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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Below is a strategy we can employ right now: 

Focus! Follow Devvy's instructions to flood Sen. Slom's mailbox.  

Focus! Write that letter now. 

Focus! On Douglas Vogt and his evidence. Do not be distracted with opinion blogs.

Focus! On shutting down Hawaii Capital switchboard by calling the dishonorable and disgraceful Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz (Howard Dean's good buddy) and doper Gov. Abercrombie 
Hold your fire until Monday 3:00PM Eastern (6-hr. difference). 
Then call the switchboard:
State Operator


If you cannot get through, contact Schatz and Onaka directly:
Schatz (808) 586-0255

Fax: (808) 586-0231
Globalist Alvin T. Onaka (Obama Electronic Records Czar) direct line:
(808) 586-4600 Leave a message. He has NEVER returned a call so say whatever you want in the messag

Sen. Sam Slom
Hawaii State Legislature

415 S. Beretania Street, Rm 214
Honolulu, HI 96813


Be sure to read this great article by Attorney, Mario Apuzzo:

Why Doesn’t Hawaii Senator Sam Slom Investigate the Authenticity of Obama’s Long-Form Certificate of Live Birth?

                                                          By: Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
                                                                June 18, 2011

It appears that Hawaii Senator, Sam Slom, has been interested in finding out the truth about Obama’s birth origins. But why has he not investigated whether Obama’s recently released long-form Certificate of Live Birth is authentic?

Here is what researcher and writer, Devvy, wrote in her recent article: “Congress - Yes, Obama Is Above The Law:”

“The other thing I urge you to do, which I outlined in my recent column, Force an investigation into Obama's birth certificate criminal fraud, involves a state senator who has been very outspoken regarding Obama/Soetoro's birth certificate. The key to busting this wide open could be the Hawaii State Legislature:

‘My second letter went out to Sen. Sam Slom. He serves in the Hawaii State Senate. That document was allegedly generated by a state agency in the State of Hawaii. Their legislature has the authority to conduct an investigation into how that forgery was manufactured, by who and more importantly, who requested it and when? That won't happen unless YOU also write a letter. Hard copy letters (or a fax) is something tangible that can't be ignored. The phones ring all day long at the offices of state and federal lawmakers. Sometimes you can't even get through or you just get voice mail.’

This weekend, YOU need to write and mail off a snail mail letter to Sen. Slom. If his desk is flooded with tens of thousands of letters - and folks in Hawaii make this an issue - the heat will become so great, they have to act. Be sure to continue following up with Slom's office by calling a week after you send your snail mail letter. Thousands of us must keep the heat on his office until something breaks in that legislature. It can happen, but it takes all of us. Sen. Slom needs to man up or shut up.”

I have reported on this blog about the great amount of existing evidence that the electronic image and the underlying paper document are both forgeries.  As a Hawaii State Senator, Senator Slom surely has the resources and influence to be able to dispel this evidence and confirm with the Hawaii Department of Health whether the document image that Obama released on the internet on April 27, 2011 is authentic.

We should follow Devvy’s advice and find out why Senator Slom has not done more to seek the truth about Obama’s recently released birth certificate. We need to demand of him that if he is going to do his job and honor his oath to protect and defend the Constitution, he needs to fight this battle all the way and not just make believe that he is.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

June 18, 2011




  1. I have suggested to Dr. Corsi and WND, that they need to go back to Hawaii and track down Onaka, Fuddy and Okubo and interview them. As members of the press, they cannot be denied to state buildings and state officials. Both Onaka and Fuddy have to arrive and leave for work each day. and when they do, they will walk through WND.

  2. but all our letters need to demand to see the hospital birth certificate for obama and the hospital records to prove that stanley ann dunham was a patient at kapaiolani hospital. just going to the hdoh is not enough.

  3. So I will tell Dr. Corsi and WND - They need to go to Hawaii. Bring Pastor James Manning and Sharon Rondeau with them. Set up camp at the Hawaii DOH and wait for Onaka, Okubo, and Fuddy. When they arrive and leave each day, WND can ask them to comment on Obama's forged birth certificate, on camera of course to be spread viral across the internet.

  4. @Anonymous

    ORYR, can you find out by chance what kind of scanner/photocopier they used, make and model?

  5. Why not do what the SEIU and ACORN thugs do to bank executives? Camp out in front of these officials personal residences with protest signs and video cameras.

    To fund the operation why not sell t-shirts with the forged bc to passerby's.

    As a matter of fact, every town hall or public appearance by any national politician should be besieged by t-shirt vendors wherever they appear. Even the GOP debates!!!

  6. Devvy Kidd is terrific.

    When you send Sloam a letter, send along a dollar bill with the words "Obama's birth certificate is fake" on it. That'll get his attention.

  7. Fair is Fair. We need to look at Romney's Birth Certificate. Why does he NOT wish to show it? His dad was born in Mexico and later moved to France. Just curious why no concern about Romney.

  8. Romney's father was an American citizen. As far as I know so was his mother.

  9. Instead of a real dollar, why not send play money with the words "obama's birth certificate is as phoney as this play money is."

  10. ALL candidates should be investigated as to their eligibility to hold the office they seek. That includes Romney. He was born in the U S but were his parents citizens when he was born? Don't consider Jindal because his parents were still citizens if India when he was born.

  11. Obama is already making noises about having second thoughts about running for office in 2012. If we can keep this pressure on, he'll have to drop out.

  12. lol ,fair indeed .. we will worry about the romnney bridge when and if we ever have to cross it ,

    i like the dollar bill idea though ,it creates an additional financial record keeping headache for any govt office .

  13. @Anonymous
    Romney's Mexican born father became a naturalized U.S. citizen BEFORE Romney was born. That his father subsequently moved to France has no bearing whatsoever on Romney being a "natural born Citizen".

  14. From HDOH Director Fuddy's April 25, 2011 letter to Obama:

    "I have reviewed your request for two certified copies of your original Certificate of Live Birth. As the Director of Health for the State of Hawaii, I have the legal authority to approve the process by which copies of such documents are made. Through that authority, in recognition of your status of President of the United States, I am making an exception to current departmental policy which is to issue a computer-generated certified copy.


    Enclosed please find two certified copies of your original Certificate of Live Birth. I have witnessed the copying of the certificates and attest to the authenticity of these copies. [yadda-yadda-yadda]"

    In stating that she was making an exception to current departmental policy of issuing a computer-generated copy, HDOH Director Fuddy in essence stated that she was issuing a photocopier-generated copy. That that is in fact what she meant is backed up by her later statement "I have witnessed the copying..." as opposed to "I have witnessed the computer-generation".

    Assuming that's what HDOH Director Fuddy actually did it means the scanning etal was done after Obama's personal counsel/authorized agent Ms. Judith Corley, personally took possession of the two photocopies from HDOH Director Fuddy.

    On the other hand, I find it very difficult to believe that anyone could copy a document with a security pattern background onto paper with an identical security pattern and have the security pattern of the document line up perfectly (to a digital pixel) with the security pattern of the paper onto which it was copied. Possible? Yes. Likely? No way in hell.

  15. @Anonymous
    Go for it. Ask Romney to produce his long form bc and documents proving that his parents were citizens at the time of his birth.

    In the end, I hope it turns out to be an exercise in futility because I don't want Romney.

  16. Has anyone read the book The Obama Error by Stephen Pidgeon's:

    LINKS: Interview with attorney Stephen Pidgeon. Attorney Pidgeon claims he found a record for a name change from "Barak Mounir Ubayd" to "Barack Hussein Obama" on October 14th, 1982 in Skookumchuck, British Columbia. Attorney Pidgeon also discusses his new book titled

    "The Obama Error" -

  17. Sounds like L.Fuddy needs to throw the shovel down and quit digging. Game over.

  18. I called 808-586-2211 today around 4PM EST. That is a switchboard for the State of Hawaii. I chose the prompts that led me to the state legislature. All quotes from here on are a paraphrase from my notes. I told the operator:

    "I would like to see the legislature investigate the Hawaii Department of Health for issuing a forged birth certificate for Barack Obama."

    She acted totally surprised and like she didn't know what to do with my comment. She put me on hold and came back suggesting that I call the Ombudsman at 808 587 0770. This is the office that handles complaints.

    I called that number and spoke to Alfred Itamura. I restated my complaint. He responded that "we do not think it is forged and will not be conducting an investigation. If you think there is a problem you should go through the courts."

    One of my conclusions is that I do not think we overwhelmed them at all. Another is that they are sticking to the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate. I doubt that will surprise anyone here.

  19. "One of my conclusions is that I do not think we overwhelmed them at all. Another is that they are sticking to the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate. I doubt that will surprise anyone here."

    OF COURSE they are. They are the ones who issued the damn thing.

    Lol you people are such retards.

  20. @Anonymous

    "Instead of a real dollar, why not send play money with the words "obama's birth certificate is as phoney as this play money is."


    This is a terrible idea, and while it may be well-meant, it plays exactly into the hands of the Obots: all they have to do is throw the money away and all your work is gone.

    REAL money DOES NOT get thrown away. If it does, it is when it's in the hands of liberals, and they can do whatever they want to ensure that they themselves - and only they - go broke. Indeed, they are legally obligated not to destroy the money, and once our message is on it, especially if it's printed over the area where the numbers are so it can't be inked-out, then they are stuck with spreading the message. Everyone is.

    Where's George has been stamping money for 12 years and has been covered by every news outlet. They received no special governmental exceptions. As long as the money can continue to be used as currency, it's legal. Period. The law is explicit: defacing money is only illegal if the intent is to make it unusable as currency. If it's legal for Where's George after 12 years of continuous operation it is for us.

    Don't be surprised if some ultra-leftist legislator panics and attempts to make stamping money with a message illegal, so do it now and as much as you can while you still can. You can resort to play money if it becomes illegal to stamp the real thing. In the meantime, roll out.

    Everyone has been bitching for 2 years that they cannot get around the mainstream media. Now you can. So what are you waiting for? For God's sake, just do it.


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