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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Via WND: - Kenya investigated Obama 'African birth' - Leaked document shows official urged probe of possible criminal 'tampering' - Jerome Corsi

~ Emmanuel Kisombe ~
Documents obtained by WND indicate the Kenyan government investigated the possibility that President Obama was born in the East African nation.

Two letters purportedly written by Kenya's immigration secretary during the 2008 U.S. presidential election campaign stated that officials in Nairobi could not find evidence Obama was born in Kenya. But the official said the government had "information" that relevant birth records may have been removed or were missing.

Emmanuel Kisombe, the permanent secretary in the Ministry for Immigration and Registration of Persons, wrote a letter in July 2008 in reply to a letter from the U.S. ambassador in Nairobi that raised the possibility with Kenyan officials that Obama was born in their country.

Kisombe wrote another letter on the issue, this time to Kenya's Criminal Investigation Department, a few days before the Nov. 4 presidential election in the U.S.

Kisombe, 56, has been in public service since 1979, according to his bio. He became principal administrative secretary in the Office of the President in 2004 and was appointed permanent secretary for Immigration and Registration of Persons on Dec. 7, 2005.

His Oct. 22, 2008, letter to Simon Karanja Gatiba, director of the Criminal Investigation Department, indicated an investigation into the possibility Obama was born in Kenya was instigated at the level of the Kenyan Cabinet.

Kisombe wrote to Gatiba:

We have instructions from the Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet carrying out directions of the Cabinet sub-committee on Security and Foreign Relations to investigate and report on efficacy of reports that Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic Party aspirant in the United States could be Kenyan-born.

Kisombe said the Kenyan government investigation was prompted by "numerous intelligence reports that [Obama] might have been born in Mombasa at the Lady Grigg Maternity Wing of the Coast Provincial Hospital."

Kisombe noted that the Kenyan government's inability to find Obama birth records was not conclusive, because "the information we in the ministry have is that some documents have been removed by unknown persons at unknown dates or are missing from birth registry records thus denting the prospects of uncovering the facts of this matter."

He wrote:

This tampering, if confirmed, constitutes a serious offense that is punishable by law and it behooves your office to track down the culprits and bring them to justice. My officers have been instructed to fully cooperate as the Kenya Police Criminal Investigation Department performs this task.

Here is the entirety of the Kisombe letter: [ ORYR: Both letters now archived at SCRIBD and embedded below ]

Kenyan Government Documents Related to Investigation of Obama Kenyan Birth

According to the letter's second page, copies were to be distributed to the following government offices:

[ Second letter embedded in SCRIBD document above ]

A July 4, 2008, letter by Kisombe to U.S. Amb. Michael Ranneberger in Nairobi, marked "Confidential," was a response to an inquiry from the U.S. regarding the possibility that Obama had birth records in Kenya.

Kisombe replied that there were no records to indicate Obama was born in "the geographic confines of what is now known as the Republic of Kenya."

However, the Kenyan official said he could not say whether any documents or files "from the births registry at the Coast Provincial General Hospital are missing or tampered with."

Ranneberger, who was appointed to the Kenya post by President Bush in 2006, has been reassigned to Washington and reportedly is flying back to the U.S. today. ...Continued here:

FLASHBACK: See page 31... Member of the Kenyan Assembly on March 25th, 2010, admits that Obama was born in Kenya.
Member of the Kenyan Assembly on March 25th, 2010, admits that Obama was born in Kenya.

Kenyan Parliament on Obama...The Country Which He Originates 17 Col 2
Kenya Parliament Minutes 5Nov08

Obama Speaking In Kenya: I Am So Proud To Come Back Home - Michelle Obama Agrees!

Notre Dame Professor Charles Rice: Obama's eligibility could be biggest political fraud in the history of the world; time for a new approach -Details here. 

Attorney Mario Apuzzo: All presidents born after 1787, except for Chester Arthur and Barack Obama, met the “natural born Citizen” criteria. -Details here. 

Commander Charles Kerchner: List of U.S. Presidents - Eligibility under Article II Grandfather Clause (GFC) or Natural Born Citizen (NBC) Clause or Seated due to Election Fraud -Details here. 

Jack Cashill Discusses Obama's Fraudulent Social Security Number Reserved for Connecticut Applicants -Video here. 

Detailed reports on Obama's SS# can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Visit the Birther Vault for the long list of evidence against Hawaii officials and all of the people questioning Obama's eligibility; [].


  1. So, a letter that may or may not be genuine says that there is no evidence that Obama was born in Kenya, but that they cannot say for certain that the records were never tampered with? Wow, this will definitely bust this case wide open! Crackerjack work, fellas!

  2. At a time as this, when it seems SO MUCH INFO is pouring in at once so as to confuse with conflicting info, it seems to me to be the trademark of communist propaganda.

    For one, how convenient for this info, now, -that Obama "MAY HAVE", been born in Kenya, when they KNOW HE WAS! And they don't have evidence, BUT, there may be a lead that he was born at Coast "PROVINCIAL" general Hospital, ...Coast Province General Hospital?

    And whoever messed with them there files, why them little rascally rabbits, need to be brought to justice. Yeah, ya think?! how about the Kenyan Government for one!

    Lucas Smith acquired a Coast province General Hospital long form birth certificate in 2009, and they say that the investigation was Oct. 2008, ...convenient? Leaked NOW? Sounding very nervous aren't they. That's what is sickening about Glenn's "question with boldness" ..unless of course it's the eligibility issue!

  3. For a non-issue you obots spend an awful lot of time on this issue...

  4. This is all just a bunch of crap. This is just a diversion from the real issues like the T.S.A. coming to court houses, bus stations and malls everywhere. James From Miami

  5. You know the truth here is so mind-blowingly apparent that it's just unbelievable that we could have such a corrupt press, weaned on communist university professors and hiring their own kind rising in the media ranks, not only ignoring it, but mocking it.

    Michelle Obama called Kenya Barack's home country - repeated, ON VIDEO. And she wasn't speaking figuratively, because she didn't say "OUR home country" referring to race. She was specific about it being where Obama came from.

    This VIDEO where he says it's good to be home.

    The letter this article is about.

    Kenya's prime minister on record saying Obama was born there - on AUDIO.

    His Grandmother, ditto - AUDIO.

    The hidden long form of which the current is a proven fake - by thousands of photoshop experts - WHICH ANYONE CAN SEE, and yet where the hell is the press? "those crazy 'birthers'."

    Tm Adams and Abercrombie who should both know - saying Obama has no Hawaiian birth certificate, ON RECORD, with Adams taking a deposition.


    I mean - it isn't as though this is all some paranoid rumor mill like 9/11 or Area 54. THIS STUFF IS ON VIDEO TAPE, FOR CHRIST SAKE. Millions of people have seen the BC and thousands have proven it is a fake and have shown the world how to also prove it.

    Maybe Obama is the devil after all. The degree to which this has gone this long really is almost beginning to seem supernatural. When you have this much blatant evidence staring you right in the face - 100% absolute conclusive evidence, nothing interpretive about it - and still nothing happens except for one lone mainstream voice - Donald Trump - you really have to wonder to what extent the press is now simply doing the work of the communists openly and doesn't care what anyone thinks about it.

    Absolutely unbelievable.

    Suggestion: can ORYR create a free-standing evidence page? They it won't, I will if it has a banner link at the top of this site. This stuff gets too easily forgotten in the aggregate, and is too difficult to keep in perspective on a piecemeal basis, and it all needs to be in one big, tight, cannonball of a page - each bit of evidence short and sweet - where the sheer bulk of evidence is available - conclusively - at a glance. The amount of evidence should be explosive in effect, so it's clear we have not sharpened our message properly. Now is the time to do so.

  6. We can't wait until the 2012 election because he will just steal the election like bush did in 2000.

  7. Good grief...

    The SCOTUS decided the 2000 election not Bush...

    Don't you obots have better things to do?

  8. NATIONAL ASSEMBLY (Kenyan Parliament)
    Wednesday, 5th November, 2008
    (pgs 3277-3278)

    The Vice-President and Minister for
    Home Affairs (Mr. Musyoka):Thank you, Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir. I am just about to conclude. The point I am making is very important. There are many of us who hold the view that there is now a real possibility of a more peaceful world where multi-lateralism, as opposed to unilateralism, will guide the conduct of international relations under President Barrack Obama. We congratulate Senator John McCain for being graceful and I think we are rightfully in a party mood. We are not the only country in the world. There are parties in Paris, London and even in a place called Obama in Japan. I think we have a right to celebrate. As we do, as you said from the Chair, this is a sovereign country. We know we can learn a lot. To be able to support that blood relation, I think we owe it to ourselves to make sure that we have a peaceful country as Kenyans; a country that will uphold the true principles of the rule of law, democracy and tolerance between ourselves.

    At the beginning of this year, Senator Barrack Obama called me at midnight and told me: "Mr. Vice President, could you make sure you sort out this problem?" I want to assure him that the problem has since been sorted out.

    (Several hon. Members stood up)

    Mr. Deputy Speaker: You are all out of

    Pages 19-20 of Attorney Mario Apuzzo's scrbd document:

  9. @ObamaRelease YourRecords

    Nice, but a tad long and hidden away archives. I'm doing one, too, and you can link or not. I can't just sit round on this. It's all too much.

  10. How do you manage to distort all the graphics on your home page, ORYR?

  11. It's not unbelievable. This is what they do. What is unbelievable is our inaction. I keep reminding all that we know of only one way to resolve this. A march on the capitol is the only way. I'm not that smart. But if I can see it, I'm sure many others can too. Any other attempts to fix this are futile, as we have seen over the years. This battle is about all or nothing. There is no inbetween. All of congress purposefully avoids this, and rightly so. They are all guilty and will go to prison once exposed. Point is, the time to start looking outside the box has arrived.

  12. @ObamaRelease YourRecords

    Okay. Well, I'm going to do a tight little evidence page myself, because if I don't do something additional I'm going to go out of my mind. You can only just sit and watch this thing for so long.

  13. So was this the McCain campaign trying to get some dirt?

  14. @ProGraphics,

    When you get the evidence page up, would you please let us know here? Thanks!


    Obama approval rating hits 60% ... Eat that you fascist tea party losers. We are going to utterly ANNIHILATE you in 2012 ..... You will be destroyed and the GOP won't ever rise again.

  16. Attorney Mario Apuzzo has a catalog of evidence.

  17. @Anonymous
    Maybe it was Barky's campaign or someone from the DNC making sure that a check would reveal nothing.

  18. @Anonymous


    When you get the evidence page up, would you please let us know here? Thanks!"


    Sure, but I first want to make sure ORYR will link or in some way support it, and more importantly that it does not otherwise conflict with the goals and operations of this site, of which I am only a guest and sometime contributor. Fair is fair.

  19. @Anonymous

    One anonymous poll after 2 years of Obama tanking, barely any bump considering Bin Laden was taken out, after we destroyed the left in 2010, and you're daydreaming that this is the day it all turns around, with 10% unemployment, $4.00 gas prices and soaring inflation. Right. Keep dreaming.

    I guess you waited a long time for this day. Too bad it doesn't mean anything in the long run.

    Oh, by the way, have you heard? Every expert agrees: Obama's birth certificate is a fake document that even kids can easily reverse-engineer. Oh, yeah.... that!

  20. @Pro Graphics

    Sure can...

    I can publish here and or link to it...

    Just email me when you're ready...

  21. @ObamaRelease YourRecords

    Okay then. Time for another quick project.

  22. @Anonymous

    Put the dope down you ignorant Obamatard...

    READ: Latest AP Poll Sample Skews to Democrats by 17 Points

    P.S., any other POTUS that gave the green-light to take out Bin Laden would have a 80+% approval rating after the fact, dipshit!

    Maybe Obama AKA Soetoro shouldn't have sat on the "location" for MONTHS, eh!?

    Go find that short rope!

  23. @Anonymous

    Latest AP Poll Sample Skews to Democrats by 17 Points

    But then you get to the party ID: 46 percent identify as Democrat or leaning Democrat, 29 percent identify as Republican or leaning Republican, 4 percent identify as purely independent leaning towards neither party, and 20 percent answered, “I don’t know.”

    Eat that, you lying dumbass of an Obot.

  24. LMAO...

    But then you get to the party ID: 46 percent identify as Democrat or leaning Democrat, 29 percent identify as Republican or leaning Republican, 4 percent identify as purely independent leaning towards neither party, and 20 percent answered, “I don’t know.”

    For contrast, the AP’s immediate preceding poll was 45 percent Democrat, 33 percent Republican; the likely-voter pool in October 2010 was 43 percent Democrat, 48 percent Republican. The poll’s total sample in October 2010 split 43 percent Democrat, 40 percent Republican.

    With a poll sample that has a 17-percentage-point margin in favor of the Democrats, is anyone surprised that these results look like a David Axelrod dream?


  25. Even without the bin Laden bump, Obama was already at or higher than Reagan and Clinton was at this time in their presidency..

    Oh and who gives a damn about fake birth certificates??? Have you not seen the polls of people who believe Obama is eligible?? There has been a SHARP drop in the number who believe he is ineligible. (translation: birthers are becoming an even MORE irrelevant minority)

  26. The 20% "I don't know" couldn't have been a bunch of lying Demonrats. No. Libturds would never lie like that.

  27. @Anonymous

    And wait until this gets around...

    NJ State Police "Outraged" Over Rapper Invite to White House

    Political rapper linked to Racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright - Musician grew up attending same RACIST Chicago church as Obama -

    I can already see the campaign Ads... LMAO...

  28. @ObamaRelease YourRecords

    "Hate the po'po'? Vote like MO." (accompanied by a video clip or still photo of the First Wookie voting for her baby daddy)

    "Vote for the Kenyan...

    ...Or we'll pop a cap off in your ass."

    "It's not too late to off Bush.
    Obama 2012."

  29. @Anonymous
    Polls taken at drunken frat parties don't count.

  30. @Anonymous


    Do you mean the ONE other skewed poll from a Liberal run Org.!? LMAO...

    Check this putz, from another Liberal run Org.:

    P.S., Obama AKA Soetoro is no Reagan nor is he even a Clinton except the lying part.

  31. "Of course, the OBL kill could have prompted more Americans to self-identify as Democrats. "

    You forgot to mention that part of the article which suggested the poll was skewed in favor of dems... There are just way more dems than GOP now.

  32. The Black Panthers have already been given approval to monitor the polling stations for 2012 election. I absolutely DARE you to wear your birther teashirts and fly your anti-obama signs to the poll stations...DO IT....

  33. There has always been more Democrats than Republicans.

    However, Conservatives far outnumber Liberals. Always have and always will...

  34. Once again, liberals showing how unimportant the "birther" issue is by spending all their time trying to convince us to drop it.

  35. The Black Panthers are outnumbered as well...

    You think one or two racist BP's will intimidate me?


  36. @ anonymous "Even without the bin Laden bump, Obama was already at or higher than Reagan and Clinton was at this time in their presidency..

    Oh and who gives a damn about fake birth certificates??? Have you not seen the polls of people who believe Obama is eligible?? There has been a SHARP drop in the number who believe he is ineligible. (translation: birthers are becoming an even MORE irrelevant minority)" -end quote

    Well, derr, who cares you ask?! first of all, what poles? with the Liberal news media backing, covering, and it's apologizing for the pResident Kenyan, STILL folks are leaving Obama and his foreign allegiance'd camp! I for one have had about a dozen LEFT WING LIBERAL acquaintances -scared, confused, and converted to conservative ideas, hoping now the constitution and it's adherents can save this Republic from the agenda at hand! And they came ON THEIR OWN! Now that includes seeing through their daily liberal media brainwashing too! Now imagine that! How did they see the light through all that Osama killing and birth certificate[?] disclosure?

  37. Where has Trump been? He basically hasn't said anything on any matter in about 10 days. Is he planning something or waiting for Corsi's book?

  38. @AM
    My money's on both: He's got something planned and part of the plan is that it is to follow the release of Corsi's book.

  39. California Birther/Dualer/DoubterMay 11, 2011 at 12:51 PM

    WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah isn't giving up on the Birth-gate issue now that it's painfully clear that the computer-generated abstract of our undocumented president's long-form birth certificate is bogus:

    As he aptly put it: "The central debate over eligibility remains. The key question has never been where he was born. The key question has always been whether he is constitutionally eligible to serve as president."

  40. @Anonymous
    Wearing campaign t-shirts and carrying campaign banners and other campaign collateral to the polls is illegal, dipshit. They won't let you in to vote wearing/carrying that stuff. But nice try.

    As for the Black Panthers, so what? I don't scare as easily like you limp-wristed pansy-assed libturds do.

  41. @ObamaRelease YourRecords

    And worse than that...HE'S MUSLIM!!!!

  42. Trump has been silenced. Soetoro succeeded in making Trump, along with the rest of us, look like fools, again. When will we learn. Also, it doesn't matter what Corsi's book says. It appears to me most haven't fully grasped what we're facing. We are confronting the worst possible domestic enemy ever. All bets are off and we should now go for the jugular. That means a march on Washington to end this. Anything short of that is a waste of time.

  43. Why do these documents list the date as Month Day, Year?

    Shouldn't they be Day Month, Year which is the British format?

  44. "Trump has been silenced. Soetoro succeeded in making Trump, along with the rest of us, look like fools, again. "


    What's with the "us" business? You're an Obama operative attempting to depress "birther" determination in a way so transparent as to be pathetic. Get lost.

    Trump would not dare drop the issue. If he does his presidential aspirations are finished. He's intelligent. He knows that basic fact.


  45. That bogus birth certificate

    "It was about three weeks ago that Jerome Corsi, author of "Where's the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to Be President," called me with some disturbing news.

    In response to the success of his book (No. 1 at Amazon in pre-release stage) and the elevation of the eligibility issue because of Donald Trump's big megaphone, his sources in Hawaii were telling him that Barack Obama was about to release a fraudulent birth certificate.

    Corsi urged that WND report the story. But because of the nature of the warnings, I didn't think it would be meaningful. What good would it do to report that unnamed sources investigating Obama's eligibility expected him to do something he had resisted doing for two-and-a-half years? Details were thin. Who would pay attention?"

    "Pardon the pun, but he's played his Trump card too late – and wholly unconvincingly."

    "I know it goes against all conventional wisdom today to say this, but we may be witnessing the final days of the Barack Obama regime."

    Read more: That bogus birth certificate

  46. You know, now that you mention it, there really was a lot of buzz under the radar about a month ago that Obama was preparing a fake birth certificate - it was all over the place - and then it died down a few weeks ago.

    I wonder how long Obama expects the press to protect him from this? Forever? No. Too many people have seen for themselves. Long before the election of 2012 we're going to see Obama do the Prime time TV Clinton/lewinski mea culpa and read some cockamamie story off the teleprompter and go for the sympathy, brave, face-to-the-wind-against-unfair-adversity ploy. There is no way this is just going away. Graphic students everywhere are all over this. EVERYONE knows. He's done. Someone tell Trump not to drag his feet if he wants to be in the GOP running.

  47. @Anonymous

    60% with a skewerd survey base of mostly democrats. How you democrats and Obama supporters can't judge things fairly is beyond me. You accuse Fox News of being biased while all along you are participating in even greater bias.

  48. Trump is finished as a candidate. He can't possibly move forward without addressing the forged bc.

  49. New American Standard Bible (©1995)
    The wicked strut about on every side When vileness is exalted among the sons of men.


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