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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dr. Jerome Corsi: SSA Verified Social Security Number Obama Is Using Never Issued to Him --- VIDEO HERE ---

Dr. Corsi excerpt courtesy of DL:(I am) working behind the scenes to get some powerful Hawaiian counsel to buttress Orly Taitz. If the Hawaiian government thinks they are going to get away with stonewalling this thing they are making a bad mistake. This (the trip to Hawaii this week by Dr. Orly Taitz and document experts Doug Vogt and Paul Irey) is not the last effort – it is the first effort. Eventually the Hawaiian government is going to have to deliver. We’re not going to stop on this until we get the truth…

The SSN is a very important issue. We now have verification from the Social Security Administration - that number was not issued to Barack Obama. We know for a fact that it was issued to someone in Connecticut - not Barack Obama.

It is an identity theft issue. Barack Obama is using someone else’s SSN. And his father was never in CT to get that number What Bill O’Reilly said was just an outright lie.” The interview aired on Long Live America.

And we know for a fact that Obama is using that Connecticut SSN since it was used to create Obama's back dated Selective Service Registration and for many other uses since 1986 per the research of private investigators.

Private Investigator: Obama's Fraudulent Social Security Number & Selective Service Registration

We Have a Criminal and Forger in the White House! 20110627 issue Wash Times Natl Wkly pg 5


  1. Dr. Corsi excerpt courtesy of DL: “(I am) working behind the scenes to get some powerful Hawaiian counsel to buttress Orly Taitz.

    Uh oh FogBums, Orly is not alone. She has a team going to Hawaii and including Hawaiian lawyers. Hey, I even gave you clowns a heads up. LoL.

  2. So is Corsi calling Orly and Susan Daniels liars when they say Obama's SSN was issued to a man born in 1890? Was the number issued to a man born in 1890 AND it was never issued to anyone at all? Someday you losers ought to make up your mind.

    Oh, wait ... I forgot. You're mindless lunatic morons.

  3. It shows the level of moral depravity in this country that the entire gov't and major media think they can pull off the biggest crime in the history of the country and there will be no consequences. They actually think they are doing a "good" thing.

    The most gigantic fraud in history will have the most gigantic consequences in history. Do you have to be a bible believer to understand that?
    Couldn't common sense tell you that?

    An entire establishment that is so corrupt that it doesn't even understand that massive wrongdoing will have massive consequences.

    It is shocking.

    And I would suggest that people who do have a little bit of understanding prepare to live in a country that will sooner or later experience those consequences.

  4. It's hard to get a social security number without a U.S. birth certificate or any hospital records thus a stolen one from Conn.

  5. I know I'm excited about Orly's trip and Corsi's "powerful" attorneys entering the fray.

    Perhaps they know how to actually serve a subpoena, unlike Orly. Of course, that still doesn't mean HI has to or will comply with it, without a court order, nor that one will ever issue, but just sayin'.

  6. Quote:

    "And I would suggest that people who do have a little bit of understanding prepare to live in a country that will sooner or later experience those consequences."

    Please let it be sooner and not any later than it already is. I am far more prepared to live in the consequences of the truth about Barry than I can ever be to continue the biggest fraud in history, even one more day.

  7. 5:46
    Orley's supoena is signed by a Clerk of Court. I understand that makes it very legal.
    I have no doubt HI crooks will play every card, including race, to get her motions quashed, but she has a case and of that there is NO doubt. Facts are facts, he may hide the facts and even out and out lie, but it does not change the fact.
    The stolen SS# that has NEVER been issued to ANYONE is an unbelievable fraud that typically is only perpetrated by ILLEGALS.
    How can any one think he is legit when they have nothing but his word, and add to his word that there is proof. He is a fraud felon.
    Did robot-obots take Alinsky Math too? It just does not add up in barry's favor in REALITY World.

  8. Spoken as a true USA citizen. I too pray for our country and for al who defend our Constitution. AMEN to all you stated. You are TRUE PATRIOTS!!

  9. California birther/dualer/doubterAugust 6, 2011 at 11:08 AM

    Just a few more days now and some of my family members and friends may come to the realization that I was right and had not taken leave of my senses or lost my journalistic chops after all.

    Corsi rounding up some big guns to back up Orly sends a thrill up my leg a la Chris Matthews, making the weekend go fast and my chore of stamping "Obama's birth certificate is a fake" on dollar bills a delightful one. Excuse me, Obots, will I sit back and, with a wry smile gracing my face, ponder your likely reactions when Barry meets his Waterloo.

  10. AND it was never issued to anyone at all?


    Oh Foggy. It says it was not issued to Obama. Who said it was not issued to anyone else?

  11. If obama was directly asked about his ssn being from ct. by a newsperson on national tv----- it would start the ball rolling. Too bad, we don't have reporters like that anymore. This man has to be confronted in public to end all speculations. He knows that all these investigations are going on and still does not come forward. If trump was really on the level and not an obot plan plant--- where is he? He's the only one who brought issues to national tv.

  12. I'm looking forward to monday---- to see Orly confront the hi. doh. And also the big news from the summit. I think the birther summit is a great idea. Obama can see this summit growing and coming his way. Obama might even think of resigning soon---- he must be worried. God bless America and all you patriots bringing this news to the internet. Mondays going to be an interesting day!

  13. @Foggy of the Fogbow

    Look who's talking! You're the disbarred lawyer who now runs a flower stand. I guess they wouldn't have you at the used car lot.

  14. @Foggy of the Fogbow

    Hey head Fog clown. You OBots should tell the truth for once. There is conflicting evidence. Investigative reports shows us that the SSN was issued to someone born in 1890, AND a deeper look at the SSA records, shows us that the SSN was never issued.

    OBot, you got to ask yourself a question which report is correct. Was the XXX-XX-4425 issued to someone born in 1890 OR was it not issued to anyone?

    One other logical question should be asked. Was Obama's CONnecticut SSN deliberately deleted from the Social Security Administration database as part of the Obama cover up? It certianly looks like identity fraud perpetrated by Obama and his political appointees are are aiding and abetting his crime.

  15. Perhaps the SS administration changed the number from having been issued to someone born in 1890 to not issued at all in an effort to somehow cover for Barry's having a number which, either way, was never issued to him?

  16. O.K., at the next press conference a "stand up" type reporter needs to do just that. Ask the illegal about the stolen s.s.n. he's using. I agree, that ought to get the ball rolling.

  17. @Foggy of the Fogbow

    NO, the problem is that SSA related that the info: Name, Obama WITH that SSN was never issued.

  18. Some time ago, The Post & Email received a letter from the Selective Service stating that Obama presented identification at the time that he registered (at the post office) for the Selective Service back in 1980. However, this statement contradicts the information on Obama's registration card. Obama's registration card clearly shows that the box labeled "No ID" is checked, meaning that no identification was presented at the time the card was filled out.

    When the Selective Service was reactivated in 1979 by President Carter, a declaration was made that anyone who failed to register for the Selective Service would be prohibited from holding any federal jobs in the future. The office of President of the US is a federal job.

  19. Some Fogblow OBot says he will be there harassing Taitz:

    "Mikedunford wrote:

    Barring some completely unexpected occurrence, I fully intend to be standing outside the Department of Health complex NLT 0930 local time, the day after tomorrow. I will remain in that vicinity until the arrival of The Party of Fail. I will attempt to shadow them throughout their leagally antics, wherever that might take them. To that end, I've already filled my tank and scouted out the easiest routes and parking for the most likely post-DOH locales.

    Exactly how much of the epic disaster I might be able to see will debend, of course, on what the good people at the department of health will allow. (It is possible that they let orly upstairs, bu not the full entourage.

    I will bring my phone, iPad, and camera. I will provide updates as often as circumstances permit. It should be a fun Monday."

    But from our team, Rusty Humphries will be their to record the happenings too. :)

  20. ONE

  21. some of the digits in a SSN represent what state you were born in, I don't know how it works, but in my state, you have specific digits that prove you were born in this state, if he claims to be from Hawaii and the number is from Connecticut, it should be quite evident.

  22. I can't say exactly when it was.. it wasn't a President but sometime in the past, a Senator was found to be ineligible, removed from office, and every thing he had signed while in office was null and void. Of no effect. IF... it really happens and he is removed, every bill he signed, every executive order should then be simply.... Null and Void... and no longer be My question is... would Biden, then President, simply re-sign everything and put it right back at us?


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