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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Barack Obama's Illegal Alien Family's Social Security Numbers Revealed:

Obama's Uncle Onyango Obama:

Gender: M
SSN: 027-38-XXXX
Issued between 1964 to 1966 in the state of Massachusetts. Timeline for Onyango Obama can be found here and here.

Obama's Aunt Zeituni Onyango:

Zeituni, Onyango
Gender: F
Issued between 2001 and 2002 in the state of Indiana. There is no evidence Zeituni Onyango ever stepped foot in Indiana. 

The skip-tracing was performed by Albert Hendershot, president of Innovative Portfolio Recovery Inc, upon our request. Social Security number prefixes listed here.

Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt and Uncle's Skip-Trace (Social Security Numbers ) 8/30/2011

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Private Investigator: Obama's Fraudulent Social Security Number & Selective Service Registration

We Have a Criminal and Forger in the White House! 20110627 issue Wash Times Natl Wkly pg 5


  1. Lamberth: She believes that the President is using a “fraudulently obtained” social security number and that the Social Security Administration—among other agencies—is involved in a scheme to “cover[] up social security fraud, IRS fraud, elections fraud and possibly treason” committed by the President. 5–6, 13. As her numerous filings with the Court demonstrate, plaintiff will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of this alleged conspiracy. Unfortunately for plaintiff, today is nother lucky day."

    Someone should stick this info in front of Judge Lamberth. And he doesn't think Obama doesn't have an illegal social security number. You think judge? Illegals auntie and uncle with BS SSNs and you think the pResident Obama's CONnecticut SSN was legally obtained? Suuuuure judge...unbelievable.

  2. Zeituni Onyango has an SSN from Indiana...this just keeps getting better and better.

  3. we are now officially a nation of men, not a nation of laws

    no use whatsoever whining about it

    the best use of time is simply preparing yourself for it

  4. This could be the start of the tumbling of the house of Obama!!! People have to continue letting voters know that Obama is using a fake SS#!!People should be screaming at their congress people about him the uncle and the Aunt!!!!! They all have fake #'s this is going to get good!!!!!

  5. Here lies the United States of America

    born July 4, 1776
    died January 20, 2009

  6. @RS

    With your vast legal knowledge, RS, you should know that none of those issues were before Judge Lamberth to decide. His decision was whether or not to provide the SS-5 based on a FOIA appeal... period. He did that.

    The issues you mention would then be brought forth in a different case had he granted Orly's request for the SS-5.

    See how that works?

  7. Take a look before it disappears off the web:

  8. @Anonymous

    Suuuure OBot. You've got to be a super delusional OBot to believe that the Obama government is not covering up for Obama. I doubt if Lamberth really believes what he wrote. Just another court evading the real damaging issues that surrounds Obama.

  9. I am starting to believe that we need at least 1 Million Men to March on the White House and place Obama under Citizen's Arrest for forgery and identity fraud. That is the only way he will ever be brought to Justice.

    BTW, What's is up with Sheriff Joes Arpaio?

    Is he going to go issue a a warrant on Obama or not?

  10. The best bet as to how this family of grifters got their fraudulent Social Security #'s lies with the former terrorist, Bill Ayers, who once headed the domestic terrorist organization, The Weather Underground. He has admitted in the past that the best and easiest way to gain a new identity is through Social Security fraud, something which he admitted The Weather Underground did often.

    As you know, Ayers is not just the guy who lives down the street, but one of Obama's mentors and friends, who allegedly ghost-wrote Dreams From My Father (you know, the romanticized drunken African radical), started Obama's campaign in his living room and who once hired Obama to head The Annenberg Challenge, where Obie was put in charge of $150 million to be disbursed among Chicago schools but somehow found its way instead to SEIU. That's the only thing Obama's ever done and it was a disaster. Of course, he also trained his ACORN/SEIU people to conduct sit-ins at banks and elsewhere demanding mortgages be given to those who couldn't pay them back. Instead, he blamed Bush (who wanted to regulate Fannie & Freddie) for the Community Reinvestment Act and the Fannie Mae (where the Bamster was the 2nd largest recipient of Fannie campaign cash) and Freddie Mac debacle which tanked the economy. Obie's good friend, Franklin Raines, ran Fannie at the time (ran it into the ground, it seems) while disbursing campaign cash to Obama, Dodd and others, and then Raines walked away from the mess that was Fannie with a $90 million bonus. Of course, SEIU never picketed in front of his house.

  11. When you finally realize that nothing less than Pitchforks and Torches will get anything done (figurative) you'll be on the road to recovery. It may yet be too late...
    I thought I'd seen every depressing thing there is to see until looking at this map...
    Taps anyone?


    Tuesday August 30, 2011

    Guest: Susan Daniels and Mary Beth Hicks

    Topic: Ohio private detective Susan Daniels discusses the recent arrest and deportation attempt issued on Barack Obama's uncle Onyango Obama and Mary Beth Hicks reports on the socialist indoctrination being pushed in the American public school systems

    Related article:"Barack Obama's uncle on drunk driving arrest"


  13. California birther/dualer/doubterAugust 30, 2011 at 4:29 PM

    God does work in mysterious ways, so don't think he won't just sit back and do nothing about the evil and un-American regime. Actually, he wouldn't have to do anything, as we know how evil devours itself.

  14. What a burden to lay on one man. Joe Arpaio I am willing to bet has not had a nights sleep since this issue was laid in his lap. If everyone wants him to pick up the ball start shelling out some funds for his defense. The administration is hot on his tail looking to nail him on anything and Joe does not have the personal financial resources to fight back and now he is supposed to save the nation singlehandedly? I suppose everyone will support him like they did Orly.

  15. Private Investigator Susan Daniels Confirms Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt and Uncle's Social Security Numbers

  16. Only millions of us surrounding the capitol can fix this. Once there, we stay until all unfinished business is settled. I keep asking for a leader to step forward. I can't believe a nation built on leaders, all of a sudden, is dry in that department. Things were too hot for the illegal. The word came down for the judge to put everything on ice. Orly had them. She is my hero. I don't believe she's done. I just want to say again, a multi-million man march is the only way.

  17. That Professor has always bugged me.I am pretty possitive barry knew him before the cop incident and the beer summit. I think barry spent time with him at his home at Martha's Vineyard or Cambridge the summer before the cop incident. AKA The begining of 0bama's new improved racial divisiveness (sp) worse than the 60's. He and the professor go back, and last week that nutty professor was on TV again. There is something between those two....
    Maybe the Nutty Pro needs to be investigated. He sure may be connected to helping the Aunt and Uncle illegals settled in Mass.

  18. BHO CT. SSN story on DRUDGE!

  19. Someone should stick this advice in foreground of Judge Lamberth. And he doesn't anticipate Obama doesn't accept an actionable amusing aegis number.

    security franchise

  20. I am only here for the laughs. I need some humor to brighten my day.

  21. BOTH Social Security Numbers were issued to the persons named. But I am just here to get a good laugh.


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