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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Author Tom Ballantyne Discusses Obama's Eligibility and the Silence in the Conservative Media - VIDEO HERE.

Tom Ballantyne is the author of the book "Oh Really, O'Reilly!". The clip was filmed by Gabe Zolna at Red Mountain Tea Party.





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  1. Right on Tom! And to add to his point at the end, truth will overcome. So when any of us hear someone say "it won't matter, they'll get away with it" or such, calmly call them out. We who know the simple truth of this, understand much of this country is brainwashed to believe this is "silliness" the others are made to think "they" will get away with this anyway. They will not, truth will overcome, let's all remember that.

  2. One surprising thing I've learned along the way - Conservative media whores are actually easier to buy off than liberal media whores.

    Who knew?

    Anon at 12:14 - You're right about one thing - the country is brainwashed to believe this is silliness. You are wrong, however, to believe that the truth will overcome. It's too late for that.

    Calamity Jane.

  3. The problem isn't that people don't know the truth or they don't get it. It is that they don't want their side to loose. They will deny the truth no matter what in order to keep their side from losing. They see America as an Us vs Them situation not a "We the People" any more. Most everyone knows the truth and many think its cool and smart that Obama has been able to pull it off. They want to be on his inside team and feel part of his cleaverness. They will never admit the truth because they have no way to save face.

  4. You're naive if you don't think it's an us v them situation.

    We know the truth, but we don't care. As a famous man once said "by any means necessary."

    And now your chickens have come home to roost.

    Calamity Jane.

  5. I believe everyone in Congress is so ashamed of this they do not want the truth revealed. They must know, there is just too much evidence to dismiss this like they are doing. I am surprised at how Greta and Bill seems to want it to go away. I used to like both of them, but they are smoozers. How can they dismiss all these experts and investigators on the word of liars and deceivers. Are they stupid?

  6. Don't ever let go of this. These people seem to want it out of sight, Why? People cannot be that stupid. There has got to be something else. I remember Greta taking up for Joran Van der sloot over the Natalee Holloway case, saying she was inclined to believe him. He went on to kill another girl in Peru and is in prison there. They never found Ms. Holloway. I quite watching Greta when she was trading Justice for the liklihood she could smooze for more stories.

  7. Obama is not eligible and they have committed fraud if it is found he has not.

    Mitt Romney does not have NATURAL BORN CITIZEN PARENTS. If not he is not eligible. How simple is that?

    That 14 years was for people there at the time of the signing who had been around and proved they were citizens by their length of stay because all the people in the lands were not drawing up and signing the Constitution, but they had to have something so these people living there, invested there and part of the communities would have a way to show they were citizens. That 14 years was for them, the ordinary citizens of that time.

    It is like being a little bit pregnant.

    They did not say anything at the origin of the writings but that the people must be NATURAL BORN CIRIZENS (born into the Republic)after the signing or people who had been living in the Republic at that time for 14 years to have been able at that time to be called citizens then. So everyone just kept handing down their citizenry to their children who qualified. Then it says that to become President the people amongst other requirements MUST BE THE CHILDREN OF NATURAL BORN CITIZENS, or parents born into the United States. Not otherwise. How can anyone not see this?

  8. No body is running who is eligible.

  9. Obama is just must more ineligible. He and his thugs and thugettes have committed a fraud upon the people when it is found and taken to Justice. We have none at the time for Holder is up with the Obama agenda to the hilt. They have stacked the U.S. Supreme Court. Where is all this going to go?
    I think the forfathers made it abundantly clear what should and should not be. So Mitt is under just the wire, but he may get in and turn the reins over to an eligible VP. It is too bad that all this is going on. I never in my lifetime would have dreamed Congress would sit on their laurels and allow this mess to happen to our country. Mit is a good man, it seems, and a good father, but that does not negate the fact of what the forefathers said.

  10. I doubt you will be brave enough to print what I wrote, but do look into this. I have not read all that the forefathers and those after who are trying to redo what should not be redone and that is our Constitution. These are paving the way for a destruction of what the forefathers intended.

    Now it just may be right about why those on the right are not making an issue, because it is putting the Truth out about the eligibility of our own candidate. What is good for the goose is good for...

  11. Mr. Ballantyne is on a roll, another awesome video.


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