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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eligibility Cover-Up Widens 
Exclusive Investigative Report by Pixel Patriot
June 2nd, 2012

The “BIRTHGATE” scandal is still unfolding after CNN committed an act of “Fraud” upon the American people on May 30th 2012 by writing, producing, editing and broadcasting a report with a microfiche copy of a long form birth certificate knowing it is not Barack Obama’s yet claiming it was. 

Deceit or “Fraud” occurs when a person makes a factual misrepresentation, knowing that it is false (or having no belief in its truth and being reckless as to whether it is true) and intending it to be relied on by the recipient, and the recipient acts to his or her detriment in reliance on it.

I will refer to this microfiche at the 1 minute 22 second point in the video used by CNN as (Exhibit A) for it is evidence of “Fraud” by claiming it belongs to the putative President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama when they knew that it did not.  CNN had also previously included (Exhibit A) in another report where they referred to it as “another man’s” and the use of (Exhibit A) in their report on the 30th was wholly designed to mislead the public into believing Obama is entitled to citizenship status needed for eligibility to the Office of the President of the United States.

CNN claims (Exhibit A), which is a (negative) copy of microfiche of a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH was released by Obama 4 years ago, although he did not.  What Obama purportedly released in 2008 was an online digital image of a COLB or Certification of Live Birth. They are NOT the same. He has never released microfiche. After the original digital image of the COLB became a problem because it was missing the raised seal then later photographs of other short-form documents (COLB) were released having their own problems.

Here is a screen shot of (Exhibit A) from the CNN report from the 30th:

(click on image to enlarge)
My analysis will prove with certainty that the copy of the microfiche CNN is showing in this report is NOT Obama's IF his parents are Barack Hussein Obama and Stanley Ann Dunham.

Here's how:

Based on the proportional scale of the middle names on the microfiche in this report I was able to determine that they do not match the middle names in the online copy of Obama’s purported long form birth certificate.

(click on image to enlarge)

In this image I have overlaid markers making it easy for anyone to compare:

(click on image to enlarge)

The second middle name which would correspond to ANN is actually longer than the first middle name which would be Hussein but definitely considerably longer than Ann and therefore impossible considering Hussein has more than twice as many characters as Ann.

This in no way gives legitimacy to what Obama placed on the White House website on April 27th, 2011 however it should be pointed out that (Exhibit A) has a signature in the lower left and the online copy of Obama’s purported long form birth certificate does not signifying that CNN’s claims are additionally at odds to those of Barack Obama for this reason.

One does not have to look very far to know that a news organization can perpetrate “Fraud” on a level such that its impact on the American public is enormously widespread and devastating to both the organization committing an act of “Fraud” which is a crime and the public having been harmed.  The Jayson Blair scandal at the New York Times and the Killian Document Controversy where the resignation of news broadcasting veteran anchor Dan Rather and the firing of his producer Mary Mapes at CBS are two of the more serious that comes to mind.

On April 25th 2011, just 2 days before Barack Obama released a multi-layered digital image purported to be a copy of his long form birth certificate; CNN filed a report on the controversy.
(hat-tip ObamaReleaseYourRecords)  There is a very critical point to make here.  Gary Tuchman the reporter set the tone of the story so as to be derisive and denigrating to people whom (the media) had labeled the pejorative term of “birther.”  They should have reported on this in 2007 when Barack Obama declared he was running for President so that Americans wouldn’t go to the polls and be voting for an ineligible candidate; however CNN refused to investigate this at that time.

Keep in mind it is still a controversy because Barack Obama has continuously refused to release his original birth records and he and the media including CNN have ridiculed those asking for them to be released into the public record because Americans on a daily basis have to do so for things in their own life such as signing up for Little League baseball and getting a passport.

It is of significant consequence that the updated Gary Tuchman report using (Exhibit A) was broadcast on Anderson Cooper 360, a show that has gained a reputation of not just being confrontational but hostile to its own guests for wanting to know the TRUTH and veracity of Obama’s birth narrative.  In light of this history of hostility by this show toward its guests and now this blatant deception arguably rises to the level of malice toward a political subset of the American public in particular.  What is most disturbing is CNN is knowingly making false claims thereby intentionally attempting to deceive the American people to give legitimacy to a man that has usurped the Office of the President of the United States and aid and abet him in the ongoing commission of a crime and widening cover-up.  So could this “other man” be Barry Soetoro, Barack Soebarkah or Harrison J. Bounel?

The timing of this act of “Fraud” upon the American people is also very significant, because Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona has recently announced he will be holding another highly anticipated press conference surrounding the ongoing investigation into the authenticity of the purported long form birth certificate and other evidence of felony identity fraud which is scheduled to occur in the next few days or weeks.  Investigators from his Cold Case Posse have just returned from Hawaii and have indicated they have “shocking” new evidence to reveal to the American public.

Americans should immediately call for accountability from both the FCC and CNN itself by demanding the firing of all of those responsible for this egregious “Fraud” as well as an expectation of an official retraction by CNN.  Public repudiation should be ongoing until such time CNN complies with the public's demands.

Defender of the Truth
© Pixel Patriot 2012
(All rights reserved.)

FLASHBACK: Mike Evans: Gov. Abercrombie Used a Search Warrant to Acquire Obama's Missing Birth Certificate.




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  1. Don't worry about it. No one watches CNN.

  2. Wow I can easily tell it's not the same document.


  3. The birth announcement in the newspaper OBVIOUSLY came from information supplied by the hospital that has no record of the mother being a patient there. Makes sense to me!

  4. Channel surfing, I stopped to watch this on CNN when it aired. It made me physically ill.

    For what's it's worth, here's "File a Complaint" phone contact info from the FCC website (they also provide other complaint info for those who want to email or write):

    PHONE: Our Consumer & Mediation Specialists are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET to answer your questions and assist you in filing a complaint. Call toll-free at 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice or 1-888-TELL- FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY.

    For all the good it'll do, we can express our outrage to CNN too -- if for no other reason than it's a way to vent.

    Am sending to tips to Drudge and Breitbart, but won't hold my breath.

  5. Too bad all of them aren't forced to take a lie detector test.....the poor polygraph machine would probably start to smoke, catch fire, and melt

  6. Where do to start commenting on the CNN report at?

    CNN: Please explain why the COLB released on April 2011 is a known forgery that has been reviewed by no less than 50 computer and document experts?

    CNN: The State of Hawaii cannot release the document to you or anybody else without the written consent from BHO. Do you have the written consent from the President?

    CNN: Can you explain why the former Supervisor of the Health Department searched for and found no records for BHO?

  7. The 2 party system is working well, keeping O's records sealed.

  8. Lest we forget, the short-form CERTIFICATION of Live Birth (COLB) form shown in that CNN report is also a forgery. No one has ever explained how the Daily Kos got it first.

  9. The evidence of Obama's ineligibility and fraud is mounting day-by-day. Once a lie with huge consequences (treason, the setting aside of all Obama laws, and social/political/racial upheaval)is told, it is only a matter of time before the truth wins out. The 4/27/11 digital image of Obama's purported LFBC, which HE asserted was "proof positive" of his Hawaii birth, will be his undoing. And the mainstream media, NBC, CNN, ABC, and CBS no longer have any credibility with an increasing number of Americans. Romney should immediately release all of his vital records and challenge Obama to do the same thing. Trump is raising the right points, but look what happened before. Corsi's mole has indicated that 1961 original ink and paper have been obtained by an Obama forger who is preparing to forge a pen-and-paper LFBC that will withstand forensic scrutiny (which, ultimately, it will not, of course). I'm skeptical about the Donald's intentions. There is so much evidence of forgery, cover-up, and fraud, however, that Obama is caught in his own web of lies. Everytime he, or his accomplices, affirmatively say or produced anything, it digs them in deeper.

  10. CNN's job is to keep America's attention away from Obama failing Article II

    Creepy Nutjob N-emies of USA

  11. Video by Dr. Polland about the forged birth documents released by Obama:

  12. Relax everyone...the corrupt media know what's coming soon, that's all.

  13. Didn't CNN, Jon Klein specifically, claim that Obama's birth certificate was destroyed when Hawaii went to electronic record keeping? I mean, who really believes a news agency that keeps changing their story? No wonder CNN's ratings are down. They wouldn't know a FACT if it hit them ion the nose!

  14. cfkerchner.@1024:

    Didn't someone who worked at Kinko's in Chicago already report that she spent hours and hours making the COLB in the back room at Kinko's in 2007 or 08. I would then assume she merely emailed it over to the campaign Hq. and the Daily KOS. No evidence has ever surfaced that Mr. Obama himself ordered it from HI. It just seemed to appear out of nowhere.

  15. www.wheresobamasbirthcertificate.comJune 3, 2012 at 2:07 AM

    With this report you can tell Obama is scared. The red telephone in the white house must have been very busy this week calling CNN. Probably have speed dial. Listen up people, if there was a birth certificate why why why did it have to come this far to produce. I wonder where CNN got the microfichee from? Lies and more lies.

  16. www.wheresobamasbirthcertificate.comJune 3, 2012 at 2:20 AM

    Ever notice when CNN posts a copy it's always from a camera shot and always askew and fuzzy. It's never put in a scanner and downloaded . Always, always, , always fuzzy.

  17. Hey Fukino, We dont want take take your word for it that his BC exists. We want to see the original for ourselves. Get it!!!

  18. Where is the other side of the story? Where are those that have tried to talk to the Hawaiin lady, the keeper of the keys to the vault, that could have asked her questions about Hawaiin law, and why she claims privacy for Obama, when he has already posted the BC online? And why didn't they give Sheriff Obama and his Cold Case Posse time to present their evidence that the BC is a forgery? Becuase they are CNN, and not a court of law, and not an unbiased news agency. They acted as though they are a propaganda arm of the Obama machine, and actions speak louder than words.

  19. I agree that it was not the same document, but it was never represented as Obama's. The voiceover referred to the COLB and never mentioned the microfiche. I have no idea why the microfiche was there, but it is clear that there was an editing mistake. How can there be fraud if there is no misrepresentation. Watch the video again.

  20. I thank you for bringing yet more evidence of fraud to my attention.

    However, i'm not going to get my hopes up that the fcc or anyone else will do anything.

    If we haven't learned by now that nobody in power is going to do anything about this, then it is us that ain't too smart.

  21. This is really catch-22 - despite so much evidences that obozo was NOT born in Hawaii, and that it does not matter where he was born he is still ineligible to be POTUS, the lamestream sticks to lies about his Hawaiian birth and tries to covnince people obozo the 'Hawaii-born' guy, is eligible to be POTUS!
    We can't steer people away from obozo's place of birth onto obozo's foreign father which determines that obozo is ineligible to be POTUS!

    It appears that the recent publisher bio of Kenyan-born obozo is just to prolong the wild goose chase for his place of birth which does not matter at all!

    How can we focus people on his foreign father instead of on his place of birth?
    It is a fact that he himself proves - his father is a foreigner.
    Place of birth is the big puzzle that no one can solve!

    We must not fall for this wild goose chase for his place of birth forever!


  22. WOW! cnn proved it in 2 minutes! He talked to a Repubelican too so no doubt! He talked to that non partisan completely neutral Governor and former taxi driver so finally, this matter can be put to rest - thanks, cnn. BTW, cnn, why didn't you call Jerome Corsi or someone on the skeptical side? Oh! Your purpose was to back Barack, not doubt Barack? cnn, don't even go to "natural born" citizen - that one may require more than a 2 minute Barack commercial.

  23. Well, well, well, CNN is rolling in the deep, now that they are officially, without doubt can be charged with conspiracy. They blatantly, knowingly, falsely placed on national media news the fraudulent document claiming that such document is that of Mr Ofraudster....Anyone with half a wit and a comp could clearly see with magnification that this document is NOT in any way the vital document of the poser. There is no serial number at the top to start off with, was he not given one ? Was he an exception to the rule, even back n the 60s ? Also, the name on the top line starts with an L..On the third line where fathers age is it is 42 years of age, and mothers age is 22 years of age. Wowzer... 20 year age gap between the two.. This is not the posers vaulted birth document by far. It is someone's they dug up and posted on the crapped out boob tube of a station in the hope that it would silence the mass uprise that is coming and will pull the plug on this entire cover up, including the MSM that has risked it all for the sins of the One And Done poser, posing as the president of the United States...They are all rolling in the deep...

  24. CNN knows it has already reached bottom....they're now willing to go down in flames,a caricature of scandalous lying and defeat. Since the doors of the lawless DOH are sealed to not only the honest inquiring citizen but to anyone who could possibly expose their fraudulent history in this matter, CNN can only resort to high school mischief type pranks which unfortunately only copy an already proven fraud....exposing the stupidity of most there as did the Blitzer appearance on Jeopardy!!

  25. TXE father of barry dunham x is malcolm x. TXE post I have just made is from TXE birth announcement in the muslim nation-constipation journal.

  26. While I'd have to admit they did a really lousy job of editing on the piece, it doesn't come anywhere near being fraudulent. But it's fun watching the birthers make a mountain out of a mole hill... or, rather, much ado about nothing.

  27. ‎"Pixel Patriot" should put his money where his big mouth is and sue CNN for fraud. :)

  28. California birther/dualer/doubterJune 3, 2012 at 9:04 AM

    It's so fun to watch these damned commies running around and building this big ol' dung pile of lies. Can't wait for the finale when they will be so sorry they ever screwed around with us.

  29. I didn't watch the video, but if the microfilm is in the picture, but not mentioned, then it was clearly done to make those watching believe it was Obama' it fraud if they did not claim it was Barry's?

    Wikipedia definition of "fraud":

    In criminal law, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual.

    Was it the first COLB or the April 27, 2012 long-form BC that had the TXE stamp instead of THE? I am starting to get the "Birth certificates" mixed up.

    Anyway, could the X have been an intentional reference to Malcolm X, put there by the forger?

    Some have said Michelle's inaugural ball gown with the "X" formed in the middle was another signal honoring Malcolm X.

  30. OMG! Watch Neil Abercrombrie on CNN report's final remarks: "Leave Barry Spears alone, whaaaaaa, pl...eeasse!!!

  31. Obama may be son of Anna Chin and a black dock worker (lamecherry). He may be son of Malcolm X and a groupie, or Frank Marshall Davis and Ann Dunham.

    We are not to know, and it doesn't much matter.

    He's not a natural born citizen by his sworn identity. He's just a usurper.

    Trump knows this, he's just a facilitator for the psychodrama between himself as "birther" and Obama to ridicule him. Then in October team Ofraud will pull out the basis original of the LFBC without any Adobe layers, to sting-gotcha the birthers and supposedly put everything to rest.

    Then Trump will get 3 new casino properties.

    As to why Romney won't mention article II, the OBVIOUS route, is up for guess...we'll see if he chooses another article-II failing veep, then we'll know he's totally in anti-constitution territory.

  32. That charge of driving w/o license for barri shabazz in honolulu march 1982 seems plausible. The dunce left occidental and travelled to pokkyston, but there is no record of barri x for Columbia 82-83 junior year. Did he come back from pokkyston and return to hawaii.

  33. ...and somone else who worked for the HI, Dept of Health, has signed a sworn affidavit that there is NO birth certificate on file for obama!!!!

  34. the arpaio posse said they got good cooperation from honolulu PD. Did they check out the "serious" traffic accident for barri shabbazz in feb 1982? Did soetoro return from pokkyston to hawaii to become shabbazz, then go to Columbia in 82-83 as obama? What about the scar on barry X's head?

  35. PLEASE everyone, follow the link on the report and REPORT this to the FCC as a criminal fraud. There are only a few of us who have educated ourselves on the issue enough to be confident that this is indeed a fraudulent CNN "report", and we need to make our voices heard loud and clear. Report!!! I don't think that the FCC will do anything about it at this time (very very unlikely), but when the shtf it will be useful to have a track record of the reports on this specific egregious event. It really is another massive and criminal attempt to manipulate the American public. REPORT this!!!

  36. Ticks me off that the Left rants about the Citizens United ruling because of its supposed corruptive influence (invariably omitting from their tirades that it included unions as well as corporations) even as mega news corporations function as arms of the Democrat Party.

    They rail against Republican SuperPACs while each day producing advocacy journalism that amounts to nothing less than a steady stream of Inkind Contributions to the Obama campaign. Lying hypocrites the whole lot!

  37. Anonymous @ 9:58PM:

    I grow weary of having to repeat myself, so please pay attention. There were many birth registration centers around the islands back then; most of them were not connected to the hospitals and were used to register Native Hawaiians and non-citizens (of any age) for U.S. citizenship. Many non-citizens were registering their foreign-born children for U.S. citizenship and their children need not be present while doing so. New birth dates were issued dependent upon registration date. These applications were rounded up and sent to the Hawaii Dept. of Health, which compiled a weekly list and submitted it to the 2 major newspapers, which in turn printed verbatim what was sent by the HDOH without any verification as to truthfulness. The newspapers were located in the same building as the HDOH. That's how Barry's birth notice hit the papers. His mom or grandmother could have registered him as a toddler born elsewhere at one of the registration centers at the outer end of the island of Oahu and secured a new birth date for him and it would still make the papers as a new birth. Indeed, the registration # used for his BC was not in sync with those used by the hospitals and he was not registered at any of the centers nearer to the city used by the hospitals. Sheriff Arpaio has in his possession proof of at least 3 children born in Japan who at several years old each were given new Hawaiian BC's and new birth dates.

    Hawaii considered itself to be a major multi-cultural mecca that as a newbie state was registering as many non-citizens as possible for U.S. citizenship in order to secure more Federal aid. Do you understand now?

  38. @Anonymous
    Following a pattern I would have to believe they tried to be deceptive in presenting this image. Otherwise why would they even have this one at all, since one would have to actually obtain that copy from HI in the first place just to use it. The easy thing todo would be to use the whitehouse image, but they no longer want to point to that one sicne it has been found to be a fake.
    One thing is for sure, they are two differnt docs, so if this one is real it only proves the other a fake too. Of course, if this was real you would not have a fuzy image. You are going to make damn sure its clear and that everyone can see it.

  39. It simply fell behind a file cabinet !! Happens ALL the time people, I mean KOMRADS.

  40. I did not know they reprised their April 26, 2011 report on May 30, 2012.

    Back on October 20, 2011, I did a video destruction of CNN's April 26, 2011 bogus Birther Investigation: a two-part pile of bat guano in which I made reporters Gary Tuchman and Eliot Spitzer look like idiots. There was so many wrong statements and claims that I could have done a 20 minute video.

    In the CNN video you have here, the narration does not match the images shown at all: the Obama Campaign forgery is superimpoased over the Factcheck priontout of it, and then the photostat of a long-form I displayed in my Oct 2011 video:

    Could you please embed it for me?


  41. In the 2011 version of the Hawaii video, CNN actually does show the short-form COLB and says that Obama released it "three years ago" (2008). Here it is on Youtube:

    And now in 2012 they changed the image to show this strange B&W image and say that it's the short-form COLB that Obama released "four years ago" (2008).

    Very strange!

  42. It's the same video from April that they rebroadcast.


    Watch this. Gary describes the photostat as the long-form of another man.

  44. the COLB has a debossed, wrong seal

    @00:41-00:42 > The "CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH" a fake via FACTCHECK.ORG.
    CNN spins another set of lies fueling the conspiracy theory!

    The OBAMA "birth certificate" was NOT RELEASED 4 years ago!
    @1:30 > The "CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH" was released 4 years ago!
    @1:34 > The black MICROFICHE is from a LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE.
    @1:33 > Notice the 2 SIGNATURES at the BOTTOM. NO SUCH BC exists for Obama.
    OBAMA NEVER HAS RELEASED the BC microfiche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CHECK IT OUT only one signature on WH Long Form!

  47. I agree with the analysis of the CNN deception and let's keep in mind every airport and classroom around the USA sees CNN - these folks are captive .. what's disturbing is we have this HI Republican woman formerly in charge of the health records stating flatly that Obama was born in HI and she has seen that original birth certificate. Can she be refuted?? As for the Democrat Governor he has been discredited becaused he failed to Release that Original Birth Certificate to the public as promised .. someone is lying?? but Nov election is close and maybe the Dan Rather expose of fraud type story will never surface in time.

  48. They in full panic mode and are lying to cover lies. The biggest lie of all is if BHO Sr. is his father and Jr. was born in Hawaii then Jr. is STILL not eligible to be president and would have undoubtedly gone to college as a foreign student.

    Soon it's all gonna fall completely apart and what a mess we're gonna have to clean up.

    John Boehner is the 45th President of the United States.

  49. News Conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "Cold Case Posse"
    1) Jedi mind trick, nothing to see here keep it moving.
    2) Obama's family cannot get the name of the birth hospital right.
    3) No hospital, civic leader or township erected a historic plaque (BORN HERE FOR THE TOURISM DOLLARS ALONE).
    4) Nordyke twins’ birth certificate numbers out of sequence with Obama's from same hospital. Twins have certificate numbers lower than the number given Obama, even though the president purportedly was born at the same hospital a day earlier than the Nordykes.
    5) No records until later in life (no childhood friends in U.S./Hawaii).
    6) No college school buddies (I remember him) or basic college records (LAWYER SEALED).
    7) AP declares Obama “Kenyan-Born”! (GOOGLE IT).
    8) Lt. Col. Terry Lakin (DECORATED ARMY DOCTOR) court-martialed upholding his oath to not follow an unlawful order (NO CHAIN OF COMMAND CLARIFICATION).
    9) No Obama uniting the country shouting from the MEDIA mountain top hey America I'm legit here are all my records come see, rather only lawyers blocking all attempts from basic records.
    10) No hospital records showing Obama’s mother admittance.
    11) Tim Adams, a former senior elections clerk for Honolulu said "There's no birth certificate, “It’s an open secret. There isn't one. Everyone in the government there knows this."
    12) No cooperation order set for Hawaii vital records to release microfiche of all birth records (THE WHITE HOUSE SAID THEY RELEASED A BIRTH CERTIFICATE THEREFORE SHOULD BE A SIMPLE MATCH).

  50. I saw the video stopped it and enlarged it, not Obama's. Also, it was stated that the original document was destroyed when the archives went digital. God help our country and all freedom lovers around the world.

  51. Has anyone seen this document?

  52. "Cherylann said...[Reply]

    Has anyone seen this document?"

    Yes. LOL

    Yes, issued in 1961 according to a law that came into effect in 1982... obviously the "real' one.

  53. @Anonymous June 4, 2012 6:15 AM
    "I agree with the analysis of the CNN deception and let's keep in mind every airport and classroom around the USA sees CNN - these folks are captive"

    Also keep in mind that every public TV at the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington DC, former Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC, former National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda MD and recently named Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bethesda are set to CNN.

  54. Notice CNN's Gary Tuchman's deception after HDOH clerk Dan Nakaso tells him @3:26 that the newspaper birth listings come from the "State Department of Health"...then @3:35 standing in front of Obama's alleged birth hospital Tuchman says they came directly from the hospital.

  55. @Anonymous

    Actually, the accident was Mar. 12, 1982. This was during Columbia University's Spring Recess. There is question as to whether Obama actually attended Columbia in 1982, but if he did, why wouldn't he be in Hawaii on spring break? Get it?


    BREAKING! FL. COURT SETS HEARING DATE for Obama Eligibility! June 18th - Just Announced!



    Some Comments Under This Video:

    "Pastor Carl,

    You ask us to pray for the court to find Obama constitutionally ineligble. I agree he is definitely ineligible. I'm perplexed though. Aren't we supposed to submit to our earthly authority even when our ruler is a fraud and deceiver? I Peter 2:13-14.

    Or are we supposed to maintain that Obama has no legal authority over us because he is illegally occupying the office (which I what I firmly tell people). What would Jesus do if he were an American living in 2012? - TheLatterRain"


    "We live in a Constitutional Republic. WE THE PEOPLE give legal authority to the Government to PROTECT our God Given Rights (remember our Declaration of Indep?) If WE THE PEOPLE give up those rights - shame on us. All Pastor Carl is doing is exposing the lies and shining light on the TRUTH - that is what Jesus DID! I.E. - The Herodians, The Pharisees, The Saducess (the political ruling class of his day - all connected directly or indirectly to the Roman Government authorities.) - PPSIMMONS"

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    "observer | June 4, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    Wondering if Klayman’s hearing in FL couldn’t be a good place to call on Arpaio and posse’s discovery/evidence to add more reason for doubting the eligibility for Obama on ballot. This judge apparently was the judge on the Bush/Gore decision even though leaning left otherwise. He is willing to look at evidence presented.

    Since Arpaio seems to have no reasonable hearing audience anywhere else….even when considering Congress that is also corrupt, perhaps Klayman could make all of this posse evidence of probable cause from a law enforcement agent more public if presented in his FL case."

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Voeltz v Obama Hearing June 18, 2012, Natural Born Citizen Definition To Be Decided, Judge Terry Lewis, Attorney Larry Klayman, Obama Eligibility

    Posted on June 4, 2012

  57. Getting closer everyday, but shouldn't President Boehner be assembling a "real" government right now?




    Uploaded by TheDrRJP on Oct 21, 2011

    "On April 26, 2011, CNN had two totally fraudulent reports that were so blatantly deceptive and false as to leave no doubt they were intentionally covering up Obama's document fraud."




    Uploaded by TheDrRJP on Oct 21, 2011

    “On April 26, 2011, CNN had two totally fraudulent reports that were so blatantly deceptive and false as to leave no doubt they were intentionally covering up Obama’s document fraud.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *




    “Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday May 30, 2012 aired a scathing review of the first three years of President Barack Obama’s term in office, countering his “hope” and “change” motto with a series of “then and now” facts about the national debt, jobless rate, gas prices and more.”—fair—…

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  60. after seeing this video, i think the real question asked should be whether Abercombie was tall enough to reach the birth certificate volumes when he was trying to find Obama's. Also, would he fight Robert Reich in a MMA cage match to raise campaign funds for Obama?

  61. It's call B-roll footage, dumbasses

  62. Anyone getting the feeling that this issue will ultimately be negotiated in the streets of America?

  63. CNN will soon regret that they're choosing the wrong side of the law. Fraudulently stating "facts" that they know to be untrue. It's a shame but hey that's life and they will pay the price. This I can promise you. And it's coming sooner than anyone realizes. If you haven't already, get that champagne bottle ready. Happy days are about to become a reality. :)

  64. Lettuce look at the fraud purpetrated by CNN and Gary Tuchman.

    After 'QUICKLY' viewing the CNN video, the freeze framing it, then enlarging the microfiche document CNN presented. I FIND THAT It bears the name of

    Leigh(on) MANUO SUGANUMA




    DATED APRIL 21, 19??

    Maybe SUGANAMA OR SUGANUMA in Japanese means ..., "B.O. it stinks!" Something is rotten at CNN and in the White House.

    Here is the Obit of Liegh's father

    85, of Kane'ohe, died Aug. 28, 2002. Born in Honolulu. A retired Honolulu Police Department detective. Survived by wife, Mildred; sons,
    Francis Jr., Leith , Alan and Gary; two grandchildren. Private service held. Arrangements by Hosoi Garden Mortuary.
    Francis Jr.,Leith , Alan and Gary; two grandchildren. Private service held. Arrangements by Hosoi Garden Mortuary.

    Francis SUGANUMA
    Birth Date:9 Mar 1917
    Death Date:28 Aug 2002
    Social Security Number: 576-12-1108
    State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Hawaii
    Death Residence Localities
    ZIP Code:96744
    Localities: Kaneohe, Honolulu, Hawaii

    I wonder what the SUGANUMA family thinks of their family birth records being aired on CNN to authenticate Obozo's claim to being born in Hawaii? How can they show one microfiche of an unrelated familly but can't show the same for Odumbo?

  65. As seen in my CNN's BULLSH*T BIRTHER REPORT,, they made a boatload of false statements and displayed altered documents in the original two-part "Birther" report on the April 25th and 26th. It was a two-day affair. I did not realize they rebroadcasted it on the 30th of May.

    Tuchman, spitzer, and Cooper have seen my evisceration of their report in my video, so now I need to compare the whole thing against the original one to see where else they made changes.

    The video was supposed to show Factcheck photos #1 and #7, overlaid by the trimmed copy on Fight the Smears. up in the right-hand corner, they credited, but Factcheck never displayed anything but the full-page copy and then only on the 16th of June 2008. They never displayed the scan image again. The Factcheck reference makes the viewer think that they supplied the "computer-generated" copy.

    so, for the 30th remake, they cut the reference to Factcheck out, cut short the frames showing the COLB, inserted the "other man's long form photostat" of the LFBC (which, BTW, they stopped making photostats long ago), called it the "computer-generated form" - which obviously is the photostat and not the COLB, and then showed Obozo's 3rd grade photo (Photoshopped Obama) followed by the Photoshopped boy & bat photo.

    Did they really think that people would think a photostat is a computer-generated transcript?

    They also deliberately left off the birthplaces of Stig's parents, which is what goes on the COLB replacement that they put into effect in October 2008.
    No longer called the Certification of Live birth, they changed it to "Certificate of Live Birth" which is the name of the long-form and still was the name of the long-form as they were still handing them out as late as March 15, 2011 WITHOUT any stinking FOIA required.

    Tuchman failed to mention the change from Certification to Certificate and the fact that Obama did NOT get the same thing that Stig got.

    Well, in fact, there WAS NO COLB issued to Obama. It does not exist and never did.

    I don't know when they filmed the report, but in the Press Conference on April 26th, a CNN reporter asked Jay Carney about the long-form and why doesn't the President get it. By that time, Carney knew they had it in their possession, but he avoided answering the question and did the "we've got more important things to do. He did say that "It was a settled issue and that they had shown the Certification online for all the world to see."

    Again, doubling-down on the COLB.

    This was the whole purpose of the CNN report - to put extra weight on the COLB and make it seem like the COLB was legally valid and the long-form was not.

    Releasing the long-form was to divert peple's attention away from the COLB short-form. It worked, especially when they deliberately made the LFBC into an easy-ti-spot forgery.

  66. I forgot to add that Stig's COLB is a lousy attempt at reproducing the 2008 forgery. Even to the untrained eye, one can see that the paper is too thin, the border is way out of focus, to top left is washed out, and Tuchman's death grip on it is not how you would treat someone else's birth certificate...if it were real, that is.

    And how about that Certification Number of 010920 for a birth 24 hours after Obama's, but with a date filed of August 8th - same as Obama's whose cert # is 010641. And you used the Nordyke BC's as the benchmark?

    Surprise! They are forged, too. Maybe they did that to show how screwed up is their numbering system, or to make you think it's screwed up?

    But what really gives the Stig-ma COLB away is the white border around the edges. There is no white border around a real COLB. nothing but green.

    Speaking of white borders, old Markos Moulitsas, blog owner of the Daily Kos, made sure to trim the border off of his COLB "copy" so that it was exactly 26 pixels on all sides.

    How precise! How artistic! What a bunch of crap!

    Since he saved it in an oddball editor anyway so that it would look different than what Factcheck and Politifact would show.

    I think the Kos was surprised to see his trimmed copy appear in a PDF file posted on the Obama Campaign website. That was a big boo-boo because it left a paper trail.

    Ah,but no problem, since they took Politifact's redone copy and posted it the next day when "" (same website server) was launched.

    Now, the Obama Campaign was not the only one to copy Markos' trim job directly. The Chicago Tribune and LA Times/Swamp, did also - proving that they were NOT sent their copy by the Obama Campaign since the Campaign never had an actual COLB to begin with. No COLB means no COLB SCAN means no copies of that COLB SCAN to send to anyone.

    So, if you read that the Campaign "sent copies to reporters," it's just a part of the same Big Lie.

    The official Big Lie of the Obama Campaign.

    When Politifact sent the Obama Campaign their new trimmed copy, with the tell-tale white border on the left, the Chicago Tribune and LA Times followed suit - replacing their Kos copy with Politifact's copy.

    How stupid was that, guys? You left another paper trail back to Politifact.

    In case you haven
    t figured it out yet, Politifact, aka TampaBay Times, aka the former St. Petersburg Times, is Ground Zero for the 2008 COLB forgery.

    When you request and receive a COLB in mid June 2008, you are supposed to get a 2008 COLB, date-stamped June 2008. You do not get a 2007 COLB, date stamped June 2007.

    What you get is a conundrum that proves there is no such COLB, and the only way to have one is to fabricate one.

    Or, travel back in time a year.

    Who made it for the TampaBay Times/Politifact? It does not really matter, except when the SHTF and someone figures out that the short-form COLB is the key to figuring out Obama's "Born Identity."


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