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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hawaii verifies Obama birth records to Arizona's election chief
Obama's Associated Press via Yahoo News

HONOLULU, Hawaii - The state of Hawaii has verified President Barack Obama's birth records to Arizona's elections chief after a nearly three-month back and forth that Arizona officials said could have ended without the incumbent's name on its November ballot.

Joshua Wisch, special assistant to Hawaii Attorney General David Louie, told The Associated Press late Tuesday that the matter is resolved after Hawaii gave Arizona the verification it was looking for.






New Ad - AZ Sheriff Arpaio - Obama Birth Cert & Draft Reg Card Are Forged! Wash Times Natl Wkly - 12 Ma...


  1. "Hawaii gave Arizona the records it was looking for" .... more vague and obscure descriptions of what took place. Hawaii is a state, an inanimate being if you will; it can't give anything to anybody. Please report who gave what to whom. Anything short of an authenticated copy of the long form birth certificate raises questions. Also, did Bennett have any comments of what was received?

  2. So this idiot is taking the word from the HDOH, same HDOH that supposedly issued a fraudulent COLB on April 26th, 2011, that a law enforcement agency in your own state proved to be fraudulent. We're screwed unless John Dummett's cases work.

  3. What was it a a wink and and a nod?

  4. Your headline is wrong

  5. An Open Letter To Glenn Beck That Confronts Him About Participating In The Obama Eligibility COVER UP.,_Obama_does_not_have_a_b

  6. Obama's lackeys controlled this pr stunt....,all pr stunts. Obama is impotent & paralyzed.

    My mother had heart failure & went to the hospital every 90 days to dry out her lungs for the last 10 yrs of her life. She got so used to going, treating it like going to a spa, that it became her " normal"; she always thought the drs. would keep her well. One visit was for carotid artery surgery, something she didn't really need immediately. Her cardiologist advised against it, but she vetoed it: the surgeon put her back on her meds too soon after the elective surgery; she had a massive hemmorage, lingering for several days.

    The moral lesson is Obama is in exactly the same "new normal". His days are numbered because he will veto one advisors recommendation & his life as it t is will vanish from his control.

    It will be a turncoat like mayor Corey Booker to blow the whistle; & as as soon as one does, all his dominoes will crash, one dem at a time.

    Now he ordered his security advisor Denis McDonough to release documents of the murder of the Bin Laden FALSE FLAG DECOY to Katherine Bigelow.

    I wonder if she is clever enough to realize the docs are a screenplay of art imitating art-ready made fiction!!!

    Obama is a serious psychiatric case; hitler ascended to power the same way. This scarecrow with no brain will not go gently, but go he must.

    Dr. Senator Coburn refers to him as his "friend". If he is s true friend he should get him diagnosed & removed under the 25th amendment,

    Obama's WALTER MITTY DAYS ARE NUMBERED. Playing "catchup" after every birther activity is bound to inevitably trip him up....

  7. So what? Did Hawaii change the constitution too? So now Barry is NBC for the Arizona ballot. Not. This fucking charade just makes Barry look like he's really eligible and Bennett is his accomplice.

    Nothing like Republican friends.

  8. WHO gave the verification...a fall guy...maybe a "John Doe"....notice NO name was given.

  9. Verification that Obama was born in Hawaii. Just as the BC states.

    Thanks, Ken!

  10. Verification he was looking for? What could that of been other than a threat of thuggery? I bet the document was not ever produced. Gee you have my word, wink wink, that it's here...

  11. I wonder who is telling the truth? or Orly Taitz.

    Just as corrupt HI officials refused to comply with the federal subpoena, served by me, they refused to cooperate with detectives, sent by Sheriff Arpaio to examine Obama’s original 1961 birth certificate. Standoff escalates, more criminal cover up
    Posted on | May 22, 2012 | 7 Comments

    John Wayne 6 approved Submitted on 2012/05/22 at 11:43 am
    By Honolulu Star-Advertiser staff

    Two men who identified themselves as being from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Phoenix went to the Hawaii Department of Health Monday morning requesting verification of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, said a state spokeswoman.

    A Hawaii deputy attorney general gave the men information concerning the legal requirements to obtain such a document; the requirements are posted on the Health Department’s website. The two men then left the office, Health Department spokeswoman Janice Okubo said

  12. OH...and I see Drudge is reporting this story in RED. As if all of a sudden the issue was resolved. Just like that. Kinda explains why the literary publisher story was up on Drudge less than 24 hours. Dropped like a hot potato. Who is talking to who? Gee, are a lyin sack of you know what. Someone talked to you too!Amazing it's all settled. No more stonewalling and covering up. Hawaii DOH you are amazing.

  13. Well, what is it? More contradictions and buffoonery.

  14. Takes 3 months to verify by phone .. that evidence would never stand up in court - this is political theatre

  15. Here comes another slippery worded statement by the HDOH. They will say that they verify (like they did previously) that they have a birth record on file, NOT that obama was actually born there. Then the lame stream media and the politicians will spin it and say "see, he was born there". The HDOH will NEVER verify the document released by obama in April of 2011 because they can not.....Watch and listen carefully to what the Hawaian department of health actually says....

  16. Just like Hitler's brass, from Hawaii to Arizona these corruptoids participate in the American Holocaust out of their own short-term selfish motives.

    We still outnumber them.

  17. I wonder what they showed Arizona, since they never would confirm the BC released last year was authentic or that it came from their DOH office.

  18. Lingle has said that the health director said that the commie usurper was born at kapoliani hospital and the health director did not say that. Now they say they have verified the verification of the health director who verified that governor Lingle verified that their are birth records.

  19. Once AGAIN the "headline" here is DECEPTIVE/WRONG.

    The referenced does NOT say they verified the "forged" bc.

    In fact it really says NOTHING --- not a DAMN THING.

    The AZ SOS earlier stated he would accept a simple "email" and that appears to be all he got.

    The birth announcements do indeed mean "something" was recorded (on/about Aug.4,'61) but as per DOH 338-17.8 does not prove "Hawaii" birth.

    (nor NBC --- or even "citizenship" after Indonesian adoption and residence/schooling)

  20. i guess headlines should now read....hawaii caves ???

    after sheriff deputies show up on door step ?!


  21. The SOS basically just killed the Birther Movement. Let me explain.

    Obama and every state in the union can now say: "AZ verified the Birth Certificant and there is nothing to prove - case closed"

  22. Sheriff Joe should continue to investigate. I don't trust Hawaii and I do believe they are lying. Sheriff Joe should track down 2 people in Hawaii to further his investigation: Senator Sam Slom. Hawaii State GOP Senator Slom knows the corruptness of the Hawaii DOH and has some insight of crooked practices that go on there. Sheriff Joe should also track down the previous DOH Director. I don't know his name but he only served a short time as DOH director and then resigned. His reasons for his resignation were unclear.

    Remember folks! Governor Abercrombie already had completed an internal investigation into Obama's birth certificate. Governor Abercrombie is on the record of stating that he COULD NOT find the birth certificate of Barack Obama. All he found was a state notation.

    This fact cannot be forgotten.

  23. What does "verified" mean?

    How was it done?

    Is the information consistent with the Birth Certificate?

    Is the information scrutinized as reliable?

    The question of Natural Born Citizenship remains due to the alien nature of his father.

    Time for more work!

  24. One thing remains true- we don't know what the fuck we're doing. At the very least, let's remember, and list, our lessons. 1- no one working for, in, and/or around the government, on any level, is going to do a thing. Translation- we are 100% on our own. Any further discussion on attempts to have an elected official do something would be in vain. It's really not that difficult to figure this out. I understand Congress is telling us, "You want us, come get us, you gutless idiots." I don't see it any other way.

  25. Will be interesting to see what Corsi, Bennett, and Arapaio say about this...nothing in this article matters until then.

  26. Hey guys heres an idea get a job inside the HDOH and video tape and take pictures of what you find or dont find.

  27. I think that it is significant that the original birth certificate hasn't been produced. Dr. Jerome Corsi in his recent interview with Alex Jones, stated such:

    Dr. Corsi: ”Four years into the presidency, and the White House is still talking about a birth certificate it won’t show the American people!” –

    Also, it is very significant, that what Obama and his cronies said wasn't there, is now, all of a sudden, here:

    Alex Jones – “….One week before his [Dr. Corsi's] book was going to come out, ‘Where is the Birth Certificate,’ Obama came out with the long form, which he said didn’t exist, and all of his surrogates did…..” –

    The America people have been had - sold down the sewer river by the corrupt mainstream media and all its cowardly political "leaders." God have mercy on our nation!

  28. So how did he change the wording?
    They didn't confirm that the pdf was what they have on file, right?
    Just, that they have "something" on file.

  29. Sheriff Joe!

    Seek the truth from these individuals. Don't rely on buecratic fools.

    Mike Evans - This is a close friend to Governor Abercrombie. According Evans, Abercrombie told him that no birth certificate for Obama exists in Hawaii.
    Corsi's Mole - Claimed a birth certificate for Obama had mysteriously appeared in the record books only a few days prior to its release.
    Hawaii Senator Sam Slom - Appears to be aware of the crooked practices of the Hawaii DOH.
    Previous DOH Director - Name I think is Dr. PalFlox. Resigned a short time after Abercrombie appointed him to be DOH director. Resignation was mysterious.

  30. With all the tub-thumping you guys do about the Constitution wonder me this: Now, in its name and by its authority, the State of Hawaii has thrice said officially Obama was born there. I know this makes absolutely no difference to you, but it does make a difference under the "full faith and credit" clause of the Constitution, e.g. If the State of Hawaii says it is so it is so. Period.

    There is not one single case at law involving a question of full faith and credit, regardless the subject, that has ever -- EVER -- been decided against a State.

    1. Then why can't they humor us and repeat it one more time ???

      ANSWER: Cause they NEVER really said it, (under oath).

      They have basically relied on quoting other people with CONFLICTING and CONTRADICTING statements.

  31. According to T.M.Ballantyne's book "Oh Really, O'Reilly", an excellent detailed investigation of O.whodat's false documents and eligibility dispute, and the impenetrable levels of corruption on this issue in the DHOH and the bureaucrats involved in a massive cover-up of Barack Hussin Obama's birth records, "Wisch, the spokesman for the attorney general's office (former chair of the Howard Dean W.H. bid)said state law does not in fact permit the release of "vital records" including an original "record of live birth"-even to the individual whose birth it records." This is a BLATANT lie against the HI statutes that control the release of vital records. That such an entrenched Obot (D) is the one to "verify" O.whodat's forged birth certificate is another travesty in the manipulation of law and the truth that surrounds the Kenyan-born Fraud in Chief. It also reveals the whiny status of the AZ SOS Bennett, his wimpy request allowed him to accept any type of validation with no specific request about what he would the microfilm or REAL birth certificate. Whisch's certification is no more than a nod to the forgery and Bennett now admits his only objective was to satisfy those annoying birthers. He will have a harder time denying the revelations of the investigation by Sheriff Arpaio, who outranks him in the hierarchy of political office holding.

  32. "Verified" By email? SNOW-JOB. HI is playing Mr. Bennett for a fool.

  33. Well, we all know that AZ was not actually shown the birth certificate. So what was the proof that Hawaii offered? I'm guessing it was simply a statement from Hawaii that said they have records of Obama's birth. Sheriff Joe is our only hope left.

  34. So why did the White House post a forged B.C. on its website and not the same verification Hawaii sent Arizona?

  35. heres a warning to Arizona's sos bennet put him on the ballot here and dont plan on running for gov. we have had it with the lies and this cover up. he is still not a natural born citizen.

  36. Bennett was looking to cover his own ass by getting a verification from HDOH so that he can't be tried later for treason...

  37. Just as the overoptimistic headline proclaiming Obama's attorney's admission of "forgery" has been widely quoted AND LED TO CONFUSION ---

    this headline will also be used by the OBOTS to (wrongly) proclaim Hawaii has "verified" the (forged) bc.

    Who in the hell writes these headlines ???

    We should be able to trust they are accurate.

  38. Keep your powder dry, and dig in.. get ready.
    cover each other..I think the S#ITSTORM is Comming..Stockpile, and team up on the QT..

    AND PRAY!!

  39. After listening to the Arizona Sec of State interview I'm convinced they asked him to change the request so that it did no ask them to verify Obama was born in HI. The simply want to answer that they have birth documentation on file but be non-specific as to where he was born. I will wait and see just what they sent the Arizona Sec of State. I too think it will simply be more obfuscation.

  40. ahahahahahaha LOL!


    since a foreign born baby can be born in Hawaii and get a BC,


  41. Did the democrates and McCain & Kyle get to Bennet by threatening a MSM expose about Bennets kid and the summer camp scandal where this pervert kid of Bennets stuck broomsticks and flashlights up the rectums of little boys.

  42. Awwww poor babies. Better buy some more tissues, you have a lot more dissapointments on the way!

  43. U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal sent an email to Obama seeking verification of eligibility and then dropped it (payday Governor)
    U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie (payday Governor)
    Ken Bennett sent an email to HDOH seeking verification of eligibility and then dropped it (payday Governor?)

    pattern emerging?

  44. Why doesn't a group of concerned Arizona citizens make a foia-type request under Arizona's sunshine law for all documents concerning the so-called "verification" provided by the Hawaii official and accepted by SOS Bennett?

  45. Unless Hawaii provided proof that Obama is a "natural born citizen" rather than simply born in Hawaii if Bennett allows Obama to be on the ballot he can still be tried for treason because Arizona's general election ballot application form requires a candidate to be a "natural born citizen".

  46. Sheriff Joe and his posse will stick to their guns after Bennett chickened out like the greasy-haired milquetoast he is:

  47. McCain, you fucking asshole, did you have something to do with this, perhaps to cover up your own complicity in this constitutional crisis?

  48. @Anonymous'
    Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is supposed to put the verification that he received from Hawaii on his web site today, so we shall know exactly what was verified.
    Bennett was going by the letter of Hawaii Revised Statute 338-18 when he made his request. That Hawaii law says, in part: The department shall not issue a verification in lieu of a certified copy of any such record, or any part thereof, unless it is satisfied that the applicant requesting a verification is:
    (1) A person who has a direct and tangible interest in the record but requests a verification in lieu of a certified copy;
    (2) A governmental agency or organization who for a legitimate government purpose maintains and needs to update official lists of persons in the ordinary course of the agency’s or organization’s activities;

    Secretary of State Bennett applied for a verification in lieu of receiving a certified copy under point 2 above.

  49. @Anonymous
    Officials of the Hawaii Department of Health gave Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett what he asked for under Hawaii Law. Bennett had requested "verification in lieu of receiving a certified copy."
    Yesterday he received verification in lieu of receiving a certified copy of the Barack Obama birth record.
    Bennett will put a copy of what he received from the Hawaii Department of Health on his Secretary of State web site today.


    Yes, it did:

  51. This article written by the AP is an enigma. It says nothing about anything or anyone.

  52. From the Arizona Republic newspaper:
    Hawaii sends Arizona verification of Obama's birth

    by Yvonne Wingett Sanchez - May. 22, 2012 09:27 PM
    The Republic |

    Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett said Tuesday night that he has received information from Hawaii that proves President Obama's American birth and satisfies Arizona's requirements for having the president on the upcoming election ballot.

    A Hawaii official sent Bennett's office verification of birth for President Obama on Tuesday, according to both Bennett and Hawaii officials.

    Bennett said the issue is now resolved from his point of view. He has cancelled a planned Wednesday news conference where he was expected to discuss the issue.

    "I'm happy that we got what we asked for and that's what I was expecting all along," Bennett said Tuesday night.

    Bennett made national news earlier this month when he asked Hawaii to verify Obama's birthplace to ensure the President is eligible to appear on Arizona's November ballot.

    His decision reignited the simmering birther movement, though Bennett has said he doesn't associate with the birthers.

    On Tuesday Joshua A. Wisch, special assistant to the attorney general in Hawaii, said the matter had been resolved.

    "We have received information from Secretary Bennett that satisfied our requirement and has therefore provided his office with a verification of birth for President Obama," Wisch wrote in an email.

  53. SIMPLE:

    There is a forged document in their files. Corsi was on the phone with a mole inside the records office. The mole said it wasn't there one day then the next day it was. The mole even talked to Corsi from the vault where the records are kept while he was looking at the records.

    Since the document released by the WH in 2011 has been proven to be a forgery, Hawaii is simply perpetuating the Big Lie.

    Ignore and give up on Hawaii. All you get when you go there is a big "lei."

  54. Does This Document Make Me ELIGIBLE to be POTUS? (or get a passport to go on a Dream Cruise?)

    Here is my birth certificate. No, wait that isn’t true. To be accurate I need to say, “Here is a scanned copy of my alleged “CERTIFICATE OF VITAL RECORD” that has not been vetted by qualified forensic document examiners.”

    Scanned documents aren't valid evidence of anything even if they are legitimate. The entire reason there is a professional field known as forensic document examination is that a great deal can be told from examination of the original document itself. Much, much less can be told by looking at a photocopy of a document and very little, if anything at all, can be told from looking at a digital image that purports to be an image of an original document. Too much opportunity for adulteration, no opportunity to examine the paper, the ink, and any impressions made on the paper, etc. These online arguments discussing images are like people studying animals by examining imitation scat.

    The documents Obama would like the public to accept would not meet the standards of "evidence" in any court of law, any administrative hearing, any congressional investigation, application for any license, passport. or official ID papers

    We the People will never know if Obama is a fraud unless the original documents are submitted to a panel of court approved certified document examiners. Certified Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Document Examiners

    Full Story Here:

  55. To my knowledge Kapiolani Hospital has never confirmed that Obama was born there.

    they just confirm there's a certificate, which any foreign born baby can get,
    "indicating" that he was born in Hawaii
    Definition of "indicating"
    To serve as a sign, symptom, or token of; signify:



  57. Just take Bari Barry Barack Barack Hussein Malik Soetero Soebarkrah Shabazz Obama II at his word when he told US Marine Ross Bannon in 1980 and his publicist in 1991 that he was born in Mombassa, Kenya.

  58. @Anonymous
    The Hawaii Registrar's Letter of Verification confirms that Barack Hussein Obama II was born at Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital on August 4, 1961 at 7:24 p.m. in Honolulu, Hawaii.
    It is still possible that someone at the hospital (like the doctor named as attending physician) or someone at the Hawaii Health Bureau in 1961 created a false birth document but it is going to be extremely difficult to prove that happened after 51 years.
    Hospitals do not maintain records of routine births for more than 10 years. The birth certificate signed by the staff physician IS the record.

  59. Early in the week:

    "Bennett is OUR HERO!!"

    As of yesterday:

    "That greasy haired spineless traitor!!"

    Get it? You all are a joke. And that's the joke.

  60. Funny when somebody gets close to the truth they always get a case of the willies and jimmy legs.

  61. And the biggest/worst fraud in American, if not world, history continues unabated.

  62. And with that, we complete the control of this issue. We have played you for fools. We now have bought enough Republican (and of course judicial) support and successfully marginalized you "birthers" so that this issue is effectivly dead. How sure am I? Sure enough to post this here. After all, if you point to this we'll simply say it's another internet crank. But you and I know better. You've been played. Of course we were helped by a few usful idiots. In the beginning we set up Berg to lead the nuts, assured that others would follow, but always be marginalized. We had no way of forseeing Orly Taitz - her media whoring and legal incompetence was a real godsend. Sheriff Joe? Marginalized. Under indictment soon. Vattel? Nobody buys it anymore - the Courts have seen to that. Supreme Court? Please, they won't get their hands dirty - too much to lose. Congress - I'm sure you already know that's a dead end. Way too easy to buy them off. All of them. They all have their soft spots. Doesn't matter who gets elected now, we know enough about them before they even become serious candidates so that we can control them enough if they win. Not only that, but now we have Romney running as the "opposition." Precious. Keep banging your heads against the wall. It's over. We've won.

    Calamity Jane.

  63. Funny how liberals want to make "birthers" out to be wackos, yet they will take this guy at his word:

  64. In September of 2009, after Fukino's second statement, I remember a discussion about:

    §92F-12 Disclosure required. (a) Any other provision in this chapter to the contrary notwithstanding, each agency shall make available for public inspection and duplication during regular business hours:

    (15) Information collected and maintained for the purpose of making information available to the general public;

    Detailed information has now been released to the public. I curious how they can continue to withhold the original documents from the public.

  65. By the way, did you notice that Hawai'i didn't verify the date of birth? Know why? Think about it - you'll probably figure it out - but nobody will believe you. It's over.

    Calamity Jane.

  66. @Anonymous
    They can withhold it because there is no law in Hawaii that requires anything other than release of a certified COPY of the original birth certiificate.
    Even under a court order from a judge, only a copy can be released.

  67. @(CAPT-DAX)

    Keep your powder dry, and dig in.. get ready.
    cover each other..I think the S#ITSTORM is Comming..Stockpile, and team up on the QT..

    You watch a lot of television don't you?

  68. And with that, we complete the control of this issue. Hawaii DOH "verification" shows Obama is not a natural born citizen. So long suckers, you stepped right into it.

  69. Anon at 5:03 said: "And with that, we complete the control of this issue. Hawaii DOH "verification" shows Obama is not a natural born citizen. So long suckers, you stepped right into it."

    And what court is going to agree with you? The great thing is, if you file a complaint with someone we don't already have in the bag, we have time (ostensibly to file a response) that we can use to make sure he sees the light.

    There is nobody we can't get to.

    You can't win. It's over.

    Calamity Jane.


    The Hawaii Department of Health has sent a letter to Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, indicating that President Obama was born in Hawaii. This is the statement of Alvin Onaka:

    “A birth certificate is on file with the Department of Health indicating that Barack Obama was born in Honolulu.”

    I think this statement should send up a red flag. Why did Mr. Onaka use the word “indicating?” Why wouldn't he use a word like “affirming, confirming, documenting, establishing, etc.

    Words have meaning and "indicate" does not communicate proof positive.

    DEFINITION OF “INDICATE” (a: and b:) - Webster's Third International Dictionary, 1967, p. 1150

    To point out or point to or toward with more or less exactness.

    Show or make known with a fair degree of certainty.

    Show the probable presence or existance or nature or course of.

    Give fair evidence of.

    Be a fairly certain sign or sympton.

    Reveal in a fairly clear way.

    Demonstrate or suggest the probable extent or advisability of.

    Show the general outline of in advance.

    Sketch beforehand.


    Show or suggest the probably extent or degree of.









    Secretary Bennett should write back to Mr. Onaka and ask him about this and probe his choice of "indicating."

  71. @Anonymous
    Kapiolani's staff physician, Dr. David A Sinclair's name is on the long form as attending physician for the birth.

  72. OK, now a Secretary of State has ruled Obama eligible by virtue of the Birth Certificate "verified" by Hawaii DOH (what birth certificate, God only knows...). So, now someone can sue Bennett for violating the rights of the voters under the US Constitution for certifying a candidate who is not an NBC. No birth certificate is needed in court since there is a signed statement by the HDOH Registrar indicating Obama's father was a foreign national. Case closed. Judgment for the plaintiff.

  73. aha haha hahahaha hahahahahahahahah aaahh ahahhaahahaahahah he he

  74. @Anonymous'
    Bennett and Hawaii are covered by Article IV, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, the Full Faith and Credit Clause.
    Whatever Hawaii says is a valid and authentic record of their state will be accepted in every other state and by the federal government.
    The document in question would have to be proven to be fraudulent in a criminal court. In the four years since the first copy of the COLB was released there hasn't even been a grand jury investigation for forgery or fraud.

  75. @ May 23, 2012 9:09 PM

    "Whatever Hawaii says is a valid and authentic record of their state will be accepted in every other state and by the federal government."

    True enough.

    But they haven't certified that the COLB is a "valid and authentic record of their state"

    Onaka thinks he's slick.

  76. Hey, does this one say his father was a Kenyan citizen too?

  77. As long as the birth certificate of the BOGUS POTUS presented in April 2011 stands as valid...HI will continue to verify it as a copy of the one they can't find.

  78. "Hawaii DOH "verification" shows Obama is not a natural born citizen. So long suckers, you stepped right into it."

    You somehow seem to believe anybody contests that Obama's dad was a British citizen. Why is that?

  79. "does this one say his father was a Kenyan citizen too?"

    Hm, maybe you need new glasses? No BC states the *citizenship* of the parents, only their *birthplace*.

    So you can never tell with 100% certainty if someone is an NBC by looking at his BC (because it doesn't tell you if foreign-born parents have naturalized before the child's birth).

  80. @5:03, stepped into what. Obama was born in the United States on August 4, 1961. Pursuant to the United States Constitution, the case of Wong Kim Ark and its progeny and the US Code, he is a NBC and qualified to be President.

  81. @Anonymous
    That was done by former Director of Health Chiyome Fukino in 2008:
    Dr. Fukino did it again in 2009 and named Obama as a "natural born citizen."
    She did it a third time in a televison interview in 2010:
    And the new Democrat Health Director, Loretta Fuddy did it for a fourth time in 2010:


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