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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Obama Targeted in Police Probe: Tough Talking Sheriff Investigates Obama's PHONY Birth Certificate
Globe Magazine

In a bombshell development, GLOBE has learned that President Obama is being investigated by top Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio on claims the birth certificate the White House released in April is a FAKE! Read why insiders say the President is in danger of being booted out of office - and even put on trial - in this week's GLOBE.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Investigate Validity of Obama's Birth Certificate

We Have a Criminal and Forger in the White House! 20110627 issue Wash Times Natl Wkly pg 5


  1. The last we heard he was going to look over the evidence. Did he now say he would absolutely investigate ? I sure hope so, the country needs this.

  2. Seeing news like this in the globe is very encouraging to me. I can see that progress is being made by sheriff joe. I hope that this investigation goes like the wind and wraps up this fiasco thats happening to America. I hope that it doesn't creep along like the fast and furious thing. Why does justice take so long? Why can't it be fast like the weiner case. News came out and weiners soon gone!
    Oh yah---- it's the stupid msm fault----- again!!

  3. This will make Sheriff Joe either deny or affirm he is investigating.

    Obots will say it's only the Globe, but The National Enquirer was first to pick up the John Edwards story. The Libs laughed it off, but John Edwards is not laughting now.

    How many criminal politicians will it take before the real American Citizens say they have had enough? I am sensing that the limit is being reached very quickly.

  4. this article needs to be sent to the drudge news tip line. i do not know the correct e - mail address. please somebody else do this. i sent it to news a couple of days ago , but nothing has been posted on it there yet.

  5. There is nothing new in this article. How is the investigation coming along? How much longer can we expect to be kept waiting before Sheriff Joe goes to a Judge or Magistrate in order to get them to issue a warrant for Obama's arrest?

  6. @Anonymous

    I sent it to Drudge. There is a link on his site to refer news tips.

  7. @Anonymous

    Why the term MSM?

    I do not understand why media outlets such as: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, New York Times, Washington Post, Saint Louis Post Dispatch, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, etc. are referred to as the Main Stream Media (MSM). Inasmuch as these outlets dedicate themselves to promoting an anti-American Socialist / Communist agenda why is that considered to be mainstream? Under that assumption you would have to conclude that someone using that term considers Socialism / Communism as the main stream political faction in the United States today. I do not believe that to be true. Obviously, we have a very dangerous Socialist / Communist movement afoot but I say that those people are still a minority. Therefore, I use a term that I believe more accurately describes these anti-American propaganda machines, the Left Wing Radical Media (LWRM).

  8. @Anonymous

    "Obots will say it's only the Globe, but The National Enquirer was first to pick up the John Edwards story."

    Several weeks age, the Globe's headline was Palin used cocaine in Alaska. So I would not put alot of stock in this paper.

  9. Don't get your hopes up anymore. We've been bamboozled time and time again with all of this.

    We're a failed state ruled by an elite oligarchy.

  10. The Drudge Report was made famous for discovering Clinton's under the desk girlfriend Monica Lewinsky. Obama is far too gay for Drudge to get involved with.

    Drudge will eventually headline the Obama fraud but by then it'll be totally irrelevant and old news.


    I use MSM, although it means something different to me than 'main stream'.

    To me its simply MARXIST STATE MEDIA which fits like a glove. Couldn't have chosen a better acronym if I tried!

  12. Look who else has made Obama's eligibility front-page news. Headline suggests 'phony birth certificate,' asks if president will be impeached

    Read more: Look who else has made Obama's eligibility front-page news

  13. The Sheriff only needs to obtain a copy of the Nordyke BC and compare side by side to Obama's BC. He does need to obtain a recent copy of the Nordyke one from the family so that it is from a scan rather than microfiche. The side by side comparison reveals all.

  14. @FedUp

    I'll buy that. I made the incorrect assumption that you, like a lot of people refer to the MSM as the Main Stream Media which is mindless BS. The day Socialism / Marxism / Communism becomes the main stream in this country it is all over. It isn't over yet folks, there are still loyal Americans out there.

  15. When I hear it come out of Joe's mouth, then I'll buy it... Everyday that goes by I loose more fath in Old Joe. What does he need..?! Yomama to walk up and SLAP HIM AROUND THE ROOM..!

  16. @Anonymous

    The Drudge Report almost always ignores stories like this. I have sent them dozens of newslinks that are related to Obama's forged birth certificate. Nothing but crickets from them each and evry time. Through ommission The Drudge Report has joined the media's efforts to ignore and supress any and all information related to Obama's identity theft.

  17. Please watch for this publication in the stores. If you see the stack make sure it can be seen by many, turn the papers right side out and put some on eye level if they are not. The "other side" tends to try and hide them, I have seen it with my own eyes......


  19. It's been too long. We should have heard from the sheriff already. He's been silenced somehow. I can't say many of us are surprised. We know how this is going to end. At this time, we're experiencing a slow bleed. That's not good enough for the illegal and all the triatorous bastards in congress. I suspect they are accelerating their plans to dismantle the country. We have few choices ourselves, at this time. Our best bet is to confront this now, rather then later.

  20. I've tried to appeal to The Drudge Report on the issue of Obama's ineligibility and other crimes.

    They appear to be as afraid of the issue as the rest of the worthless media.

  21. I hope Sheriff Joe gets Obama out of office then I hope someone gets Joe out of office. He is no better than the person in the White House as far as I am concerned,.. They are both lying assholes

  22. AMERICAN PATRIOTS' MOVEMENT OF AMERICA fully supports this legal proceeding to bring Barack Hussein Obama II to justice for submitting a forged Certificate of Birth before the American people.
    Barack Hussein Obama II was not born in America and is nothing more than a foreign born muslim terrorist trying to destroy the United States of America.
    The truth of Obama's fake Certificate of Birth must be revealed before the American people because Obama is not qualified under the requirements of the United States Constitution to be President of the United States and should be removed from office for being an illegal president.
    James G. Borden
    Newsletter Editor
    National Headquarters
    Hilo, Hawaii 97820


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