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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lawsuit Filed Against Hawaii Department of Health on Behalf of Duncan Sunahara

A new lawsuit against the Hawaii Department of Health has been filed by Hawaii Attorney Gerald Kurashima on behalf of Duncan Sunahara, Virginia Sunahara's brother. The case has been assigned to Judge Nishimura. Dean Haskins of the Birther Summit will be making a public announcement about this case very soon. Stay tuned for further updates.

UPDATE: Summons and Complaint posted below and here. Interview with Duncan Sunahara below and here. More details here.

The case is listed as follows;

Duncan Sunahara v. Hawaii Dept. of Health, et al., - Complaint Summons - 1/3/2012

Hawaii Department of Health Funny Business Regarding Virginia Sunahara

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  1. The HDOH would have HAD to have had Virginia's B.C. in their possession, in order for a Death Certificate to be issued! Had there never been a B.C. for Virginia, then one would have HAD to be made BEFORE her Death Certificate could be issued! HOW DUMB DOES THE HDOH THINK THE PUBLIC ACTUALLY IS???

  2. The Biggest crime in the history of the United States of America! Game to end shortly. All involved,need the maximum penalty. Actually,the people will decide their fate.

  3. It might be helpful if Orly Taitz mentions this suit in the hearing on Friday. Mentioning this suit will undermine Hawaii DOH's credibility in the matter.

  4. Dean;

    Orly says that Virginia's COLB has a cert. number out of sequence with the Nordyke's and President Obama's.

    Are you expecting her LFBC to have a different cert. number?

    What was the number on her COLB?

  5. @Anonymous

    Orly says the short-from was recently released to the Sunaharas.

    Apparently, according to Hi procedures, the long-form was refused.

  6. WOW. Things are heating up, way to go Duncan Sunahara! There has to be a record there at one time for a birth index to be created and for a death certificate to be issued. Either they're lying or they're covering something up. Darn right its time for an audit, and its way past time for indictments!

    Isn't it interesting that the newspaper announcement for Obambam is proof he was born in HI, but ignore Virginia Sunahara's MISSING birth certificate even though BOTH her birth and death were recorded in the newspaper?

    Unbelievable the corruption in that state. Their statehood should be revoked - sheez.

  7. I can hear the OBOTs now if Obama is using Virginia BC. “See it proves Obama is an NBC because he is using a BC of an NBC.” LOL

  8. I had been told that I could not get a copy because I did not have a direct and tangible interest. But in this case they flat-out told me they dont have a birth record for Virginia.

    LoL. (I shouldn't laugh) As we all know, the Hawaiian DoH don't even abide by their own state laws or rules. They are a corrupt lot in Hawaii.

  9. The HDOH knows full well that some of us are on to them, but they are not worried since the vast majority of American people seem to believe the narrative that "birthers" are just crazy conspiracy theorists who can't stand having a black president.

    So long as the majority of the American public believe this about "birthers", these criminals will continue to stomewall us and get away with murder.

  10. I just scan all these articles to see if Orly is involved. 0-100 is enough, why waste your time? I heard Orly lives in a multimillion dollar house. How can she lose every case yet be a millionaire? And where is her dental office? Have they ever interviewed one of her patients?

  11. @Anonymous

    Why do you care Obot?

  12. "...and get away with murder."

    Speaking of which...does no one else think it a bit coincidental that BHO's grandmother died two days before the 2008 election? He is the only one who went to visit, not his wife or kids. Guaranteed she was the one person who knew it all - his whole fraudulent story. And do you find it suspicious that the grandmother was immediately cremated? I do.

  13. Well BN, thankfully Orly is not involved in the case above.

  14. Hmmm wonder how much Haskins is paying this guy to try to get the BC??? I hope it's a

    As it has nothing to do with Obama.It will do nothing to get Obama out, if he would get it...just a sick man.

  15. Fathertime said...[Reply]

    I can hear the OBOTs now if Obama is using Virginia BC. “See it proves Obama is an NBC because he is using a BC of an NBC.” LOL

    Lala land Fathertime...

  16. @Terri

    As it has nothing to do with Obama.It will do nothing to get Obama out, if he would get it...just a sick man.

    Oh really OBot? Then why is the corrupt Hawaiian DoH being sued by the brother of Virginia who has "direct and tangle interests" to obtain her deceased sister's long form birth certificate?

    You OBots can contort and lie from anywhere and any position.

  17. @Anonymous

    We have a pool going with people picking possible numbers for her BC.

    Why are people saying there is no birth certificate for her? We know the DOH issued a COLB for her and that info comes off the BC.

  18. Anyone can go here:

    Then, enter 'virginia sunahara'

    Then, click on her name..

    There is some info but not much.

  19. @Anonymous

    Are you expecting her LFBC to have a different cert. number?

    I would not trust a computer generated abstract COLB coming from the Hawaiian DoH in this matter. GIGO as in 'Garbage In and Garbage Out'. ...As I would not trust those DoH Bozos as far as I could throw a Foggy-OBot.

    It would not be hard to change the document number on that computer generated abstract. ...Not at all.

    So lets see the real and long form HI birth certificate to put this all to rest. So what's the problem stupid OBots? The Hawaiian DoH has to be sued by the family just to see the real birth certificate. ...just unreal.

  20. @RS

    "Then why is the corrupt Hawaiian DoH being sued by the brother of Virginia who has "direct and tangle interests" to obtain her deceased sister's long form birth certificate?"

    They want to make it difficult for people to obtain a LFBC. If you have to get a lawyer and sue to get one, in most cases, people will settle for the COLB.

    COLB's are cheaper and faster to produce. Plus they have invested money in a computer system to spit out COLBs. They are trying to protect their investment.

  21. I am cetain that HDOH would never release this
    if Obamster is using her number.
    Well coached by the Obama/Soros minions, and
    cheered on by assorted useless idiots.

  22. @Anonymous

    They want to make it difficult for people to obtain a LFBC. If you have to get a lawyer and sue to get one, in most cases, people will settle for the COLB.

    Suuuuure thing (complete sarcasm) - such BS and a silly, weak excuse. I bet a dollar for donuts all the people who insisted for their long form BC from the state of Hawaii got it easily in the not so distant past.

    What has changed now?? Oh that's right OBots, OBama has come upon the national scene who has willing accomplices to hide his BS past.

  23. @RS

    Exactly right. Since Obama announced the release of his COLB in 2008, there have been 23 Rule changes at the HDOH pertaining to the COLB and the LFBC.

    Of course, the trolls will say these changes had nothing to do with Obama.

    Like the Vexatious Requestor Bill was planned anyway.


  24. Wow, Brian Schatz, Abercrombie and those co-conspirators at the HDOH might be having some sleepless nights now!

  25. Hahaha! Now THIS is just too good for words! Brilliant strategy to show just HOW corrupt the HDOH really is!! What a bunch of asshats that think we're stupid enough to fall for that lie....they don't have a birth record for her! OMG this is just fantastic. :)

  26. @RS


    Let Butterdezillion know her comment at FR for Dean was forwarded to him.

  27. @FedUp

    Technically, Hawaii does not have statehood...don't believe me? All the proof is here, pending cases as well:

  28. Buh Bye BoBo

    The American People WAKE UP after the Library of Congress proves Obama NOT to be a US Citizen:

  29. At the top of this blog, Anon said: "The HDOH would have HAD to have had Virginia's B.C. in their possession, in order for a Death Certificate to be issued"

    However, that is not necessarily true. Baby Virginia died the next day, Aug 5, 1961. If the grieving parents had not yet decided on the name Virginia until the time of death, it is entirely possible that the death certificate could have been issued prior to the birth document and/or registration. It is just something to consider...

  30. Also--I have long held since Dec 2010 that there was a significant probability that Baby Virginia's identity was stolen and used by BHO.

    Imagine if it is true: A dead baby Japanese-American natural-born Citizen's identity STOLEN by a racist, power hungry cabal of Marxists all claiming to be the saviors of the non-white minorities.

    Just the speaking of it causes a mental nausea of twisted horror to the mind.

  31. Someone please provide some straight answers here. Has the short-form been released or not? My impression from reading the story itself was that the HDOH would not release anything to the brother and that they stated to others that nothing existed.

    After reading the comments I'm thinking that the brother was given a short-form and the case is to try and compel release of the long-form.

    If the short-form has been released and the number is out of sequence, doesn't that lend just as much evidence to something fishy going on as it does to the BC being legit? If she was born the same day as Obama shouldn't the BC be at least close in number? It sounds like Orly says it's not. And how does she have this info anyway? Someone provide some answers please!!

    Also, it's safe to say that HDOH will never release another BC with the same number as BHO's so this is the same end game as the Obama LFBC...stonewalling.

  32. Many of us here at ORYR have been saying "baby Virginia' for a long, long time. We learned a while back that her mother was living in a hovel and was very poor, but that was about all. I am elated to hear there is a brother who is now actively involved. I hope he is careful. I hope he doesn't come up 'missing' too!

  33. @William Lolli

    "significant probability"


    Do you know what the cert number on Virginia's COLB is? Can you reveal it?

    Recently, WND had a birth certificate from August 23, 1961 on their website. By any chance do you know what the cert number is? They have redacted it? According to some web sites it is 09945. If this could be confirmed that might be useful information.

  34. You all misunderstand the DOH response. "No records RESPONSIVE TO YOUR REQUEST" is the answer given if the applicant (the non-specified "Nellie") does not have a legal right to see those records.

    Simple, huh? It doesn't mean they don't have a BC for Virginia, it means they won't give it to any one "Nellie" who hasn't proven he/she meets the requirements of 338-18.

  35. I Tell it Like it isJanuary 5, 2012 at 4:02 AM

    Anon asks

    Hey Anon,
    Many in the public were educated in the Public School System and they voted for Obama and still defend him., That's how dumb they think the public is. Unfortunately for them there are people in the public that have common sense and can think for themselves.

  36. I Tell it Like it isJanuary 5, 2012 at 4:11 AM

    Your questioning of Orly's motive shows that you are either naive about the court system, political power or simply an Obot pretending to be on the side of truth.

    If you were ever really involved in politics you would know how she was unable to win a case. It is simple there was political pressure. The same political powers that gave the judges their position and keep them on the bench don't want this to get out. It takes a person (judge) of integrity to step forward. Think about the political games that goes on in a corporation and how the workers accept orders that are stupid and they know are not right. Mulitply that and you have our government officials.

  37. It looks like everyone is beginning to catch on to Orly ... thank goodness!

    Orly has to be the most incompetent attorney in the world or an Obama plant (to make the birthers look crazy and/or ruin eligibilty cases).

  38. @William Lolli Hmm....imagine taking your meds.

  39. Regardless of the abject nuttiness of the whole BC issue, which you people have taken to a truly insane level - here's the important point:

    The House of Representa­tives definition for “natural born Citizen” was read into the Congressio­nal Record after the Civil War, without contest!

    “every human being born within the jurisdicti­on of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignt­y is, in the language of your Constituti­on itself, a natural born citizen.” (Cong. Globe, 39th, 1st Sess., 1291 (1866))”


    The House of Representa­tives definition for “natural born Citizen” was read into the Congressio­nal Record during the Civil War, without contest!

    “All from other lands, who by the terms of [congressi­onal] laws and a compliance with their provisions become naturalize­d, are adopted citizens of the United States; all other persons born within the Republic, of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignt­y, are natural born citizens. Gentleman can find no exception to this statement touching natural-bo­rn citizens except what is said in the Constituti­on relating to Indians.” (Cong. Globe, 37th, 2nd Sess., 1639 (1862)


    If Hawaii has indeed done all the things with BCs that you folks have nit-picked to pieces, then really we are seeing the emergence of the most unimaginable conspiracy EVER, joined in on by the entire Congress, SCOTUS, _every_ election official in the US, 99.999% of the American people, Kenya.....

    or you're nuts.

  40. We could check to verify certificate number on this child .

    Samuel K. Haae born August 4, 1961, and died July 6, 1963 per

  41. OK, I have something to add about Obama's Selective Service Card: I went in to view my son's info, from 1988. The far upper right corner shows a machine-automated number, and it begins with the YEAR that the card was filled out (my son's says 1988). Then, at the bottom lower left has a place for the date and signature of the person filling the card out (again, my son's handwritten 1988 and his written signature). HOWEVER, Obama's upper right hand machine-automated number begins with 2008 (!), rather than the 1980 when he dated and signed the card! The "machine-automated numbers" in the upper right hand corner CANNOT be "manipulated", as the automated numbers have their own formula for printing on the card. So, accordingly, Obama used a 2008 Selective Service Card and "retroactively" signed and dated it to reflect 1980! (It was so very SIMPLE to figure this out---not Harvard degree needed!)

  42. Virginia's family should sue DOH, Hawaii, sob, usob, federal government for losing her bc and the family having no proof of Virginia's birth. The DOH just wiped out Virginia from ever being born. When they tell the brother they will not give it to him that is the same thing as wiping out her existence. Get ready for martial law. Political Note: STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. NONE, I REPEAT NONE of the main stream candidates are going to go against the NWO agenda and will continue the destruction of America. (Actually I think sob, usob, will delcare martial law and remain as America’s first dic). It is so obvious as they say nothing about sob, usob, eligibility issues, fake ss#’s, fake selective service register, murders and deaths connected to sob, etc…… Look elsewhere to save America! ps-I really think the X in “TXE,” relates to Malcolm X somehow. sob, usob giving malcolm some type of honor for some weird reason; such as to throw off the public off, about him being malcolm x’s child or comfirming throwbridge’s story. Not sure but I am the first one who posts this and have posted this before and no one gives credence or a hmmmmmm, might be so.

  43. When is Dean supposed to have a press release on this? I hope soon.

  44. try the funeral place that performed the services for her and they keep copies there may get your info there on the bc

  45. From:


    In The Post & Email, lovely stuff.


    by John Charlton

  46. From:

    The states listed here ALL MUST legally verify and check the legal statutory and the legal constitutional qualifications of a presidential/v.p. candidate BEFORE a presidential/v.p. candidate is placed on a ballot: GEORGIA, VIRGINIA, HAWAII, NORTH CAROLINA, MARYLAND, & TEXAS

    Read More Information Here:

    * * * *

    This Information Is From:


    “An “applicable state” for a complaint of election fraud is a state with a law saying, only candidates eligible for office may have their names printed on the ballot. In states that require ballot eligibility, swearing a candidate is eligible without ascertaining beforehand this is true, is election fraud.
    So, citizens of several of these states – 6 (six) so far – who believe people swore to their state election officials Obama was qualified to have the state print his name on the ballot but failed to ascertain in advance he is a NBC, are reporting the crime of election fraud to their state A’sG and requesting an investigation.

    How did we find these 6 (six) states? Citizens looked up their state laws. Simple as that. When they had questions, they came back and asked. Once we confirmed an applicable state, citizens in that state needed to obtain the Certification documents submitted to election officials in the 2008 election so that we could determine who had signed the eligibility Certifications in that state. Then, citizens asked those signatories, on what documentary basis did you ascertain Obama was a NBC? With no response forthcoming, I now knew whom to name in the complaint.

    More than these 6 (six) states are applicable for citizen complaints of election fraud. For example, we already know that MO and AL are applicable states. For some reason, no citizens from either of those states have come forward to initiate the process to generate a complaint.

    Finally, let me emphasize, while you are free to download these state-specific citizen complaints and affix your name and address to send to your AG; the labor and intellectual capital that created this work is mine. Please, “Donate” accordingly.”

    This Information Is From:


    For: The Citizens of Georgia



    To: Thurbert E. Baker,
    Attorney General of Georgia
    VIA FAX: 404.657.8733


    Subject: Complaint of Election Fraud against The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Acting in a Non-Governmental Role as Chair, 2008 DNC Services Corporation (“DNC”) Convention; and Alice Travis Germond, Secretary, DNC; and Request for Investigation by Attorney General of Georgia

    Date: March 5, 2010

    Copies: The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Alice Travis Germond, DNC Karen C. Handel, Secretary of State”

    Read More Information Here:

    * * * *



    “The Georgia Election Code (the “Code”) mandates that “[e]very candidate for federal and state office who is certified by the state executive committee of a political party or who files a notice of candidacy shall meet the constitutional and statutory qualifications for holding the office being sought,” stated the ruling in response to President Obama’s attempt to have the case dismissed.”

    * * * *

  47. Good write-up from Birther Summit on Virginia:

  48. @Anonymous

    Then how did this brother get the short form? You also have to fulfill the qualifications for that info as well. To tell him he'll be seen for a clarification of the lack of forthcoming at the DOH, stall him for 4 hours and then kick him out demonstrates a real fear of "transparency" by the dept....same one, remember whose authority, in public, stated that O's bc was half written and half typed only to have him come out with one that didn't match their identification of it. Don't they ever get embarrassed by Obama's making them look like fools?? They even debase themselves for this guy.

  49. @Anonymous

    I guess you haven't been keeping up with the latest.

    To keep all the fraud from being hidden is an accomplishment in and of itself....until an honest judge won't corrupt himself, and apparently there just might be one something I don't see anyone else doing with such earnest.

  50. @James Spaith

    I guess you prefer to switch over to the phony SSN instead for your choice topic????? Now that's been witnessed to be a fraud by govt's own check site. Ought not trust your own. Since they're phony themselves they'll use you too in the end and make you look as foolish as the HIDOH lackeys.

  51. @James Spaith

    James Spaith, thank you for proving our points with your own little quote provided by none other than yourself!! Duh!

  52. @Anonymous

    Is that child in the birth announcements?

  53. Comment from Commander Charles Kerchner: As I read the article a question goes through my mind … “has the Hawaiian Health Department been engaged in criminal activities and not following their own laws beyond the hiding of the Obama’s and Sunahara’s birth records?” Has that department been engaged in criminal activities of selling birth certificate numbers and birth certificates now and/or in the past. Birth certificate fraud was a huge problem in Puerto Rico as well as recently in Hudson County NJ in which staff were selling birth certificates. This was reported about a couple years ago and can be found via a Google search. Imo, something very suspicious is going on in the Hawaii Health Department. In their efforts to help cover-up for Obama, they may be revealing the tip of a much more extensive history of fraud and criminal activities, past and/or present. There needs to be a full scale investigation as to what has been going on with birth registrations in Hawaii since they became a state in 1959 with particular focus on the disposition of birth certificate registration numbers for children who died shortly after birth or a few days to a couple of years old. This is exactly the target that Bill Ayers (a good friend of the Barack Obama and a financial and political associate of Obama’s in Chicago) bragged about in his book Fugitive Days as a prime source for stealing birth records and creating a new identities for himself and others. Did Bill Ayers help Obama get that Connecticut SSN Obama has been using since 1986 after Obama moved to Chicago? In Obama’s birth registration number case, it appears that with the help of Hawaiian staff in the Health Department at some point in time the birth certificate registration number for Virginia Sunahara was “transferred” to Obama. This could have been done directly by the staff or by allowing someone access to the system to do the dirty deed. A full and thorough investigation and audit of the records and records system, with subpoenaed original records to subject to forensic examination and witnesses testifying under oath, is needed to be sure that birth registration certificates are not being sold or registration numbers are being switched around in the HI Health Department for political or pecuniary purposes.

  54. @Anonymous January 5, 2012 1:04 PM

    "@James Spaith

    James Spaith, thank you for proving our points with your own little quote provided by none other than yourself!! Duh!"

    Duh Indeed! Oh what fun it is using a liberal's own posts to prove their points wrong and our points correct!

    Although opinions read into the Congressional Record are not legally binding, they definitely provide insight regarding Congressional opinions at the time -- and each opinion James Spaith quoted and said were read into the Congressional Record leaves no doubt as to what Congress considered to be a "natual born Citizen" at the time. It would be interesting to find out if there has been anything read into the Congressional Record subsequent to what James Spaith quoted which directly countermands same. How about it, Mr Spaith?

    Moreover, the U.S. Constitution makes it clear as clear can be that "citizen" and "natural born Citizen" are not synonymous in that only a "natural born Citizen" is eligible to serve as POTUS while a "citizen" is eligible for any other Federal government office.

    Finally, SCOTUS case Minor v. Hapersett says (in effect) there is no doubt that persons born to citizen parents (plural) of the country are natural born citizens of the country but there is doubt that persons born to one/more foreign parent are.

    There is overwhelming evidence that Hawaii has indeed done all the things we folks say Hawaii has done regarding keeping Barack Hussein Obama's "vital records" out of the public eye and that we have indeed be witness to THE most unimaginable conspiracy EVER, joined in on by the entire Congress (not one member of Congress has even hinted at wanting to see evidence from both sides of the issue), SCOTUS (recall SCOTUS Justice Thomas telling an inquisitive member of Congress "We are avoiding that issue."), _every_ election official in the US (recall NH election officials recently caught on video lying about their authority to remove someone from the ballot), 99.999% of the American people (actually less than 40% of the American people believe he is eligible), Kenya (Kenyan newspapers and elected officials claimed Obama was born in Kenya years before Obama was elected.....

    James Spaith et al are blind to the facts/truths.

  55. NBC's WXIA-TV: Georgia Judge Denied Obama's Motion to Dismiss Ballot Access Challenge

  56. @RacerJim,

    Concerning Minor v Happersett you stated - "there is no doubt that persons born to citizen parents (plural) of the country are natural born citizens of the country but there is doubt that persons born to one/more foreign parent are."

    This is not accurate and actually undersells your case. The doubt was not about the 'natural born' citizen status of those born to one/more foreign parents. The doubt was to the citizenship status...meaning were they citizens at all? There was no doubt whether they were natural born citizens as they did NOT fall into the class described as being born in the US to citizen parents.

    Minor clearly defines NBC as being born in the US to citizen parents. That is the only group of people that fall into that class. Furthermore, this definition is binding precedent as evidenced by the citing in Ex Parte Lockwood as federal citizenship standing.

  57. Anonymous at 3:26AM This is "Nellie" (butterdezillion). I made other requests for non-certified abbreviated certificates as well and was (wrongly, as confirmed by the Ombudsman's Office) told that HRS 338-18(a) prohibited their release to me.

    That's why it stunned me when I received this particular response for Virginia's records instead, because this response was that they don't even HAVE the records.

    I believe I understand now why this response was different. A secretary at the HDOH who I spoke to on the phone told me that all the requests related to Obama are sent directly to Janice Okubo rather than to the fulfillment department. My other requests were for records from Obama's family. They went to Okubo; she gave me the standard (legally-incorrect) denial of access.

    Virginia's didn't go to Okubo. The HDOH would not have told their low-level staff that Sunahara's record was related to Obama because that would have made low-level whistle-blowers who could have exposed the whole thing. That request went to some lowly secretary who had no idea she was dealing with anything about Obama so she simply did her job. She checked the computer for a birth record for Virginia Sunahara and didn't find anything. So she responded to me that the record didn't exist.

    Why wasn't Virginia's record in the database when it was in the birth index? Because the birth index has been manipulated. I showed that on my blog. It has the birth names for adopted children, which is NOT what you'd get in a print-out of all valid birth records for 1960-64 (that is, birth records not having a "void flag"). There can't be two different valid (non-void) birth records that have the same BC#. There can be records with different names that have the same BC# - for instance if Virginia Sunahara had been adopted by the Obamas and renamed Barack Obama. Then there would be 2 records for that BC# - Virginia Sunahara and Barack Obama. But one or the other of those records would have to have a void flag to show which was the legally-accepted name for that person. I have proof that the birth index includes names which had a void flag on them, because the birth names for adopted children were in that birth index. That's how both Obama and Sunahara could be listed in that birth index. But a search of the database would only allow one of those names (Sunahara or Obama) to come up, because the other record would have a void flag on it. Sunahara's record had a void flag on it so that Obama could come up if his name was ever queried.


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