannity and let him know what you think.

  57. Honourable bye, genial friend :)


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