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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Congressman Bill Posey Spokesman Admits Media Ridicule Stopping Them From Addressing Obama's Social Security Number Fraud, Failed E-Verify, Etc....

Audio Revealed: Albert E. Hendershot; Well my friends, today I had many questions answered by Mr. George Cecala, the Press Secretary to Florida Congressman Bill Posey's Office. Basically he informed me that there will be no intervention by the U.S. Congress concerning the issues that surround Barack H. Obama. Mr. Cecala pretty much stated that they fear ridicule from the media if they bring up the issues pertaining to Obama's multiple crimes including, but not limited to, Obama's social security number fraud. Mr. Cecala is passing the buck on to us average citizens by suggesting that WE file a complaint with the Senate.

As you will hear in the almost 25-minute conversation that took place on October 13th, 2011 they are very concerned with the many questions surrounding Obama's background but are neutered by the media. They, the U.S. Congress are trying to pass the buck to the American people in this never-ending vetting process that they, the media and the U.S. Congress should have completed themselves three years ago. Now look at what we are having to deal with. Now you will know why nothing has ever been done, nor will there ever be anything done concerning the "anointed one" and his well of lies on the American people. VIDEO HERE

UPDATE: Further commentary from Albert Hendershot; Today my eyes were opened to the true side of of the situation that exists in Washington DC concerning Barack H Obama and the inconsistencies that surround this man and his overall ability to hide from the truth and the cover up aided by the main stream media.

Today I spoke with Mr. George Cecala, Press Secretary to Congressman Bill Posey (R) FL concerning a conference call which he attended three weeks ago in which we exposed:

1. The bogus social security number that Barack H Obama has been using since 1977-1979.

2. We exposed his alias, Harrison J Bounel and how it is associated with Barack H Obama and the address that he calls home in Chicago as of 2009 to present day.

3. We also showed the connection that Harrison J Bounel also has to Michelle L Obama where she is listed as Harrison J Bounel’s spouse as of 2011.

4. We also showed where the Harrison J Bounel alias was removed from the databases linking it to his social security number; however, we also proved that the alias is still searchable using the last name of Bounel and the state of IL in the search cues.

5. We also showed the numerous inconsistencies as shown with the Hyde Park mansion in Chicago that the Obama’s call home.

6. We discussed the Rezko lot and the real estate fraud that took place in 2005 and in 2006 for which there has never been a complete investigation until now proving fraud, of which there is a recorded conversation with Cook County Assessors Office answering questions with regard to the transfer of real estate without being properly taxed or assessed.

In today’s conversation we discussed what was said to Congressman Posey by George Secala with regard as to what he discussed with me and my other guests who attended the conference call. Mr. Cecala said, “that he mentioned the conversation and the findings to Mr. Posey and he said thank you”.

Basically Mr. Posey did not follow up with Mr. Cecala concerning the findings that were presented in the conference call. As per Mr. Cecalla’s conversation with me today, I am very disappointed in the way the evidence which clearly shows fraud was handled by Mr. Posey’s office. MORE HERE:

Obama's SSN Fails E-Verify System - 03 Oct 2011 Wash Times National Wkly edition - pg 5


  1. Watch both videos....I especially liked the comment by Mr. Hendershot, "we are talking on my secure phone line right now".

    All of Congress are pathetic cowards.


  3. from CDR Kerchner's blog

    Audio Revealed: U.S. Congress Rep. Posey Spokesman: Media Ridicule Stopping Us From Addressing Obama’s Identity Fraud | by Al Hendershot | @

    Listen to the audio recording link below revealing why the U.S. Congress refuses to enforce the Rule of Law and the U.S. Constitution in regards to prosecuting Obama for his criminal fraud activities before and after he entered the White House. The are afraid to even call for an investigation because someone in the major media might ridicule. The poor babies in the entire U.S. Congress are being hog tied by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals rule #5, fear of ridicule. Can you believe that? Suspend the Rule of Law in our nation and the U.S. Constitution because you are afraid you might be criticized in the press for launching an investigation into the SSN fraud and identity theft fraud by Obama before and during his entry into the Oval Office. What has our nation of laws and not men turned into? We have vain cry babies for leaders in the Congress. Shame on them. What despicable examples of leaders they are! Listen for yourself and find out about the cowards and appeasers of criminals and bullies our elected officials have turned into. Does Obama have dirt on all of them? Is there not an honest and brave man or woman left in Congress?

  4. Oh please gawd....that has to be the silliest excuse for not investigating a crime I have ever heard. Congressmen are so scared and afraid of Media Ridicule.

    It does appear that Congressman Issa is NOT afraid of 'media ridicule' in his indictment of Eric Holder.

    Sorry but I can't stop laughing at the idea that Congressmen are little scaredy cats when it comes to the big bad media.

    Oh Mr. Media, you scare me....

  5. @Anonymous

    Exactly, the spokesman was just blowing sunshine up Al's skirt. George probably never even talked to the Congressman Posey

  6. Of course Congress is in fact afraid of ridicule...because ridicule equals loss of votes which equals possible election loss.

    What is more important than being re-elected to a politician?

    Still, reason number one for letting scumbag Obama get away with crime after crime is Congressional leadership leaning on members of Congress and telling them to shut up. This is done in order to protect the leadership of Congress most involved in getting Barry fraudulently elected, and in staging the massive cover-up of their crimes, from winding up in prison.

    The Obots jumped on this one really quickly.

  7. A good friend of mine has an email from Dan Lungren's (republican) office stating the EXACT SAME thing - admits that there are problems with Obama's eligibility BUT will do nothing due to fear of ridicule or being made fun of. All I can say is "weak minded pansies"!

  8. All of these congressmen and senators are chicken sh^t SOBs. I have absolutely no faith or trust in this government period. They are all crooks and criminals.

  9. Thank you Al for your work buddy. I know the frustration after filing election fraud charges here in Texas only to be ignored by the Attorney General and the Secretary of State. As I have said before, I have no faith or trust in our corrupt and spineless government. Congressmen and senators are useless unless you need to name a street.

  10. grow a pair you clueless political hacks

  11. Afraid of the media? If they don't start fearing us, like right fucking now, we're obviously not doing our job. We need to get with it. While we stew trying to figure out the best approach (marching long and hard is the only way) they're circling the wagons. Orly is amazing. I love her chin up, cheerful, positive attitude. She's a winner. I realize she always wins in court, regardless of how these corrupted judges rule.

  12. While this makes me mad as hell, I do understand what he's saying. I mean look at all the letters and phone calls they've gotten on the BC issue and what kind of answer did they get? A laughing-stock (smiley face) computer generated piece of crap and called "carnival barkers" & ridiculed by the POS in the WH. A DemonRAT controlled Senate would do NOTHING anyway except tell you you've lost your mind and call you a conspiracy nut. So boys & girls, it looks like we're stuck with this criminal until 2012 or until somebody in authority decides his country is worth saving.

  13. > It does appear that Congressman Issa is NOT afraid of 'media ridicule' in his indictment of Eric Holder.

    Yes, so him not following up on your silly BC, NBC and SSN games should tell you something. Namely, that you are wrong.

  14. @Anonymous
    Like filing with congress would do anything anyway. He already stated they won't touch it.

  15. It's hypocritical to call other people cowards when those posting on this site are hiding behind anonymous email addresses. Bill Posey did more for the "birther" cause than anyone on the Hill-he introduced HR 1503 (to fix the eligibility issue for 2012)- and wound up with a dozen co-sponsors- but thanks to the flaccid GOP leadership- the bill didn't go further. He deserves commendation for this single act of courage- and should be encouraged to press on.


    read this and comment there! at the end of this article, about polls, they state that half registered Repubs believe Obama was not born in the US!! go there and comment, make it known that WE, who have actually read the facts and articles, GET it! and we're not afraid to shout it from the rooftops.

  17. When you get right down to it, very real reason is personal cowardice.

    it is a manifestation of the " Woe is me syndrome “.

  18. @Linda That just means that half of those republicans polled are loons.

  19. @Anonymous
    This is the Congress that just this week gave NObama the three free trade agreements he wanted.
    The votes in the House were 278-151 for South Korea, 300-129 for Panama and 262-167 for Colombia. The Senate votes were 83-15 for Korea, 77-22 for Panama and 66-33 for Colombia.
    Obama said he will immediately sign all three bills.
    There is still a semblance of "bipartisanship" in Congress on certain issues. I don't expect Obama's opposition to be united against his eligiblity at this late date in his term in office.
    Those people are still dealing with him as if he is the legitimate president by passing legislation that he wants, for his signature.

  20. Well gang I talked with a career civil servant at the White House who basically handled stuff like office supplies. Once I brought up the Birth Certificate he stopped talking to me. It is tough. However people like Posey need to lead. They need to remember what sent them to this city. To me there is a huge reward for speaking out on this issue. Trump proved one thing that the polls would go in your direction if you talked about this. That is the problem people just care about being socially accepted here. They don't remember that is not why they are here.

    Washington, DC

  21. ANON 7:37am. Like Sherlock Holmes, OUR ISSA will save the REAL TWIST until LAST. Maybe you have never UNDERSTOOD AMERICA. We, AMERICA, certainly understood what Sherlock Holmes was about.

  22. It can now only be said that all of Congress are completely oblivious to the absolute ridicule and shame they have brought upon themselves in the eyes of the American People. GTFO 2012...!!!

  23. 7:57 P.M., Issa is guilty. He is protecting and covering for the illegal. All, I repeat, all of congress is guilty. Along with numerous judges. All of the candidates are guilty. In fact, just about any and every talking head with a mic is guilty. We're going to have to flip this situation to that of one based on truth. 11-11-11 is the way to go. Birther summit needs to immediately accellerate their call to Patriots to appear on 11-11-11.

  24. Please substitute any excuse for the one presented by this bowl of mush...
    Wrong day of the week, weather, alignment of the planets, dirty windshield,
    Any excuse is as worthless as any other.

  25. @Anonymous
    @Linda That just means that half of those republicans polled are loons.

    Yeah, the half tht still believe hes legit.

  26. @Anonymous
    Back in 2009 there was a resolution introduced in the House of Representatives to congratulate Hawaii on its 50th anniversary of statehood (House Res. 593, 111th Congress). Congressman Abercrombie who is now the Governor of Hawaii had the resolution amended to include the clause "Whereas the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961..."
    Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was concerned about the addition of that clause and she held up the vote for 24 hours.
    The next day, she voted for the resolution as amended. The vote declaring Hawaii the birthplace of Obama was 378-0.
    Abercrombie's strategy was to force the Republicans to go on the record, one way or the other on Obama's birthplace.

  27. I agree with Dealio. 11-11-11 is our best chance.


  28. I know Al Hendershott and he is a snake oil salesman who is trying to hustle a buck any way he can. He under-handedly taped a conversation and kept attempting to put words into the mouth of a very polite employee for Rep. Posey, who is one of few congressmen who has the cojones to speak out. Shame on all of you who have fallen under the thrall of the huckster from Alabama.

  29. @jh4freedom

    "Those people are still dealing with him as if he is the legitimate president by passing legislation that he wants, for his signature."

    So get a clue. He IS the legitimate President. You just don't like it.

  30. @Anonymous
    I don't know about you, but I think it is much more important that Congress deal with him as illegitimate than somebody posting on the internet.
    When they confirm his Supreme Court and Cabinet nominees and pass his legislation, it adds to his air of legitimacy.
    The Senate confirmed Leon Panetta as Obama's Secretary of Defense 100-0.
    This very week, Congress passed three free trade agreements for Obama to sign into law.


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