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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obama's Alias Harrison J. Bounel Tied To Connecticut Social Security Number Now Scrubbed From Databases

From Albert "Al" Hendershot: There has been a development as it pertains to database records for and about Barack H Obama. As we well know I am the one who discovered the Harrison J Bounel alias. Well, these records have been scrubbed from theses databases as of yesterday. All other records are gone except the records belonging to the "chosen one".
Albert Hendershot's SSN Pull for 042-68-4425 (Obama) With His Notes Added to the Database Pull

From Carl Swensson: Spent yesterday with a credit investigator (skip tracer) who has very highly specialized search software available to only those in the business and highly protected…

In March of this year he was doing a lookup of BHO’s SSN number and came up with this anomaly. Harrison J. Bounel kept showing up as living at the “O’s” and using the same SSN # ???? Also showed up as a relative of Michelle’s? As of yesterday, the same search yielded no reference to Bounel so here we go again, records scrubbed. This Gentleman (Albert) is working with Jerome Corsi to get this and some really damning evidence concerning tax evasion on the Chicago address of the Obama’s residence (Can we say Capone) out to as many as possible.

Orly had one such investigator working, early on, with the SS numbers but I’m not sure if she tied that together with the voter fraud documents which show multiple fictitious and famous characters living at the addresses of all these BHO residences associated with that CN SSN from across the country. I now have copies of that as well. Anybody here live in Arkansas? Have some interesting leads for you.

I know that name (Bounel) has appeared before but the significance now is that it is being scrubbed as people like Albert find pockets of this info still out there in the virtual world.

I do hope Jerome and Albert can put the pieces of the tax fraud puzzle together in a way that’s easily understandable for the masses to understand. Good luck with that as Cook County, IL is an absolute cesspool of political corruption and does an absolutely excellent job of hiding underhanded political dealings involving land and taxes. Key here is that sliver of land Rezko turned over to the Trust Co. that owned Michelle’s/Barry’s Chicago residence at 5046 S. Greenwood Ave that has every appearance of having avoided any taxes being paid on it. That and the fact that on the Obama’s 2009 tax return it shows taxes paid on real estate when, according to records, they owned NONE. 

Previous report from ORYR: The Plot Thickens: Debt Collector; Obama's Connecticut Social Security Number Also Tied To An Alias Harrison J Bounel. MORE HERE

UPDATE: Albert Hendershot discusses scrubbing of Obama's alias and Obama's real estate tax fraud. VIDEO HERE
Obama's Connecticut Social Security Number Also Tied To An Alias Harrison J Bounel
Collectability Score Results for Barack H Obama.


  1. It appears John Brennan has been a busy little beaver. Has he already sanitized Moochelle's alias Guadalupe?

  2. ORYR -- Thanks for that screenshot of the Accurint report. I'll be contacting LEXIS/NEXIS first thing on Monday.

  3. @Anonymous

    This isn't ORYR but you're welcome. Contact away and give them a big FU for us.

  4. It's too bad for you OBots that the Harrison J. Bounel has been record as an Obama alias. No way that you clowns can run from it.

  5. the way the left chicken shit commie bastards have been running at the mouth lately,their shook,got them on the run. Sweet justice is coming. Take that to the bank. The illegal alien in the whitehouse,and All involved,get ready to be served. You know who you are.

  6. I am actually surprised that any of those Cook County records have remained out there for this long. Chicago is ground zero for thuggery and duplicity and things (or people) there can be "disappeared" for a song.

    On another but related matter, and I am not sure if others here caught this but Judicial Watch recently prevailed in their FOIA lawsuit against the Secret Service to get access to the White House visitor logs from January 20, 2009 through August 10, 2009. It's a long-shot but there may well be a name or two that Urkel and Company would prefer to keep under raps that relates to this massive cover-up. Just a familiar name might send an investigator like Corsi and others down whole new avenues.

    More can read here:

    Keep up the good work! This site rules!

  7. @waycoolsnoopy
    I saw somewhere where the Whitehouse has already taken custody of the logs and they refuse to release them. I can't remember where I read that.

  8. When Holder, the fire wall goes down, barry obama sotoro better pray he has better than excellent virus protection....

  9. @anonymous

    Well, nothing that despicable, treasonous quisling does surprises me anymore. However, that may have been before this most recent federal judge's decision. I believe technically the logs belong to the Secret Service. Not that Obama and his wretched syncophants can't influence them but I would welcome them to defy another federal judge. At some point there will be someone not willing to carry water for that despot and his gaggle of thugs. Of course, they've been giving the proverbial middle finger to Congress and Congressional subpeonas over that traitorous Fast and Furious ridiculousness so who knows. In any case, it is another string to pull on and watch the Kenyan Communist become a little bit more unraveled. And I thought I could not hate anyone more than I hated GW. Little did I know...

    I noticed WND has a current write-up on the visitor logs as well:

    Ultimately the only answer to 1984 is 1776!

  10. Anyway you look at it Barry's getting closer to his end thanks to honest American people.

  11. The time for the reign of King Louis Obama XIV and Michelle Antoinette to end now!

  12. The problem is, it's not just Obozo, the entire government has been notified about the fraud, but continue to conspire with the criminal to defraud the American people, therefore our whole government has to be prosicuted. But it can't be done in the united states because of the rampant corruption of our justice system.

  13. 9:39 A.M. Don't kid yourself. It can still be done. No matter what, times change, people don't. We know every member of congress is guilty and we won't forget.

  14. Is hyperbole required to post here?

    I've rarely seen people so detached from reality.

    Bounel was simply a trustee.

  15. The Obama administration (particularly the Social Security Department) is complicit to this criminal and usurper of the presidency of the United States. They all should be in prison, not running our country.

  16. Why does the Bounel entry show a first record date of November, 2009?

  17. @Anonymous

    @Anonymous on 08/21/2011 @ 11:12 AM

    I think the only things required to post here are common sense, discernment, love of liberty and the Constitution, and a healthy mistrust of the government. All of those attributes were encouraged, if not demanded, by the Framers of the Constitution! You know the Framers..? “Those silly old White guys” who actually made America, America? If people like you had gotten their way, we would still be British subjects of the Crown (like your pResident) and our money would have pictures of that wrinkled old hag on it.

    Since you obviously lack those finer characteristics, I hear Frog-butt or whatever his name is is looking for a few mindless, treasonous, drones and quislings to comment over there and work on tearing down the last few remnants of Constitutionality that remain with this country.

    “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.” --Barack Obama (a/k/a Barry Soetoro) (a/k/a pResident Urkel)

    “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice and moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue!” --Barry Goldwater

    Try to remember those quotes especially the last one, my little collaborator.

  18. many obama apologists are clearly inteligent ,educated and even well informed on this issue ...ergo ,they very well KNOW in their hearts that obama is VERY likely a forger ,a fraud and a felon .

    this would seem to indicate that these "obots " are knowingly endorsing and condoning, an act treason and criminal conspirecy of truely historic magnitude .

    we know that these people dont much like us ..but why do they hate AMERICA so much ?...or do they think that defending such an apparent , blatant and monumental deception is some how GOOD for the health and well being of their own country ?

    i mean ,obots are mostly americans too ,are they not ?

  19. Would be really nice to see Barry and Michelle behind bars along with their cast!!!

  20. It stuns the senses, and is quite frightening, to see all the info out there on this guy, and him still being supported by so many. Can there be such a large number of americans that have no idea what he's all about, and choose to back him, or is it that they are against America as a nation? I see the next election as the major tipping point in the history of this nation.

  21. How long do we talk about the negatives of Obama, stop the talk and take action. Get on the backs of Senators and Reps. and the Tea Party and demand that Impeach procedures begin. BO is doing his best to discredit and Bmock our Constitution with his Socialistic rants. Lets get him out of office BEFORE 2012. How much critical events are we going to allow? Save the Constitution and the USA. Rid us of BO, ASAP.

  22. Mullah obama and the 'democrats' are reaping the "rewards" of Marxists controlling Americas' Education System (read Brain Washing). The millions who still support obama were raised without a moral compass ie. Communists AND 'the Chicago way' (also everything comming out of Hollywood) to them, there is NO Right or Wrong only the "ends justify the means". So, ANY and ALL Evidence Against obama will be ignored by the obots for example Suprem Court Just. Kagan and the "wise latina" Sotomyor will throw aside established Constitutional Law and write their own. Mullah obama is only the TIP of this Hate America ICEBERG!

  23. I live in Arkansas. What leads do you have and how can I contact you to send my e-mail?

  24. @Anonymous

    Who are you trying to reach? If you are trying to reach Albert Hendershot you can send us your email using the private contact form located at the top right side of this web page right below the share tool and we will pass it along.

    Or use this direct link

  25. If Obama should get reelected and I see no reason why he wouldn`t because the fix is in on the vote, He will be your ruler for the next 30 plus years.

  26. This is all part of those who want to see a NWO installed over the world. Nothing more, nothing less. Obama is a puppet for the big players. Fraud, most definitely, but for the purpose of others'.

  27. @Anonymous

    Has anyone found this Bounel person?
    Is there a Bounel out there somewhere that is NOT barry soreto?
    Where is a body (warm or cold) with the name Bounel???? Who is someone other than obama?

  28. Prepare for 2012, there will be no elections.

    1. Obama Suspends The Elections
    • The Obama administration will continue to propagate their made up “terrorist threats.” Those “threats” will increase exponentially as the 2012 Presidential elections draw near. Therefore, the Kenyan will have to suspend the elections and declare martial law since the “government” has received “credible” intel that Americas polling places are terrorist targets, and in order to keep us safe, the elections will be suspended until it is safe for them to resume. Why else would our POTUS do the things he does with complete arrogance and impunity; America prepare, “We the People” must be prepared for what’s coming.

    • Obamas terrorism will be a simple act to pull off; Obama is close associates with weather underground terrorists Bill Ayers, Bernadine Doehrne as well as numerous Islamic terrorist organizations. It will be very easy for them to set explosive devices in obscure polling places around the nation, hopefully not while occupied, then begin a series of bombings all the while blaming it on “terrorists” which will be true, but the Obama regime would have us believe it will be homegrown terrorists, NOT his good buddies Bill Ayers, Bernadine Doehrne, islam or the rest of that fanatical ilk. Of course, all financing will be provided by Obamas owner and master, George Soros.

    • Now that the government has its newly acquired powers over the internet, the internet will be seized to eliminate fast communications so citizens are unable to quickly mobilize. I also suspect all cell phone networks will be shut down as well; their justification will be that those pesky “terrorists” may try setting off bombs remotely by…. CELL PHONE!! Or God forbid a “flash” mob demonstration against the Kenyan.

  29. Any news about A defector's unexplainable disappearance?

  30. i wonder how many millions was paid to ole Harrison from unnamed sources before that alias was scrubbed?

  31. This country has become a big joke, ever since W became President and now this man, Gawd. Watch out who you elect as President now onwards. But hey, give the guy a break he was just very smart in hoodwinking 310 M people! That takes some smartness, isn't it? Now that he has really screwed us all, what do we do about it? Throw him out of the highest office. But remember he is just a PAWN, just as W was. Go after the real "Goons' like Rahm Emmannuel, Geithner, Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson, Summers, Buffet etc. Go after the REAL frauds who have driven this country to its Bankruptcy. Peace. Good work, though, the Debt collector. We owe you one.


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