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Friday, May 13, 2011


Cites Very Well-Known and Irrefutable Graphic Specialist's Evidence

By Pro Graphics

Yes, The Globe is only a tabloid magazine You know, the same type that broke the John Edwards scandal and destroyed his seemingly-certain Presidential aspirations. Like the one that broke the Bill Clinton scandal. In its (as of this writing, current) May 16, 2011 issue, The Globe has a banner headline that reads,

This story is actually extremely important. It takes what many of us have said publicly - and proven - by the tens of thousands and puts those facts on every magazine rack in America, in front of millions of Americans at checkout counters every day. The same magazine racks that average people pass by the millions each day. The same ones that senators and congressman pass each day. The same ones that White House personnel see every day. The same one Trump will see because the headline also has his face on it - it seems Trump is now officially and publicly stuck with dealing with the issue of the forgery even if he wanted to avoid it, which seems unlikely, and he is certain to read the story .

In it, the story quotes a very important source: "It's absolutely a fake!" declares Mara Zebest, author of several books on how to use computers and alter documents." In fact, Zebest has co-authored no less than 17 books on the subject of advanced computer graphics, at least one of which sit on the shelves of virtually every advanced photoshop user in every English-speaking country. She writes for the beginner and intermediate user, but professionals instantly and instinctively recognize from her writing and examples the extensive depth of her skill. When she writes for the intermediate user, she isn't stretching up, but dumbing down her own instincts and abilities to meet the user's level. Every higher-level professional knows this about Zebest. This is not just "a professional" earning a salary, somewhere - Zebest is professionally respected by everyone in the business, even those who learned the program from the very beginning, long before she began writing, yours truly included. Her credibility is beyond any question.

Here are some Amazon and other links that prove it:

In The Globe, Zebest goes on at length explaining, "There's all this evidence showing the document was build from different sources."

On several sites an online treatise by Zebest is quoted as saying, "This is so maddening to listen to the media on this recent revelation… it’s such an obvious fake.... Lastly, look at the attached 1961 sample image found on the Internet of a legitimate 1961 Hawaii Birth Certificate (which someone posted to show what a real certificate would look like from that year in Hawaii)… look at the marks on this Internet version and you can see this was the template for Obama’s BC handiwork. The handwriting is exactly the same between posted Internet image and Obama’s fake version — the placement of boxes and marks are in the exact same position, dates are where the modified clipping masks occur to adjust dates to fit for Obama, but the handwriting of dates match (except for the clipping mask changes). Even the Cert. number is only off by the last two digits (which…you guessed it… happens to be a clipping mask layer)."

This particular graphics expert and special effects supervisor/consultant writing this article concurs. As do thousands of others. In seeming solidarity with this writer/graphics professional, she says something in The Globe about the forgery that I have said from the outset on this site, others have also, and still believe: "There is an element of amateurishness about it". Indeed.

If you want to get some small sense of Zebest's degree of technical complexity, while the following is not earth-shattering as an example, and is designed for the beginner/moderate user, it certainly tops out at many. many times above what would be required to make the obvious fake put out by the White House, which she, me and so many others document categorically in our professional opinions as an unquestionable forgery.

Read one of her technical articles, at the well-respected site, CreativePro, here.

As this writer has also said, The Globe cites the ghosts of the Nixon and Clinton scandals, the history of which is now eerily echoing a firm resonance through this issue of Obama's citizenship. As always, as liberals used to say about Watergate, it isn't the crime, it's the cover-up. Yes. Prediction: Obama does not last through this scandal for longer than another 6 months at best, even with a complicit media. The cat is out of the bag: Obama's long form birth certificate for which he has claimed authenticity is a fake and enough media has picked up on it bolstered by expert testimony to make this the end-game. Even if Obama were somehow innocent in the forgery, which seems impossible given the way he has fought disclosure of his own records, no one would - or should - believe him. No teleprompter or collusive health record officials can save him, now, from the political and possible legal consequences of his own irresponsible and possibly illegal actions. He's finished. Stay on the issue and keep it coursing through the veins of this country's citizenship. The final conclusion and end to this nightmare is finally at hand.

Pro Graphics analysis here. Previous Globe Magazine reports on Obama's eligibility here, here, here, here and here.

Irrefutable Proof Obama's New Birth Certificate Forged Using Nordyke Birth Certificates -Details here.

Comparative Analysis By Pro Graphics & Special Effects: Trump Vs. Obama; Birth Certificate Fraud -Details here. 

Busted: White House Now Claims They Ordered Short-Form COLB From Hawaii Department Of Health In 2008 Yet COLB Is Date Stamped 2007 -Details here. 

Confirmed: Democratic Party of Hawaii would not certify in 2008 that Obama was constitutionally and legally eligible for the Office of President -Details here. 

Notre Dame Professor Charles Rice: Obama's eligibility could be biggest political fraud in the history of the world; time for a new approach -Details here. 

Attorney Mario Apuzzo: All presidents born after 1787, except for Chester Arthur and Barack Obama, met the “natural born Citizen” criteria. -Details here. 

Commander Charles Kerchner: List of U.S. Presidents - Eligibility under Article II Grandfather Clause (GFC) or Natural Born Citizen (NBC) Clause or Seated due to Election Fraud -Details here. 

Jack Cashill Discusses Obama's Fraudulent Social Security Number Reserved for Connecticut Applicants -Video here. 

Detailed reports on Obama's SS# can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Visit the Birther Vault for the long list of evidence against Hawaii officials and all of the people questioning Obama's eligibility; [].
Citizen v natural born Citizen-It's Don't Ask Don't Tell-20100809 issue Wash Times Natl Wkly - pg 5


  1. Fake just like Ubama the closet muslim !!!

  2. Victory will be so sweet.

    I couldn't care less what it will do to the country. It's not us that's doing it to the country anyway. It's him and his minions.


    Are you affiliated with Orly Taitz by some chance?

  4. Very nice! Keep them coming!

  5. @ 1:32 AM,

    To answer your question, I'm not affiliated with Orly Taitz in any way, whatsoever. Or any of the other litigants. Not that that would be a bad thing, I'm just not.

    The BC is a fake. Let us count the ways (I'm going to use the word "superimposed" to make it more clear for the average reader):


    1. gray-scale edges between letters (characters) of supposed same-time, same-method produced techniques do not match (handwriting, stamps, document printing). A superimposed fake. Definitely. No other way physically possible. Period.

    2. Letters on the left side of the paper do not distort - bend -with the rest of the document. The letters were superimposed. Definitely. No other way physically possible.

    3. The document is in layers which, in the way they are broken up, coupled with the *history if the actions embedded in each layer* are conclusive evidence of an intentional construction of the document. No other way physically possible.

    95% Definite

    4. Signatures between documents are 100% identical graphically. A dead certainty that the signature from one was superimposed on the other. Forgery by the dictionary definition.

    5. This is my own pet peeve: There is no aging apparent on Obama's document which is in contradiction to every document I, personally, have located from the era. The copy picked up the wide gray-scale range of the pencil marks but no identical gray-scale range of the aging that should be manifest but isn't. A fake. This should be under the definite heading, because it's impossible for this copy to be genuine, but not AS impossible as points 1-3. Make a copy of your own birth certificate and see if it looks as utterly brand-new as Obama's. I dare you. The answer is no, it does not. Period. This is not a copy of an old document, this is a copy of a brand-new document. Copy your own and see the difference. This is a test you can do at home with no graphic knowledge, just a layman's eye. That's how poor a forgery this is.

    7. Repeated characters (letters) down to the pixel. A sure sign of fraud but once again I give a whole 5% to the possibility of chance. There is plenty enough to convict this forgery that we can be gracious about it.

    Unlikely but IMO uncertain:

    8. Kearning. There are too many variables for me to run with this one.

    9. Out-of-sequence numbering: should be - and really is - definite because the numbers that are specifically out of sequence were superimposed as evidenced by the layer construction. But the numbers themselves, were they NOT part of a constructed layer, might have been a clerical error, and that's the point here. Unfortunately, they are 100% superimposed, so it really is a definite.

    Any 2 from the definite column would warrant an immediate investigation. All 9 manifestations of forgery make it 100% impossible to believe it to be anything else but a fake. That isn't conjecture or opinion. The document is a fake for a fact.

    This is the end-game. Obama is now tied to a forgery and at least one virtually certain felony. I give less than 6 months. Maybe 2 months because my gut instinct is that Trump is getting his information together to blast this document into the next century. He must know if he drops it his Presidential aspirations are finished. After this, saying "creating jobs is my strong point" will sound weak and hollow. He needs to finish what he started, and he didn't get to where he is by not knowing a lesson as simple a that.

    If Trump follows up on this evidence however, and puts it in America's face, Obama is 100% finished very quickly.

    No matter how you slice it, this nightmare is over. The fake birth certificate is the thing the history books will record that exposed - and destroyed - a President. This thing is a fake and everyone knows it.

  6. America needs a good purging of marxist internationlists from our institutions which has been corrupting our nation for the past 100 years. Our union will be much stronger for it.

  7. Interesting aside: To verify claims made about Zebeth in this post, I keyed her name into Bing. The very first search result, meaning it's the most popular or most opened page on which her name appears, is a Newsmeat campaign contribution search on her name. So, it appears that the first action of Libtardians upon reading this post and/or others citing the Globe piece, as well as the Globe piece itself, was to search for "proof" that Zebeth has an agenda and then use that "proof" of agenda as a personal attack on Zebeth and her expert remarks about Barky's latest and greatest birth document.

    Contrary to popular belief of the dumbed-down masses (credit goes to the Dept of Education), name-calling and slinging insults do not constitute a personal attack. A personal attack is an attempt to use personal information about a person, such as their political or religious beliefs or past legal issues or run-ins with law enforcement, as a few examples, to discredit their claims or testimony. For example, if it could be proved by Libtardians that Zebeth is a registered Republican or a contributor to conservative or GOP candidates, she could be deemed "partisan" and working her "partisan agenda," therefore, her claims about Barky's latest and greatest birth document could and would be discounted.

    Unfortunately for the Libtardians, one measly $35 donation to Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2008 hardly speaks of partisanship or even of dedication to either party or any politician, not even to Clinton. A $350 or $3500 donation, on the other hand...

    Bing search results for keywords "mara zebeth":

    Number one search return:

  8. He has evaded being outed for the criminal he is, for soooo long, I am hopeful, but not confident. The media won't go after him, even with conclusive evidence in their slimy lttle hands. If the courts, congress, etc, won't act on this undeniable evidence of fraud, forgery, treason and other crimes I am sure he must be guilty of, then what will be our options? Of course, one of his male lovers might be open to outing him, for money and a book deal of course. Hope springs eternal

  9. This marxist boil needs to be publicly lanced to drain the infection out. In the end it will be good for the country.

  10. @Anonymous
    Oops! Throughout that posted comment, I misspelled Zebest's last name. However, I spelled her name correctly when I keyed it into Bing.

  11. I wish some of the photo shop experts would start analyzing old photos of Barry to see if they have been altered. Might be interesting...

  12. @ 7:56 AM

    That is extremely interesting info. I never bothered to see what the world was saying about Zebest's analysis - I just knew it was accurate. The fact that she gave one donation on record to a democrat (Hillary), says volumes and cuts the liberals short who may call her a "right wing extremist". You say that $35.00 means nothing. But it means she thought $35.00 more of Hillary than anyone else. That plays gigantically in our favor, because it means Zebeth is almost certainly a democrat. Thank you. You just made my day a bit brighter.

  13. @Pro Graphics

    Well put, but..... My money is on Trump doing nothing. The Globe front page will be trashed by the MSM if it comes up at all, and Trump has been so (too) quiet given all of the evidence that the LFBC is a forgery. The OBL thing seems to be a likely reason, but more than a few days longer for him to be silent seems to be an indication that he will remain so. I fear that without Trump, even this obvious fraud is going to be completely ignored by the media. :(

  14. *** PRO GRAPHICS,

    We spoke briefly on a previous post and you asked me to give myself a name on this site. Please call me JC. (For some reason, I could NOT get my name to show up in the "select profile" section.)

    Also I told you that I had a friend who was a "graphics expert" and you asked me to send you some of her post/links/articles. Well, you need to look no further - you have it right here!

    I would like to explain the Hillary donation for the person (NOT you PG) who mentioned it. Mara USED to be a dem., until Obama came onto the scene and she began researching and educating herself about the dem party, Obama, the dem. propaganda, and the dem. agenda. Now Mara is the biggest and most vocal advocate for the "conservative" movement. In fact, Mara proudly tells her story of being an uneducated liberal to becoming a well-informed conservative.

  15. Trump will act. Not only has he questioned the BC but also Obama's other records, such as school and so forth, and in no small way. Trump is a player and took on the issue voluntarily. Watch and see. When he speaks on this, I am assuming he is going to speak very loudly. He must know his presidential ambitions hang on not looking like a fool by backing down, and he can win this thing for sure.

    Imagine the preparation it takes to be at his power level and put together an attack that is fool-proof where you are accusing the president of fraud on this scale. He has already alluded to the possibility, and done so strongly - again knowing how the media would treat him for it. Back down now? Not a chance. That's not his style and never has been. Not when he's winning, and this fake BC is his key to winning it all. We know it and if we know it, he knows it.

    This isn't the silence of retreat. Not from a player like Trump. This is the lull before the storm. He may simply be waiting it out - not saying anything - to make Obama and the media really sweat. That IS his style. We're not the only ones holding our breath. Rely on it.

  16. I believe they released such an obvious amateur forgery because probably only a small number of people know the truth. Hence, they did not have a professional to work with or risk getting someone outside their close circle. So they had probably some in the DOH do the forging. Only reason that makes sense to me.

  17. Well..., first off, "THANK YOU, JESUS, for moving by your HOLY Spirit upon Donald Trump. Lord, we pray that the evangelical Christians he is currently meeting and greeting will point him toward the faith of his fathers." Wouldn't that be a joy!
    Obama is the Antichrist. He is not going to go away as easily as we would like. He is going to ascend over the world by some path. If God is merciful, BHO may back out of the race and turn his attention to Europe. Or first to Africa. Or Asia.
    What we all need now is a lot of humility. As I cautioned Joe Farah, we must not assume that this is a foregone conclusion. It is not.

  18. @aaron

    Bingo. That's what I've been thinking (and saying, I think, actually). They probably felt that they could not risk being betrayed by someone from the outside. It also explains why they took so long: if you have no background, or are not artistically inclined, and don't feel safe asking anyone for tips, you're really stuck. It would surprise me not one bit if Barack and Michelle did it themselves: they took what Hawaii gave them - including the distortion from the ring-binder because they did not have access to the original they could remove from the ring-binder and lay flat to scan- and did this stuff in great part during all those so-called vacations, where Obama would not have to be visibly involved in anything else. Who knows. But I think you've got it, Aaron: this is the most inside of jobs, since clearly not even Abercrombie, a socialist old family friend (with a big mouth) could be trusted.

    Obama is so screwed. And so is the entire democrat party. This thing is such a romper room level forgery it's really astonishing that this can even be happening.

  19. Aren't there a number of felonies attached to this forged document? This is a serious crime. That's why there's still 10% of me thinking that there is a logical reason behind the alterations in the document. Would he risk committing a serious crime? Could he be that damn stupid???

  20. @Pro Graphics

    Pro Graphics writes: "they took what Hawaii gave them - including the distortion from the ring-binder because they did not have access to the original they could remove from the ring-binder and lay flat to scan"

    I agree with most of the points you make except for the above. It is my belief that the document has a curvature to it because they used the Twins internet image as a template. Thus thinking this curve is a normal attribute of all released documents. So in their ignorance, they attempted to imitate it.

    It is also my belief that they used text from the twins image and due to the fact that the pixel based text would lose clarity when resizing, they most likely attempted to enhance the text and darken it to read better. The selection process during this enhancement would account for the bitmap jagged edge quality as well as the white halo 'glow' effect.

    Why the glow effect? because if they had some stray pixels on the layer after enhancing, then used that layer to select all the text, inversed the selection to fill with a pattern on a new layer below... guess what? You've got a pattern fill for the entire document except where the text pixels occupy. Just some thoughts to consider...

    And stop misspelling my name... LOL

  21. @aaron

    My feeling is not stupid but scared and desperate. I think the swagger is just him playing it street-cool.

    Whether it's a crime is a really interesting question; I'm not a lawyer per se but I'm not sure that putting a fake BC on the white house website is a crime, believe it or not. It's not part of a legal action or a response to same or the answer to a subpoena and no one has sworn under oath and Hawaii has not claimed authorship for it (that last part is particularly telling - no one has said, "Yeah, that's it" as you would expect). It is this very arrangement of convenient circumstances in the presentation of the BC that makes me more convinced than ever that it's a fake. People can look bad, but it may not be a crime. Just like Clinton getting oral sex was not a crime, though the perjury was, hence Clinton's impeachment (technically) and his loss forever of his law license.

    However, assuming the presidency under false pretenses is very much a crime. So is knowingly putting forth a forgery to support the false pretense also a crime. So is using government agencies, resources and the power of the office in both the commission and cover-up of the crime. My own feeling now is that this route was taken after careful legal study by Barack and Michelle so that if the fake was discovered in quite this way, it still is not conclusive evidence that Obama is not constitutionally qualified to serve and no one goes to jail for the fake birth certificate because both obama and Hawaii can claim ignorance/innocence (I know, it isn't realistic, but it may be the letter of the law, anyway).

    However, the fake birth certificate, while it may or not be a crime per se if no one admits to it, is the key to unraveling this mess over Obama's citizenship issue very, very quickly. The pressure is already mounting. In 2 weeks we went form the press mocking us to the globe cover and thousands of people coming forth with their own home-made analysis on the fake using the right tools to do it. This will just get louder.

    This is the end game. Obama goes 6 months at most unless Trump lays it on thick, in which case I think he gets 2 months before something happens - resignation ("I made a mistake"), investigation called, suit gets standing and subpoena power for disclosure, the press gives up protecting Obama and someone decides they want a 7 figure book deal, Someone in Kenya steps forward, someone in Hawaii steps forward. Once something like this fake BC emerges, everyone knows the jig is up and starts jockeying to make the best of the situation, just like Watergate and Lewinski.

    This thing is a fake. Obama is finished.

  22. @Anonymous
    I was the one who mentioned the $35 donation to Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign. Honestly, I didn't think much of it. I mean, one $35 donation three years ago hardly speaks of an agenda.

    I'm not at all surprised that Zebest is a former Hillary Democrat turned conservative. There are many new conservative Independents and conservative Republicans who are former Democrats. Among them are many former Democrats turned PUMA turned conservative. I was never a registered Democrat, myself, but I was a Hillary supporting Independent. Like Zebest and tens of thousands of other Hillary supporters, I watched as the DNC stole the candidacy from her. And, just like Zebest and the rest, that set me on the course of learning the truth about the DNC, which also meant learning the truth about Hillary Clinton. For what it's worth, I've not be converted to some rah-rah-shish-boom-ba Republican, either, because learning about the Progressives (aka socialists) of the Democrat party has opened my eyes to the Progressive infiltrators of the Republican party, too. With guys like Rove, Gingrich and, I'm disappointed to now see, Boehner, the Republican party may have to be scrapped, too. Like the Democrat party, it may be infested beyond saving.

    Anyway, I didn't think anything of Zebest's $35 donation. That so many have looked at that page that it came back as number in search results was what got my attention. It's plain to me that the useful idiots were put to the task of discrediting Zebest. If that donation is the worst dirt they could find on Zebest, well, she may very well be zee best. nyuck nyuck

  23. @Pro Graphics
    Pro Graphics, that could be turned on its head, too. It could be said that Zebest is a PUMA with a grudge. I say, however, that it takes much more than a $35 commitment to hold a grudge for three years.

  24. @Anonymous

    After discovering that Hillary was corrupt too... I actually asked for a refund... and got it... LMAO

  25. @Texas T
    It's been done. The general consensus is that faces have been placed over photos of others or gigantic heads run in the Dunham family.

    Here are a couple of links about them.

  26. @ 5:29 PM,

    Yes, it could. But at that point it' whining by the Obama people, because then it looks like they're saying no one but an Obama-supporter is honest for them. that's a pretty mealy-mouth argument. I think Zebest is good on this.


    Don't think that joke hasn't been around for awhile. ;)

  27. @Pro Graphics
    Well, they're a bunch of whiners because they do, indeed, say that shit about former Hillary supporters with grudges.

  28. Thanks anon,
    Thanks for the links to the faked photos. Is there anything real about this man?

  29. Anonymous,

    Thank you for your post. Wow, you nailed it on "both" fronts when you said ....
    "DNC stole the candidacy from her. And, just like Zebest and the rest, that set me on the course of learning the truth about the DNC, which also meant learning the truth about Hillary Clinton".
    I imagine that a lot of the tea party is now made up of indiviuals that have had the same experience also.
    I agree with you about the infiltration of progressives in both parties - that is why I describe myself as a conservative more than I do a republican.
    Yes that was my worry, "people trying to discredit Mara" - that was why I felt the need to explain her "Hillary donation".


  30. @ 5:29 PM

    ...and as mentioned...once I discovered the truth about Hillary Clinton... I asked for a $35 refund... and they gave it to me! LOL... the most satisfying refund I ever got.

    @5:49 PM (in reference to @5:26)

    Yeah... used to hear all kinds of variations. ;)

  31. "It's been done. The general consensus is that faces have been placed over photos of others or gigantic heads run in the Dunham family."


    I'm sorry to report that there is nothing conclusive about the photographs. A couple of examples:

    The portrait of the young grandparents with the mother as a baby: the supposed inappropriate shadow on Obama's grandfather's face was almost certainly caused by the grandmother blocking the soft light source that illuminated the camera-left side of her face. This looks absolutely typical and in no way an anomaly.

    On the park bench shot: If you measure the length of the grandfather's right arm and make a very slight allowance for perspective, there is no reason why his left hand cannot be behind Barack where it is, and the darker contrast on Obama is not convincing, either, since while his dark cloths look startlingly darker than the grandparents when the contrast is pushed, they do, in fact, match the color and contrast and softness range of the grandfather's black belt and grandmother's black purse.

    I'm afraid I see not one photographic anomaly that I would hang my hat on in the pictures. While the author of that piece knows what to look for in general photographic special effects, it appears to me that merely awkwardly looking - and completely normal - photographic characteristics have been propelled by the analysis into things they are probably not. There is no analysis on mismatching hard/soft edges, no mismatch on grain structure, detail softness (or clarity),etc. Instead, we're asked to believe that awkward poses and easily explained lighting and contrast artifacts are proof of photo doctoring. I don't see it, and I've been at this game awhile.

    IMPORTANT: Perhaps more to the point, the level of skill required to match color, grain, clarity/softness, edge terminators, etc would be at a very sophisticated skill level on those pictures, though by no means impossible, of course. Were that the case, then the obvious question is: where was that excellent photoshop practitioner when they needed someone to create a comparatively simple long form birth certificate that absolutely screams of an amateurish forgery?

    We cannot re-create the circumstances (including film stocks, lenses and processing methods) used in the photographs to prove what is being claimed for them without more precise digital analysis. ON THE OTHER HAND, we do have something very definite to focus on regarding digital fakery: the fake long form birth certificate. And here we need not re-create anything for comparison - an artifact for comparison already exists: We can simply say, "Stop playing games and show us the fucking original long form because what you gave us is an obvious fake." And it is. And it's utterly damning. That's enough because Obama has said it's the real deal. That lie will cost him dearly in the eyes of the public and possibly legally.

    If we want to find out about his school days, I suggest that we use the fact of the birth certificate forgery to also demand his school records. The way this is shaping up, they almost certainly must list him as having a foreign nationality. Nothing else makes sense.

    This nightmare called the Obama presidency is quickly coming to a dramatic conclusion, now - the dodging and weaving is over: he called the fake BC the real thing. That's the 100% provable lie.

    At last.

  32. @Pro Graphics

    I disagree. And without him, this is a big zero. Nothing. I don't buy a lot of the conspiracy stuff, but the LFBC is certainly a fake and making that an issue would be enough. Hope I'm wrong, but I don't see Trump doing anything, including running for the nomination.

  33. @Kanbun

    I'm not sure I understand your response.

    We appear to agree on the fake birth certificate, and the fact that that is enough. If you are saying Trump won't do anything, then we do disagree. Remember, it's clear he got his info directly or through his people from, essentially, people like us, and we're all on the same page when it comes to the birth certificate: a fake. He has to resolve this position one way or the other, and it better be that the thing is a fake if he wants grassroots support. And he needs grassroots support because guys like Romney already have the GOP establishment behind them. He needs to call the forgery out on the merits of the argument, which are overwhelming. Trump did not get where he is by being dumb or lucky. He's powerfully intelligent and must know all this, easily.

    Give it time.

    As far as the photos, IMO they're meaningless: they are probably not doctored pictures - if manipulated, the evidence is not compelling - of a kid who is not a natural born citizen and probably has foreign nationality attached to his status. The pictures also do not detail Obama's history from very early childhood to young teen. No school photos, nothing. that's significant not for the pictures, but the time-line of his personal narrative, which is falling apart.

    That plus the fake BC is enough to chase Obama out of office through public pressure, and Trump knows it. And he better try or his presidential aspirations are zilch. Being the spokesman for those of us not represented in the media or the beltway GOP is where he gets his power, and can build on that to the presidency. But if he fucks up his core foundation - and the "birther" issue is at the core of that - he's gone in a millisecond. Trump must know that, too. These people are not stupid.

  34. I have always wondered why Barry is wearing a wedding band in some of the old photos that were before he met Muchelle.

  35. @TexasT

    True? Do you have a picture of that? Not conclusive but anything that undermines his life narrative is important to the larger picture.

  36. Pro, you can see it in the central park photo with grandparents and in the african family photo. Wedding band on his left hand, plane as day. Maybe other photos to, I will go back and check.

  37. Sorry I meant plain as day in the previous post. It also looks like he has it on in the other African photos in front of the huts. Kinda hard to see. Dang, I wish that I was good at photoshop. Kinda of an odd thing to wear on your left hand if you are not married.

  38. @TexasT

    I never paid any attention but you're right - there is a wedding ring on teen Obama's finger, plain as day,and I am certain that, too, is not faked. I reject the idea that the grandfather's arm was a photoshop job in any way, they just caught a weird moment, which happens all the time. But neither is a wedding ring - or a ring on the wedding band finger - on Obama's left hand photoshopped either. So what the hell was he doing with a wedding ring on his hand in his teens? I mean, seriously. This is a question. When his records are found out - and they will soon be found out - I wonder just outrageously different Obama's real history is from his official life narrative?

    Thanks for pointing that out, Texas. Unbelievable.

  39. Someone might search the marriage records for Hawaii, California, and New York for the late 70's, early 80's for Soetoro or Obama.

  40. @Pro Graphics
    Hey, someone asked if the photos had been examined and I responded and included a couple of links. I didn't write the stuff. Gigantic heads could just run in the Dunham family as it does in the Rodham family, as is evidenced by the gourds of Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea.

  41. @TexasT
    Doubt there are any marriage records for Barky in the late 70s to early 80s since same-sex marriage wasn't performed in any US state during that time (at least not that I'm aware of).

  42. to Kanbun @ 7:28 AM post

    I agree that Trump is out of the picture... don't hold your breath NOR rely on him to keep this news alive. As our founding documents imply... always rely on our own strength.. the individual is the one with the power. WE are the new media... WE are the ones to rely on. Look how individuals are managing to get the news out and if you will notice... even FOX news reports what the blogs report first.

    Rely on yourself... not Trump. Tell everyone you can talk to... talk about it to friends, strangers, any opportunity that presents itself and soon the media's contribution will be inconsequential.

    Just a thought... (smile)


    P.S. As mentioned in a previous post... can you also stop misspelling my name? (smile)

  43. To Pro Graphics and all,
    I am not a graphics or computer expert by any manor of the word, but I do know my way around Windows and some Adobe software. I think we are all aware that Obama's WH LFBC is a computer generated document not a copy of a scanned document. However this has been debunked by an expert, reported on Fox News:
    This "expert" explains that OCR is the reason for the layers when the document is opened in Illustrator and concluded the document is with "no doubt" authentic. I wanted to know if that was true. Using Acrobat X, Photoshop CS5 and Illustrator CS5 on a Windows 7 desktop I used my own BC (Nevada, 1960) and low and behold this "expert", Tremblay is absolutely, positively without a doubt correct. However, his authentication process is dishonest, it contains one fatal error: The White House released LFBC does not contain any text recognition (OCR). Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Thank you Pro Graphics and all who contributed to this great blog . . . Len in Arizona.

  44. Fox News document expert in tank for Obama? - Man claims birth certificate real, but look how he's championed president previously -

  45. TO PRO GRAPHICS @ 12:01

    Before I ever saw the wnd article (below)... and back when I first saw the Fox article (referenced in the wnd article)... I immediately knew that the "expert" was no "expert" by the fact that they said he was "Adobe certified" - this term means nothing other than someone was willing to pay a high fee to take a multiple-choice test and if they pass the test... Adobe mails them a certificate. All you need to pass is the Adobe program so you have access to the Adobe HELP menu and anyone could pass this Adobe Certification test. In other words, it sounds good but means crap. There are books and online articles and information aimed at helping people to pass this Adobe certification test - it's a big scam. It is no way an indication that you truly understand how to create and understand deeper implications of how the Adobe programs work. Just means you might be a good "test taker." I have never bothered to pay the outrageous fee to take the test and yet Adobe sends me an invitation (every time they gear up to release new versions of the software) to be in their beta program and participate in helping them to find and fix "bugs" in the program. I'll take my understanding of the programs over an "Adobe Ceritified" person any day. In fact: I roll my eyes every time I see someone say they are Adobe Certified. Moral of the story: Whenever you see that someone has to use the term "Adobe certified" to give their opinion credence - consider running like hell in the opposite direction.

    Fox News document expert in tank for Obama? - man claims birth certificate real, but look how he's championed president previously

  46. Thanks for your nice site.


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