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Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle Quietly Released From Jail: House Chairman; Obama's Uncle Got ‘Backdoor Amnesty’

Boston Globe: Officials released President Obama’s uncle from Plymouth County jail yesterday after holding him for more than two weeks on an immigration detainer for violating an order to return to his native Kenya in 1992.

US officials refused to disclose any other information about Onyango Obama, who remained in the United States undetected until Framingham police arrested him Aug. 24 on drunken driving and other charges.

Yesterday, federal immigration officials refused to say whether the 67-year-old Framingham resident posted bond, whether they are keeping track of his whereabouts, or even whether they are still seeking his deportation, raising questions about public accountability in the case.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement website confirmed Obama’s release by listing him as “not in custody.’’ MORE HERE

Washington Times: The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said Friday that President Obama’s half-uncle, an illegal immigrant who was picked up but has reportedly been released from jail, appears to have benefited from the new “backdoor amnesty” the administration announced last month.

“It appears there is a double standard — one for President Obama’s family and one for everyone else,” Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican, said. “Last year, President Obama’s illegal immigrant aunt was granted asylum and now his illegal immigrant uncle has been released from [the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency] custody, even though he was arrested by authorities for drunk driving.”

Mr. Smith said the case will be the first “test case” for a new Homeland Security policy announced last month that gives immigration authorities more discretion to let illegal immigrants go, rather than pursue efforts to deport them. MORE HERE


White House Statement on Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle Onyango Obama.... VIDEO

"If you have previously been ordered removed or deported, and you remained in the United States, you should be aware that if you are stopped by ICE, you will be removed without any further hearings. It may be possible to stay in the country to settle your affairs, depending on your individual circumstances, but in general, you will be held in ICE custody until arrangements can be made for your removal. Your deportation officer will begin by securing travel documents, to ensure that you will be readmitted to your home country."

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Note: If there are criminal charges against you (such as driving without a license, DWI or domestic violence), you first have to go to court for your criminal case. When your criminal case is over or you pay your criminal bail, instead of being released, you are picked up by ICE. ICE moves you to an immigration detention center for removal processing. If you have been in the U.S. illegally for 1 year or more, you will not be allowed to come back for at least 10 years. There are few exceptions to this rule.

Like being related to the de facto President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro?

Attorney That Defended Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt Also Will Defend Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle. MORE HERE 

Video: Private Investigator Susan Daniels Confirms Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt and Uncle's Social Security Numbers. VIDEO HERE

Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle Onyango Obama's Arrest/Booking Report -

What U.S. President in History Has Multiple Sources in a Foreign Country Saying He Was Born There?


  1. Ten undocumented youths arrested in North Carolina during a immigration rights rally on Tuesday, have been released on bond.

    In a statement released Wednesday, the Mecklenburg Sheriff's Office said that in keeping with the jail's policy to screen everyone who is arrested, the 15 people detained on Tuesday were fingerprinted, photographed and screened to determine whether they are in the country legally.

    Mecklenburg County jail officials said they determined that ten of 15 protesters are undocumented. The five who were found to be U.S. citizens were released immediately after processing.

    After jail officials confirmed that none of the undocumented youths had criminal records, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, told authorities Wednesday not to put detainers on them.

    Santiago Garcia, Martin Rodriguez and Manuel Vazquez were released on bond late Wednesday night after appearing in a Mecklenburg County courtroom by teleconference earlier that day.

    The other seven arrested, Cynthia Martinez, Marco Saavedra, Alicia Torres-Don and Angelica Velazquillo, Mohammad Abdollahi, Isabel Castillo and Viridiana Martinez, were released on bond Thursday. They will all appear in court in October on misdemeanor charges of civil disobedience and impeding traffic.

    Charlotte-based immigration attorney Janeen Hicks-Pierre said that detainers hold people while immigration officials decide on deportation.

    “ICE wants no part in this PR nightmare," she said, “If ICE wanted to hold them would be some indication of a detainer.”

    Garcia said that within an hour of being arrested and processed, he was issued an alien number and paperwork stating that he was going to be transferred to Stewart Detention Center in Georgia.

    Several other participants were also issued alien numbers or placed on ICE holds.

    Powell feels that the release of the ten undocumented protesters is nothing more than a publicity stunt for ICE, saying: “The [Administration’s immigration policies] are not protecting [undocumented immigrants] from deportation; public pressure is protecting them.”

    The administration announced last month that those without criminal records -- who are found to be a low priority because they are students, were brought to the United States as children or have long family ties to the country -- would have their deportation cases put on hold and granted work permits. The new approach calls for a review of more than 300,000 deportation cases that remain pending.

    The administration has said that this policy, which recommends the use of “prosecutorial discretion” for DREAM Act-eligible immigrants who are in removal proceedings, brings them in line with proposed legislation such as the DREAM Act.

    Read more:

  2. I am a natural born citizen of the United States and it just burns me that all these Illegal aliens get whatever thay want! They need to go back home and then maybe this Country would be better off, we would not be giving out all this free money to them and they would not be getting free illegal voting rights! It is time to take back America!

  3. California birther/dualer/doubterSeptember 9, 2011 at 10:56 AM

    Can't blame the illegal White House administration for doing whatever it takes to muster all the illegal parasite votes they can get to keep their hold onto power. Lawbreaking indeed begets lawbreaking, but we the people will see to it that this problem is rectified big time in 2012 -- if not before then. In the meantime, Uncle Omar would be wise to go into hiding with the other cockroaches if he wants to keep on leeching us along with his sister and other family members.

  4. So, the law doesn't apply to anybody anymore? We can just ignore the law too? Great, I think I'll get drunk, and rob a liquor store, run down a few pedrestians, maybe a kid or two, then go buy some drugs.

  5. i wonder who Obamas uncle voted for in the election. One illegal alien voting for another. What a country we live in.

    Considering all those African scams and how they rearrange their names, what are the odds he only voted once?

    We need an american version of the English Defense League, only with more balls.

  6. We need an american version of the English Defense League, only with more balls.
    Balls you say???? It appears that DC is full of castrated idiots whose only concern is
    re-election at any price, no matter what the choice does to America as we used to know Her.

  7. U.S. citizen prosecuted for Social Security fraud - as he should have been.

    Obama's illegal alien relatives given free Social Security benefits in direct contravention of the law.

    The laws are being used against U.S. citizens, and being ignored when violated by illegal aliens.

  8. Here's a good one.

    Two weeks ago I contacted Congressman Marsha Blackburn's office to ask about the invalid SSN used by Obama-Soetoro. They asked for my Email address and said they would get back to me. I received no reply.

    I contacted the office again on Monday and received an Email from the Legislative Correspondent saying she would call me, and she left me her number. After not hearing from her this morning I called the office. The Legislative Correspondent just called me back.

    When I asked about how the person sitting in the WH have an invalid SSN she had no idea what I was talking about. She even asked me "how do you know this?". I told her about Susan Daniels and that the number was from CT.

    We all need to contact our reps and demand an answer to this. It is obvious that not many have been asking about the SSN. The LC mentioned the BC, but I just told her there were 20 experts that the court recognizes for other cases, but refuses to accept their determination with regard to Obama-Soetoro.

    I personally believe the SSN is the way to go.

  9. Not in these words, but effectively my Representatives office, Congressman Steve Womack, has pretty much told me they are not going to believe any information I tell them or provide them with regarding Obama, they will only believe what they are given, "officially". In other words, what they are told to believe....nothing else is important or matters in the least to them.

  10. Revolution. The illegal alien criminal in the WH and his family mock us, our country, the system, and our laws. It is disturbing, to say the least. I think of everyone over the years that have served this country, some paying the ultimate price for our freedoms and way of life. Now comes a usurper and his followers who are hell bent on finishing us off (and doing a fucking good job). The sooner we revolt, the better. BTW, this foreigner in the WH is not going to go down without a fight. We must organize and march. Or, I suppose we could continue doing what we're doing. That's fine. Problem is, Barry and co. are also going to continue doing what they're doing. Goddamn, where the hell is our military? They have to know we've been taken over by now. Oh yeah, whatever happened to the sheriff? The sheriff? Please don't make me laugh. See, that's what I'm talking about.

  11. California birther/dualer/doubterSeptember 9, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    When the time for revolution comes, I'll be there. For now I'm giving Sheriff Joe an opportunity to reply one way or the other. I don't think he's just going to sit around and not say anything about it -- not after speaking to the Tea Party group in Surprise, Ariz., that voted resoundingly to declare Obie a fraud and telling the gathering that he will look into it. It's either his ass that is on the line or Obie's.

  12. @California birther/dualer/doubter

    Don't pin your hopes on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Even if Joe Arpaio finds the evidence of forgery credible, he will still need to go before a Judge or Magistrate and convince them to issue a warrant for Obama's arrest.

    From what I've been given to understand there is a lot of disagreement regarding who has the legal authority to arrest a sitting President.

    Some say it simply cannot be done, and others claim that Obama would have to be impeached before he can be arrested.

    One could argue that an immunity to arrest should not apply to someone who isn't really a legitimate President. The bottom line is this, we an in extremely dicey situation,it's is totally uncharted territory, and we are going to be hard pressed to find anyone who is willing to take the risk.

  13. California birther/dualer/doubter, Your good for holding out to hear from the sheriff. Thank you for giving him the benefit. Maybe I'm a little too critical of the sheriff, but I don't think so. To go a step further, I'm willing to bet we don't hear from the Surprise (Suprise!) tea party either, at least not about this issue. We won't ever hear from the sheriff again. The name "Sheriff Arpaio" has been stricken from the record. He now resides with Trump in a land I don't know where.

  14. @joebanana
    "So, the law doesn't apply to anybody anymore? We can just ignore the law too?"
    Only white dudes, didn't you get that memo? :)


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