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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Full Hearing Video: Appellate Court Affirms Lower Ruling in
NJ Obama Ballot Challenge; Interview With Attorney Mario Apuzzo
Via Article II Super PAC Website

Purpura-Moran, NJ Appellate Decision Affirmed, New Jersey Ballot Challenge Appeal Ruling, 5-31-12

The brief and appendix filed by attorney Apuzzo can be read in full here and more details here.

New Jersey Ballot Challenge Appeal Hearing Update From Mario Apuzzo, Esq., - VIDEO HERE.

New Jersey ballot challenge hearing recorded by Daniel Haggerty of Baer Haggerty Offensive Radio.





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  1. In 3, 2, 1 - CORRUPTION! All courts are corrupt! They don't know the law. They don't understand to be NBC you have to have two citizen parents.

  2. Rules or laws don't apply in the state of New Jersey let alone them making the correct opinion about Natural Born Citizenship.

  3. Odd to a layman that the court would assert Obama is a "natural Born" citizen without, for the record, stating what the dickens that means!

    Sloppy juris prudens to those of unschooled in law.

  4. @Anonymous
    They know, they are just looking the other way.

  5. Another battle lost. Another ruling the contention is "without merit." But forge on True Believers. There be fora left. The result in them will be no different, but I do respect your collective Wyl E. Coyote tenacity

  6. As important as the NBC definition is, what really hurts about these cases is the deep indifference and complacency of the states officers to vet anyone that wants to be on the ballot. Can it really be the case that the AG (et al) have no obligation to establish even address, name, citizenship? It just seems obvious that our whole system is broken.

  7. Apputzo fails again!

    What a waste of lives all of you are.

  8. Yet another court that doesn't know the law. How many decisions is that now where the judges don't kl now the law? 123?

    Only Marto, Leo, Phil, Van, Gary and Orly know the law.


  9. Odd to a layman that the court would assert Obama is a "natural Born" citizen without, for the record, stating what the dickens that means!

    Sloppy juris prudens to those of unschooled in law.

    It's not sloppy jurisprudence at all. For the record, the appellate court affirmed the ALJ's holdings and explicitly adopted the ALJ's findings as well as his ratio decidendi. If you want to know what the dickens NBC means, go read the opinion that the court of appeals affirmed.

  10. @Anonymous

    Apputzo fails again!

    What a waste of lives all of you are.

    Not as wasted and pathetic like OBots and FogBlowers. You clowns have us beat there.

  11. I think we need to seriously start nominating Mickey Mouse on our primary ballots. There are enough people in each state to fund the application fee. Then we need a lawyer to file a complaint when they try to take him off. If Mickey made it to one ballot you would think there would be a outcry.

  12. Masin ruled Obama was a natural born Citizen with zero evidence before him. Obama's lawyer withdrew the online birth certificate from evidence and agreed it would not be entered into evidence for the remainder of the case. Thus, with no evidence before him substantiating where Obama was born, what his name was, how old he was, who his parents were, or any other pertinent fact, Masin declared Obama to be a natural born Citizen and eligible to be on the NJ ballot. The three judges on the appeals panel, lacking all evidence as well, affirmed Masin's decision in its entirety.

    Enjoy your Pyhrric victory, Obots, because in handing you this win Masin and his malignant cohorts just revealed that this hollow outcome was predetermined. Truth, justice and due process are the greatest casualties of their subterfuge. But the corruption has been laid bare for all to see; you and your phony Messiah are playing with a stacked deck and now everyone knows it.

  13. Zullo (with the Arpaio investigation) wants Obama to know that the posse knows about the attempt to make a BC with 1960s materials. Trump pushed the issue before and then like magic the electronic form showed up. They think Trump's pushing it again to set the stage for the fake paper copy to be released. They feel Trump is working with BHO... and I agree... it makes sense...

    Interesting that CNN suddenly finds a microfiche bc image to show (at the 4:28 minute marker) and what a coincidence that no one can see the details of information... I think it's no coincidence that you can't see the details of the short form of the citizen's bc either. The report is found here

  14. It's not like anyone should be surprised by the New Jersey Court of Appeals' decision. There have now been 194 decisions/rulings in Obama eligibility related legal actions and Obama has been victorious in all 194 of them. That's original jurisdiction/State Board of Elections verdicts; state and federal appellate court decisions, state Supreme Courts rulings, and US Supreme Court denials of Writs and applications for injunctions; and one criminal proceeding, the Lakin court martial.

  15. So the State of NJ position is that it's not their responsibility to vet Obama but the Congress.... and of course that never works as Mario clearly states but they refuse to accept.

  16. Hey; it is New Jersey for cripes sake; if Mario had taken some payoff $$$ to spread around among the judges; who knows? Especially since they do not know the law.

  17. Here is my brief regarding the ineligibility of Jindal and Rubio: They are not natural born.

    Neither party establishment will defend the Constitution when it is inconvenient. This is why we see bizarre court rulings and the failure to indict or act by anyone. Few in power will decide matters based upon our legal tradition; rather, they decide what they would like, like sodas smaller than 16 ounces.

    Before serious trouble, which is looming, we can use the Constitution to clean house. Your politics do not matter, anymore. All that matters is preserving the rules of the game.

    Vote out all established officials, including judges (who exist by virtue of their parties and lack of interest in being lawyers). Do not think about it or concern yourself with the illusion of parties - the Hannity/Limbaugh spin. Actively talk to your friends and family. This election needs to be the great awakeing.

    Vote them out, unless you have a candidate who you can demonstrate follows the Constitution. If you are not sure, for this coming election, vote NO. Forget who got you a stop sign or likes cats.

    Remember who voted to have you arrested by the army in the US and taken to a secret prison without habeas corpus. This has nothing to do with terrorism, it is part of the ongoing extension of complete control. Recall, we almost lost the Internet - and probably will if nothing changes.

    Vote against a mayor deciding from the throne that you cannot have 16.1 ounces of soda. This is all about control.

    There is a race between the increasing number of voters realizing what is being done to them and the establishment closing the last door to our new serfdom. Put in new people, of whatever party, except the Marxists like Working Families, then give them two terms and throw them out. This may be your last free chance to do this. Our government is to be an honorable service, not a career choice.

    It is simple and derails the coming show down instigated by those we thought served us.


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