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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse Discovered Shocking New Evidence About Obama - VIDEO HERE

The video from Arizona Patriot shows Attorney Orly Taitz presenting Sheriff Joe with evidence about Obama's Connecticut social security number. Sheriff Joe then gives an update on his Cold Case Posse looking into Obama's forged birth certificate.

Obama's SSN Fails E-Verify System - 17 Oct 2011 Wash Times National Wkly edition - pg 5


  1. wow...can you get the video from the guy with the camera? i cant hear it all

  2. What does Sheriff Joe mean when says "I'm very limited ... I don't have subpoena power" ? Also, he says he's "not sure" what he is going to do with the report. I thought he could arrest Obama.

  3. Sherriff Joe speaking of his power, *INTERNATIONAL sup power* Wonder what they found internationaly?
    Wonder what Obot dude will think of this.
    Joe is on this! *Came across something by chance.* ??????? I am soooo anxious for this to come out.

  4. Does Natasha, er, Orly ever take a breath?

  5. Can you post a transcript? This is very difficult to hear. I did not hear Joe say that there was shocking new evidence. I heard him say that there will be a shock. Maybe the shock will be to those expecting something to come of this. Joe was being very coy.

  6. Can some get a transcript of this posted? I can't hear a thing. The audio is extremely poor. This is just too important to not have a better posting.

  7. get better speakers. i heard it just fine.

  8. Great program last night. Sheriff Joe did say there would be a shock. But who the shock will be for was unsaid. I was there in the 2nd row and heard everything perfect. Orly talked and had a plane to catch and rushed out when when she finished. i was quite surprised that so many people did not know who she was. Get up to date folks.

  9. Oh WOW can you say SMOKING GUN???! I cannot WAIT to have this criminal azz put in jail! Go Sheriff Joe!!!

  10. jerome corsi article...

  11. Kudos to Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

    SC Poll Results – Almost 2/3 of GOP Voters Want Obama Eligibility Investigated. This is not a fringe issue:

    See evidence Obama forged the birth certificate posted on White House servers 27 Apr 2011:

    See evidence Obama is using a SSN not legally issued to him:

    See evidence of Obama’s forged and back dated draft registration here:

    Adjectives mean something. Barack Obama may be a ‘Citizen of the United States’. But he is not a ‘natural born Citizen of the United States’ and does not meet the constitutional standards as to who can be the President and Commander in Chief of our military:

    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

  12. Safe bet Obama will not be in AZ campaigning.

  13. I bet the shocker is going to be that Obama's father is NOT Obama Sr... I think Os father was an American citizen but Obama was born outside the country.. They needed someone to cover the true fathers indenity and used Obama Sr as a ruse.. They wanted to accomplish two things, two agendas.. One was to go through the back door of the NBC clause, and if they were able to do that with making it known that Obama Sr was his father and not a US citizen when Obama was born , and he was still elected, they accomplished there goal..Altering the definition of NBC, making millions believe that NBC was NOT the product of two citizen parents, that only one parent could pass on citizenship to their chid..This if it worked would make way for future political runs to do the same.. No one would question their NBC..They altered the constitution w/o a single vote.. Second they needed to hide the true indentity of Obama's birth father.. Knowing that his real father if known would cause him the White House.. The only thing they needed was someone they could pay off that would allow them to use their name and others in the right places to set the wheels in motion and protect the hen houses in case anyone came knocking.. Everything fell into place for Mr O, with the exception of now, that millions of Americans are not only knocking they are kicking down the doors, willing to break open every last one of them to find out the truth... I think the sheriff knows the truth, that Os father is NOT who he claims and his real father is the shocker..

  14. From CMD Kerchner:

    "Barack Obama may be a ‘Citizen of the United States’. But he is not a ‘natural born Citizen of the United States’"

    He might be, but my guess is there is more than a 95% chance he isn't a U.S. citizen at all, just like his illegal Aunt and Uncle.

  15. @Anonymous

    A shock. Isn't thar what Trump kept saying there were shocking things being found by his investigators. What became of that?

    On another note, Orly's Hawaii DC court date in November has been canceled by the Hawaiian court because the DC case was dismissed.

  16. @Anonymous

    "This if it worked would make way for future political runs to do the same.. No one would question their NBC..They altered the constitution w/o a single vote.."

    They were paving the way for Rubio and Jindal?

  17. "There COULD BE a shock somewhere in there."

    "I haven't decided what to do with this once I get it done. ... I'm limited in subpoena powers -- interstate, internationally."

  18. "Orly's Hawaii DC court date in November has been canceled by the Hawaiian court because the DC case was dismissed"


    No shit Sherlock! That was a given being Lamberth dismissed the case a week or so ago.

  19. @Anonymous

    Yes, shit Watson,

    The Hawaii Court dismissed Orly's case today, even though she just filed an emergency appeal.

    "The United States District Court for the District of Columbia issued
    a Memorandum and Order denying Plaintiff’s motion for
    reconsideration. Taitz v. Astrue, Civil Action No. 11-402 (RCL),
    2011 WL 3805741 (D.D.C. Oct. 17, 2011). Because the District of
    Columbia action has been dismissed, Plaintiff’s Motion is DENIED.
    Richard L. Puglisi
    United States Magistrate Judge"

    Orly just filed a motion to stay the final order in the DC court. As well as a notice to appeal.

  20. What will probably be shocking is that Obama's REAL father is most likely the U. S. Citizen **MALCOLM X**.

    That WOULD make Obama an NBC at birth, but would not overcome the FACT that he left the country and was adopted by an INDONESIAN---and probably came back to the U.S. via CT as an INDONESIAN REFUGEE---and NOT eligible to be President. Obama is the SPITTING IMAGE of Malcolm X!!!

    SEE --->

  21. @Anonymous

    "and probably came back to the U.S. via CT as an INDONESIAN REFUGEE"

    Oh, Sven, that is so funny.

  22. California birther/dualer/doubterOctober 26, 2011 at 8:39 PM

    I, too, would not be surprised if Malcolm X's Wikipedia page is expanded to include some stunning revelations. But that, of course, would be moot as Barry in all likelihood is a Kenyan-born illegal immigrant from Indonesia.



  24. I was never convinced Sheriff Joe was going to do anything. I'm still not. There is something very odd in the way he speaks on this issue. Almost like listening to Trump or Perry. Their manner of speech is nonsensical. None of them make any sense whatsoever.

  25. The Kenyan birth certificate is as bogus as Obama's online birth certificates.

  26. @Anonymous
    What will probably be shocking is that Obama's REAL father is most likely the U. S. Citizen **MALCOLM X**.

    They can never claim that anyone else is his father because that would prove the BC's fake.

  27. If the Kenyan BC you are referencing is the one Lucas Smith has, the only reason I see to believe it isn't real is that Lucas will not provide any proof he was in Kenya when he says he acquired the BC. That alone makes it very suspect.

    The midnight call that Obama made to a member of the Kenyan Parliament in early 2008, (which I have a copy of the minutes from), when Barry asked that a "problem" be fixed, was I believe a request by Barry to get rid of the Mombasa hospital BC of his. The Parliament member told the others in the Kenyan Parliament meeting that the "problem was taken care of".

    As far as the certificate itself which Lucas has,the "debunking" of it by the Obots has itself been debunked.

  28. @Anonymous
    Obama is well aware of the fact that he can't be touched. The 12th Amendment is his security blanket.
    The Founding Fathers passed that amendment to give power to the Electoral College to determine who the president was by their votes.
    The Amendment is clear, whoever receives a majority vote "SHALL BE THE PRESIDENT."
    Obama can only be removed via resignation, incapacitation/death or impeachment and conviction.
    Obama is using the birther issue to force the Republican candidates to take a stand on the issue one way or the other and thus far he has been successful in getting people like Rick Perry to look like fools and people like Mitt Romney to come to Obama's defense.
    It's a classic leftist, Saul Alinsky "divide and conquer" technique.
    There is nothing that Sheriff Arpaio's well meaning cold case posse' can do to impact the Obama presidency.

  29. @Matt

    Obviously, Obama can't come out and admit that his father was actually Malcolm X, because it would establish from his own mouth that he committed WIRE FRAUD with the online BC, among other types.

    But there may be some DNA evidence (e.g. from a Coke can or cigarette butt) that could be compared to old DNA from Malcolm X if he was autopsied (sp?), or with his relatives, if not.

  30. @John Doe Sr.

    "the only reason I see to believe it isn't real"

    The name of the chief administrator is also mispelled both in the signature and the stamp

    "Helton Maganga" when it should be "Heltan Maganga"

    Here is his linked in site:

    It is also listd as Heltan in Kenya's Official sites such as the Medical Board.

    There is also some question as to whether he was the chief administrator in February, 2009.

  31. I agree with anonymous....October 26, 2011 7:09 PM

    I believe Malcom-X is Obama's Biological Father...I also believe obama was born in Kenya

    Obama is the living legend... Malcom-X wanted to transform America.... Obama is carrying out his wishes... Obama Sr was just a paid patsy



  32. Hmm, exactly who i was referring to in my previous post Malcolm.. If you were to look at Malcolms time line, whereabouts during his travels, he was right smack in Africa during the mos that Obama was born... If he is indeed Os true father, it would not be unheard of that Os mother followed Mr X on his travels across the middle east during this time, if she was his mistress and then gave birth to him over seas.. Now that would be a story...

  33. That video didn't bring anything new out, except for Arpaio equivocating. Could it be that he's realizing that he's really got a tiger by the tail?

    I could hardly hear Orly.

  34. I could hear him just fine with my volume all the way up.




  36. I agree it is most likely Soetoro isn't a citizen but rinos keep trying to stuff birther talk. Sounds to me like the rinos had an agreement with the commies during McCain/Soetoro and/or the payback is a green light for rubio/jindal.

  37. Another Cold Case File, Closed: “Malcolm X’s Missing Eyeglasses”

  38. @ Last Anony,
    Bingo... There you have it... It was all a ruse.. If they were able to get through the back door of the NBC clause and convince the ppl that only one parent could pass on NBC citizenship to their child they then circumvented the clause and the ppl.. The Repubs allowed it to pass along since both sides of the isle tried in vain to change the clause over the yrs w/o success, so now was the chance to do it through the back door.. The deal was made, set in stone that the upcoming non NBCs that were coming up behind them would not be questioned by the Democratic party if they all sat down and shut up this time around.. So here you have it folks WHY no one on the hill will say one singular word about this constitutional crisis... They made a deal, and the deal is more then a hand shake, it's a whole political party...

  39. Very few comments expressed actually show the writers have faith in the sheriff. Almost as if we know the outcome, which is zero. The realization that only we can resolve this must be settling in.

  40. Surprise may be he is ten six years older and Ann had him when he was 13 or 14. The pictures of him as a youngster are of a Barack Obama that Stanley Ann had at 17 and who knows where he is now. Bizarre? Anything is believable at this point. Eventually all the puzzle pieces will fit together but that does not mean people will believe it, right in front of them, or if they do, that anything will be done. Look how almost all the rumors and speculations of John Kennedy have turned out to be provable as fact? Of course it is forty-fifty years later.. .

  41. @Anonymous
    Malcolm X died (1965) before it was possible to extract dna. The only thing that could be used now is samples from his relatives.
    Obama didn't commit wire fraud since the state of Hawaii confirmed the authenticity of his birth records and sent him both short and long form copies of those records on file. If Malcolm X was indeed his father, that makes Obama a natural born citizen since his father would have been born in Omaha, Nebraska and his mother in Witchita, Kansas.

  42. @Anonymous
    "They made a deal, and the deal is more then a hand shake, it's a whole political party..."

    The proof of what you're saying is in the very first 2008 natural born citizen lawsuit to be heard and decided. The lawsuit was "Hollander v McCain and the Republican Party."
    Fred Hollander is a consevative Republican who didn't like John McCain winning the New Hampshire Primary. Hollander sued McCain and the Republican Party on the grounds that McCain was not born on a Naval base in the Canal Zone but was actually born in Panama proper and therefore was not a natural born citizen.
    Both McCain's lawyers and the Republican Party's lawyers got the lawsuit dimissed for lack of standing to sue. Hollander's suit was dismissed in federal court in New Hampshire.
    Six months later when Obama was first being sued by Phil Berg for his lack of eligibility as a natural born citizen, his lawyers used the exact same legal argument that the Republicans had used to defend McCain: lack of standing.
    Both parties have stymied every legal challenge on grounds of lack of standing to sue.

  43. @John Doe Sr.

    Fascinating! I have never seen those minutes--do you have a link to them online?

  44. @Hotlanta Mike

    This site is making fun of birther wild theories.

  45. JJ,

    I printed out a hard copy of the Parliament minutes from two different Parliament meetings, (and sent copies to my Congress slugs and even to Donald Trump). I have been told the parts I mentioned have been scrubbed, but I believe the archives on this site and both have the original statements by the Parliament members. I'll see if I can find a link for you.

  46. @ jh4freedom...

    "Both parties have stymied every legal challenge on grounds of lack of standing to sue."

    If by "stymied" you mean filed a proper legal challenge and those challenges being properly ruled upon, you're correct. And it would not have mattered had the Hollander suit or Berg's come first, the legal challenge would have been the same. It didn't take any "deal" for attorneys to know what to file.

    And not all the "eligibility" suits have been dismissed on the grounds of standing.

    The only one plaintiff to date that I believe should have had standing and his standing was not ruled upon, was Alan Keyes. However, had he had standing, his suit (which was initially titled Keyes, et al. v Obama, now known as Barnett v Obama) would have still been dismissed on other grounds. He had more problems than standing, such as justiciability, timeliness, etc., so the outcome would have been the same, dismissal.

    The appeal is awaiting a decision in the Ninth Circuit.

  47. John Doe, they are also posted at this blog and also archived at the ORYR Scribd profile.

  48. @Anonymous

    This site is making fun of birther wild theories.

    October 27, 2011 2:21 PM


    Obviously you are not well informed. One of the 2 principals of the site is Erik Rush, an investigative journalist, who in 2007 was the first to expose Obama's 20 year association with Trinity United Church.

    There will be more forthcoming on Barry Little's roots. Stay tuned...

  49. Not to mention Erik Rush is a listed participant of the Birther Summit.

  50. If Obama gets away with this usurpation, the US people better decide to do something drastic. Otherwise, they might as well give away the right to vote, to have meetings, to write letters to editors, to do anything political at all. They might as well put the mark of the beast on their forehead and learn how to bow meekly to even their dog-catchers.

  51. you all need to understand what power we the people have we have the power to overturn anything it is our right and our duty. we have the power to throw all of the crooks out and put in people who will do as we ask. we have a government that thinks it can do anything to us. its time to make sure they get the point we know it to be different that how they think. its time to make it clear that anyone who want to be elected to congress they must first be making all kinds of noise about going after these crooks. its time that we put these crooks and traitors in jail. or send them to hell if that's what it takes! i for one have had enough and i will not give up my freedoms ill take as many of them with me as i can.
    veteran and patriot ron

  52. As some comments already said - Obama's father is indeed Malcolm X. A couple of weeks ago, I think it was americanthinker, in which the author or that analysis deconstructed the pic of Obama's mother, she actually had short hair like a guy; they altered the total photo; at the same time, at MalcolmX's funeral, Obama's mother sat in the front row; the speaker mention that MalcolmX's 'teenage lover' was sitting in the first row (meaning stanley ann) etc..
    They photoshopped the pic of stanley ann as far back as 2005 if I remember correctly to assure, that Obama's true identity would not be exposed, meaning Barack sr was NOT his father.
    Obama being adopted by Soetero stays the same; Obama returning and applying for 'foreign' studenloans, that's why his records are hidden.

    Lastly, today has a report up from the author of 'Who is Barack Obama' in which he stated the following (I would recommend to go and read it):

    Sen Lugar took Sen Obama in 2007 to Russia to observe the nuclear material destruction. The Russians arrested Lugar, and Obama, took their passports. The Russians accused Obama of being a spy - a BRITISH spy. Bush, Rice, DOD all were involved of getting Russia to release Obama. There is more - pls go over, and read it all!

  53. If Malcolm X is indeed Obama's father don't you understand that completely means his ENTIRE narrative/books/family is one HUGE LIE. That alone would blow this fraud out of WH as it would expose this piece of garbage for the LIAR he is and has always been.
    FORGET Natural Born citizen. Oblamer will be caught in a tight corner with lie of the century.
    If Malcolm X IS his father that would be shocking to Americans and they would never trust this fraud again.

  54. How do you play Barcelona in this year?


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