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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

As first reported here Albert Hendershot ran a skip-trace on Obama's illegal alien aunt and uncle and discovered they both have valid social security numbers. Now private investigator Susan Daniels has ran her own search and she also confirms they both have valid social security numbers even though they were in the United States illegally. VIDEO HERE

Obama's Uncle Onyango Obama:

Gender: M
SSN: 027-38-XXXX
Issued between 1964 to 1966 in the state of Massachusetts. Timeline for Onyango Obama can be found here and here.

Obama's Aunt Zeituni Onyango:

Zeituni, Onyango
Gender: F
Issued between 2001 and 2002 in the state of Indiana. There is no evidence Zeituni Onyango ever stepped foot in Indiana. 

The skip-tracing was performed by Albert Hendershot, president of Innovative Portfolio Recovery Inc, upon our request. Social Security number prefixes listed here. The skip-tracing results posted below the Susan Daniels interview.

Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt and Uncle's Skip-Trace (Social Security Numbers ) 8/30/2011

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Obama's illegal alien uncle has a valid social security number and driver's license. MORE HERE

Attorney That Defended Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt Also Will Defend Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle. MORE HERE

Uncle Obama has a federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrant for his arrest. MORE HERE

Private Investigators Respond to Snopes Latest Piece on Obama's Social Security Number Reserved for Connecticut Applicants. MORE HERE

Obama guilty of at least one felony punishable by $250,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison. MORE HERE

Private Investigator: Obama's Fraudulent Social Security Number & Selective Service Registration

We Have a Criminal and Forger in the White House! 20110627 issue Wash Times Natl Wkly pg 5


  1. This is getting more interesting!! Good job!! More please !! Thank you !!
    Count down to zero for the "0". TV teaches us that crime does not pay!!

  2. Question...after getting the bogus SS#, did Uncle "O" go down and sign up for Selective Service as required by US LAW for all males whether citizens or resident aliens?

  3. Pardon my mistake, I should have said "Draft" not "Selective Service" since Uncle "O" supposedly got his number in the early 60's when he obviously came here for the 1st time... and probably "?as a student?". Either way, I hope someone with the entire # checks the database.

  4. Another question...since Sr & Soetoro worked in the US, did they also have SS#s? I don't think I have ever explored this or for that matter, even seen it reported.

    Gender: M
    SSN: 027-38-XXXX
    Issued between 1964 to 1966 in the state of Massachusetts. Timeline for Onyango Obama can be found here and here.

    Why did Susan say 025 were his first 3?

  6. She must have been confused between 027 and 025 and was probably not looking at her search results during the actual interview. If you listen to her interview she first stated 027.

  7. An interesting post from

    "On August 30th, 2011 at 11:21 pm, Jethro said:

    In Bill Ayers book Dreams from My Father it states that when Obama visited his fathers family in Kenya in 1987 or 88 that Uncle Omar had gone to Boston “25 years ago” and never returned. That would have been around 1962 or 63 when Omar was 19 years old. Who would Omar have known in Boston in 1963? Hey! Wasn’t Obama Sr. at Harvard in 1963? While he was there was he harboring a fugitive illegal alien? Where are all of the investigative reporters? Why did I have to put this together myself?"

    Read all the comments here:

  8. Unfortunately,

    After reviewing the Social security website, there are a few ways Non-U.S. Citizens can legally obtain a valid SS#.

    The question is, which way (if any) did Uncle Omar obtain his, legally or otherwise.

    Since uncle Omar is not a U.S. citizen, he is not exempted from a FOIA request of information. In this manner, it can be discovered. Was he a temp. immigrant worker and overstayed? If so, and most likely a FOIA is the only method of determination, then he would have been issued a valid SS#.

    Once these temp. legal working immigrants overstay, they in turn continue to use the temp. valid SS# to gain continuous State and Federal benefits illegally.

  9. Having an illegal in the WH is very bad. This news makes it worse. Why? Because if these two illegals could get a SSN and license then others could. This means they can vote. These are the kind of "voters" ACORN targets.

    Everybody sharpen your pitchforks, we have a meeting coming up in DC.

  10. TRUE PATRIOTS (NAVY VET)August 31, 2011 at 7:07 AM

    We the People have been paying for the o'posters family too, from our collective money's. There WAS no place like America. O'posters father's dream, and evidently, the rest of Kenya's also. I'd be surprised if his sister (is it maya?) doesn't have a bogus SS also, and maybe even Kenyan gramma, and that railing dingo. Might need to check these out too, just because they arent't IN our Country, doesn't mean someone does not collect their SS and mail it to them.

  11. BHO CT. SSN story on Drudge!

  12. The birthersummit should offer big bucks to the people who lived with Omar for some good information.

  13. @John Doe Sr.

    Maybe uncle Omar is really Daddy Omar.
    Who knows?

  14. Remember how Obama Sr. had conflicting dates of birth in his documents? Well, it's the same for Omar:

    "Patel said he used Obama as his first name, the reverse of the name on his license and in court documents. Court documents show conflicting information for his age; he is in his 60s."

    So...nothing illegal going on here right?

  15. All I know is I am glad I will be dead when the USA finally gets taken over for good by the Mexicans and blacks. Who will they blame for their overall failures as a race of people. Look at Mexico and surrounding areas. Total economic failure with lawlessness. Blacks are even worse. Look at Africa. It is still living in the stone age despite all the natural resources. Black on Black Crime at its best. That is not even getting in to the Muslims.

    By the time the whites are basically tiny minorities in this country, the blacks and mexicans will have destroyed the infrastructure to the point where the muslims wont even want to bother with terrorist attacks because their jealousy will no longer exist because we destroyed this great society from within.

    This Obama criminal enterprise is just the start. What will happen when we run out of money because the actual producers in this country have been destroyed to the point where they dont want to reproduce and there is nothing left for the leeches to take.

  16. Trial,

    Yes. When Albert Hendershot ran his skip-trace on Onyango his birth date popped up as 10/1945.

  17. @Moderator
    So, was he born in June 3, 1944, or was he born in October 1945?
    Is it possible to be born on two different dates?

    Remind me how anti-birthers spin this?

  18. Crime does not Pay unless you are Barack Obama then the laws get changed to protect the guilty..

  19. So Aunt Zeituni got her SS# from Indiana? What a coincidence! That's right over the border from Chicago, home of O'Barky and his close friend and mentor, the terrorist Bill Ayers.

    Ayers bragged about how the Weather Underground would constantly commit identity fraud by stealing SS#'s. He said it was the easiest way to change one's identity.

  20. TRUE PATRIOTS (NAVY VET)September 3, 2011 at 6:43 PM

    a-(sshole)-yers also said they used dead peoples Birth Certificates. Good Question from earlier, is Omar the "RESIDENTS" REAL father??? What a effing joke this country has become, because of the few who want to own the world. I want to remind all these HORMONGERS that sold our country down the road, We each one of us, die alone. Each person who has ever lived, and died will have their moment just before death, to relive the life they lived, and ALL ON THE HILL will relive the nightmare that they "birthed", and brought forth on this NATION. I still find it ironic, that they still think they can take the looted money with them, for it will burn quickly in Hell, but yet, THEY will remain, burning. For you see, I AM A CHRISTIAN, AND I BELIEVE MY GOD, THEREFORE,,,GOD BLESS AMERICA, AND ALL CHRISTIAN AMERICANS,,, AMEN... GET THE HELL OUT, ALL ILLEGALS & MUSLIMS, IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.

  21. This has all come from bending the rules, they have used every excuse to keep their crooked agenda going and we had to go along with it, the politically correct baloney, no one is more politically incorrect than a usurper. This Gov. has lied and cheated and stolen to get where it wants to go, it is our duty to see that they are given a full measure of justice, however we can. The President and all who aided and abetted and took advantage of this situation, all punished for what they have done, they have betrayed their country.


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