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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Report: Metadata and object code proof of a forged birth certificate file!
By Mara Zebest
July 18th, 2012

Mara Zebest is a graphic artist and co-author for a number of Adobe product books including the Inside Photoshop series which typically exceeded 1000 pages, and published in at least ten different languages around the world. Ms. Zebest is also tech editor for numerous books for both Adobe and Microsoft products and has worked closely with the Cold Case Posse (CCP) for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in providing evidence on Obama’s forged birth certificate.


My newly released report explains why Obama’s long form birth certificate PDF file is a synthetically manufactured file down to the colors presented on eight of the first nine layers. The report examines the metadata and object code and explains how this information corroborates the claim that Obama’s PDF file never originated as a paper document but rather was born in cyberspace—or to put it another way—digitally manufactured. The only time Obama’s PDF file image exists as a paper document is when a computer user selects Print from the File menu. Obama’s PDF file, like everything else from this administration, is a composite, a lie, an illusion—even down to the deceptive colors presented in the file.

The focus of this report is centered on Obama’s PDF file released on April 27, 2011 and can be downloaded at this White House link. The moment Obama’s PDF file was posted numerous professionals have been speaking out on the multitude of anomalies. Most notable indicator of malfeasance within Obama’s PDF file is the presence of multiple layers. A document scanned into a computer should only contain one layer—known as a flattened file. However, Obama’s PDF file not only contained more than one layer, it contained nine layers that clearly display recognizable signs of forgery along with a host of other manipulative indicators. The problems range from Tom Harrison’s observation of undisturbed safety-paper pattern beneath white dots to a clipping mask path that hides data and more.

Because layers are the most obvious symptom of foul play, it may be helpful to understand what layers are and what advantages layers provide. Layers are analogous to transparencies used on a projector in—what will be referred to as—the analog world. Content is printed on separate sheets (or layers) which allow the user to move, add, or remove one sheet element independently of the remaining sheets. The total composite document is comprised of the combined transparency stack of sheets.

The digital equivalent allows a user to add or move digital image information (or text) onto separate layers. This of course would be a manual and manipulative choice. Like their analog parallel, layers can provide a means to maneuver individual elements within the image independently of surrounding image pieces.

The layers have been the most damning and problematic evidence of file manipulation and the defenders of Obama are quick to respond with a plethora of excuses to justify the presence of layers. The excuses range from OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to the more predominant excuse of optimization—both of which have been debunked in my previous report for the Cold Case Posse press conference.

Many Obama defenders have conceded that OCR is not a factor and admit OCR was never applied to the PDF file. However arguments for optimization still persist. Optimization refers to a file saving process in which the goal is to reduce the file size while maintaining (or optimizing) the quality of the image (as best as possible depending on the settings applied).

Those that insist on the optimization argument either do not understand what attributes need to be present for this argument to hold water, or they are hoping the general public does not understand—probably a little of both. The defenders certainly count on the ignorance of the average citizen to understand the differences in layers produced from an automated process (such as optimization) compared to a manual choice to manipulate the file. One goal of the report is to offer a deeper understanding for recognizing the two patterns of layering (and to avoid being deceived or bamboozled). The report adds additional proof along the way that the optimization excuse fails miserably and can be completely ruled out as a justification for layers.

One particular and significant point to understand: Not all optimization processes are created equal and only certain programs will create (automated) layers when optimizing. Adobe Acrobat Pro is the most commonly used program capable of creating layers from an automated process such as optimization but even Acrobat Pro does not always produce layers when optimizing a file. The method and settings applied during the saving process plays a factor in whether layers will be automatically generated or not. To be additionally clear on this point, programs like Photoshop and Illustrator will NOT automatically generate layers when optimizing a file (regardless of the circumstances). Any layered files generated from these programs are merely reflective of layers manufactured by the USER.

The problems for the opposition increases when the metadata is considered; so what is metadata? If you’ve ever examined a file and noticed property information such as the creation date, modified date, or the program used to create the file, this is known as metadata. The metadata for Obama’s PDF reveals that a Mac-based program called Preview was used to generate the optimized PDF file.

Preview is a program that allows a user to open and view a file (as the name suggests). Preview can view a range of file types created from other programs as well as allowing a user to resave the file in any file format available within Preview. Preview is limited in its abilities and certainly not a program used to create a layered file from scratch. The optimization argument becomes increasingly problematic when it is understood that Preview is incapable of producing or generating layers automatically from an optimization process (when saving a file). Preview will only maintain preexisting layers produced from another program. Thus Obama’s PDF layers had to be generated from another program prior to being saved from Preview.

One more important point regarding Preview’s role in creating Obama’s PDF file: If a file is produced in another program; opened and saved again within Preview, the metadata from any prior programs used are replaced with Preview metadata, thus eliminating any digital tracks for the previous programs utilized in the process (such as Photoshop or Illustrator that might imply manipulation).

Along with metadata, object code is also buried within the PDF file—which refers to the code that describes the attributes or properties present for each file object (and can be seen by opening the PDF file in WordPad or Word). Layers within the Obama PDF file would be examples of objects described in the object code. The report examines the layer object code along with how the code properties can be applied in analyzing automated layers—produced in an Acrobat optimized document—against the manufactured layers—produced in Obama’s PDF file. Visible and consistent patterns in optimized layers do not exist in Obama’s PDF file.

One of the object code properties examined will be BitsPerComponent (seen in the figure) which is typically followed by a numeric value of 1 or 8. To simplify, this refers to either a 1-bit layer or an 8-bit layer respectively. In layman’s language, a 1-bit layer that also contains an ImageMask true property (in the object code) equates to a layer that is only capable of containing one single color—black. Conversely, an 8-bit (ColorSpace) layer is capable of containing more than one color; of any color value (not restricted to just black). If this concept is clear, then the rest is easy and the report will explain these concepts further.

The bottom line, documented in detail within the report, is that an optimized layer pattern will only contain a single layer of 1-bit quality that displays black only. All remaining layers (in an optimized file) are 8-bit—containing multiple colors. In other words, the optimization process pulls out all the black color onto one (1-bit) layer—not two (1-bit) layers, not three (1-bit) layers—just one layer with this 1-bit object code attribute.

Obama’s PDF file (as seen in the figure) contains EIGHT 1-bit layers, and none of these 1-bit layers reflect a black color. However, the colors presented are a deception. The black is there, but it’s hidden in plain sight (as outlined in the report).

Taking into account the multiple 1-bit layers embedded in Obama’s file, combined with the associated color manipulation defined in the report; it is impossible to duplicate these file attributes through scanning or any other argument thrown at the debate which currently includes:

  • Optimization
  • Adaptive compression
  • MRC (Mixed Raster Content) compression
  • JBIG2
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro, and…
  • OCR

Here’s a challenge to anyone who would like to defend the list of excuses or to supplement any additional excuses: It would be advised (before doing so) to carefully read the report, examine the provided figure of object code for the nine layers found in Obama’s PDF (with important properties highlighted). Then run tests to see if any of the described suppositions proposed in the above bulleted list (or any new excuses being considered) can produce object code exactly as seen in the capture (without manipulation). The final result must include eight 1-bit Image Mask true layers (with FlateDecode as seen in the figure), and one 8-bit ColorSpace layer (with DCTDecode as seen for this last layer). Oh, and as an added bonus, the 1-bit layers (all eight of them) need to have colors displayed that are NOT within a pure (grayscale color value) range of black.

When these displayed attributes from Obama’s PDF anomalies are reproduced via scanning and optimization settings—please publish the winning recipe settings for all to verify. And don’t forget to include a refry from Preview as the last step. If you cannot document the winning recipe, then supposition does not count; and therefore you have nothing—which falls into the category of misinformation, misunderstanding, misrepresenting, and misdirecting.

Obama’s PDF object code properties cannot be reproduced without manufacturing and manipulating layers. Any layers produced through optimizing will result in a single 1-bit layer. Repeat: JUST ONE 1-bit layer—not eight. In the case of adaptive compression, the color on the 1-bit layer will reflect a black color value—not off-white, not greenish-black, nor greenish-gray (as displayed in Obama’s PDF file).

The report will detail these concepts and provide a documented recipe on how the layers in Obama’s PDF file can be replicated down to the metadata, object code, and low file size. Here’s a hint: The only way it was possible was through complete image manipulation and manufacturing of layers. The winning recipe included Photoshop, Illustrator, and Preview (in that order).

NEW: Barack Obama's Forged LFBC Report - By Mara Zebest - July 18th, 2012


Mara Zebest is a graphic artist and co-author for a number of Adobe product books including the Inside Photoshop series which typically exceeded 1000 pages, and published in at least ten different languages around the world. Ms. Zebest is also tech editor for numerous books for both Adobe and Microsoft products and has worked closely with the Cold Case Posse (CCP) for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in providing evidence on Obama’s forged birth certificate.





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  1. The work is excellent. The forgery now confirmed. Which arm of the government will enforce the rule of law? It appears every government official is corrupt. The deplorable state of emergency must be declared by the people.

    Let us amass the masses, and proceed to DC with Constitutional lawfulness being our citizen grand jury and a Sheriff with deputies to arrest a fraudster affecting every county of the USA.

  2. Did they name the guy (or guys) who forged the BC? Weren't they interviewed?

    PI Susan Daniels said that in the past, Obie had used a number of stolen SS#'s to commit petty crimes. Where's the evidence of that? That would preclude him from being eligible.

    When went on an official visit to Russia as a U.S. senator with Rep. Senator Lugar? (not sure on the name of that one), the Russians detained him for 3 hours on the way out of the country, thinking he was a British spy. Was he carrying a British passport at the time? Has anyone interviewed the senator he was with on that trip?

  3. Sean Hannity to Donald Trump in response to Trump noting that the media is ignoring Arpaoi's work on document fraud:

    "It's up on Drudge. We're inviting him [Arpaoi]to appear on the program tomorrow."

    Thumbs up for Trump's effort to not allow Hannity, who tried his damnedest, to veer conversation away from the topic of Arpaoi findings.

    Thumbs down for Trump still recommending Rubio for VP#

  4. Seeing that Sherriff Joe's investigation is centered around the fact, someone had manufactured and distributed a fraudulent BC. Isn't it plausable that he should be seeking the person[s] responsible by way of 'process of elimination'?
    i.e., If Obama instructed his lawyer to retreave two documents from the Hawaii Dept. of Health, as he has publicly stated,(supposedly copies of his LFBC). Then, Joe simply needs to follow the train of posession/evidence. Who did Obama's lawyer pass the copies too once back in DC? (Name?). Who did this person pass the copies off too, if any?(Name?)Who supposedly down loaded the actual PDF onto the WH web site?(Name). Sherriff Joe needs to make someone answer some questions and make the facts clear. He needs to make the adminisration go on the defensive. Make them use executive privlage to protect their employee's. Make it seem their hiding something from America! He needs to walk right up to the White House front door and pound on it with his badge in one hand and a court order in the other!!! He needs to state his intentions on CNN and slap the sleepy eyed viewers out of their trance!


  5. Arpaio is not going to name names publicly. He will use that leverage to make a referral for indictment.
    CBS,con commenters are seriously brain damaged. If these represent American patriotsm, WE ARE DOOMED....
    Even Rush is in fear of the FCC & IRS :
    To Snerdly today, " You mean Arpaio? Yes, I saw it on Drudge. No. I don't think so. I am going to wait until it bubbles up more...."

    iIF NOT RUSH, then who?
    Oh I know...JOE BIDEN WANTS THE TICKET. Like Mikey, he'll say anything to advance!

  6. Can anyone tell me just exactly what the hell is going on with the BC and SSN issue RIGHT NOW - 7/18/2012?

    Thank you,

  7. Sounds like Arpaio is going to be on Hannity tomorrow. Hannity allowed Trump to talk about the issue today. We'll see if Hannity allows Arpaio to bring it up tomorrow. It's getting harder and harder for the left and right to keep this under wraps

  8. it is now time for obama to come clean we aint buying your cock n bull story anymore. its time congress did its job and removed this fraud or its up to us the American people to remove any congressman who refuses to do his job. and we got more than enough to remove all 9 supreme court justices. had enough of Obama and his lies? get off your ass and demand that congress do their job or we the people will do ours and remove all of you.

  9. So, what? this is a non-issue, nobody cares if obamabinladen is a fraud, national security threat, a Mossad operative, or cris kringle. NOBODY CARES..

  10. @C.A. Holly

    I caught part of that Hannity interview. Good to see Trump give good props to the Arpaio's Obama fraud investigation.

    I didn't catch the part that Hannity is going to have Sheriff Arpaio go on his show? Well cool if so.

  11. Great article in The Daily Pen about Obama being born in Kenya. Info supposedly available in the British archives!


    WHERE LIES GO TO DIE – Evidence discovered shows British Protectorate of East Africa recorded Obama’s birth records before 1963 and sent returns of those events to Britain’s Public Records Office and the Kew branch of British National Archives.

  13. Arpaio has done the work. He shouldn't have to single-handedly continue taking the whole thing apart. This is for the Country's interest, maybe for the World!
    The evidence his men found has been presented. Now those who are elected to represent us - Congress - needs to run with it and do what must be done.
    WE, the people, must expect that of our representatives and senators.
    They have the means.

  14. Those silly FOgblow Clowns think they "debunked" the Arpaio Posse report. See their "special report." LoL.

    A quote from Fog la la land.

    "It's unbelievable how little information we were able to find."

    Yes I agree. Foggyville is bereft of intelligence and is non-existent of useful information.

  15. @Anonymous

    "Arpaio has done the work."

    Oh, please. This work was done BY MANY OTHERS long before Arpaio stuck his big toe in it. Ordinary folks had already proven the short form to be fraudulent. Joe is just spinning wheels and wasting time.

  16. Trump trumped Hannity by actually stating the document dump that Romney should demand from O.whodat before he releases ANYTHING (he has already released his birth certificate), because ANY talk of eligibility is under a black-out on his radio and TV show. Evidenced by Sean cancelling his exclusive interview with Jerome Corsi about his "Where's the Birth Certificate Release", that he had promoted with great enthusiasm until O.whodat released his faux BC. More evidence was Sean's comment "That won't fly" when Farah of WND pointed out on his TV show that Sean's pick for VP, Rubio, is not and never will be like the Kenyan in Kontrol a "natural born Citizen." I'll believe Arpaio is on Hannity's show when I hear him speak and Sean, like Laura Ingraham the week before when she had Arpaio on, probably will NOT mention the birth certificate. Trump saying the media ignores the issue should have said "media" like you Sean and ALL your right talker buddies, too.

  17. Kev - you got it!

    What was the chain of custody? Who loaded it to the WH website? Why are you hiding this information?

    Your lawyer who returned from Hawaii, a WH employee, or yourself Obama, will be named as person(s) of interest.

  18. "It's unbelievable how little information we were able to find."

    That wasn't a quote from a member of Fogbow, RS. That was a quote from Zullo in the press conference about how little evidence they were able to find in Hawaii concerning Obama's birth there.

    Reading comprehension is not your strong suit, is it?

  19. It fascinates me, with great gravitas (regarding the critical need for the rule of law as Judge Napolitano recently and aptly remarked) that, despite the stacked evidence against the possibility of Obama's eligibility, that He is allowed to operate as Commmander in Chief only on the basis of the slightest whispering possibility of a distant and remote chance that He has any eligibility at all. His growing record includes layer upon layer of deceptive fraudulant actions and has both ommissive and commissive evidence against him. Nevertheless, the American Congress and Judiciary are submitting to a bogus Executive White House and rolling the dice on America in hopes that Obama will not get re-elected in November. Is this how slim the rule of law has become? It is now a game of dice? Doesn't the evidence reveal, based on his history, that he will do everything to steal the election? Some have said that the past is the greatest predictor of the future? Isn't America and the treasure of America's rule of law worth astonishingly more than taking this roll of the dice? I have heard so many high profile people state that the future of the US is at stake in this next election. Is America this corrupt and morally broken that it cannot stop one man who has only the slightest facade (false front) of eligibility? If I had to give and educated guess of the election results based on what I have witnessed over that last few years I would be lead to state with utter remorse and sadness "Goodbye America". This will also lead to a remorseful goodbye to freedom for people all across the globe as a result. I pray I am mistaken. I fear I am not.

  20. Re: "Evidence discovered shows British Protectorate of East Africa recorded Obama’s birth records before 1963 and sent returns of those events to Britain’s Public Records Office and the Kew branch of British National Archives."

    Sure. There's a wonderful bridge I'd love to sell you. Going cheep.

    For those of you who are thinkers a question. Don't you think that IF they really had any evidence that there was proof in the files, they would have showed it????

    Oh, and a grand total of 21 people came to the USA from Kenya in 1961.

  21. @Anonymous

    You - That wasn't a quote from a member of Fogbow, RS.

    This is what I said DUmb Foggy:

    "A quote from Fog la la land.

    "It's unbelievable how little information we were able to find."

    Yes I agree. Foggyville is bereft of intelligence and is non-existent of useful information."

    Did you see anywhere above that I attributed it to anyone who specifically said it? It is however quoted on the FoGDUmb webbsite BTW, and it is nice that Zullo said it. LoL.

    Reading comprehension is not your strong suit, is it?

    You should be asking yourself that question if 'reading comprehension' is any suit but weak at FogDUmb la la land.

    Cheers OBot. ;-)

  22. @Anonymous
    to Anonymous July 19, 4:55
    You wrote "Oh please", ..."big toe" etc.,:
    The statement that Arpaio has done the work and shouldn't be expected to single-handedly bring it to conclusion, was in response to "Kev" on 7/18 at 1:50.

    Meanwhile, your comment at 4:55 July 19, that the "work was done BY MANY OTHERS" only shows that you don't quite understand what was needed to come up with proof.
    Besides that, all the "many others" (including you of course) would also not be expected to single-handedly pull everything together, (walking up to the White House with a court order, as suggested).
    Figure it out! Let's be thankful that Arpaio's team have found some amazing info. Let's support that and hope for the best.


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