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Friday, June 3, 2011

~ U.S. District Chief Judge Royce C. Lamberth ~
[update] Two new orders issued in the FOIA lawsuit against Social Security Administrations Micheal Astrue regarding Obama's social security number reserved for Connecticut applicants. According to the first order atty Taitz has 14 days to refile her First Amended Complaint. The Defendants'(SSA) filed a Motion to Strike Plaintiff's(Taitz) Complaint, First Amended Complaint and attached exhibits. On June 1 Chief Judge Royce Lamberth granted that motion in part and denied it in part. According to the order attorney Orly Taitz must redact the SS#'s in her complaint and refile it.


This court, having considered Defendants’ Motion to Strike Plaintiff’s Complaint, First Amended Complaint, and attached exhibits, It is hereby ORDERED that Defendants’ motion is GRANTED, in part and DENIED in part. Plaintiff’s Complaint, First Amended Complaint, and all attached exhibits shall be removed from the public record and filed under seal. Plaintiff is directed to refile those documents with properly redacted social-security numbers on the public record within 14 days of this date.

SO ORDERED, this 1st day of June 2011. - Stamped Order embedded below...

Second order issued by Judge Lamberth is the Scheduling Order, also embedded below...

Via atty Taitz: Did White House counsel, Robert Bauer, get an early warning of the order by Judge Lamberth on June 1st, which prompted his resignation on June 2nd???

Chief judge of the U. S. district court in the District of Columbia, Royce Lamberth, issued his scheduling order on June 1st. What is important, that it says, that the FOIA cases are exempt from the initial meet and confer, which means that there is no need for Rule 26 conference, so the discovery is on, which means, that the deposition of the White House Counsel regarding Obama’s fraudulent use of the Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425 and his use of the forged birth certificate, can go on. Robert Bauer could get deposed. Typically the White House gets an early warning of what is going on in courts, particularly in the DC courts. I wonder, if the White House Counsel Robert Bauer got information from one of the clerks, that the case will go on, which prompted his resignation the next day, on June the second. The clerks held on to this order and filed the June 1 order by judge Lamberth 2 days later, on June the 3rd. I got this information via PACER only a few minutes ago, even though I am the plaintiff on the case..

If you are an attorney or paralegal or court reporter in DC or HI and want to help in this case, please contact me at 949-683-5411 or at

UPDATE: Please see the comment thread for updates. The obot lawyers are very nervous about what has taken place above.
Taitz v Astrue USDC DC - ORDER Granting in Part and DENYING in Part - Motion to Strike - 6/2/11
Taitz v Astrue USDC DC - SCHEDULING-ORDER - 6/2/11

Confirmed: Democratic Party of Hawaii would not certify in 2008 that Obama was constitutionally and legally eligible for the Office of President -Details here. 

Notre Dame Professor Charles Rice: Obama's eligibility could be biggest political fraud in the history of the world; time for a new approach -Details here. 

Attorney Mario Apuzzo: All presidents born after 1787, except for Chester Arthur and Barack Obama, met the “natural born Citizen” criteria. -Details here. 

Commander Charles Kerchner: List of U.S. Presidents - Eligibility under Article II Grandfather Clause (GFC) or Natural Born Citizen (NBC) Clause or Seated due to Election Fraud -Details here. 

Jack Cashill Discusses Obama's Fraudulent Social Security Number Reserved for Connecticut Applicants -Video here. 

Detailed reports on Obama's SS# can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Visit the Birther Vault for the long list of evidence against Hawaii officials and all of the people questioning Obama's eligibility; [].
Obama Long Form Birth Certificate Forged - Wash Times National Weekly Edition 20110530 pg 5


  1. Who gives a fuck. Orly taitz has been going to court since 2009 over the usurper and nothing has happened yet and now they are saying 14 more days before they consider. They are stonewalling until another 911 happens or the madrid earthquake and then nobody will care about that lying motherfucker being eligible for president.

  2. Then move along and go hide in your bunker...

  3. No one is more honest, more tenacious, sacrifices more, catches more shit, gets less recognition, has more balls or gets more done than ORLY..! Absolutely NO ONE..!

    She IS our "TRUE" LEADER..!
    The only one I truly trust.
    AAAAAAAnd you know DAAAAAAt...!

  4. ORYR,
    Thanks for posting this.
    It looks like Judge Lamberth is in on the fix. Could Orly recuse him? Could this be tried as a common law case, with a common-law jury? (First, move the case with a change of venue out of obamaland). I suppose Orly knows what she is doing, but just thought I would throw this into the hopper.

  5. @Anonymous

    "It looks like Judge Lamberth is in on the fix."

    I don't see how you come to that conclusion. Under the rules Orly must redact the SS#'s in her complaint. He is giving her the chance to refile it with the SS#'s redacted. The case moves forward. In fact this is going to get good.

    Check this comment out from the vile obot lawyer "realist" at Fogbow:

    Welsh Dragon wrote:
    Am I reading to much into Orly's comments or is she planning to subpoena Bob Bauer? :-k

    wouldn't that be fun! -xx


    Well, of course she is. And why not? Judge Lamberth just gave her the green light. Hell, she could subpoena Pelosi and Reid and even Obama (might as well go for the gold).

    And to think all this time the birthers were denegrating Judge Lamberth as just another bought-off commie Marxist Nazi member of the Obama regime when, in fact, he was just waiting for the right case to come along to blow this whole obamafraudgate wide open.

    When Orly sets up Bauer's deposition she should be sure and obtain the services of a court reporting service that offers RealTime reporters. The depo can actually be broadcast over the net in real time.

    This is HUGE!!

  6. And this by realist:

    When we asked Taitz if Lamberth could issue a subpoena himself, she replied, “I don’t know. The officials in Hawaii might say that they need to have an order from a judge in a court there. Also, usually judges don’t sign subpoenas in FOIA cases. However, I will try to find out if Lamberth could sign it.”


    But this is not a "usual" situation at all. Judge Lamberth has given Orly the green light because he finally found a case that will allow this issue to be blown wide open.

    We all knew, as has been stated here many times, there is that case out there with the perfect plaintiff with standing and pleaded in the proper way, and this is it. It's hard to believe it was a case Orly filed, but she kept plugging away and did it. I still believe it was purely accidental, and she had no idea what she could accomplish in Taitz v Astrue, but nevertheless here we are.

  7. And from the obot IRS attorney:

    Judge Lamberth did not dismiss the case. Orly got past standing!!!!

  8. Wow! I'm actually encouraged here. Looked up Royce Lamberth and he's a Reagan appointee. Could this be the big break we've been looking for? There's always hope, people.

  9. Taitz - "Robert Bauer could get deposed. Typically the White House gets an early warning of what is going on in courts, particularly in the DC courts."

    I would expect Obama would give Bauer cover using 'Executive Privilege' and is now also covered by Attorney/Client privilege.

    President Bush invoked Executive Privilege when former White House counsel, Harriet Miers, was subpoenaed by Cong Conyers. She ignored the Dem House panel investigating the U.S. attorney firings.


  10. And this gem from the vile obot lawyers:

    this case at this point is different than all the past birther cases. It's been the normal procedure when a birther case was filed that a Motion to Dismiss was the initial action taken by the government. In this case they filed an Answer rather than a Motion to Dismiss. The problem with that is that it was filed late and the SSA is in technical default, therefore a Motion to Dismiss at this time would be moot.

    As for how that ties in with Judge Lamberth's Order directing Orly to redact her initial pleading, while he's sealed the original, it is nothing more than him covering all the bases and making sure all the Ts are crossed and Is dotted, rather than be reversed on appeal by denying in whole the Motion to Strike.

    This case will go forward with the government at the mercy of Orly because of their inattention. And not only will it go forward, but since it is a FOIA case and even under normal circumstances bypasses the normal Rule 26 discovery procedures, it is on a fast track.

  11. @ObamaRelease YourRecords

    "Check this comment out from the vile obot lawyer "realist" at Fogbow:"

    Fogbow posters are a mentally deranged group. These guys would be happy working for or being another Mao or Stalin.

  12. @Anonymous

    I agree but judging by their comments on these latest rulings they are very nervous about what has taken place and pissed off!

  13. Orly Taitz. Her accent, enthusiasm and maybe her lack of legal experience have enabled the left to label her a nutjob. But I've never doubted her determination, or that her heart is in the right place. It would be sweet justice in more ways than one if she succeeds here.

  14. Hi guys,
    They are really, really worried over at the Foxbow forum. Go read the "Taitz v. Astrue - FOIA action" thread before they use the hidden comments tool more than they already have. Arrow forward to the June comments as there are some 33 pages altogether.

  15. Butterfly Bilderburg on fogbow seems to think Orly has been out manouvered on this and has been checkmated.

  16. Yea rite. How many times have we been happy only to be let down time and time again since 2009. I bet you they wont hear the case until november and wont rule on anything until january 2012. Stop being so gullible people.

  17. @commykiller
    No other "birther" attorney has made more stupid mistakes, either. For the love of all that's holy, I do hope she gets some good, competent help from attorneys in both HI and CA...or at least a paralegal in each of the two states to make sure the right documents are filed and that they're filed properly.

  18. California birther/dualer/doubterJune 3, 2011 at 2:27 PM

    I had been wondering what became of this case after Taitz filed the default notice. Nice to hear that she got the green light to topple the house of cards that Barry built. This very well well could explain Bauer's move. Now on to read Sharon Rondeau's account of this breaking development at the Post and Email, but first I'm going to prepare for indulging myself with a bowl of decadent Greek yogurt topped with luscious blackberries while diving into it:

  19. California birther/dualer/doubterJune 3, 2011 at 2:30 PM

    P.S. Nothing would make my day more than to have Orly be the one to bust this criminal enterprise. She deserves it, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the left will be music to my ears.

  20. There was never a "Motion to Dismiss" filed. The motion filed was to have her redact the SS#'s in her complaint...

  21. California birther/dualer/doubterJune 3, 2011 at 2:34 PM


  22. I don't see the part where discovery goes forward at this point. The judge also is giving defendents 30 days to file dispositive motions. Those can include a motion to dismiss or a motion for a summary judgement. The latter would set precedent for future cases. This is not a done deal yet. Any lawyers out there that wish to opine?

  23. @Darcy

    ButtFly - "The SSA is not in default. The reason they did not move to dismss is that they can get a quick resolution on the merits by answering and skipping directly to MSJ. Then res judicata precludes Orly from relitigating the Obama SSN issue again. It's a better strategy in FOIA litigation."

    I just read about "res judicata" and that FogOButt may have something here.


    "3. There must have been a final judgment on the merits in the original litigation. Note: Not all final judgments are based on the merits of the case (i.e., cases dismissed on jurisdictional grounds, etc.).

    Scope: Res judicata bars relitigation of claims that were previously litigated as well as claims that could have been litigated in the first lawsuit.

    Counterclaims:Res judicata is generally not applied to potential counterclaims by defendants, so defendants are not necessarily barred from raising a counterclaim in future litigation. However, remember that all counterclaims must conform to FRCP Rule 13(a), and that some counterclaims are compulsory (must be raised in original litigation or they are waived)."


  24. It seems to me that the judge is saying that FOIA actions are exempt from intitial disclosures. That means exempt from initial discovery until he rules on the dispositive motions. It appears that all that has happened is that she has to refile with redactions but the judge has made no other decisoin of any kind. It seems that he may be setting this up to be ended with a summary judgement. Again just IMHO. Any lawyers out there?

    STATE, et al.

    Looks like the same scenario to me.

  25. I am PRAYING Orly hires a spokesperson now. the Obots LOVE making a spectacle of her, she is no match for liberal pundits. They know, and use it to make "birthers" look like whackos. But try as they might, Orly is a true "sticks and stones" model. They don't hurt her. Her tenacity and fortitude have to be making them crazy. No matter how they scorn or ridicule her, she's the "Timex Attorney"!

  26. Anyone aware of what Soebarkah is doing regarding GMO foods?

    While Steve Dunham and his family enjoy organic everything, Harrison J Bounel is overriding the Supreme Court (lol, wut?) to deregulate GMO foods. This would do great harm to the organic food industry and hard working, land loving farmers all over this country. It would condemn all of your families to a life of sucking at Monsanto's genetically modified teet.

    I like organic foods, Soetoro. Stop trying to kill me. Don't you have better things to do, like get head from Larry Sinclair and Reggie Love?

    Fucking fader.

  27. As much as I think Obama has lied about a great many things, the paranoia and sheer guessing of many "birthers" is hysterical actually quite funny. "Harrison J Bounel"? Steve Dunham? Soebarkah?

    We don't know anything REALLY about any of these claims. While the SSN is one of many suspicious things, we still don't have any REAL evidence (yet).

    And again, why am I so worried about busting Obama (boy that would be great!) if Corsi really does have a mole? Because deep down, just like the rest of you, I really doubt that he has one ... or ever did

    If not, why not just unleash the guy and BOOM ---> game over. What? He's worried about getting killed? The likely story. Why likely? It gives an excuse for him never to come out.

    The whole thing is weird. Anyone else understand my frustration? How can we know that these news items and inquiries are anything but bullshizz?

  28. A President cannot use Executive Privilege in a court room. It only applies to Separation of Powers, ie the executive branch vs. the legislative branch.

  29. @Anonymous

    Soebarkah is confirmed as part of his name in his mother's passport records that were released under the FOIA.

    Obama's social security number reserved for Connecticut applicants is confirmed as being used by Obama via the Selective Service website which any person can search and confirm.

    Move along...

  30. "No matter how they scorn or ridicule her, she's the "Timex Attorney"!"

    She's an attorney who wouldn't even be allowed to practice law in any other state than CA because they don't allow cheap online schools as qualification ... She's also an "attorney" who has NEVER EVER won a single case and never will.

    Big threat you guys have there to us lowly Obots.

  31. @Anonymous
    "Anyone else understand my frustration?"

    Only other Obots understand. You should probably get back home to them. I'm sure the rest of the flying monkeys are worried about you.

  32. California birther/dualer/doubterJune 3, 2011 at 4:53 PM

    Now where have I seen this movie played before? Oh, yes ...

  33. How can we know that these news items and inquiries are anything but bullshizz?
    Easy ... you examine them thoroughly instead of hiding them and your lack of desiring the truth in your preferred darkness. Let all the facts see the light of day .... finally!

  34. Can't wait to hear Obama's mouthpiece explain the SSN from Connecticut. (If it ever gets that far).


  36. The Obot scumbags defend the ineligible putative president knowing damn well he isn't eligible. It takes a real America hating low-life to do that.

    The truth will drive them even crazier than they already are.

  37. Orly may just have knocked on the right door at the right time. This is not an eligibility case. This is about fraudelent use of a SS number but holds the promise of opening up all of obama's fraudelent cans of peas. AND it is @ the DC Court. I've always had a good vibe about Royce Lamberth and concur with ORYR's take that this case really could have legs..No need for the obama controled DOJ and FBI. AND no need from any of the corrupted Congress at this juncture. Yup, a big door maybe about to open for Dr. Taitz and the faithfull..

  38. Whoever said Dr. Orly never won a case is wrong. She recently got a $300,000 judgment in a breach of lease case. Someone should let her know that the Obots are worried and that now is the time to do DISCOVERY!

    I want to see her take on Nobama and Biden. And especially Hillary.


    YES!!!! PLS

  40. @Anonymous

    What amazing info are you referring to?

  41. @Anonymous
    Yeah, Orly won a case against a bankrupt guy that didn't show up for trial. And she hasn't filed the judgment yet, so the judge ordered her to come back into court and explain why. She may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in that one too.

  42. On a different subject, Taitz told The Post & Email that she has been receiving threats from someone employed by the IRS as an attorney who is reportedly a member of The Fogbow. A video has recently been issued about members of The Fogbow, whom we suspect but have not yet proven have harassed others, working to uncover the truth about Obama. The harassment that has been reported contains violent, graphic death threats. Taitz said that she was threatened with being taken away by people driving dark vehicles and that “it wasn’t going to be pretty” if she revealed the IRS attorney’s identity. Of the harassment, Taitz said, “People need to write to the IRS about this attorney abusing her power as well as to Congress, specifically Rep. Darrell Issa.”

    BREAKING: Obama's network of Fogbow Obots EXPOSED ~ RC of Reality Check Radio OUTED

  43. Go, Orly, there are a lot of "NATURALS" in this world, which sometimes lead to "HEROS". I don't know if she had a (so called online Education or not, or studied like >> so called Obama Sr.<< you know ,,,, Hawaii and Harvard,,(by the way, NOT flown in by PRESIDENT KENNEDY ), but I say, she has the dog-ged, natural drive AND determination of SHERLOCK HOLMES, HELLO, Did HE go to an online school, or ANY SCHOOL for that matter, or did he go with HIS NATURAL DRIVE , and INSTINCT?? Duh, Easy Answer Obots. Better Run, it is comming at cha. A True Patriot, Locked & Loaded.

  44. Those claiming that Orly didn't do certain things in certain cases should say where or when, or are you AN OBOT??? Making things up about ORLY?? Orly has only tried and tried to get things thru the courts, unlike the wannabee lawyers, and critisizers I here constantly say terrible things here about her. She seems to be the only relentless person attacking and reattacking, using and finding ANY tactic she can find to wedge a toe, then a foot in. STOP complaining and be THANKFUL that ANYONE IS TRYING ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TO FIGHT THIS FOR US. HOW ABOUT HELPING ORLY OUT, ALL YOU LAWYERS, ARE YOU TELLING ORLY ANYTHING THAT WILL HELP HER,, TO HELP US, AND AMERICA?? GO TO HER SIGHT AND CONTACT HER, AND HELP HER. DON'T COME HERE AND TELL US WHAT A BAD JOB SHE'S DOING. OF COURSE, SOME OF THESE COMMENTS ARE OBVIOUSLY FROM OBOTS. ALL, I HOPE.

  45. @ AuntieMadder

    No other "birther" attorney has made more stupid mistakes, either.
    - That would be because no other attorney has done shit..!

    Name one thing that has been accomplished by another attorney..?

    I've never seen a more DISCONSIDERATE bunch of INGRATES.

    Pay attention now COJONES! The rest of you...


    If there is a better attorney out there that can do a better job, then WHERE THE HELL IS HE...!? NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME TO STEP UP..!

    Anyone is welcome to join the fight at any time. Where is everybody? Just WHERE THE FU%*K are all these attorneys that are so much better than Orly and what the FU%*K have they done...!?

    In fact the more inept she is as an attorney (Witch I totally disagree with. I believe she is very competent but just to grant the benefit of the doubt.) THE MORE MERITT SHE DESERVES..! And the more RECOGNITION she should get, ESPECIALLY from US!

    How can we cut down the one among us that has been CARRYING THE FLAG FROM DAY ONE..!? Now she not only has to attack the YOMOS all by herself but she has to defend herself from US AS WELL..!!! UN FU%*ING BELEIVABLE..!!!

    LORD FORBID WE SHOULD LOOSE HER..! Ill tell you right now if we do, were FU&*ED! Orly is not only our GREATEST hope she is our ONLY hope IMO.
    And I pray to GOD that I'm wrong about that, But I seriously doubt it.

    She has been RELENTLESSLY on the attack from DAY ONE, BY HERSELF, with WHATEVER THE HELL she's got, GOOD OR BAD. No one has filed nowhere near as many cases. No one has offered to lend a hand...... And when she FINALLY scores one for US, the FREAKING PEOPLE, we say Ohh, she just got lucky...


  46. With all due respect atty Taitz is not the only one to file suit against Obama. In fact, where do you think Orly got all the research regarding one being a "natural born Citizen"???

  47. Many lawyers have given Orly sound legal advice. But she never gets an opportunity to argue her case "on the merits" because she refuses to learn the basics. Prominent "birther" lawyers such as Apuzzo pay no attention to her. Others such as Berg are suing her. The 9th circuit will issue an opinion that will be a road map for 2012 election challenges, but Orly Taitz will be completely unable to navigate. As long as Orly Taitz is the "face" of this issue, the eligibility movement will go nowhere.

  48. CORRECT!!!!. Commander Kerschner, and several others, and so far, they are all our Hero's, and Orly is included. Like I said, some people have a natural talent, that is why I likened it to " SHERLOCK HOLMES" even tho he was just a detective, he so called "ALWAYS FOUND OUT". also I would like to know how it is going with Naval Officer Fitzpatrick,(ret) with the info about ( obama, the resident ) in the hands of 2 Federal Grand Jury's in Tennesee, does anyone know here, tonight??

  49. Who has been designated "QUEEN OF THE BIRTHERS" by the Commies themselves..?

    Who do they HATE the most? FEAR the most? Attack more fiercely?

    Ask yourself, Why do they do this? Do you really think it's because she is INCOMPETENT...? If you do, you are a FOOL.

  50. Well said "Commykiller", Orly has fought long and hard for the title of Queen of the Birthers. She's filed numerous cases and numerous first amended pleadings to those cases and numerous second amended pleadings to those first amended pleadings and numerous oppositions to numerous motions to dismiss and an equally large number of motions for clarification of orders granting the defendant's motion to dismiss and even more motions to set aside dismissals and motions and motions and motions for reconsideration and even second amended motions for reconsideration which were never answered due to their not existing in reality...

    ...anyone see a pattern here?

  51. @Anonymous
    Many lawyers have given Orly sound legal advice. But she never gets an opportunity to argue her case "on the merits" because she refuses to learn the basics.
    - Un fu%*ing believable..! How many OTHER lawyers have been able to argue a case on the MERITS..?!!!

    Prominent "birther" lawyers such as Apuzzo pay no attention to her.
    -They pay no attention to her, yet they ARE giving her SOUND legal advise..!

    Others such as Berg are suing her.
    -Do you mean Berg the TURD. The Hillary Lover who has a convicted credit card fraud and document forger as a right hand assistant..?!

    The 9th circuit will issue an opinion that will be a road map for 2012 election challenges, but Orly Taitz will be completely unable to navigate.
    -A road map for 2012 election challenges... Excuse me while I OPEN YOUR EYES a little bit; If we get from here to the 2012 elections with a fraud President in the White House, with a fraud Birth certificate and a fraud S.S.#... WHAT THE HELL MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN WIN IT..?!

    As long as Orly Taitz is the "face" of this issue, the eligibility movement will go nowhere.
    -If it wasn't for Orly, THERE WOULN'T “BE” AN ELIGIBILITY MOVEMENT..!

    You did get something right. She is the FACE OF THE ELIGIBILITY MOVEMENT..!

  52. Some of Obama's X lovers have been mysteriously murdered, all to keep the lid on his gay exploits-however the truth that he is gay has come out anyway. He is not the first Gay president, When Bush lived there-the British called the white house the pink house. Does Orley think she won't end up mysteriously murdered as well? Eventually someone like Obama will have people from his inner circle turn on him-most likely someone he trusted to conceal his lies.

  53. @ ORYR
    I'm not saying she is the only one. I know that she isn't. And folks like Kerschner, Fitzpatrick, Lakin and others are to be Commended as well. But I don't see anyone bashing THEM! And if I did I would DEFEND THEM AS WELL..!
    But I'm tired of letting people (Who for the most part have no idea what their talking about)
    CUT ORLY DOWN AT THE KNEES. When we all know that she is, if not our BEST, Certainly one of our BRIGHTEST examples.

  54. I better not. Or I'll have to come after you too..! LOL.

    I'm sure that you and me are on the same page on Orly. By the way Keep up the goog work! The site RULES..!

    Gotta go now there's another ASSHOLE bashing Orly..!

  55. @ELmo

    When you look at the Connecticut and Hawaii SSN you will see that they are just one number away from each other. IT IS A TYPO. Ockham agrees..

  56. Oh, yes, the old clerical error...

    "Prior to 1972, the area number represented the state in which the card was issued. The applicant did not have to live there. However, the applicant had to apply at that local office in the state where the card was issued. If you needed a social security number to apply for a passport back in 1967 ( when he moved to Indonesia ), then this is the only way he could have had one issued.

    After 1972, the area number assigned has been based on the ZIP code in the mailing address provided on the application for the original Social Security card. Thus he would have had to have a legal mailing address in Conn.

    So, in order to get a number issued from Conn., he either had to have been in Conn. prior to 1972, or had a legal mailing address in Conn after 1972 ( but before he was 18 since that is when he used the number ). If he applied after 1972, the only way he could get a number issued out of Conn was to use a mailing address in Conn. But why do that when you live in Hawaii ? Why not just have the card sent to your residence ?

    As a side note, in his "autobiography " he mentions the first time he visited the mainland was in 1972 ( but he also says he remembers watching the Watergate hearings on TV in his hotel in Chicago- those didn't occur until Spring 1973 ). He mentions every place they visited. Not once was Conn. mentioned. The next time he set foot on the mainland was when he attended college in California."

    Get lost idiot.

  57. America, don't you get it yet?
    U.S.A.= United Suckers of America
    Will that name stick forever in 2012?
    98% of blacks voted for him. Why are they so racist?

  58. @TheEuropean


    When you look at the Connecticut and Hawaii SSN you will see that they are just one number away from each other. IT IS A TYPO. Ockham agrees..

    June 3, 2011 11:01 PM


    This does NOT explain why the computerized verification system came back stating that the number was NEVER issued to BHO II.

  59. I agree with Commiekiller's view on Orly. She is my hero, after Reagan. Yes, I think very highly of Orly. If any other attorney thinks s/he can do a better job, then c'mon, lets see what you got.

  60. Has anyone else noticed???

    Clerks draw up the orders set forth in court by the Judge based on his ruling.

    In this ruling, the Clerk drew up the order for the Judge to sign, but instead, Judge Lamberth had to majorly edit the "Order" by "Crossing out" words, "Re-writing" what he actually said, before signing it.

    It is interesting to read the order they way the "Clerk" initially wrote the order, then re-read it after Judge Lamberth edited the hell out it. 2 very different interpretations.

    I wonder if the Clerk was intentionally skewing what Judge Lamberth actually ordered in the Court? Or simply incompetent?I doubt the later is true.


  61. Lamberth does many of his orders like that.

  62. California birther/dualer/doubterJune 4, 2011 at 8:11 AM

    WND posts an article on this topic as well:


  63. The clerk didn't prepare the order. It was submitted by the us atty with their motion to strike as a proposed order. The judge modified it.

  64. Orly has to be very careful here. She's had opportunities before and has blown them because she didn't pay enough attention to the rules of the court. She's been sanctioned, she's gotten one deficiency notice after another on her filings, and case after case has gone down the tubes.

    I hope she's really paying attention to all the details. Obama's not going to give up without a fight, and you can be sure his lawyers are going to dot every i and cross every t. Orly better do the same -- and then some. There's a lot at stake.

  65. @Hotlanta Mike

    After Dr. Taitz published the Connecticut SSN BHO was given a new one like to any other person whose SSN has become public.

  66. @TheEuropean

    Thanks for the input obot Fogbower...

    That doesn't explain why he has/had a social security number reserved for Connecticut applicants, though...

    And the don't try the typo/clerical error bullshit...

  67. You can all rest assured that Orly will do her FU%*ING BEST as always.

    Like when she tore those three Clinton appointed liberals a new asshole the other day! And got almost ZERO recognition for it!

    Orly was BRILLIANT..! NO ONE would of done a better job... BULLSHIT! AND if they could then why didn't they..?

  68. Just as long as she properly submits the new filings.

  69. @Commykiller

    "Name one thing that has been accomplished by another attorney..?

    Some of them - or maybe even all of them - have filed papers with the courts on time and without errors.

    Enough said.

  70. @Anonymous
    @Anonymous June3, 4:35pm

    But look at it this way Orly CAN practice law unlike several "others". Orly is probably not on a boat-load of Anti-depressants unlike "others". Loved the video!
    And AuntieMadder at 4:48 you're absolutely right. Obot.

  71. @Anonymous

    Well, I see Fogbow.CON ButtFly Bilderburg who chases Taitz around the county looks to be dead wrong in her declaration that "They out legal maneuvered Orly" via 'Res judicata' as there was no final judgment based on the merits or was the case NOT dismissed on other judicial grounds in Taitz's earlier pleadings, but Judge Lamberth waited for the SSA's administration procedures to be completed on Taitz's FOIA request. And this case 1:11-cv-00402-RCL was assigned to Lamberth only a few short months ago on February 16th, 2011.

    From WND's June 4th article:

    Title - "Obama critic coming closer to Social Security records?


    The Social Security Administration rejected it, and that decision was affirmed by a district court ruling that found the administrative procedures still had a course to run. But that now has been completed and the case is before Lamberth again."


  72. Reply to CommieKiller---
    Does the name Phil Berg ring a bell. He filed a lawsuit in Philly court and was awarded a default judgement. It was the first case filed and the first one won. You need to do some research before running your mouth on things you obviously know nothing about. In the case it was "conceded" by obama that he is:
    A muslim
    Not a Natural Born Citizen
    Hiding assets
    Committed fraud when filing out his BAR paperwork in Illinois

  73. @AuntieMadder
    I really admire Orly, but I do think she could use some help in making sure that everything is filed properly and with her courtroom demeanor. I am not saying that I could do any better myself, but she seems to be learning through trial and error.

    I wish some more experienced lawyers and para-legals would come forward to help her out.

  74. @TheEuropean

    1. You can't change a Social Security Number that was never legally issued to you in the first place. Obama would have to prove that it was a legally issued number.

    2. Even when someone is issued a new number, the Social Security Administration maintains all of the information that is connected with the use of the old number. Like the identity of who it was issued to for example.

  75. @ObamaRelease YourRecords

    No one has ever even tried to explain why young Obama or his handlers got him for his first job at BaskinRobbins a Connecticut SSN. When they were able to get him a false number, why not get him one from Hawaii ? It just makes no sense.

    And, btw. thank you for letting me post here. Your policy insofar is fair. I promise not to be boring and replicate my arguments 10 times.

    My motto: When you cut something, always use Ockhams Razor.

  76. The scheduling order says that dispositive motions by the defense must be filed in 60 days of June 1 st.

    "A dispositive motion is a motion asking a for court order that entirely disposes of one or more claims in favor of the moving party without need for further court proceedings. A dispositive motion does not necessarily seek to dispose of the entire lawsuit. The most common types of dispositive motions are the motion to dismiss and the motion for summary judgment. A dispositive motion may also be used to request that an indictment be dismissed or quashed, or for judgment on pleadings."

    So expect the defense to fiel either a motion to dismiss or a motion for a summary judgement. Either of which will be granted.

  77. I have decided to divorce myself from this administration. I have created my own "Declaration of Independence" and I posted it on YouTube: Let me know what you think.

  78. @Anonymous

    Actually, the order says 30 days to file dispositive motions.

  79. Actually the scheduling order requires dispositive motions to be filed in 30 days. I hope Orly is getting all her discovery requests out and depositions taken before it is too late. If she wants to file a motion for summary judgment, she only has 30 days from the order.

  80. Every time Orly is denied discovery it makes it even more obvious that Obama has something that he is desperately trying to hide. I love it!

    Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

  81. @Anonymous

    How can you know that Obama has not proven that the Connecticut SSN was legally issued to him? Even when it was a typo, it was still "legal".

    The administration will surely maintain all the information. But like all Social Security Information it will be protected information and not given to anyone who asks for it.

    If your suspections about a SSN-fraud were true, there must have been dozens of people inside the administration be involved and that over a period of more than 30 years. Do you hold this to be more plausible than a simple typo ?

  82. @TheEuropean

    Look Fogbower, the matter is quite simple. All Obama needs to do is release all the records he's fought to keep sealed with lawyers now paid with our tax dollars.

    If it was something as simple as a "typo" Gibbles would have explained that instead of dodging and spinning the question into the birth certificate issue.

    The debate is over. Stop defending the indefensible.

  83. @ObamaRelease YourRecords

    Are you say that it is impossible for a clerk/typist to have hit the wrong key?

    The SSA website that you referenced above says that after 1972, the SSN was based on the zip code of the return address of the application.

    In the 1970's the zip code for Obama's grandparents house was 96814 and the zip code for Danbury, Connecticut was 06814.

    Could a typist have hit the wrong key while transcribing the SS-5 card?

  84. You can keep regurgitating the same argument and that isn't going to change it. Obama claims his first place of employment was in 1975 at Baskin Robbins. The SS# with the Connecticut pre-fix was issued in 1977. That along with all the discrepancies with his Selective Service registration and his stonewalling in releasing his records and his spokesman answering questions is more than enough to raise red flags with any person with common sense.

    Again since you choose to ignore it: the matter is quite simple. All Obama needs to do is release all the records he's fought to keep sealed with lawyers now paid with our tax dollars.

    If it was something as simple as a "typo" Gibbles would have explained that instead of dodging and spinning the question into the birth certificate issue.

    The debate is over. Stop defending the indefensible.

  85. @ObamaRelease YourRecords
    "Again since you choose to ignore it: the matter is quite simple. All Obama needs to do is release all the records he's fought to keep sealed with lawyers now paid with our tax dollars."

    Well golly, that's what ya all said about the long form birth certificate. And when that was released you moved the goalposts and started demanding his Social Security records. Any person with common sense can see that Obama can never satisfy the small group that clings to this non-issue. There are plenty of reasons not to vote for Obama in 2012. If you put your considerable energy into finding a viable candidate to run against him, you might actually get somewhere.

  86. "that's what ya all said about the long form birth certificate"

    Bullshit. That is what the media and you obots kept/keep saying we were saying. Funny how the media never asked any of us.

    I have always stated he needs to release ALL the records he fights to keep sealed including the actual vital records from the hospital. The BC was just one document out of many.

    I've been calling for the SS# to be dealt with since the day I learned about it back in 2009.

    So, take YOUR goal posts and shove 'em where the sun don't shine!

  87. @ Jason More
    Berg's case was DISMISSED due to "Lack of Standing"

    Speaking of doing research before running Mouths. Go here and get to know your beloved MR. BERG.

  88. @ AuntieMadder

    Some of them - or maybe even all of them - have filed papers with the courts on time and without errors.

    -Filed papers with the courts on time and without errors... Your'e Right! Enough said..!

  89. @ObamaRelease YourRecords

    She's already blowing that by claiming Judge Lamberth's scheduling order gives her the green light for discovery in Taitz v Astrue, which is not the case at all.

    She is completely clueless.

  90. Wouldn't he have appeared at an office in Hawaii to apply for the ss card? And wouldn't they have issued the number? Then the state office would have filed it with the federal office? Or would he have appeared at the local Hawaii office, filled out a card, which the local office sent to the federal office for a number to be issued? What was the procedure? In my experience the number is issued then and there and then filed with the federal government.

  91. Is Baskin Robbins a CT based co? Could corporate have applied for it for him using their address and they forwarded it to Hawaii? Kind of complicated wouldn't it be? There has to be an application card that Barry filled out, if he really did apply?

  92. @AnonymousThe vast majority of U.S. Citizens realize that "0" is no legally qualified to hold office. The U.S. Constitution shall be upheld! Obots posting here are useless paid liars and everyone is well aware of it!

  93. Judging by everything I have read...I have concluded that if Orly was really incompetent and had nothing then the 'Obots' would have nothing to fear and wouldn't care less about this case....but you can read the fear of Orly by the Obots in their replies. So the correct answer I believe is that Orly is really in the right place at the right time with the right evidence, the 'Obots' know it, and are worried. After researching everything I can get my hands on about this case, I think Orly has some very strong evidence to prove fraudulence in not only the SSN used by Obama, but with almost every other aspect as well. There is a lot of evidence left to discover and she already has a lot of compelling evidence and trails of cover up that don't jive with ANYTHING that the Obama administration has put out for public view. March on Orly, let the truth prevail.

  94. Excuse me, but, Orly is the Plaintiff in this case, not the Defendant. It was the DEFENDANT'S motion that was approved, not Orly's.

    The fact is that she has not filed evidence with ANY of her cases, which is the main reason that they have not been forwarded, and why she has gotten slapped down.

    There is no conspiracy. There is no back-room deals. If a case if filed without the evidence to back that case up, it will be dismissed. Period.

    What Orly has submitted are rumor's, fraudulent documents, and suspicion. NONE of which are proof. Courts do not allow a case to move forward based on those items. Period. That's a matter of basic Rules of Evidence. And she SHOULD have learned that in Law School.

    She, quite apparently, did not do so.

    BTW, the link is to the official, signed by the Judge, Order. It is not spam and it is not porn. At all.

  95. Most people, including myself, did not file for a Social Security number until our first job. We were born before it was a requirement at birth. LONG before.

    SS-5's are ONLY available to either the person named, or that the person is deceased. Period.

    FOIA requests do not apply when the person is still living.

  96. "It was the DEFENDANT'S motion that was approved, not Orly's."

    It was granted and denied in part.

    "The fact is that she has not filed evidence with ANY of her cases, which is the main reason that they have not been forwarded, and why she has gotten slapped down.

    If a case if filed without the evidence to back that case up, it will be dismissed. Period."

    Wrong. They have been dismissed on lack of standing and or jurisdiction. One must pass those steps before a case is heard on the merits and the evidence is dealt with.

    "What Orly has submitted are rumor's, fraudulent documents, and suspicion."

    Are you saying the Selective Service verification system and the Social Security Administrations verification database is fraudulent?

    "Most people, including myself, did not file for a Social Security number until our first job. We were born before it was a requirement at birth. LONG before."

    That is not the issue. Obama is using a Social Security number reserved for applicants in a state Obama NEVER stepped foot in during the 70's. He was living in Hawaii in the 70's. In fact, according to Obama himself, his first job was at Baskin Robins around 1975 in HAWAII. The one he is using was issued around 1977. Why does he have a Social Security number reserved for Connecticut applicants when he never lived there, worked there, or even visited there, during the time his SS card was issued?

  97. "That is not the issue. Obama is using a Social Security number reserved for applicants in a state Obama NEVER stepped foot in during the 70's."

    Then WHY aren't you asking the SSA WHY they issued a SSN to Obama that is for CT? The applicant has no say over what number they are issued.

  98. Then it should be easy to clear up.

    Get on it!



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