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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Via WND: - Fox News expert denies he claimed birth certificate legit - Angry at network for refusing to retract its story on Obama document - Jerome Corsi

NEW YORK – The computer graphics expert Fox News relied upon to claim the birth certificate the White House released April 27 was legitimate insists that the network must retract the story, claiming it deliberately misquoted him and continues to ignore his repeated requests.

Jean Claude Tremblay told WND that that none of his comments would permit the conclusion that the Obama birth certificate is an authentic document.

"I no longer trust Fox News," he said, expressing anger verging on distain for the way he feels the network treated him. "Despite my protests, Fox News will not allow me to correct their story."

The controversy traces to a Web story by Fox News reporter Jana Winter two days after the White House released the birth certificate, titled "Expert: No Doubt Obama's Birth Certificate is Legit."

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Noting that Obama doubters were claiming the birth certificate was a fake, Winter wrote, "But a leading software expert says there's no doubt about its authenticity, and he dismisses claims of fraud as flat-out wrong."

"I never said that," Tremblay insists. "Winter called me and talked to me for about five minutes on the telephone, and she never said she was going to quote me. Then she misrepresented what I said."

In a long post on his professional website in Montreal, Canada, Tremblay said "Ms. Winter has attributed a conclusion to me in the title that I did not mention in the interview."

He asserted that the way Winter interpreted his comments about the use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software in the PDF (Portable Document Format) file of the Obama birth certificate released by the White House "were also not 100 percent accurate."

In his written comments, Tremblay expressed his consternation.

"First, I never thought that what I saw in the Birth Certificate PDF was a proof of its authenticity," he wrote. "For me, what I have seen does not prove that it is legit, nor that it is a fake, nor that there has been any tampering whatsoever," he wrote. "The title of the blog does not represent my conclusion. It would be unprofessional and simplistic within my area of competence to come to a conclusion one way or the other."

Despite making repeated requests to Fox News to post a correction, including several comments to Winter on Twitter, Fox News has continued to leave its original story posted without any corrections or qualifications.

Winter did not respond to a WND call asking for comment.

"As far as I am concerned, Fox News is not trustworthy," Tremblay said. "I would not watch Fox News or read the Fox News [website] because they have never replied to me or allowed me to post my corrections to their report of my comments and views."

In the technical note Tremblay wrote on his website, he explained, "In my humble opinion, what I see about how the PDF is built does not prove any falsification. If there was tampering, we must look elsewhere and not how the PDF was created."

Tremblay refused to comment on WND reports by scanner expert Doug Vogt or by typography expert Paul Irey that the Obama birth certificate is a forgery. ...Continued here: 

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Notre Dame Professor Charles Rice: Obama's eligibility could be biggest political fraud in the history of the world; time for a new approach -Details here. 

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Detailed reports on Obama's SS# can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Visit the Birther Vault for the long list of evidence against Hawaii officials and all of the people questioning Obama's eligibility; [].
News Release: A Final Long Report - Obama's Certificate of Live Birth - 6/13/2011
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  1. Anyone have any idea why Fox would have chosen this particular "expert" to call up and ask to look at the PDF? I found it odd that he doesn't even seem to think he is that much of an expert in deciding if documents are fake or not?

  2. Fox news credability has went down the drain over this. Their actions prove they are owned also. I was at one time a devoted fox news fan,from the begining. Not anymore,when you have to go to foreign newspapers to get the news,its pretty bad. I broke off with them right after the fraud was elected,over the eligibility issue.O'reilly is a fool,and a traitor. So is fox news.

  3. They don't call it "Faux News" for nothing!

  4. Perhaps Saudi Prince Alwaleed, who allegedly gave a multi-million dollar donation to Harvard to get Obama into Harvard Law and who owns 5% of News Corp., the parent company of Fox News, might have just bought another chunk of the network. Just a guess.

    Tell Tremblay to tell his story to Breitbart.

  5. I would never assign a motive for the Fox News cover-up on this; the reasons could range from being in bed with Obama and the Saudi Prince to just country-club-style Republican terror that if Obama is found to be a usurper, that the situation might get out of control in a way that they would find undesirable. However, corruption and cowardice both are no justifications for the dissemnination of intentional dis-information and untruth. They may think the world works that way, but their slowly eroding neilson numbers indicate otherwise.

    Fox News can and should draw upon Zebest and other genuine experts whose mainstream credibility is untouchable. They don;t. They won't. We don't know the reason, but Fox News is officially engaged in a very manifest form of corruption.

    Keep pushing this issue forward. Let everyone know. There is no choice for those who care about the solvency of a country currently being presided over by a genuine ideological communist who is arrogant enough to mercilessly force his way through no matter what. A year and a half is a very long time under those circumstances.

  6. I read Tremblay's blog. He is wrong on a couple of counts and freely admits his lack of expertise to make a conclusion, both points missed in the WND article which are crucial to understanding the story. Points:

    1. "I opened the document with Acrobat Pro and also later using Adobe Illustrator. At first I found it strange to see a number of layers in the file, but without necessarily finding a deliberate act of manipulation."

    Stupid and ridiculous - there is absolutely evidence of deliberate manipulation. Embedded command info in the layers such as rotations and other absolutely deliberate commands are what amount to autobiographical admissions by the document itself that it was forged. Whoever did it was supposed to purge the history of the layers before making a dozen other mistakes so such evidence didn't exist. Most professionals do it to keep trade secrets. They didn't. The slow and deliberate creation of the document - deliberate manipulation by definition - is manifestly embedded in the document itself. Of this there is no question. It's a fake. A pathetic fake.

    2. He admits he is not an expert and not competent to render any judgment. These quotes tell the tale:

    "It would be unprofessional and simplistic within my area of competence to come to a conclusion one way or the other." Note the word is not "expertise" but "competence". He's telling us he isn't very good at this.

    "I’m not a detective specialized in the forgery of electronic documents. I am an instructor in graphic design software working to help people work faster, better and smarter."

    In other words, he's a teacher. Most of the graphics teachers I have known, while great people, were essentially people who started out wanting to be professional practitioners but fell to teaching when they couldn't cut it in the professional world. Clearly, he isn't good enough to be used as a point of authority by his own admission.

    While sweet in its own way, this demonstration from his blog of what he teaches is absolutely graphics 101 basic on a fundamental level, and many times below what is needed to do a comprehensive analysis on the document. I think even non-experts will detect that right away:

    To use this guy instead of the extremely solid analysis of upper-echelon experts like Zebest and others is nothing less than a heinous crime in journalism by Fox. It's "BULLSHIT" written in IMPACT font, red text color, at 72 point.

  7. G'day mates,

    Judging by comments left here and elsewhere over the past couple months my guess is Fox viewership numbers are hurting over this. Good! Clearly they have joined the ranks of those actively engaging in a blatant cover-up of the truth.

    A good question is why select a disinterested Canadian to begin with, as if there were some dirth of American experts. Orders came from top to squelch the truth, that much we know. That they are all a bunch of hypocritical, yellow journalists betraying the Constitution goes without saying.

    Oh, and what are the chances Fox-bashing Media Matters will pick up on this story of calculated false reporting. Zilch.

  8. What is wrong about the picture of Obama listed above in this article?

    There is something not correct. Do you know what it is, can you see it, or figure it out? Before reading my response, please, look at the photo again then continue to read my response afterwords....

    If you were paying attention to the photo, and its not the first time, Obama is wearing the United States Flag Lapel Pin on the "right side" of his suit. This is highly incorrect and an exact opposite of showing American Patriotism.

    A U.S. flag pin is a piece of jewelry that depicts the United States flag. Since the pin is a "representation" of the flag, it should be worn respectfully and in accordance with the United States Flag Code. Wearing the flag pin on the left side of your body, close to your heart is in accordance to the U.S. Code. The reasoning of wearing it on your left side is to publicly display to others where your American Loyalty lays, close to your Heart.

    It clearly shows that Obama is not in accordance to the U.S. Flag Code - but much worse; it depicts a person that flagrantly flaunts the "in your face" behavior, despicable enough for any American patriot to vomit, appreciable for any Socialist or Communist to praise. Obama the Foreigner dishonors our Country, our Fallen Soldiers, our Founding Fathers....

    There are no such things as intentional accidents.

    Just pointing out the obivous,

    William Richardson

  9. I did intentionally leave out another incorrect portion of the Flag pin Obama is wearing, can anyone figure it out? It is also against the U.S. Flag Code.


    If you said the Flag is backwards, move to the head of the class.


  10. @C.A. Holly

    Your question really begs further investigation, if such were possible: why choose this low-level academic Canadian and then plaster a conclusion falsely attributed to him all over the world?

    Fox has plenty of graphics people on their TV outfit and online presence. Why not get a bunch of them together? That's what I would do. If you were working at Fox, that's what you would do, too. That's what anyone would do - choose the people immediately around you with whom you are familiar and could trust. That's how the world works.

    Yet out of nowhere, with a seeminly innocent expression and eyes wondrously scanning the clouds, they come up with this low-level teacher from another country, who just happened to be a hard-core Obama supporter - and then they used him and left him gasping to defend himself from a headline that did not represent even his lowly point of view in the first place.

    The reason is probably that they went to their own graphics people first who very quietly told them what all we pros know - it is a fake, and the reporter had to expand her search for 2 days until she found hapless Tremblay who was then journalistically fucked worse than a two-dollar whore for an obvious political agenda from an outfit that claims to be "Fair and Balanced". That's what happened, pardon my french. And it stinks of a coverup, of felonious conspiracy and of gross and unconscionable journalistic manipulation.

    WND should follow up to find out how Fox chose this guy of all people to represent the world of expert graphics analysis. Maybe in his initial first interview moments with the Fox reporter, the reporter mentioned how they chose him, or the official story, anyway. That would be worth knowing.

    This stinks to high heaven. This really is a story in itself. I don't blame the guy for not trusting Fox. I stopped watching once Beck and O'Reilly started gleefully mocking "Birthers"

    Good point, Holly, that few are really asking - and should.

    Why Trembly? Why not expert-author Mara Zebest who by that time had already spoken out on a local Fox TV affiliate and should have been on the top of their list? Why not the legion of professional graphics people already employed by Fox? The answer seems clear: All those people had the same conclusion - the birth certificate is a fake - and it isn't what Fox wanted to report. That's called corruption.

  11. QUOTE:

    "Judging by comments left here and elsewhere over the past couple months my guess is Fox viewership numbers are hurting over this. Good! Clearly they have joined the ranks of those actively engaging in a blatant cover-up of the truth."

    You are right, and, Fox joined the ranks of those actively engaging in covering up the truth around, or just before, Barry was elected.

    They have been at this cover-up for almost 3 years.

    Fox is worthless.

  12. What are we doing? We don’t need more proof of the forgery or NBC ineligibility. We need coordinated action. Blogging is not helping. Get this story into the mainstream! There is nothing going on with this. Nothing! I am so frustrated and tired of reading the same thing over and over. We need to raise a big stink and people have to be willing to get locked up. Why can’t we community organize on this? Hold a 3 day birther convention!

  13. Farah and Corsi have crapped out..Where the fuck are those TV ads? Fuck all of you shit for brains Americans that won't stand up for jack unless it directly affects your wallet. The only ones standing up are ORYR and Pro-Graphics. All the rest of you dumb shits are sitting around on your fat asses depositing your smug two cents and some new link about NBC that everyone already knows about and then on about your day! We don't anymore proof of forgery or another take on the NBC issue. This country cannot survive another year and half with this monster in office! We are getting stonewalled fucked in the ass 9 ways to Sunday and all you can say is "just pointing out the obvious." Fuck you all for dumping on my Republic!!! The left deserve to control this country because they fight 100 times harder for their position then you lazy fucks with a keyboard! You can even fight for what you know in your heart is the truth! Coordinate! Think like a community organizer! Think like a leftist union thug! Make something happen! Get this fucking story mainstream! We need a 3 day Birther Convention! I probably need to eat something....

  14. @charlesmountain

    Charles is right. But I will say this about Fox News. I think that they would tell the truth but they are bullied around by this regieme. I think we need to come up with a plant to get TV Ads.

  15. @Anonymous

    What are we doing? We don’t need more proof of the forgery or NBC ineligibility. We need coordinated action.




    This from wikipedia about "Where's George"


    "As of May 18, 2011, Where's George? is tracking 190,623,138 bills totaling US$1,028,594,634"


    By "track" they mean people like you and me, have stamped bills themselves. IT IS LEGAL, and after 12 years Where's George has set a legal precedent.

    Here is a PROMO for Where's George

    Fascinating video on how money travels statistically (LOOK AT THE GRAPH!)

    Video on Where's George

    A very short one that shows you how common this is

    This shows just how out of control this can get, ;)

    There are hundreds of these Where's George videos on youtube.

    Interesting factoid: Researchers found that 57% of the nearly half a million dollar bills studied traveled between 30 miles and 500 miles over approximately nine months in the United States.

    Each bill you stamp with "Obama's Birth Certificate Is Fake" legally reaches an average of 2 - 3 different people a day. So if you stamp 10 $1 bills a week, that's 14 people a week minimum for each bill to a total of 140 people a week.That's 560 people a month. That's 6,720 people a year. That's assuming at bars and restaurants people don't show their friends and they will. So just say 13, 440 people who get the message from now until this day one year from today, for one person who has only ever stamped 10 one dollar bills total in their entire lifetime.

    If 1,000 "birther" patriots do it (there are millions of us, so we're talking about a tiny, tiny fraction), then in one year that's 134 MILLION messages delivered.

    I'm betting you spend more than 10 one dollar bills a week. What if it's 100? that's 1,400 messages seen a week *per person*, and if 10 people do 100 a week that's 14,000 messages a week or 3/4 OF A MILLION messages for only *ten people* doing 100 dollars in ONE week and only one week in their lifetime.

    If only ten people do 100 dollars a week FOR A YEAR that's THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY EIGHT MILLION messages delivered in a year by only 10 people stamping - not investing or giving away - $100.00 a week that they would be spending anyway - AND THERE IS NO WAY TO STOP THE MESSAGE.

    If 100 Birther report people alone do that for one year - stamping 100 dollars a week they would spend anyway - or 1000 people stamping ten dollars a week every week for a year, they would generate - are you ready - 3,780,000,000 THREE BILLION, SEVEN HUNDRED AND EIGHTY MILLION MESSAGES IN ONE YEAR.

    If 200 people - only - did exactly the same thing that would be SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX BILLION times people saw the message in ONE year. You get the picture. One thousand people would be 3 TRILLION message delivered in one year. TRILLION. For real. Between now and well before the election (and more thereafter) Obama's Birth Certificate Is Fake will be see by over a billion and maybe a trillion times. That's several times for every man, woman and child in the United Sates assuming they only look at it once. If every person sees the message twice -once when they get it and once when they spend it, then double all the above numbers.

    Every one of you has bemoaned the fact that we cannot get around the mainstream media. This is the answer. Now, are you serious or aren't you? Only you can answer that question.

  16. @Anonymous

    Stamp money and leave fliers while you're planning your TV ad campaign. otherwise you;re wasting valuable time, and there is no more time to waste.

  17. Stamp money and hand out fliers while planning the big birther convention. Don't waste time waiting for one when you can be doing both. We've done that for years. We need to move now.

    As for Farrah and Corsi, and I agree that they are imperfect messengers to be sure, but they're our still guys. If you can do better, then do. If you can do anything at all, you must. Stamping money, fliers, anything legal. Get to it. Play time is over. It's time to move.

  18. BULLSHIT!!! Pardon my language but I know the great Commander Kerchner weighs in from time to time here so my plea goes out to him and others monitoring this blog while ORYR is away. Sir what the fuck does it take to rent a large conference hall in a reputable hotel with a projection screen and a fucking podium for 2 to 3 days in downtown Washington? Bring all the evidence and the goddamn experts along with all the the big names Corsi, Farah, Rondeau, Puzo, Vogt, Irey, Taitz, Alex Jones etc...and have a fucking BIRTER CONVENTION!with fucking camera's to record a DVD of the whole fucking shindig! Go though the whole fucking list from soup to nuts...the court cases, the examples of the media cover-up..clips of the lies, the experts the whole nine yards! Of course conduct it in a straightforward and civil manner. I cannot do this myself but I am sure many Patriots would volunteer to help organize and coordinate a project such as this. Then afterwards at the end of each day, peacefully walk over to the White House and if you get fucking arrested..Good fucking deal! That's free fucking media coverage. I'll come and get arrested, whatever it takes to this goddamn usurper out of our FUCKING White House! This blogging crap is for the birds!It's time for action and take this front and center mainstream! I am tired of this fucking cowardice from the keyboard. WND and Frah promised us TV ads. Well where is that fucking money I sent him? They stakes are high but if we win..if we fucking win, you Commander and your esteemed colleagues are heroes of the highest fucking order! Do you hear me! DO YOU FUCKING HEAR US??? What does it take to do this? What does it fucking take...I want to know!

  19. Charlesmountain: do it at the Watergate Hotel!

  20. OK, so add my Congressman, Tom McClintock CA-04-RINO to the "Fecal Roster"! He's denying anything wrong with Obama other than his "policies"! Who's taking names so we can "kick some a$$"??!!

  21. @ Pro Grahics -

    Doug Vogt and Paul Irey have both stated the b.c. is forged.

    WND's hired expert, Ivan Zatkovich, said "clearly their is evidence that the document was changed"

    Do you know of any other document experts, who have who have claimed forgery, publically?

  22. Time for WND to sponsor a BIRTHER BUS, and take it across the country. Give vid presentations, hand outs, and find the fraud yourself demos. The final stop for the BIRTHER BUS, would be the BIRTHER CONVENTION. I have sent three emails to WND suggesting the bus and that I can't wait to donate. The time HAS come.

  23. Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Let's put together a solid email list of all the big guns. Then email the hell out of them and let them know our plan and that we are willing to lend support. Once we establish this list we can pass it around to all the birther support blogs Citizen Wells, Dr Kate etc and enlist them to email. We can do this! I like the Birther bus idea ending at the Birther Convention. I also thought about the Watergate hotel. Ok lets get that email list started. Start with the names we need Corsi, Farah, Rondeau, Vogt, Taitz Vallely, Klein, Irey, Wiles, Roth, Hagmann, Puzo, Donofrio, Sellin Kerchner Boyles... Please add to this last! Let's grass roots this puppy!

  24. That's a good call by the commenter W. R. about the breaches of flag etiquette. I agree that as incompetent as they are, there is no way that's an accident. Especially when you couple that with the myriad of other past flag faux pas exhibited by the Quisling.

  25. We should do a "birther" party at the site of the next scheduled GOP debate...

    The Shadow Party: Part I

    The Shadow Party: Part II

    The Shadow Party: Part III

    Campaign 2000: The Arianna Sideshow,9171,997581-1,00.html

  26. @Anonymous

    "Just pointing out the obivous"

    Could the image be reversed?

  27. Who's to say Corsi didn't accompany ORYR to Hawaii and Jakarta. Maybe that's why no stop in Kenya? Corsi was previously kicked out and as such it's doubtful he could enter the country again.

  28. @charlesmountain

    Okay, rent the ballroom, hire the speakers (or not), do the advertising. You say "What does it take?" Okay, it takes you.

    WHILE you are doing that, you can be stamping money with the phrase "Obama's Birth certificate Is Fake" and making fliers - you can use the Commander's art from his Newspaper ads - and get the word out.

    The problem with your either/or approach is that you seem to be saying DON'T stamp money and make fliers, because the time you are doing that and achieving something, you could be blissfully daydreaming about a convention. People have been saying that for 2 years and it has never happened. Go on the WND cruise to Alaska. It's the closest you'll come to such an organized event. What you are doing is what Obots do to waste our time - pretend to be us and try to put us on the path to nowhere with daydreaming about big, huge extravaganzas that can never happen, and people have been suckered. But we're out of time now. We have no more time for daydreams. Boots on the ground action is required.

    BUT if you make the convention arrangements I'll run up some slick advertising art for you. I can do that, handle my business, my life, blog here AND stamp money and make fliers, which I do. Why is YOUR time so short and precious?

    Stamp Money
    Make/spread around fliers.

    We've gone as far as we can go on the internet, and while 1/3 of Americans are convinced and 1/2 of Americans are suspicious, we haven't closed the deal enough to force legal action, but we can. Get in their faces, now, in physical life. Close the deal. Stamp money. Spread around fliers. Is your time so precious that you can read and post blogs but not get a $20.00 - $30.00 stamp kit and start stamping the money you would be spending anyway? Is it too much to make fliers from the newspaper ad art and spread them around? Is that too much for YOU to do while bitching every day how others are supposed to do what you want them to do?

  29. @Anonymous

    @ Pro Grahics -

    Doug Vogt and Paul Irey have both stated the b.c. is forged.

    WND's hired expert, Ivan Zatkovich, said "clearly their is evidence that the document was changed"

    Do you know of any other document experts, who have who have claimed forgery, publically?


    My evidence site has several.

    I will be updating it very extensively in the next week or so to reflect the gathering tsunami of experts who have come forward since the site was first put up.

  30. @charlesmountain

    Let's put together a solid email list of all the big guns. Then email the hell out of them and let them know our plan and that we are willing to lend support. Once we establish this list we can pass it around to all the birther support blogs Citizen Wells, Dr Kate etc and enlist them to email. We can do this! I like the Birther bus idea ending at the Birther Convention. I also thought about the Watergate hotel. Ok lets get that email list started. Start with the names we need Corsi, Farah, Rondeau, Vogt, Taitz Vallely, Klein, Irey, Wiles, Roth, Hagmann, Puzo, Donofrio, Sellin Kerchner Boyles... Please add to this last! Let's grass roots this puppy!


    This has been tried. It never worked. Obots have been trying to lead us down endless allys of talk and hopeless action for 2 years and have mostly succeeded with plans exactly as you describe. Now when people are saying, "Yes, I'll stamp money - because it's legal - with birther messages and make fliers to get the word out", you start screaming that we should go over these same hopeless avenues of failure again. You sound like a hyperventilating Obot.

    We tried e-mailing Fox News en mass. They simply complained on-air about the "crazies". We tried e-mailing congress and they send back form letters thanking us for our time, repeating Obama's BS nativity story and asking for our vote in November. We tried making our voices known at the Beck convention and were told birthers were not welcome. We held a 2 million person rally - mostly about health care - in DC and the media ignored us to the point here 2 million people we instantly rendered invisible. "Rallies" in DC to support Berg or Denofrio or someone were put together by Plains Radio - with claims how thousands would descend on DC - and a pathetic few showed up. Pastor Manning did something similar in NYC with similar results.

    It doesn't work. Trump worked. Money works.

    Enough. It's time to take a REAL grassroots approach.

    Stamp money and you have sent a message in a bottle that cannot ever be legally stopped. Send out fliers. Helium Balloon launches are legal if the balloons are rubber (biodegradable) and travel very, very far before coming down in many towns or miles around a state fair or a hundred parking lots lot - the novelty of the message being delivered by balloon will have a huge impact.

    If you can afford it, buy several copies of Corsi's book and spread it around.

    Talk of writing to bigwigs and conventions has proven to be worthless. We have tried that and done it. Nothing happens. Stop acting like a time-wasting Obot. We don't have time to waste.

    Get real. If 10 people each mark ten one dollar bills, according to experts such a bill ultimately will reach hundreds of thousands in a few months. That is where you can make a difference and costs you nothing but the stamp and ink. Get in their faces FOR REAL.

    THEN if you want to do things BESIDES that, then at least you will have done ONE thing that will make a difference.

  31. @Hotlanta Mike

    I'm half on-board with this, conceptually. But the Shadow Party is too ideological, to complicated and not message-oriented enough for the time we have left.

    I suggest a variation: anyone who can get inside those venues should spread the message around by stealth. Put small fliers around, and repeat the process once the fliers have been removed. Get the message where they least expect it. Rattle their chains - I'm talking about the GOP, now. Let them know they are one inactive step away from national humiliation on-stage in front of millions. THAT will wake them up. Then when they go to buy a drink at the bar to settle their nerves, they get their change back from the bartender and it has "Obama's Birth Certificate Is Fake" stamped on it. That is how we can win this thing. And we must win this thing.

  32. @C.A. Holly

    Jeri Corsi has undergone radio silence recently...he must be engaged in additional investigation.

  33. @Anonymous
    That's what I was thinking. With both the flag being reversed (who the hell would make a reversed flag pin?) and the pin on the wrong side (who the hell besides military and William Richardson even knows that?), the most logical conclusion is that the image has been reversed.

  34. Well it is my good luck in real, as I was searching something else on internet and I am here to your blog by chance and I must say it is a good site buddy.


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