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Friday, March 9, 2012

Video: Sarah Palin: McCain Campaign Managers Wouldn't Let Us Investigate Obama's Past - VIDEO HERE

19 Dec 2011: Wash Times Ad - Obama SSN Fails E-Verify System - Support New Article II Super PAC Org


  1. Video and information now being divulged is illustrating that Obama is a leopard who hasn't changed his unAmerican spots. Would that the voters soon catch on and put thumbs down on this anti-American!

  2. Covert InformantMarch 9, 2012 at 1:05 AM

    Palin needs to force a brokered convention and run and expose Obama. Romney will not do it. I knew she was being shackeled during the election by McCain's managers. That was a terrible mistake but I have a feeling McCain cut a deal with Obama that Palin wasn't aware of pertaining to the fact that both weren't eligible and they agreed to not bring it up between the two camps.

  3. Oh the irony, Hannity talking about the media of not doing it's job and vetting candidates. This guy has a prime stage to present his audience with Barry's ineligiblity and forged document situation. He's such a spineless coward.

  4. If Sarah Palin is serious of what she bemoans about her being tongue tied during the 2008 election, she had better snap to it and start talking about how Obama is not constitutionally eligible to be president due to him not meeting the requirement to be a natural born citizen!

  5. This is a joke...A BIG FAT JOKE!!! no one is stopping them from calling Sheriff Joe Arpaio and asking him about his investigation on Obama...


  6. Rob, 03-09-12 1:08pm

    Roger Ailes is stopping fox from uttering the word, INELIGIBLE. They have mouths to feed and not like free spirit Olbermann, who can re root himself in another media outlet.

    There is no where for these employees of Fox to go. If anyone is brazen enough, it is John Stossel, and he is doing nothing.

    Meanwhile the first steps of impeachment are winding their way through the Judiciary Committee:

    On March 7, 2012
    "Rep. Walter Jones, a North Carolina Republican, has introduced H. Concurrent Resolution 107, which calls on the House, the Senate Concurring, to prevent Obama from starting another war without authorization from Congress...
    resolution states that any use of military force by Obama without explicit consent and authorization of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution."

    ."..the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress violates Congress’s exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution and therefore constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.”


  8. She should have publicly announced she is removing herself from the VP slot because they wouldn't vet Oscama.
    She touted how she went against republicans. She should have taken the high road, but she chose not to. She is just as much to blame.

  9. All of this information about Obama's radical connections have been known since 2008. These facts have been hiding in plain sight all along.
    The media has failed to report it, and the media has failed or more accurately refused to demand proof of Obama's identity and eligibility. It still refuses to do so.

  10. You people are nuts. Sarah is an angry loser. Barack Obama is a US citizen. You saw Breitbart's video: the man was President of Harvard Law Review. But of course, he's black, and we can't have a black man be our President right? And if Jones was so worried about unauthorized war, where waas he when Bush was attacking countries and not paying for any of it? Oh, right, Bush was a rich entitled white man.

  11. Tommy Conlon said...[Reply]

    "Oh the irony, Hannity talking about the media of not doing it's job and vetting candidates. This guy has a prime stage to present his audience with Barry's ineligiblity and forged document situation. He's such a spineless coward."

    Exactly...Hannity, all the Fox talking heads, Levin, Beck, Malkin, Coulter, Rush, etc., are useless tools promoting fighting Obama's policies when they all know we have the information and ability to remove the dirtbag Obama, his minions and enablers, and set the progressive movement back at least 50 years if the cowards on "our side" would just grow a spine.

  12. Is Obama Now Claiming The Power To Arrest, Detain And Even Kill American Citizens Without Due Process?
    It Would Seem So.

  13. Hey, Has anyone else noted the distinct lack of obot activity around here just latley !!!!!

    Hmmmm wonder why that is huh ?

  14. Some time back I would have agreed that not one fox commentator had the courage to speak openly on the 'usurper n' chief' do to pressure from management. But, now there are useful idiots like Hannity that have a dog in the fight. Marco Rubio's campaign headquarters have moved to Fox news and Hannity is the campaign manager.

  15. I loved Sara Palin in 2008 but she now needs to shut up and go back to her hole in AK. Even if what she says is true, where has she been since Obama was elected. She has the clout to investigate Obama and has stayed silent on the issue until Arpaio and some video show up? To me thats a traitor.

    McCain has to be the most mentally messed up traitor we have. The dude goes to war and spends 10 years in a cage and thinks he is a hero for his actions. Then he comes back and runs for President and makes a deal with a non american so he can have a chance himself at the Presidency. Now its been exposed he is either ineligible himself or he committed treason by not using his power to show Obama was not eligible. After he lost he still stands silent and commits treason every time he opens his mouth.

    Its one thing for the average citizen to see a criminal destroy our country and do nothing but when people in powerful positions do nothing and allow it to happen, they should all be executed. Anyone who has served in Congress or any executive position since Obama ran for President needs to be removed and jailed at a minimum.

    As sick as it all is, it is worse to see people hide behind conservatism while committing treason. I expect liberals to do what they do because they hate themselves and hate our country but to see Palin and others do interviews with the flag in the background and talk about the Constitution while an usurper laughts and takes our tax money for his own benefit makes me want to puke.

  16. Sarah Palin is a flake.
    Listen to her whittering on about socialism and totally ignoring his ineligibility and birth certificate.
    She is still ignoring the issue.

  17. All of these so-called "conservatives" don't have the guts to bring up the eligibility issue because they would be branded as crazy then lose their standing in the conservative movement, be shunned by the media, and lose their paycheck.

  18. McCain disgraced us all not performing his duty to out the now radical in chief - leader from behind. He was indeed the WRONG man at the wrong time. Palin should of been at the top of the ticket with McCain no where to be seen. McCain and the GOP let us down giving us what we have now. Yet they still do not pursue the truth about our fraud with multiple SSNs, fake BC, violator of the Logan Act, the list goes on...

  19. But let's not forget that Governor Palin HERSELF called questions about Obama's eligiblity "distractions" and she said that those of us who are challenging Barry's eligibility are "annoying."
    Anyone doubting that she made those statements can listen to her say it live:

  20. @Anon 01:58

    Care to check what exactly Walter Jones has done...?

    It's a "sense of..." resolution, not a bill, by an individual with no co-sponsors.

    In other words a vanity statement with no legislative content.

    Examples of others

    H.CON.RES.7 : Expressing the sense of Congress regarding the need to prevent the closure or consolidation of post offices.

    H.CON.RES.15 : Expressing the sense of the Congress that the United States Fish and Wildlife Service should incorporate consideration of global warming and sea-level rise into the comprehensive conservation plans for coastal national wildlife refuges, and for other purposes.

    H.CON.RES.26 : Expressing the sense of Congress that the United States Postal Service should issue a commemorative postage stamp honoring former Representative Shirley Chisholm, and that the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee should recommend to the Postmaster General that such a stamp be issued.

    H.CON.RES.54 : Expressing the sense of the Congress that the Parthenon Marbles should be returned to Greece.


    I'm sick of it and it will only get worse.

    "Because the sentence of a crime is not quickly executed, the feet of men are swift to do evil." (Eccl. 8:11)

  22. my take on current lawsuits is that team kenyan is not ever going to risk another georgia situation, they will play it just to get by. They are running scared, they know only one case and they are done. They also have all the judges on their side and all the media. Even if a judge rules against them they will appeal it.

    Hiding behind the kim case is a weak position to be in.

  23. I Tell it Like it isMarch 9, 2012 at 8:20 AM

    For all you losers that will back the "Anyone but Obama" Nat'l Republican Party Candidate you will be voting for the party that allowed, and continues to allow, the fraud to stay in the WH.

    Hey, maybe there is no difference between the two parties and we should aboloish both. You think!

  24. Keep hammering away at the record sealer and people will finally wake up!

  25. @Tommy Conlon Exactly what I was thinking! I guess he doesn't consider himself part of "the media". Dumb jerk, you could have come out and said "hey Fox's bosses don't want us starting controversy about Obama" or something similar. Sitting there acting all "outraged" that the media didn't do it's job is a joke. Obviously McLame & Obozo struck a deal and look what we have. None of these SOBs deserve to even live in America.

  26. They all have been told not to go to birth issue because it will start civil unrest . The lame stream media is involved in this cover up of the fraud obama and are running from the truth and facts as fast as they can .

  27. o what is stopping Ms. Sarah "15 Minutes of Fame" Palin from investigating Obama's background now?

    Is there a clause in her contract with Fox News that forbids it? Did she sell her soul to the devil?

    How come I don't hear Sarah Palin mentioning anything about Sheriff Joe Arpaio's recent investigation?

    I am beggining to think Sarah Palin is just another phoney who is bucking for another Reality TV Show.

  28. Did McCain fail by ELEVEN MONTHS and a HUNDRED YARDS to be POTUS? Unfortunately, this also makes dear Sarah ineligible as well, since McCain would have disqualified the whole ticket.

    Now, did he commit intentional perjury? I can't say for sure. He hired the law firm of Tribe/Olsen to dirty the waters and make him look like an NBC, but fails by ELEVEN MONTHS and a HUNDRED YARDS as per Professor Gabriel Chin's exhaustive research.

    Both the DNC and the RNC tickets were illegal, while America got sold a criminal usurper, and a fraudulent election.

  29. Although i've always admired Ms.palin,she WAS the Gov.of Alaska AFTER the Campaign was over,and COULD have ordered her State police to open an investigation on ovomit long ago.

  30. Check out the latest wikileaks information. Memos, etc. One says McCain chose not to speak up about the stuffing of ballots that he was made aware of.. so much for honor.

  31. What does this have to do with being a natural born citizen?

  32. @Anonymous

    He may be a citizen but he isn't a natural born Citizen.

    Bushie got congressional approval before engaging the military overseas. Obama has not several times. That alone is enough for impeachment and arrest.

  33. And, let's NOT FORGET that, several months before the mid-term elections, Palin was asked in an interview, "How are you and John McCain getting along -- some say his loss was due to his selection of you as his V.P.?"

    Sarah replied, (to wit), "Oh! He and I are getting along just fine! I AGREE WITH HIM 100%"! McCain being th #1 RINO who already had authored legislation that the Supreme's declared to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL! He's an ardent supporter of amnesty, the creation of a North American Union, subordination of our Constitution to the dictates of the U.N., etc. ad infinitum. Sarah AGREES WITH HIM 100%! A few months later she went on the campaign trail with McCain to assure his re-election as Senator.

    There are FOUR candidates for the Republican nomination. TWO of them, Gingrich and Romney are members of the Council on Foreign Relations which is dedicated to the establishment of a New World Order and government by the United Nations. One other, Santorum, has steadfastly refused to produce HIS Birth Certificate -- to PROVE THAT HIS PARENTS WERE NATURALIZED CITIZENS AT THE TIME OF HIS BIRTH!

    As aka Obamas has said, "Those who refuse to reveal the truth have something to hide." THAT should be enough to awaken any "supporter" of Santorum who may still have a bit of respect for our Constitution.

    The ONLY REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE worthy of the office is CONGRESSMAN, DR. RON PAUL. HE is the ONLY candidate who is rigorously honest and cares MORE for our beloved Nation than he does his personal career and interests. Vote FOR RON PAUL -- the ONLY "true" American of the bunch! And, the ONLY candidate to offer an agenda that WILL HEAL OUR ECONOMIC, MONETARY DISESE. Only Ron Paul will save future generations from the slavery of unsurmountable debt! VOTE FOR RON PAUL

  34. @Sovereign Soul

    Ron Paul?

    Except when it comes to Article 2 and Obama's coup of 2008.

    Ron Paul deserves a prison cell just like every other member of Congress.

  35. Sarah Palin was recently on Hannity paying a lot of lip service to the idea of vetting Obama and blaming her failure to vet Obama in 2008 on John McCain's Campaign Manager. I wanted ask her the following questions...
    What is stopping you from investigating Obama's background now?
    Is there a clause in your contract with Fox News that forbids it?
    Did you sell her soul to the devil or something?
    How come I don't hear you mentioning anything about Sheriff Joe Arpaio's recent investigation? How come I am beggining to think you are just another phoney Neo-Con who is just bucking for another book sale or a Reality TV Show?

  36. How come none of Breitbarts websites have mentioned a word about Joe Arpaios investigation? Joe Arpaio has concluded that there is is probable cause to believe that Obama's birth certificate is a forgery.

    Joe Arpaio spoke to Andrew Breitbart about his investigation about four hours before he was found dead.

  37. What does natural mean in natural born citizen? Why did the Founders use this term? Suggest the answer is there.

  38. Sovereign Soul, Ron Paul is absolutely guilty and useless.

  39. @Anonymous
    First, Bush went to congress to go into Iraq and both Dems and Reps signed off on it. Oscamagoes into Libya without congress.
    Second, this isn't about your old lame race card excuse. Its about the rule of law and without it people become slaves to corrupt power hungry people. The irony is that like those that wrote Stalin to save them from their attrocities and never realized it was actually Stalin sticking it to them, you my friend and others like you will one day see what we were talking about. Who will be left to stand with you when you are on the other side of the Oscama regime?
    Maybe it will never happen to you, but us "birthers" see the danger and are not willing to gamble our future or our kids futures on someone that refuses to prove to the people that hired him that he is legit.
    It is people like you that buy a car without seeing the CarFax or a home without an inspection and then cry "I'm the victim" and then expect others to bail you out for your bad decisions in life.

    Tools and fools don't seek the truth they just follow blindy.

  40. @Anonymous
    I disagree. Obama's lawyers and surrogates have been able to get 185 lawsuits dismissed or ruled in their favor.
    Just this week in Arizona, a judge ruled in Obama's favor and Obama's lawyer didn't even show up for the trial, he TELEPHONED in his defense because he had a dinner engagement to attend.
    The Judge ruled that US v Wong Kim Ark is binding precedent and that Minor v Happersett is irrelevant.
    The lawsuit is Allen v Obama in Pima County Arizona Superior Court.

  41. @AnonymousMcCain has to be the most mentally messed up traitor we have. He may have been a collaborator. He spent a lot of effort quashing inquiries into his time in the can. And, it's no coincidence he was the author of the USA/RVN normalization.


    Pravda asks: What happened to American media?

    Accuses U.S. press of 'deliberately hiding evidence' of Obama's 'fraud'

  43. @Covert Informant

    Palin is all hot air. She knows she cannot withstand the scrutiny of a campaign, nor can she live without the money that her publicity generates. She is happy to sit on the sidelines and criticize everyone else.

  44. @Anonymous

    "Hey, Has anyone else noted the distinct lack of obot activity around here just latley !!!!!

    Hmmmm wonder why that is huh ?"

    Yeah. It's called "moderation." The mods are filtering out Obot comments.

  45. First of all, the Wong Kim Ark SCOTUS decision does not abrogate the NBC requirement for POTUS; it is simply about a U.S. 'citizen'. Ir remains very clear to this day what the Founders meant when they included the NBC requirement in the Constitution: at a MINIMUM, it meant that the person had two U.S. citizen parents, and thus no prospect of dual loyalties. Congress even admitted as much, when between 2003 and 2008, eight different attempts to abrogate that constitutional requirement were introduced - by both political parties. And none of them made it out of committee. Thus they knew, and know to this day, that aka Obama is a usurper, and they have signed off on the demise of the rule of law in the country.

    With Congress having proven corrupt: If the People can't get a redress of their grievances through the court system as a last resort, then they need to get it themselves.

    As to the actions of the country's court system: If nothing comes from the county sheriffs network, as a result of Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse findings, and if nothing comes from the State attorneys general in their list of grievances regarding the various encroachments of the federal government on their sovereignty, then it would appear to be time for a march on Washington of The People, Assembled; who will not go away from their Assembly - demonstrating government of, by, and for The People - until the Usurper in Chief relinquishes the office; Congress is dissolved; and The People appoint an Officer OF The People, who will call for elections within a time certain (say, 90 days), and who will clean out the executive branch of government, like the Augean stables, while holding that space in the interim.

    And may The People never again fall asleep on the job - their job, of proving that self-governance can work; that people don't need Church or Royalty of Oligarchy to govern them, but can do the job themselves, thank you very much. That, unfortunately, remains to be seen.

    What say YOU, Citizen? Are you up to the job?? Or is your life so dear, and peace so sweet, that you just can't be bothered to take your country back from tyrants??? Give me Liberty, or give me another dose of somnolence-inducing TV - but if it's all the same to you, I prefer the couch???? And thus does Liberty end, not with a bang or even with a whimper, but a snore????

  46. @Anonymous

    Pravda is an anti-american site. Just saying


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