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Sunday, February 5, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: Commander Kerchner Leads Pennsylvania Ballot Challenge
Article II Super PAC Email


Commander Charles Kerchner(Ret) has taken up the mantle to lead a team of Pennsylvanian's who will be filing a ballot challenge in the state of Pennsylvania. He has asked Article II Super PAC to make this announcement on his and his teams behalf. If you know of folks in Pennsylvania who wish to take part in or assist the team in their efforts please contact the Article II Super PAC. To learn how to do this please click this link -

As we did for Georgia Plaintiffs Powell/Swensson, we will post all "factual" information with no editorializing on the Article II Super PAC site under the "News" tab in the menu bar.

We wish the Commander and his team much success!


Helen Tansey
Article II Super PAC

Donate to the Pennsylvania ballot challenge here: 

Note: An Article II Legal Defense Fund has been established to support legal actions to help reinstate a Constitutional Presidency, per Article II, Section 1, Clause 5. These actions may include civil or criminal complaints, lawsuits in multiple jurisdictions, including, but not limited to: direct eligibility challenges, ballot challenges, indirect suits against third parties, which would seek to clarify eligibility, or inhibit parties from supporting actions that benefit ineligible candidates and/or officials.

Please visit the site at and consider making a secure donation.

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  1. Kerchner v. Obama will no doubt be cited by the Obama defense team. It is controlling law in the Third Circuit, where Pennsylvania is located.

    Money would be better spent in some place like a state in the Eight Circuit or Tenth Circuit.

  2. A quick look at Pennsylvania Election laws looks like all he can challenge are the signatures of the people who signed the nominating petition.

    Doesn't look like a candidate for President even has to say he is eligible.

  3. That is fine. At least this will make people aware that they have no rights to challenge who runs for office. The American public will not stand for such impotence for long. Knowledge is power.

  4. California birther/dualer/doubterFebruary 5, 2012 at 2:56 PM

    You go, Cmdr. Kerchner. I wish you luck in prevailing against the illegal Manchurian president who has threatened our national security with this constitutional crisis. This has better resolved in light of what JFK having said about violence being inevitable when peaceful revolution isn't possible.

  5. BTW, PA should raise hell if you don't have a right to challenge a candidate simply because he/she is put forward by one of the parties. Shame on you PA!!!

  6. US Citizenship by Birth Matrix

  7. Not only is President Obama's name going to be on the Pennsylvania ballot, but he's going to WIN THE STATE, also.

  8. Is Phil Berg involved in this? He is a PA lawyer. He and Orly should team up

  9. "He and Orly should team up"

    Very funny Obot!

    Hopefully Taitz will keep far away from Pennsylvania.

  10. God Speed, Commander Kerchner.

    Another patriot with the Balls to pick up the flag.
    As long as there are Patriots there is still hope.

    Gob Bless and keep Commander Kerchner and his family..!

  11. @Anon. 4:24....

    According to the Gallup Poll of last week the GOP will easily win PA on voting day in Nov.

    If the Dems want to have a reasonable chance in Nov., they need to be finding some other candidate than Barry. According to that same Gallup Poll, any of the four front running GOP candidates could beat Barry in a landslide. Why? His popularity has diminished every month he's been in office. Its impossible to win re-election with that fact staring you in the face.


    Bright Lady.

    She knows what is going on on Capitol Hill & has a loud megaphone!

    Hey Congressional Aides:

    Your bosses are accessories after the fact.
    The world is passing them by.
    Cowards never leave s historical legacy except for contempt as villains.

    A city full of BENEDICT ARNOLDS: Top Down Bottom up

  13. TRUE PATRIOT (NAVY VET)February 5, 2012 at 8:02 PM

    Everyone get out your ink pen,checkbook, wallet, or credit cards ( you know, the ones with rfib chips in them?), and send a donation to Art2superPac, if that is the only thing you can do to help with this effort ( to oust the illegal from OUR WHITEHOUSE). Commander Kerschner is on the front line now for us, so, any who can, should be in the Courthouse,if allowed, or backing them up with finances. Anything Anyone can do, do. I will be donating today to Art2superpac. God Bless you Commmander Kerchner, and may you and yours be safe and protected. A Fellow Patriot.

  14. Phil Berg and Orly Taitz, yes together they can SUPER-avoid Article II and Minor!! They've been playing us!

  15. Bari Shabazz
    in Pee Yay
    he been bamboozlin
    now he be loozlin'

  16. I've scanned for Taitz's name - I don't see her, so far so good...she's not involved? This might have a chance for that reason alone.

  17. California birther/dualer/doubterFebruary 5, 2012 at 9:12 PM

    @ Anon at 4:24 p.m. re: "Not only is President Obama's name going to be on the Pennsylvania ballot, but he's going to WIN THE STATE, also."

    Not if Sheriff Joe Arpaio has something to say about that. Any day now ...


  19. cali birther, I can't wait for sheriff joe's report. I hope bsnbc explodes and piss matthews slobbers himself into a tizzy!

  20. @bn

    I alerted Orly. She hates it when someone else gets the credit that she deserves for doing 99% of the work.

    I am sure Orly will file in PA too.

  21. Who appointed Orly to head this cause? Go fill a tooth. Had her turnS.

  22. If you get Orly involved, you can 100% guarantee Obama's second term!!

  23. @Anonymous

    OH and one other thing...Taitz and Berg HATE EACH OTHER!!!!!!

  24. Since I still have not found a reliable bio on M.M.Malihi I'm not sure if he is an example of why 'foreign influence' within the corridors of Guv'mnt administration is a REAL concern to the survival of the Republic as a willing insurgent or if he is an example of an intimidated 'person' too fearful to honor the oath of his office in the face of the existing corruption.

    Not that I'm one to give the benefit of doubt easily to anyone but his original judgements in the action adhered to the letter of the Ga. Law with such diligence it was easy to feel hopeful that the rule of law would come 1st in his final determination.

    But his reaching to the Arkney POS case by the 3 stooge panel has done irreparable damage to the prospect of finding either intellectual honesty or integrity with the various levels of the judicial branch.

    I suppose it is and has been somewhat naive of many of us not to realize that taking on the "most powerful office in the 'free' world" on a singular point of Constitutional law that has been undermined for decades by propagandistic obfuscations that turned the self-evident definition into an ambiguous and esoteric conflict of competing interpretations.

    Especially so when it is acknowledged that the usurper occupant is the manufactured puppet of a massive socialist insurgency that has been allowed to prosper in their infiltration of the 'major' political parties, institutions of education and the mass media outlets.

    I have resisted loosing faith that the Judicial Branch would yield the correct Constitutional results when a bona fide case built on appropriate court rules, regulations and points of existing law, but now that faith is lost.

    Not that I believe the efforts should cease, to the contrary, I support that they should multiply and be the focus of the call to rally in defense of the Constitution.

    If the Patriots of the Nation can not rally to the defense of the "self-evident" corruption of the original text and intent of an un-Amended Clause of the Constitution then what passion of anger against policies of taxes, health-care, welfare, immigration or foreign entanglements can be trusted to produce results that would cure the underlying ill...?

  25. @Anonymous February 6, 2012 2:50 AM

    "If you get Orly involved, you can 100% guarantee Obama's second term!!"

    Not that I'm enamoured with Orly Taitz but it was attorneys Mark Hatfield and Van Irion who "killed" the Georgia ballot access hearing by introducing and validating Obama's Hawaii birth certificate. That provided Judge Malihi evidence in the record upon which to base his determination that Obama was born in the U.S.

  26. How dare Kerchner launch a case without Orly? Orly is the leader of our cause and acting without her makes him a traitor. I demand that he call Lady Liberty immediately for permission.

  27. Sheriff Joe will have his report on the messiah at the end of this month.
    Let's make sure this goes out to everyone in America
    who owns a computer. It damn sure won't be on network news or FOX.

  28. Maybe Orly won't notice or get involved. She's in total meltdown right now, accusing Judge Malihi of being practically neighbors and friends with Obama. Redux of her accusations against Judge Land (remember her claim that Holder was seen in a coffee shop ergo he "got' to Land?) and Judge Carter.

    She's gone off the reservation and is destroying all parties' chances on appeal.

  29. What sheriff? What report? I'm dying laughing here when I ought to be crying. Good or bad, were on our own on this one, folks.

  30. Orly has this cadre of henchmen Orlybots whose over-the-top emoting at the mere rumblings of critique makes her not pass the pee-you test.

    Censorship is violence -- it protects the guilty to perpetrate more harm.


    Yeah, stupid people who wanted an all-white state and were looking for a scapegoat to blame for the economic woes of the time....very much like the TEA-BAGGERS in the U.S. these days.

  32. @Anonymous

    "If you get Orly involved, you can 100% guarantee Obama's second term!!"

    Sounds good to me.

  33. “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.”

    — First Inaugural Address, January 21, 1981
    Ronald Reagan

  34. Van irion & Hatfield should ANSWER the decision by Malihi DIRECTLY TO SOS KEMP.
    regarding appealing to a higher court, they ALL NEED ONE EXPERT.

    Alan DERSHOWITZ has name recognition, is a civil liberties & constitutional APPELLATE lawyer & is internationally known. He takes PRECEDENT SETTING CASES Pro Bono, & has his HARVARD STUDENTS do the legal research,
    He would be strategic & combine the cases.

    If EGOS & GLORY continue to be more important than wisdom, OBAMA WILL ACHIEVE HIS GOAL after the election: PRESIDENT FOR LIFE!

    call DERSHOWITZ st his Harvard Law School office.


  35. So many encoriging comments here--keep up the good fight!! My prayers and more important, my doughnation is going to Commander Kercher. Can't wait to find out what Sherriff Joe has got on nobama to.

  36. TRUE PATRIOT (NAVY VET)February 6, 2012 at 10:12 AM

    Orly's appeal is in the hands of sos Brian Kemp, as we speak. Go to orly's site and read it. it is awsome.

  37. TRUE PATRIOT (NAVY VET)February 6, 2012 at 10:28 AM

    Orly is the only one so far to appeal. Go read her appeal, it's awsome. Hope you let me post this this time, I have tried 3 times, and I hope it is a glitch, and I am not being rejected. Thankyou.

  38. "OH and one other thing...Taitz and Berg HATE EACH OTHER!!!!!!"

    Ya I would pretend to, too if I was working on the same team. They're both anti-A2/Minor.

    Ooh da soap opera of it all! Let's not think about A2/Minor or the point let's worry about who gets credit. Not.

  39. (Found this comment at ,will it happen again in it goes to show it can happen...)

    ksdb | February 6, 2012 at 1:05 pm |

    Judge Malihi has a tradition of being overturned by the Georgia Secretary of State. It happened in 2000, when Cathy Cox took him to task over a very bad ruling on a ballot issue. She said, “accepting the view of the ALJ would mean that a candidate can determine his or her own qualifications …” She also criticized his interpretations of law.

    Technically, history could repeat since Malihi failed to cite actual “Findings of Fact” (as in no legal evidence Obama was born in Hawaii) and “Conclusions of Law” (rejecting Supreme Court precedent on defining NBC in favor of a second-rate, self-contradicting appeals court fabrication based on a creative reading of Wong Kim Ark).


  40. Well folks its the 6th of the month and where is sherrif Joes cold case posse investigation? I'm beginning to think he either got paid off or is going to with hold the information


  42. This one Obama can't change by Obama order so he gets somebody else to do his dirty work. Expect it was expensive don't you? Promise me the American people are still American. If so they aren't going to take this lying down.

  43. @Anonymous

    Have someone else in mind who's actually doing something??? Didn't think so. Time is getting short for that replacement to show his/her face and get things this far. Of course it's always easier to toss darts at those who risk their time, money and reputation.


    Dude, she can't appeal something that hasn't been decided on yet.

    Stop drinking the Orly-aid!

  45. @Anonymous

    "Not that I'm enamoured with Orly Taitz but it was attorneys Mark Hatfield and Van Irion who "killed" the Georgia ballot access hearing by introducing and validating Obama's Hawaii birth certificate"

    Hatfield did no such thing. Read the damn transcripts!

    Stop drinking the Orly-aid!

  46. "Van irion & Hatfield should ANSWER the decision by Malihi DIRECTLY TO SOS KEMP.
    regarding appealing to a higher court, they ALL NEED ONE EXPERT."

    There's no "appeal" to SoS Kemp of Malihi's decision/recommendation.

    The appeal will be of SoS Kemp's ruling whether or not Obama is to remain on the docket.

  47. "But his reaching to the Arkney POS case by the 3 stooge panel has done irreparable damage to the prospect of finding either intellectual honesty or integrity with the various levels of the judicial branch."

    I think what you really mean, SL, is that it's going to be difficult to find anyone to rule the way you want them to rule, and unless and until they do, they're all wrong.

  48. @Anonymous

    "history could repeat"

    While anything is possible, SoS Kemp's legal advisor (Vincent Russo) is an Emory Law School graduate, who help Professor Polly Price research her new book. Here is what Professor Price said to Politifact:

    "It may be that some of the founders intended to include only birth on U.S. soil as their understanding of ‘natural born citizen’, but it certainly would not have included that their parents also had to be U.S. citizens,"

  49. @Anonymous

    Hatfield maybe not but Van Irion?

    From Welden transcript:

    Q. Showing the witness what has been marked for identification as Plaintiff's 1. Are you familiar with that document?

    A. Yes

    Q. What is it?

    A. It's the birth certificate that I downloaded from the website. It's a birth certificate professed to be of Barack Hussein Obama II.

    Once in the record the Judge could not ignore it.

  50. @Anonymous

    "Hatfield maybe not"

    That would be Hatfield NOT.

  51. Join the discussion on the Baldwin-Whitehall Patch,on this issue.

    There is NO
    President" Obama:

  52. Obama has it all planned out so I suggest following scripture and pray for Obama.

    That's right; pray and pray in earnest....for mercy concerning Obama.

    Scripture states prayer is recommended for country leaders. They have been placed there by divine guidance. There is no stipulation between good or bad leaders within that mandate.

    Bad leaders have been allowed in scripture when the people disobeyed. Pray also then for America that the people learn to obey.

    Don't ask how the people have disobeyed. Read scripture and you will learn how.

    When the people turn their back on G-d there is a hefty price to pay. Scripture is filled with examples.

    How do we get rid of Obama? I have told you how. Have you not understood?


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