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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hawaii Files Opposition to Orly Taitz's Emergency Ex-parte Motion to Show Cause and to Compel Attendance for Production of Documents


Complete Opposition posted below in Scribd document. More details on Taitz's related filing can be found here.
Taitz v Astrue - USDC HI - Memorandum in Opposition to Plaintiff's Emergency Ex Parte Motion w/Exhibits - O...


  1. joey bite me is in Hawaii!!!!!!!

  2. The most (in)famous man in the world releases a pdf version of a document which Hawaii claims it has on file in Honolulu and provided 2 hardcopies to his legal representative, but stands behind privacy rights?

    Hmmm, something to hide perhaps?

  3. A good argument, but enough with the legal ease, the President says he released a copy of his long form certificate, the mask is off. There should be no difference between what he released and what is on file in Hawaii. The only reason not to direct the DOH to release the file is to either a) keep from view the truth, or b) to continue toying with many good Americans, i.e. one big joke on many. After many loyal years of service, I no longer have full faith in this government, a sad state, a sad state indeed.


  4. From citizenwells -

    "Congressman Bob Goodlatte has stated that Barack Obama will be investigated if enough evidence surfaces.

    “As you know, President Obama recently released to the public the long-form version of his birth certificate. Since then, concerns have been raised about the validity of the birth certificate as well as the claim that the President has been using a Social Security Number previously issued to another person. These concerns have been raised with the relevant oversight committees in the Congress and if there is enough evidence and more experts reach the same conclusions then these claims will lead to an investigation.”

    Do we dare to hope?

    Calling all experts! Please send your expert conclusion to Goodlatte!
    We should all broadcast this everywhere to get the experts to bombard Goodlatte with the evidences!

  5. 9) A person whose right to inspect or obtain a certified copy of the record is established by an order of a court of competent jurisdiction

    duh?????? Maybe this Judge should consider this motion an insult to judicial authority. Proof of the place of birth, nationality and eligibility for a SSN and the fact it takes a valid BC to get an SSN seems relevant to me. Hawaiian birth but a Connecticut SSN seems like this is relevant. The fact that someone would continue to spend a fortune and spend the limited funds of any state to fight the release of that which has been released by arguing privacy seems ridiculous. It's just a matter of how much brass you have, 'Your Honor'. I'm not anonymous I'm Bob.

  6. once again, Orly gets it wrong - it almost seems like she is making these very elementary mistakes on purpose...

  7. What happened to Obama the transparency award winner? Didn't he once say " A democratic government fully accountable to the people must be as transparent as possible and must NOT withhold information for self-serving purposes or simply to avoid embarrassment? He released his birth certificate and it's public record so why not confirm that it's real and end this? He's either a fraud, complete psychopath unfit for the presidency or both. You decide.

  8. "once again, Orly gets it wrong - it almost seems like she is making these very elementary mistakes on purpose"

    And what have you done lately to help get this situation corrected?

    If you are so darn smart and never make a mistake why haven't you filed a complaint. Besides Orly has done nothing wrong. This filing is simply what happens in the stupid justice (???) we have in this country.


  9. You could say Loretta is a Fuddy Duddy!!!

  10. We need to use the social networks as a tool to bring this to the forefront...just making tweets and fb entries will get this out there. Without being argumentive..just make simple statements like ..Who spends two million dollars of their own money to hide a twelve dollar piece of paper...or who uses the social security number of a dead person and gets a way with it without going to jail...Making these entries..may plant a seed of doubt in the minds of a lot of people and best of all its free...

  11. Hawaii avoids the issue that they are obligated under other legal clauses in "HRS §338-18 Disclosure of Records" as in (g)(4) to provide Obama's birth records:

    "(g) The department shall not issue a verification in lieu of a certified copy of any such record, or any part thereof, unless it is satisfied that the applicant requesting a verification is:

    (4) A private or government attorney who seeks to confirm information about a vital event relating to any such record which was acquired during the course of or for purposes of legal proceedings;

    The officials in Hawaii scoff at their own laws. Hawaii clearly knows they can provide the information under their current law for this legal proceeding.

  12. @Anonymous

    "Congressman Bob Goodlatte"

    Sometime ago Congressman Godlatte released his BC. It looks very suspicious. Notice the printed text is fuzzy and faint, while the written text are sharp and bold. Almost like someone took a BC bleached out what was there and then wrote in new information.

  13. Is Obama a usurper? YES!!!
    Is Obama a felon? YES!!!
    Should Obama be arrested and put in prison? YES!!!
    Will he? No!!!
    Why? Because he is considered to be the first BLACK president, so not only will he be allowed to get away with it, but he may even be re-elected. It is a sad thing to say, but true.

  14. Get a new lawyer clearly Orly doesnt know how to serve a subpoena or file things right she has been fucking up this case right and left.

  15. "The Information Sought By Plaintiff is Irrelevant to the UnderlyingLawsuit"

    This statement is so laughable, it looks like a 1st year law student wrote it. The Judge will die laughing when he reads this.

    Fuddy is funny. Now she is determining what is and is not irrelevant in a Federal case. How do you think you are going to prove the SS# is bogus without the Birth Certificate?

    This is a last hope to keep Fuddy and Obama out of jail.

  16. @Anonymous
    I agree - You have to love Orly for her determination but after two years + of doing this she should know how to properly serve a subpoena (having messed up before).
    If she can't do it properly, she should get help to do it right because failure here is devastating to the cause. Her heart is in the right place but she seems to need help with the legal end - much depends upon it.
    Every victory they win is a step backwards.

  17. @Anonymous

    Pardon my ignorance but would you get a SSN from where you were born a bit like th BC ?

  18. BO is a president of the DefactO..Look it up!
    The De Jure Government is Restored!
    and is going to need the service of many Americans to ensure it’s long lasting success. Together we can make the change that our founding fathers believed in.

  19. There is nothing really mysterious about this Opposition Memorandum. Hawaii realizes that they are co-conspirators in the biggest case of criminal identity fraud the US and the world has ever witnessed.

    They are doing everything they can to delay the day they will be arrested and stand trial for multiple crimes of ID fraud.

    The man sitting in the Oval is not who he says he is. His auto-bio book "Dreams From My Father" is a total fake.

    His entire life has been built on ID theft, ID fraud and ID impersonation. He knows it, Hawaii knows it and all the rest of the world knows it.

  20. there's enough BS here from Hawaii for Orly to easily diffuse, service by certify mail is allowed and is common place these days

    as far as Hawaii's own DOH's laws , there is plenty on books to diffuse this position

    what are they hiding , that is the real question, here and why are they going to great length to hide it ?

  21. You Obots are funny!

  22. @RS

    Orly is not seeking to confirm information on the BC. She is seeking access to the original BC itself.

    Try again.

  23. @Anonymous

    there's enough BS here from Hawaii for Orly to easily diffuse, service by certify mail is allowed and is common place these days

    Yes, Hawaii clearly acknowledges the receipt of the subpoena, but instead acts like an individual criminal looking for loopholes in Federal court rules. There is not much if any integrity in the Hawaiian government.

  24. @RS

    She's not seeking a verification in lieu of a certified copy.

  25. none of his credentials would get him through the front door of the white house, so he has to go in through a rat hole.

  26. After reading the opposition anyone can tell, or should now know, that 1. Soetoro definitely was not, I repeat, not born in Hawaii. 2. Soetoro is an illegal alien criminal. 3. All three branches have declared war on the American people. There is no other conclusion.

  27. @ELmo

    What is hilarious is that she was asked if she wanted to serve anything on the spot, right there while standing in the DOH building. Orly said "Uh, no, I don't think so."

    LOL. That's our Orly!

  28. @Anonymous

    Hey OBot, scofflaw Hawaii won't even confirm Obama's faux birf certificate?

    "(g) The department shall not issue a verification in lieu of a certified copy of any such record, or any part thereof, UNLESS..."

    Why is that OBot? That Hawaii can't even give an un-certificated Obama BC and supporting records to a legal court proceeding in accordance with HRS 338-18?

    A non - "certified copy" means that the Obama birf certificate can't be used for identification purposes. It does not mean that Hawaii can perjure themselves by lying by omission or outright BS'ing the court as they can certify that the records submitted to the court would the truth.

    You try again silly OBot.

  29. @Anonymous

    She's not seeking a verification in lieu of a certified copy.

    Taitz can certainly try to get silly Hawaii in this court proceeding will go on official record and that they provide the documentation that backs Obama's claim IAW (g)(4).

    Lets see if Hawaii will even go this far.

  30. This Memorandum of Opposition from HI sounds like a little girl wrote it. Atty Jill stamps her little feet and cries big gator tears to Orly about how naughty Orly is in not serving her correctly and in a nice way.

    The judge will laugh his head off when he reads this amateur legal tripe.

    The entire Complaint says that Hawaii is guilty with a capital G!

    Hawaii needs to get some competent criminal legal advice. Too bad Nixon's criminal attorneys are all retired.

  31. Anon 4:28
    What is hilarious is that you Obots never have any facts to back you up. When you all are hanging from a poll that will be hilarious to us that know and accept what the truth is.

    Obama-Soetoro-Bunnell is a fake.

    ps. Hi Elmo. Who is to help Orly? The American Citizens have become a bunch of lazy winers. BTW, yes I have helped Orly and many others who are fighting this fight.

  32. @Anonymous @ 5:13 PM

    "Atty Jill stamps her little feet and cries big gator tears to Orly about how naughty Orly is in not serving her correctly and in a nice way."

    You have a reading comprehension problem, Anon. Ms. Nagamine pointed out to the court that Orly served HER -- Jill -- and not the object of the subpoena -- Ms. Fuddy.

    Rule 45 requires that the person to whom the subpoena is directed be served personally and directly. Serving Jill does not constitute service on Loretta.


  33. California birther/dualer/doubterAugust 25, 2011 at 7:06 PM

    Wonder if Fuddy Duddy would care to humor us once more about her department not being willing to confirm the authenticity of the BC of which two certified copies allegedly were provided to some attorney whom we're supposed to believe made a dramatic cross-country and overseas flight to retrieve them. Or would the Fogbow fictionists and fabricators do the regaling?

  34. Wow! The Commie OBOTS are out in full force. Somebody struck a nerve. Hitting close to home or they would not be here spewing their Socialist / Commie twaddle.

    When my wife and I were in divorce court proceedings redoing the child support issues from her previous marriage numerous Subpoenas were issued during the process. All were sent to the attorneys representing the two clients as Taitz has done in this case.

  35. i can't wait for the part when we start sending these commie loving obots to hell. they are all traitors to this nation and need to be asked to kindly get the fuck out! give them a week to get on a plane and fly to the socialist country of their choosing. after a week they become open game. so far we been nice the nice is about to wear off. its no wonder they want our guns they know damn well we will give them our bullets first. its time to turn these commies into good commies, dead ones! this is not a threat your betting your life on it. my country and my freedoms are worth more to me than all of you. You picked the wrong country to play your games in. we don't play when it comes to our country or family's.

  36. anon 6:51 Obot:

    Your points are just as ludicrous as the crybaby Memorandum. Obviously you have never set foot inside a court room. If you had you would discover that the main item that prevails is common sense, regardless of minor technical details that can be corrected with a pen. You're even more whiny than the Memorandum.

    Nice try anyway. The Obots are desperate.

  37. The sheriff must call for a major news broadcast to make a historic and game changing announcement. The public needs to be told flat out the truth. What could possibly be delaying his findings? The sheriff, and/or all sheriffs, must realize the situation and act. To me, it is absolutely amazing how another day comes and goes with no mention anywhere on the usurper. The tea parties are my favorite. What useless bastards.

  38. @Dealio

    I say give the sheriff some time. He has a lot to sift through. He has to do it right. He must cross all of the Ts and dot all of the Is. You are are talking about filing criminal charges against the POTUS. Give the guy a break, he has only been on the case a few days. We all know the story but he has to prove his case. He has to deal with the correct procedure in addition to determinng and presenting the facts of the case to the right people. This guy is no dummy. He has been around the corral a few times.

  39. please ...can anyone (who knows this kinda stuff ) tell me what exactly was wrong with the way orly served her subpoena to DOH ? how SHOULD she have done this service , anyone ?
    thks ,woody

  40. @Anonymous

    "please ...can anyone (who knows this kinda stuff ) tell me what exactly was wrong with the way orly served her subpoena to DOH ?"

    She didn't serve the DOH, she served the Hawaii Attorney General.

    The Orly Taitz Affair

    Perhaps the delay in covering this will work out better as Dr. Orly Taitz is in the process of hauling the Hawaiian's responsible for the Obama forgeries into federal court, and this analysis will have more purpose now that the dust has settled and a new dust up is coming.

    What no one has covered in this is the game changer which took place in federal court in which "someone" altered documents submitted by Attorney Taitz.
    The reaction of Dr. Taitz to being scolded by the court for wasting it's time in the Social Security numbers being misused, points to the reality that she knew she submitted the court papers correctly, as she went tooth and claw after a courtroom deputy over this issue.

    For a bit of background in this, the Obots went public in bragging that they were in court, and were winking with the judge and court officials in collusion over this case, meaning as the threads which Dr. Jerome Corsi has uncovered in his investigations, the Obots have been stalking people from Lawrence Sinclair to Dr. Taitz, and went so far as to feed Dr. Taitz forgeries they created.

    What I address here though as game changer is something appears different in this. Namely in the previous ruses of "court hearings", we have witnessed outright Obama connections to judges and lawyers in dragging out these proceedings and then stopping them, as is all part of this operation Obama has employed, which Karl Rove knew of in the surveillance devices he had installed in the White House before he left.

    That document, if it was handwritten by Dr. Taitz, means it is in her writing. Yet we have heard nothing about a forgery in this case, and only Dr. Taitz pointing the finger at court employees who changed the Social Security numbers which could be made public to those which could not.

  42. @Anonymous

    I disagree. Fuddy is considered an officer of a state agency, and the information she has is property of the state.

    All court papers, involving any state agency or an officer of any state agency are served upon the AG or Deputy AG.

    Nagamine should have been served.

    Re:Service - "Upon an officer (Fuddy) or agency of the State by serving the State (Nagamine) and by delivering a copy of the summons and of the complaint to such officer or agency.

    I think that is exactly what she did.

    Also, the certified mail thing is total bullshit. It is used all the time and is legal.
    Nagamine has already set a precedence by accepting and responding, in court, to Orly's previous certified mails that were used for service. That show that Hawaii recognizes CM as a form of legal service.

    Plus, Hawaii has a specific stipulation in their Rules of Court. Any Subpoenas served in another state may be done so with Certified Mail. This would have some bearing on it.

    Fuddy, Nagamine and Hawaii are grasping at straws.

    My advice for Fuddy would be to find an attorney that is looking out for her welfare and best interests. Nagamine is looking out for the interests of the government, not Fuddy's.

  43. @Anonymous

    "please ...can anyone (who knows this kinda stuff ) tell me what exactly was wrong with the way orly served her subpoena to DOH ?"

    The subpoena was issued to a non-party to the law suit - (the defendant is Astrue). Federal rules of procedure require a subpoena to be served directly to the non-party, in this case Fuddy. By serving it on the Attorney General, the subpoena was not properly served - when given an opportunity to 're-serve' Fuddy, Orly declined.

  44. I tried the same argument once . . . it didn't work:

  45. @ Middle Class Guy "
    When my wife and I were in divorce court proceedings redoing the child support issues from her previous marriage numerous Subpoenas were issued during the process. All were sent to the attorneys representing the two clients as Taitz has done in this case."

    That is, very simply, because the attorneys involved in the case had agreed to accept service on behalf of their "clients" who were parties to the case.

    Neither HI DOH nor Fuddy are "parties" to this case, rather an independent person being subpoenaed. In that case Rule 45 requires personal service. It's really that simple and is a huge legal difference.

    Service of process is only one of the issues in the case, and the Court can rule that service, even though not in complete accordance with the Rule, was adequate, and may very well rule so.

    The mere fact of ruling service of process was adequate does not solve the other issues in the case, not the least of which is the fact that discovery is not even at issue in the case, has not been ordered nor allowed in the case. I'm frankly surprised that was not plead in the opposition, though that's most likely because the HI AG is unfamiliar enough with the status of the underlying case and is relying on the HI law on production alone and feels it adequate.

    Mr. Nemerof, the attorney for Mr. Asture, "may" file a pleading so stating, but I doubt he'll bother.

    Also, another possibility that exists is if Judge Lamberth were to grant the Motion for Summary Judgment between now and September 14 the HI subpoena and any hearing on the motion becomes moot and will not be heard as there would then be no case in which to hear it.

  46. @ All that cut down ORLY.

    YOU are the problem..! FUCK YOU and the horse you rode in on you MOTHER FUCKER...


  47. Middle Class Guy, Thankyou for pointing out that I am somewhat impatient. However, I don't believe the sheriff can issue a warrant to arrest the POTUS. We don't have one. He'd issue a warrant to arrest another illegal alien felon. That, I'm sure, he knows how to do. Regardless as to what the illegal refers to himself as, he is still an illegal alien felon committing crimes against the American people. Also, are you suggesting the sheriff has been unaware, up to this point, that Soetoro is an illegal alien criminal? My God, he has to know. He might as well issue arrest warrants for all of congress, while he's at it. It is incumbent upon Sheriff Arpaio to come forward, in a timely fashion, and give it straight to the American people. Let the chips fall where they do.

  48. goto lame cherrys website and read why orly is having a hard time getting things done.

  49. @Anonymous

    HA! You're one funny old fuck.

  50. @Anonymous

    "Mr. Nemerof, the attorney for Mr. Asture, "may" file a pleading so stating, but I doubt he'll bother."

    IIRC, Orly never informed Mr. Nemerof about the Hawaii subpoena.

  51. @Dealio
    What the sheriff knows or does not know is one matter. It still takes time to put it all together to present the evidence to the right people. When do the police know that someone commits crime and how long it takes to get their ducks in a line is another story. I do not know how long it would take the sheriff to get the ball rolling. However, I am not surprised that we have heard nothing at this time. I do not know but there may be a problem with jurisdiction. I do not know how much authority a county sheriff has outside of his county. He may have to search out allies within the proper jurisdiction if that is a problem.

  52. @Anonymous

    No, but the HI AG did.

  53. @Anonymous A 12:39 AM

    "All court papers, involving any state agency or an officer of any state agency are served upon the AG or Deputy AG.

    Nagamine should have been served.

    Re:Service - "Upon an officer (Fuddy) or agency of the State by serving the State (Nagamine) and by delivering a copy of the summons and of the complaint to such officer or agency.

    I think that is exactly what she did."


    No, she did HALF of that. Under Hawaii Rule 4, Orly was supposed to serve Loretta Fuddy AND the State of Hawaii.

    Re:Service - "Upon an officer (Fuddy - agreed) or agency of the State by serving the State (Nagamine - agreed) and by delivering a copy of the summons and of the complaint to such officer ("such officer" = Fuddy) or agency.

  54. @Dealio

    Sheriffs do not issue warrants. Courts issue warrants.

  55. @Anonymous @ 10:25 AM

    In response to Anon @ 9:46,

    "IIRC, Orly never informed Mr. Nemerof about the Hawaii subpoena."

    You replied,

    "No, but the HI AG did."


    Doesn't count. Rule 45 requires that, BEFORE a subpoena is served on someone who is not a party to the lawsuit (here, that would be Ms. Fuddy), all of the other parties have to be given notice. IOW, before she tried to serve any subpoena on Fuddy or the DOH Orly was required -- it's not optional, it's mandatory -- to send a notice of it to Mr. Nemeroff.

    The fact that the Hawaii AG's Office notified him after the fact does not cure the original defect. The court could toss out the subpoena on this ground alone.

    Orly goofed, in more ways than one.

  56. dammit ,this petty legal procedures bullshit is exactly the kind a meally mouthed ,tiny hair ,claptrap.. that is so onerous to ordinary people .

    has the US legal system always been so infuriatingly chickenshit ? ..i dont recall "perry mason " ever haveing to quibble about such liliputian pissant drek .

    sorry to any law people present but does our legal system really have to be so hidiously complicated ?

    thks, woodski

  57. There is strong evidence that the occupier of the White House is a criminal and imposter. All of it has been published and is widely available.
    The worst part of these crimes is not of the accused, but rather those who are now duplicitous by their inaction to bring the criminal and his conspirators to justice.
    Our elected representatives have been elected by the people and took an oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States.
    All of them have refused to act, ignoring the will of the people.
    They are protecting a criminal from justice.
    They are co-conspirators.
    The law is a hindrance to them and they ignore it every chance they get.
    They simply do not care what the average citizen thinks anymore.
    They have become an elite oligarchy.
    They spend trillions of dollars for things we do not want or need and ignore constitution and do nothing about the criminal imposter occupying the White House.
    The people now pay their taxes not out of love of the constitution but because they fear the government.
    There is no need to vote anymore because no government official will do anything to end the corruption and bring the criminal in the White House to justice.
    They are addicted to power and the benefits of the ruling class.
    With these truths being self-evident, it is clear that the government no longer responds to the will of the people.
    Only a revolution can change the present state of affairs.
    It’s all the people have left.
    God save America.

  58. Orly intentionally screws up these cases so that they all fail and it results in stopping anyone who may truly want this information to surface from moving forward. Taitz is a stalking horse and probably a faker.

  59. 4:19 P.M. Thankyou for pointing that out. I certainly do not want to imply misinformation. Basically, what I'm looking for is the sheriff to take it upon himself, with the backing and support of untold millions, to do whatever he has to to see the illegal alien and co. locked up. In fact, all three branches need to be jailed immediately. It is unbelievable to me another day is to begin and end with an illegal alien criminal felon in the WH. Jesus Christ, are we fucked up, or what? Where the Goddamn hell is Sheriff Arpaio? Please excuse my french, and I know there is no excuse, but the stakes couldn't be higher.

  60. @AnonymousWe're not in disagreement here. I was referring to the same fact, that she did not provide notice to opposing counsel and they apparently were not notified until the HI AG notified them... Something she is not infrequently guilty of.

  61. @Anonymous
    Orly is dedicated, there is no question about that. However, thousands of subpoenas are served by lawyers every day without such elementary mistakes. You have to serve the proper person!!. Orly may need to get help, Judge Lamberth is already upset with Orly because of another routine filing she got wrong. If Lamberth upholds Hawaii's opposition, we will at the very least lose several months of time and he may simply uphold their contention that the BC is "irrelevant". Needless to say, she is not making any great impression on Lamberth. She should ask for assistance if she needs it. A lot depends on the work she is doing and if she looks like a rank amateur (that doesn't even know how to serve a subpoena correctly) to Lamberth, it's going to hurt her (us) in the main case against Astrue.
    I don't wish her ill (because our fate is largely in her hands)but if she drops the ball, it will be a great opportunity lost.

  62. Obviously folks here are more intelligent, have more legal knowledge, and are better qualified to lead our legal struggle against the USERPENT.

    How come ORLY is the only lawyer in the WORLD with MULTIPLE active cases..?

    Maybe we need to collect $$ and hire one of you "REAL LAWYERS" to represent us..?

  63. really , a million ambulance chasersin america and we have to rely on a single moldavian dentist /lawyer/housewife who speaks english as a second or third language .

    after the shameful way she gets mistreated lampooned and insulted every time she appears on any mainstream television program .it is amazing that she keeps stoically soldiering forward .

    orly might make a lot of technical legal errors but she clearly has more guts ,energy and integrity than the entire legal proffesion in this sad and hapless nation .

    lawyers of america ,please take notice ,we will never forgive or forget your shameless ,despicable and cowardly lack of action in this historic era .

    just think ,twenty years from now ,you can explain to your grandchildren ,interns and law students ,how you casually stood by and did NOTHING while this poorly supported immigrant from the soviet union stood alone defending your constitution and our national security .

    dear ABA members should perhaps consider re-nameing your organization the "american bar-fly association " except that alcoholics ,losers ,cheaters ,sluts and various other barroom low-lifes might rightly then take offence at such a comparison .

    after the last several decades of litigating american enterprise ,commerce and medicine into the shithole of history ,you can stand proud with the clintons, obamas and the OJ defense team in destroying what was once considered a fairly respectable avocation .

    you "esteemed counsel " types can now officially take credit for voting "present " during the entire obama era debacle . please do enjoy those german automobiles, trips to europe and condos at vail and cancun certainly deserve every bit of it ..

    rest assured that your fellow countrymen will someday ,surely thank you ..again and again for all of your "due dilligence "and proffesional "expertese" in this ,our nations greatest time of legal and constitutional peril .


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