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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Snopes Scrubs Article On Obama's Mama's Picture-Porn Photos: 
URL Excluded From Wayback Machine

It appears scrubbed their "report" on Obama's mom posing nude. When Snopes originally published their article they tagged the claim "undetermined" and then sometime later tagged it as "false" claiming the nude woman in the photos was Marcy Moore. Now Snopes pulled the article altogether and had the URL excluded from the Wayback Machine. Wonder why?

Could it be because any person with adequate vision can see the difference between small boobs and large boobs? Or could it be because many more photos from Ann's picture-porn days have appeared in a newly released documentary about Obama?

Here's the original URL for the Snopes article:

The notice claims it has been flagged as containing material deemed to be pornographic, however, a simple search using Snopes' search engine finds nothing using multiple keywords pertaining to Obama's mom. Try it yourself;

Snopes Search Engine

Snopes Search Engine

Here's the "url excluded" notice at Wayback Machine:

Here's the only version found using Archive It dated April 2009:

Check out NoBarack08's article on Obama's Mom's Picture-Porn-Gate debunking the Marcy Moore claim here:

You can find out more about Obama's mom's picture-porn glory days here:

This isn't the first time Snopes went out of its way to protect Obama and his family lies. Take a look at what they published about Obama's social security number reserved for Connecticut applicants. And see the irrefutable response here.

UPDATE: CNN, Snopes, Maraniss Busted: Jack Cashill Takes On David Maraniss' New Obama Book - DETAILS HERE.




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  1. "The only people who don't want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide."
    -- Barack Hussien Obama

    The only people who hide things, are people who don't want the truth disclosed.
    -- Me

  2. They can run...but they can not hide!

  3. No more fap for RacerJim

  4. Snopes is well known to keep an eye on any report that reveals their phony pro-obama scam. Often they change their website content within 30 minutes of contrary published reports that point to their errors and false BS.

    Here is an example of where they scrub the entire entry when someone shouts the truth.

    When the history books are written on the Obama fraud, Snopes will be listed as one of the slimy players.

  5. OK, let me get this straight.

    Snopes article is dated April 2009, and when it's debunked beyond any doubt on April 15, 2011, that Obama's prostitute mother was in the pictures and not Marcy Moore, Snopes pulls their article.

    Seems like when Snopes is proven wrong, like the Obama admin, they scrub their websites.

  6. My guess is that Barry was born in Hawaii in a whorehouse instead of a hospital. Alternatively, he could have been born in the backseat of a police car? Hawaiian officials have minced words about his alleged original birth “document” on file in their birth records but they have never testified in court that the photo shopped document posted on the White House website is the same document that is in their files. The whore Dunham’s sham marriage to a Kenyan Communist named Obama was probably because the “typical white woman” grandmother was embarrassed that her white trash daughter would have been having a bastard due to the daughter’s working in a black whorehouse. Using the money that she had earned as a prostitute in Hawaii, Barry's mother was able to return to the State of Washington to be with her trashy high school friends while attending college. Did she continue to work part-time as a prostitute while attending college in Seattle? After Barry’s mother returned to Hawaii, she apparently had a real marriage to an Indonesian and her real husband adopted Barry while they lived in Indonesia. That adoption would have caused the State of Hawaii to update the “born at home (i.e. born in whorehouse) record of Barry’s birth with a birth certificate showing Barry as the son of an Indonesian and Dunham (born at home in Hawaii). Because of Muslim money and Muslim influence being available in order for Barry to enter elite schools and colleges in America, Barry would have missed (due to age) the opportunity to reclaim American citizenship. Very likely, the forged draft card and other forged “American” documents were easily obtained through Weather Underground connections.

  7. Maybe Barry is the result of a failed abortion. Look at the scars he wears on his head. That's what caused his mental issues, the abortion wasn't complete and that is why Barry wants those that survive abortions not to turn out like himself, a failure.

  8. Back in 2008 this website was always cited by the liberal press as a source of truth and proving other negative information about Obama as false.. but it shows that Obama can react quickly by removing information when it is considered negative to the reelection

  9. I remember a few years ago that a site on Teddy Kennedy, the swimmer, was wiped off the internet - it was a sordid detailed account of his life and a devastating one. I can't remember the long domain name to check wayback.

  10. I don't think the video girl is the same person. Take a look at the length of the girls chin on the photos above and compare it to the girl in the video.

  11. A Honolulu hooker posing and banging for a darkie commie. Results? The bastard child AKA Bari Barry Barak Barack Malik Soetoro Soebarkrah Shabazz Obama II. Priceless...

  12. As far as I can tell, the video actually ends up proving that the the woman in the picture is not Obama's mother. It refers to a number of issues of men's magazines published at a time when Ann Dunham was a minor living in Washington State. How could Frank Marshall have been taking nudie pictures of her years before they had even met?

  13. Joel Gilbert posts a new video pimping his "dreams of my real father" crock of lies.

    Let's see. Scary music, out of focus pictures of scary black men, and oh look! VINTAGE PORN that Joel Gilbert claims are pictures of Stanley Ann Dunham.

    At 0:15, there's a close up of the cover from "Bizarre Life" magazine, Issue #9.

    What's interesting is that the Fetish Nostalgia site "" has some later issues of that magazine for sale. The oldest being #412, published in 1966. There's an issue #556 from 1968 as well. So we might assume a once a week printing schedule. Which means that #9 would have been out in 1957 or 58.

    At 0:19, we have the cover of "Exotique" #6, and at 0:25, the cover of #4. Exotique was printed between 1955 and 1959. has issue #10 - published in 1957.

    0:31 shows the cover of "Secret Pleasures" by Carlson Wade. shows that as a photo collection of Exotique - published in 1958

    0:40, "Battling Babes". And guess what, it's a Exotique magazine from the mid 50's

    0:47, "Exotique" #2. Would have been 1955.

    The only thing that Joel Gilbert seems to have proven here is he's got a bit of a vintage porn fetish. And can't tell the difference between early to mid 50's erotica and early 60's material.

    Here's the big thing though. The Dunham's didn't move to Hawaii until 1960. And during the time period these magazines were published in, Stanley Ann Dunham would have been in her early to mid teens and in Jr. High and High School (they moved to Mercer Island, WA, in 1956 when she was 13) And the pictures of the woman in question are clearly NOT someone that young.

  14. these pics cant be of dunham, because I dont think there was a free minute where she was not being boinked by some "other than white" guy.
    what a whore!

  15. If Terri's research is correct, it might turn out that SAD was only a slut, and not actually a whore or a porn star.

    However, she is probably incorrect.

  16. Quote from Anonymous @ 4:28 PM:

    "I don't think the video girl is the same person. Take a look at the length of the girls chin on the photos above and compare it to the girl in the video."

    I agree.

  17. @Anonymous
    I agree as well, the noses are different.

  18. Here's a thought...
    Obama was born before August 21, 1959,(perhaps Aug 4, 1959) when HI became a state. Dunham is not the mother and the Kenyan is not his father. Since HI wasn't a state, he is not NBC.

  19. Well then, you guys need to get 10's of thousands of people to send snopes a request to investigate these photos as you received them in a chain mail letter and want to know if they are debunked ;)

  20. what a bunch of fags that must work for SNOPEs.

  21. Conservative Ann Barnhardt, never one to mince words, comments on Obama’s “the private sector is doing fine” statement:

    “How could he say such a thing? Well, I’ll explain it ONE MORE TIME, because people simply do not want to believe what has happened.

    Barack Obama is a slack-jawed, mouth-breathing imbecile who doesn’t have the brains God gave a goldfish. He is also a hard-core drug user. He smokes weed in ‘Choom Wagon One’ [Air Force One] to ‘mellow’ and smokes crack, and probably does cocaine when he needs to be ‘up’ for campaign appearances. He has no idea what he is saying most of the time, and is so stupid that he lacks the self-awareness to know when he has said something monumentally stupid, such as we saw this morning. He is not smart, hence his complete inability to speak extemporaneously and his mere passing familiarity with the English language.

    He is in no way competent on any level, hence his staggering lack of command on any topic except sports involving big, sweaty men. He is not actually engaged in any meaningful policy discussion or formation.

    Obama himself is a puppet front kept entertained with drugs, golf, and gay sex, and the golf may only be a cover for the gay sex. People who play golf with any frequency tend to develop something that resembles a golf SWING. Barack Obama can not swing a golf club competently despite playing more golf than the avid, semi-retired, country club golfers I know.

    The people running the White House per se are Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama, who are themselves profoundly unintelligent people who are getting their material and marching orders from people like [George] Soros, Maurice Strong, Leo Gerard, and maybe even Vladimir Putin and Beijing by extension—the global Communist leaders. Obama is simply a complete idiot. Stop trying to push a square peg into a round hole. Stop trying to process this using the assumption that Obama is in any way intelligent.

    Face reality. He isn’t a Manchurian candidate. He isn’t brainwashed. You have to actually have a BRAIN in order to be brainwashed. Obama is a mentally defective, drug-addled, sodomite psychopath that a cadre of Communist oligarchs are using as a theatrical facade.”

  22. anon. 3:44, you're getting very close to the truth.

  23. Oh my goodness. This proves you Birther Folk are clearly out of your minds.

    Admit it: He is a Democrat and a black man whose white mother liked black men. You HATE all those things.

    Now having admitted it .. feel better?

  24. The "Terri" comments above....

    All of those dates of magazine publication must be verified with links, otherwise I consider it all a bunch of lies. Terri is an obot and obots usually make up stories and lies to suit their agenda. Unless 'Terri' can prove those dates then its all bogus.

    BTW, that is Ann Dunham with lots of makeup in the photos, unless she had a twin sister, which I doubt.

  25. Then Sancho Panza and all you NWO loving Obot assclowns, STOP WATCHING THE CORPORATE MEDIA OF WHICH 90 PERCENT IS RUN BY SIX MEGA CORPORATIONS!!!!!!

  26. is the most useless website I have ever seen. Full of lies and distortions...good for a laugh sometimes...but generally quite reprehensible when you consider the fact that the site misleads so many of the stupid and the ignorant OBOTS aimlessly prowling the planet. BTW the site is managed by trailer trash - a mindless cat-hording "couple" in southern California; mindless and useless folk you can be sure and of course dishonest to the core when it comes to propping up the Kenyan-born Commie squatting in the White House.

  27. Jack Cashill’s article entitled, Just Who Is Obama’s “Pop?”, contains evidence that Soebarkah’s biological father was not just his mother’s lover but also Soebarkah’s sexual partner when Barry was a child and his poem’s ghostwriter when he was a young college student. “Pop takes another shot, neat, Points out the same amber Stain on his shorts that I've got on mine and Makes me smell his smell, coming From me.”Please see the web address as follows:

  28. @Anonymous You need to check the US Code. Even though your "facts" are nonsense, even if you were correct, the US Code provided that people born in Hawaii were citizens at birth regardless of parentage. I don't recall the specific section, but it is title 8 of the US code, and somewhere between sections 1403-1408.

  29. Snopes is a propaganda agency of the Dumbocrats.
    Dumbocrats are too stupid to think and rely on what their told and can't think for themselves.

    “Snopes receives funding from an undisclosed source. The source is undisclosed because Snopes refuses to disclose that source. The Democratic Alliance, a funding channel for uber-Leftist (Marxist) Billionaires (George Soros etc.), direct funds to an “Internet Propaganda Arm” pushing these views. The Democratic Alliance has been reported to instruct Fundees to not disclose their funding source.

    For the past few years has positioned itself, or others have labeled it, as the ‘tell-all final word’ on any comment, claim and email. But for several years people tried to find out who exactly was behind It is run by a husband and wife team – that’s right, no big office of investigators and researchers, no team of lawyers. It’s just a mom-and-pop operation that began as a hobby. David and Barbara Mikkelson in the San Fernando Valley of California started the website about 13 years ago and they have no formal background or experience in investigative research.

  30. I Tell it Like it isJune 17, 2012 at 7:36 AM

    To all the Obots that have NO facts and cling to the false racist smear.

    How come racists like a 100 percent black like Allen West? How come I would prefer a 100 percent black named J.C. Watts over Obama-Soetoro? How come anti-Obama-Soetoro people like rev. James David Manning who is also 100 percent black?

    The racist charge has become a joke and is now a pvoud label meaning one is a true patriot and not a pawn of Govevnment News and the Socialist Democrats.

  31. This is disgusting. How far have we sunk that we are smearing the reputation of a dead woman? There's no way that this is Stanley Ann Dunham; it simply doesn't look like her, and she would have been too young at the time these photos were taken.

  32. This post pretty much proves that you birthers are not really interested in the "eligibility" question -- your true motive is just to smear the President and his family.

  33. Stanley Ann Dunham, the photo, is a composite image.

    Stanley Ann Dunham, the person, is a composite character.

    There never was one Stanley Ann Dunham (especially since Obama called her Shirley in his DFMF, 1995 edition, and the first SAD died in the 1970's).

    SAD never graduated Mercer Island High School in 1960, never went to Hawaii in 1960, never met Obama Sr. there.

    That Senior yearbook photo of her is a morph of young Obama's face with the face of FMD's nude model. That's why she was tagged as SAD.

    Spend two bucks and buy my book, "A picture is worth 1,000 lies"

    It contains 100 annotated Photoshops of Obama's life along with a tongue-in-cheek description of how they were faked.

  34. Well, they unlike this website, corrects their stories when they find an error.

    Sunday, June 17, 2012


    Maraniss wrote Clintons fairy tale also.
    "Over the past 4 years, author David Maraniss has been researching and writing his tenth book, Barack Obama; The Story. 
    For this project, the Washington Post associate editor and Pulitzer prize-winner traveled across the world including to Kansas, Indonesia, Kenya, Los Angeles, Hawaii, New York, and Chicago.
    David Maraniss spoke with relatives of President Obama in Kenya and discovered the President’s African ancestral history on the shores of Lake Victoria.
    He toured the houses where young Barry Obama lived in Indonesia and found the Kansas family homes and sites where his mother’s family began.
    Barack Obama: The Story will be available in bookstores on Tuesday, June 19.
    The discussion will include exclusive video and pictures from Kenya, Indonesia, Kansas and Hawaii.  Book TV traveled to Kenya with David Maraniss in January 2010, to document his African research trip."

    Airs CSPAN 2. 6:00pm et. 3:00 pt live
    Repeats 1:00am et 10:00pm pt

    Callin & ask if Hawaii dept of health showed him obama/Shabazz COLB
    Callin & ask how he got the scars on his head
    Callin & ask why he and family wore red & black on election night in grant park with a big BLACK X ACROSS MOOCHELLE's WAIST ( & not red white & blue)
    Bet he missed all that evidence!

  36. Obama order: Destroy Trump!

    Obama Vows to Destroy Trump

    Furious at Donald Trump for trying to prove he wasn't born in the U.S. and for backing Republican Mitt Romney, President Obama has vowed to destroy the boss of TV's Apprentice and put The Donald at the top of his secret "hit" list. Learn about Trump's reaction and the other surprising names on the President's "hit" list - all in the new GLOBE!

  37. @Terri

    I haven't studied any of this yet, so I can't say with any accuracy. I do remember seeing these photos, nothing blocked when I saw them, on the Internet when Barky was firs running for prez. At first I thought, is this her? Then my husband said to me, no, that's her. It looks just like her.

    Don't forget this, Uncle Frank, whatever he was called, had sex with a 13-year-Anna. Was that her? If so, she was 13 at the time. Something to think about, you think? I remember reading about the 13-year-old Anna way back.

  38. Don't forget, folks. Mike Zullo has found out that the Mafia sold BCs to the Japanese people. What does this tell us? How many people in Hawaii, the precious state, are really NBCs? This may also give way to understanding their attitude towards an NBC. They probably do think that it's not really important to them.

  39. Anonymous @ 6:10AM:

    It was reported that Barry was surprised when he found his BC tucked away among his mother's things. Perhaps he always called Frank Marshall Davis (a self-admitted pedophile) "POP" and was then surprised to find out that there was a different name on his BC, either Obama Sr. or in the case of an adoption BC, Soetoro. But then, he wouldn't have been surprised to find Soetoro's name on the BC because he knew he was adopted, so it had to be some other name. Just speculating here...I know nothing.

  40. The only reason you're claiming Snopes is baised towards the president, is because they won't support your fantasies.

  41. Frank Mashall Davis HAS A LIVING SON whose DNA could be verified, but Obama is not related to him, doesn't look one wit like his other son or FMD.

  42. Lame Cherry says Obama is ASIAN and his mum is
    Filipino Anna Chin Soebarkah

  43. "Well, they unlike this website, corrects their stories when they find an error."

    Oh really? Is that why they scrubbed the article instead of correcting it?

    Is that why their article on Obama's social security number is packed full of misinformation and lies?

  44. @Dr. Ron Polland
    There are other copies of the 1960 MIHS yearbook available if anyone would like to see if Ann Dunham's picture is in them (it is).
    How can a picture be morphed into every existing copy of a high school yearbook that may be in people's attics and bookcases?

  45. If Ann graduated from Mercer Island High School and her picture showed up in the yearbook, those photos are taken at the beginning of the school year to allow for retakes, yearbook layout and publishing time, etc. She could have been in the early stages of pregnancy then or soon-to-be pregnant. What month was her birthday and how old was she when she graduated H.S.? Did she attend graduation?

  46. The FBI crime lab would take these photos and measure the distances between the pupils and between the pupils and the bottom of the front teeth etc. and make a determination like 75% match or 90% match. The house that Frank Davis was living in plus the remarkable resemblance of the woman in the photos may not be a smoking gun, but it's close.

  47. I don't believe the stuff about his mom apparently being a slut should be the point. The focus should be on the man he most looks like: DAVIS.

  48. I despise President Obama as much as anyone. He is leading us down to 3rd world status. However, posting alleged pictures of his mother makes this website and others who approve of it's publication into as cheap and immature as anyone on the left side.

  49. The problem is that all pages give the response: 'Sorry. This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.' So was ever available at WBM (if not, why?) or is the suggestion that the whole site has been recently removed just to cover for the deletion of the claim that the naked woman is Marcy Moore?

  50. How can you hold a Child accountable for things his mother did? Finger Point tactics. If you mother was bowing so be it. Obama Mon had her fun the way she wanted. Cant blame the son. No Child have control over his mother action , si if she wanted to change you name sh can if she want to , a child have no control.
    Remember Humans. Money is just a way We AMERICANS store WORK EFFORT. If you view it as any thing else you just easy to fool and can be temped to do just about anything for it . lol

  51. Wait, Obama's mom was a fetish model, ala Bettie Page? This can only make him MORE popular, dumbasses!

  52. This is what Snopes shows when I searched for their entry on this subject.

    "Page Not Available

    The article you have attempted to access is temporarily unavailable because Internet filters have flagged it as containing material deemed to be pornographic or sexually explicit and have blocked access to our site on that basis. We are attempting to resolve the issue and get the material back online as soon as we can.

    Read more at "


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