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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Representative Lyle Rowland Explains 2012 Proof-of-Eligibility Legislation in the Missouri House - VIDEO HERE -


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  1. for use in 2016 WTF good is that your letting Obama off the hook he needs to be asked for his documents now not later.

  2. This is bullshit and a dog and pony show to pretend they give a damn. Exactly HOW is this going to help in 2012? NOT!

  3. I only watched the first few seconds when the question was ask, "This isn't going to affect 2012, right?"

    What a cop-out, chicken-sh!t bunch of cowardly BS.

    Let's make sure the obvious usurper who is the reason this is being done is not affected by this bill....unbelievable!

  4. I guess they don't want Obama's "truth squads" (assassins) breathing down their necks! Grrr

  5. Thank you Bill Petrovick for getting your Congressman to DO HIS JOB. Sad to see the female congressperson in earlier video trying to dismiss the issue. Bill is the only man in the room that can come in and speak the Truth. All the other comments/questions by panel members were truly gutless waste of air, as is the fact this is for 2016. Saddened that MO congress cannot DO THEIR JOBS until 2016.

  6. I sense that whatever happens after 2016 that any and every judge will rule that anything from 2008-2016 is done and over.
    The scary thing is that if you think about it, this will never end. Oscama's only way out will be a formal take over of the USA. Then he will arrest anyone involved in trying to expose and eject his fraudulent ass past and present ad then order any records of him not sealed but destroyed for future protection.

  7. So I guess everyone here critisizing these efforts is working on legislation for their state, right?

  8. Missouri is now known as the "Dont have to Show Me State"

    On to the next State who will tell us to F%%K ourselves. Its only the Consitution.

  9. I thought they said 2016 in the video.


    "many are beginning to note that the entire spectrum of questions points to the most troubling realization of all: the lack of
    transparency of Obama, the arrogant attitude of this administration toward the rule of law, and the support and complacency of the mainstream media....
    Van Irion and J. Mark Hatfield centered on the less sensational issues of statutory construction and the law, were for the most part completely ignored. As was the unseemly fact that Obama and his attorney turned their backs on the judiciary of a state...
    Does the consistent pattern of unknowns suggest that maybe there really is something there? Is Obama’s dual citizenship perhaps a distraction (even though a valid point of constitutional law) to the issue of his unusual and undocumented past, rather than the other way around?
    Our legal system has evaded the question of Obama’s constitutional eligibility, and even when legitimate attempts were made to force the issue, as in Georgia, Obama simply turned his back and walked away. And Georgia’s judiciary and secretary of state apparently got the message...
    Academia shrugged. Congress paid no attention. Conservative pundits failed to acknowledge the importance of either the question of Obama’s constitutional eligibility or his elusive past. And in Georgia, the mainstream media orchestrated a blackout....
    Obama got away with little investigation for this term, but folks are becoming uneasy about giving him a pass for another four years. They want to know more about the history and character of the person who may have to answer that 3 a.m. call....
    “Is Obama eligible?” is a legitimate question. But so is “Who is Obama?” And further, “Who is backing him?”...

    "Obama himself once said: “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” "

  11. He states their has been controversy in the state over Barry's eligibility over the last mean the last three and a half years. Furthermore the Democratic National Committee has caused this reason to question this. They released two different "Confirmation of Nomination" documents, one states Barry is constitutionally eligible, the other does not. The "Does not" document was sent to 49 states. The "does" document was only sent to Hawaii! If thats not reason ALONE to investigate this Usurper and the Committees that vetted him then someone is lying to themselves....and the rest of the country! It's time for this lie to end. It's just like a little kid doing something in front of your face, looking at you and saying they didn't do it. How much more of a lie can we bare....I say NONE!

  12. 2016...and all those laws that he will have signed into law, rendered null and void, for being illegal.

    Get real, Citizens. This matter must be dealt with NOW.

  13. How about at least being sure that the Republicans are not running a 'Compromised' candidate. That any candidate that does not show that he is eligible to be president by provable documents that he was born to 2 American citizens on American soil, before nomination be asked to withdraw from the primary election. Later, after nomination it will be too late. We will have the same situation as in 2008. Unable to question Obama's eligibilty because both candidates are ineligible. We must pressure all canidates to provide information NOW.

  14. I live in Missouri. I e-mailed this guy asking him to explain why he thinks that this legislation should not be put into effect this year.

  15. And here I thought we Missourians were smarter than to fall into this birther nonsense.


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