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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Private Investigator Susan Daniels Files Brief Opposing 
Motion to Dismiss Obama Connecticut Social Security Number Challenge
(Hat tip Mara Zebest)

Read the opposition brief here. Read Ohio's motion to dismiss here. Read the original complaint filed here. And embedded below.

Previous reports on the case here and here. Previous reports on Susan Daniels here. Susan Daniels' response to Snopes here.

Daniels v Ohio - Obama Social Security Number Challenge - Brief Opposing Motion to Dismiss - 8/16/2012

Daniels v Ohio - Obama Social Security Number Challenge - Motion to Dismiss - 8/9/2012

Daniels v Ohio - Obama Social Security Number Challenge - Complaint and Motion for Temp. and Perm. Injuncti...





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  1. This one is easy if the Judge has any common sense. All he has to is require BO to provide some kind of bona-fides that his fraudulent Social is good. He can't of course and BO isn't arguing that his social is not fraudulent.

    "What a POS!"

    1. Sorry. Not how it works. This is an appeal court. That and setting aside the fact they are not an evidentiary court, this appeal will be based on the record from the lower court, period.

      After the petition for preliminary injunction is denied.

      And even if your theory were correct, production of a certified copy of the COLB would suffice.

  2. So as the Chief Elections Officer

    As Ohio’s chief elections officer, the Secretary of State oversees the elections process and appoints the members of boards of elections in each of Ohio’s 88 counties. The Secretary of State supervises the administration of election laws; reviews statewide initiative and referendum petitions; chairs the Ohio Ballot Board, which approves ballot language for statewide issues; canvasses votes for all elective state offices and issues; investigates election fraud and irregularities; trains election officials, and works with counties to train poll workers. The Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s office also compiles and maintains election statistics, political party records and other election-related

    Doesn't investigates election fraud and irregularities involve ineligible candidates attempting to get on the ballot?

  3. FOX the SAUDI news networkAugust 16, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    @ suntango . . good point. I've always thought the SSN was the easiest way to go

  4. "Fox the Saudi news network"

    Great screen name and most appropriate.

  5. The SOB has a stollen SSNAugust 16, 2012 at 3:39 PM

    @ Anon 2:39 pm . . So as the Chief Election Officer . . So your claiming to be the Chief Election Officer ? ? ? Roflmfao . . the shit is getting. deep in here !

  6. fucking EVIL saudi wahabists need to be EXTERMINATED
    they've infiltrated our media and government
    they believe in pure sharia
    rape slaves, killing infidels, slavery is still practice in live open markets in mecca

  7. FOX the SAUDI news networkAugust 16, 2012 at 4:11 PM

    @ Mr. Doe why thank you Sir , this case will be hard to dismiss !

  8. Having a social security number is not a constitutional requirement for President. Since it is not an eligibility requirement, what authority does the Ohio Secretary of State have looking into it?

    1. The SOB has a stollen SSNAugust 16, 2012 at 4:56 PM

      @ anon 4:24 pm . . Why don't you try usin a stollen SSN and see what happens

    2. Exactly. Think about that statement for a while.

  9. It will be dismissed, make book on it. There is no wiggle room by any reasonable evaluation of the facts - but - my money is on a judge coming up with something. So far, every judge involved in this fucking mess has come up with something, and in most cases they just make it up as they go. There is no way that there's not a snake in this SS# woodpile, and any nincompoop can see that, but there is no way this is going anywhere. The only question remains - what will the judge come up with?

    1. The first thing they'll come up with for this pleading is that Van Irion's motion does not meet the requirements to obtain an injunction.

      It's as if he's never filed for one before. Imagine that, great constitutional attorney and all.

      There's also a matter of standing. Contrary to popular birther belief, the holding of the Ninth Circuit does not grant automatic standing to a "candidate" (Dummett in this case).

  10. It may be pertinent to focus on the issue at hand. We have an illegal putative president based on facts of fraud, ID theft, forgery, and a birth story script sold to lame stream media that continues to morph into vacuous nonsense. It is not even a composite anymore.

    The concerns of who wins the election is secondary to the point of barry's prosecution for crimes, illegal CiC orders, appointments, signed legislation from a usurper, etc. These are crucial issues. It CANNOT be blown over as a recognized term. This would solidify and condone we are a country of lawlessness and NO rule of law. Treason is serious.

  11. @suntangoThe way the American system of jurisprudence works is that defendants don't have to prove anything, or even mount a defense. The burden if proof is on the plaintiff.
    If anyone wants to put Obama on the defensive, they would file CRIMINAL charges against him for forgery, identity theft, fraud and/or election fraud.
    It's really a shame that the criminal side of the justice system has been ignored in favor of filing civil suit after civil suit.
    Lawsuits will not impact the Obama presidency but criminal indictments would, as they did in Watergate, Iran-Contra, and Whitewater.

    1. The problem there is you have to have credible admissible evidence and the burden of proof is much, much higher in criminal court.

      You don't even have credible admissible evidence (nor the law) to support a civil action.

  12. this case is already dismissed, but we'll let you hope for a while.

    Always two steps ahead - more like 3 or 4 steps in Ohio.

    Calamity Jane.

  13. Make the call !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lots of fortune tellers here. Boooooooooo and there's Calamity the sewer rat troll peeeeuuuuuu

  14. @Anonymous at 4:24. ????

    "Having a social security number is not a constitutional requirement for President. Since it is not an eligibility requirement, what authority does the Ohio Secretary of State have looking into it?"

    You're kidding, right? Can't you read for chrissake?

    1. @ Kanbun . That's Christsake, not chrissake

    2. Prince Awaleed Bin TalalAugust 16, 2012 at 6:39 PM

      everyone BOW to me when I walk into the room, like my little bitchs at FoxNews do BOW I say, ok I'm leaving now, you be good now Calamity, your my favorite little troll

  15. Kanbun,

    No need to be rude. If you have the answer why not just say so. I can read and did read the document. Having a social security number is not a requirement established by law (for a candidate for President) therefore there it cannot be "another violation established by law". I don't read this to mean have you violated any Ohio law that exists. Having forged your name on loan documents is a violation of the law too. It would not prevent you from being a candidate for President. You may have difficulty securing a winning number of votes, but assuming you met the requirements for the office you were seeking, then you could give it a try.

  16. Apologies... I posted comments in this thread meant for the Van Irion thread. Don't know if they can be moved. If so, appreciated. If not, just delete them, as they're irrelevant to this thread.

  17. The problem with Daniels' argument is, the court is not required to accept conclusory allegations. The tenet that a court must accept as true all of the allegations contained in a complaint is inapplicable to legal conclusions. The conclusory nature of Daniels' allegations are not entitled to the assumption of truth for purposes of deciding the motion to dismiss.

    Brief fails.

    1. @anon 6:57 pm . Just wondering where you got your law degree ?

    2. @ 7:47

      Just wondering where YOU got your LAW degree, because you must have missed the class about pleading requirements. How did you manage to graduate if you don't understand this very basic and oft-quoted tenet?

  18. Let's fact find:
    Legal inferences:
    1. Obama gave no $$ for the health care of the sick son of George obama.
    Dinesh D'sousa did.
    Therefore, the inference is George is NOT RELATED to Bari Malik Shabazz.
    2. Bari Malik Shabazz "died" on paper in August 1994. Later that month "Barack" emerges as a candidate for Illinois state Senate. There was NO DEATH CERTIFICATE.
    3. Shabazz was arrested for driving without a valid license on 3-12-82. He fails to appear. Shortly after that Bari Obama gets a connenicut ss# & a NEW IDENTITY. He forgets one crucial detail: ayers forgot a valid selective service card (SMOKING GUN)
    4. Barack has permanent DEEP HEAD SCARS YOU CANNOT REMOVE, most likely from head trauma. The inference is he was in a car crash.
    5. The accident arrest warrant was purged in 2004, an ex PARTE motion, even though Shabazz has been "dead" for 10 years. Barack is intending to announce for US Senator. The inference is Barack was purging a paper trail.
    6. The inference is Shabazz is a NBC, but took on a new identity. After all, how could Malcom X's. Illegitimate mulatto son ever get elected to office.
    7. The case is NOT NBC. It is a conspiracy to commit fraud with ayers dorne, et al. You can add another charge: the COLD BLOODED MURDER OF ANDREW BREITBART who had a trail to AYERS.
    8. The inference is Bari Malik Shabazz is presently the POTUS.
    Now would the white house dishwasher send a used glass in a zip lock bag to sherif joe for DNA DETERMINATION ? That can't be all that difficult. Or an old toothbrush for goodness sakes!
    9. No one can be POTUS if they have committed even one crime let alone the arrogance of Shabazz getting away with so many, we have lost count.
    10. Shabazz is so confident of escaping the law, he will continue his reign of DOMESTIC TERROR UNTIL ONE BRAVE AMERICAN ARRESTS HIM.
    11. George bush may have been a war criminal, but Obama is LEX LUTHOR come to life.
    12. The inference is the POTUS is a psychopath & should be tried for crimes against America.
    13. The inference is psychopaths believe all people are nothing more than useful idiots.
    14. Al Capone was never charged with murder, but his tax records hung him.
    15. Get a wine glass for God's sake!!!!!
    Get rid of him the American way: in a perp walk!!

  19. I have studied the one called Calamity Jane. Liberal indeed, but agitator only here. Be assured, Calamity Jane is nothing and knows nothing. Just likes to yank chains and brag about it elsewhere.

    Internet PI

  20. @AnonymousSlang = chrissake - to make a point. You don't get it either. Not surprised.

  21. @Anonymousat 6:52:

    "I don't read this to mean have you violated any Ohio law that exists."

    That's where you are missing the point. The lawsuit is not about eligibility, it's about identity theft. Ms. Daniels is arguing that SOS can reject the petition to place Barry on the ballot, not because of his ineligibility, but because there is substantial evidence that he is a felon based on the Ohio statute. SOS claims in motion to dismiss there is no basis in law for her claim - ergo her rebuttal that he has in fact violated a law.

    Seems pretty straightforward.

  22. `@ anon 4:24 pm . . Why don't you try usin a stollen SSN and see what happens ´


    using a stolen SS number since `77 and never got picked up?

    all that time and the SS never cottoned on and did something about it?

    yeah, right. want to buy a bridge?

  23. @Anonymous

    "@anon 6:57 pm . Just wondering where you got your law degree ?"

    Vanderbilt University, J.D. 1989


  24. > No one can be POTUS if they have committed even one crime

    Repeating a myth does not make it true.

  25. > Just wondering where you got your law degree ?

    Just wondering why you think what he said was incorrect?

    Any book on the essentials of court rules will give you something like this:

    "On a motion to dismiss, the court must accept as true all material allegations of the complaint..."

    Do you understand that? *Material allegations*. Not "legal conclusions".

    The court does not have to accept as true the legal conclusion "because defendant drives a car, he is a company".

  26. Whatever you say Internet Pie.

    Believe me or not. I really don't give a hoot. Frankly, you people amuse me. Sort of like watching ants in an ant farm. You have no clue how totally your lives are controled and how your futures rest in our hands - determined by our whims.

    Calamity Jane.

  27. @Anonymous
    Hey , great idea! Why not go to the joint where he has a drink in a paper cup, pick up the paper cup and give it to Sheriff Arpaio!
    There must be a way to get an employee to hunt down the paper cup he drank from soon after he leaves?
    Or do his secret service destroy the cup?

    1. I have a great idea ! When Calamity comes out of the sewer check her feet for the shit-paper Obame used last and get a DNA test from the shit-paper on her feet !

  28. Whatever Calamity.

    Your reign is narrowing quickly, your tactics are failing. Boast on, while you can.

    Internet PI

  29. Love you Calamity. Look at how you have the panties of these birthers in a bunch.


    Posted on August 16, 2012


    Posted by Judson Phillips on August 16, 2012 at 5:14pm in Tea Party Nation Forum

    "Today, Mitt Romney said he never paid less than 13% in taxes over the last few years. Romney still refuses release his tax records, other than the one’s he has released, though he will release his 2011 return before the election.

    This did not satisfy the Obama Campaign, which demanded he release all of those tax records.

    It is time to see the records released.

    No, not Romney’s tax records. We want Obama’s records released.

    Romney’s tax records are a non-starter. The only shocking part about his returns would be the amount of his wealth that is confiscated by a bloated and wasteful government.

    Obama’s records are much more interesting, since there is a compelling at least circumstantial case that he attended college as a foreign exchange student.

    Both Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump have said that Romney should tell Obama that he will release his tax returns after Obama unseals his records.

    Romney needs to come out and say this. He needs to bluntly say this in front of the national press.

    If the did that, a couple of things would happen.

    First, the drive-by media would have a collective heart attack. The issue would be forced into the open.

    Second, it would be the last time Romney heard a word about his taxes.

    This is a pressure point for Obama. Why the hell is this guy so secretive? The answer is he has a lot to hide.

    Indonesian school records from Obama’s youth show him registered for school in Jakarta as an Indonesian citizen. Did his mother ever restore his American citizenship after she divorced Obama’s stepfather?

    My personal theory is that Obama is simply a scammer. For him, going to school as a foreign exchange student was a scam. He could go to college, be treated in a favorable manner that no American student would be treated and not have to pay for it.

    Having someone else pick up his tab seems to be a specialty of Barack Obama.

    I’m willing to bet when Barack Obama’s records from Occidental, Columbia and possibly Harvard are opened, it will show that Obama went to at least two of those schools as a foreign exchange student and I am also willing to be those files will have some documentation showing him to be a citizen of Indonesia.

    ===> Congressman Darryl Issa and Obama have been going head to head on the issue of the “Fast and Furious” scandal. If Issa really wants to up the ante on that one he could issue a subpoena to those three schools for Barack Obama’s records.

    If Barack Obama is not eligible to be President, he cannot lawfully claim executive privilege. If Barack Obama is not eligible to be President, he could not have appointed Eric Holder Attorney General. Nor, could he /have made any other senior appointments.

    The roadblocks for getting the evidence on “Fast and Furious” would be gone. <===

    Romney needs to step up to the plate and tell Barack Obama to release his records.

    Obama won’t. He can’t. But the fireworks afterwards would be so much fun to watch."

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  31. @Kanbun

    "there is substantial evidence that he is a felon based on the Ohio statute"

    Ah yes, the guilty until proven innocent section of the law.

  32. @anon Having a social security number is not a constitutional requirement for President. Since it is not an eligibility requirement, what authority does the Ohio Secretary of State have looking into it?

    Answer, Federal Law mandates you cannot hire an illegal alien, since BO has no valid social and he failed an E'Verify Check I find it reasonable to make BO produce a valid social since he is a federal employee and to continue as such. It was the democrat party that proffered this magnificent POS and they are responsible and need to held accountable. This is why we need to keep the house and take the senate and presidency.


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  36. Calamity Jane, why don't you simply espouse the best strategy of all for your man Obama?

    Tell him the best and easiest way to win the upcoming election straight-up is to tell the American people exactly who he really is...Just another humble Marxist / Communist Manchurian Candidate looking for a break.

    This should bring him plenty of votes.

    Now move along Jane...and please, don't bore the people any further.

  37. The us would be the laughing stock of the world, if we were to say he wasn't a us citizen. We have are noses in everybody else business, and we forget to check Obama eligibility, It's not going to happen. Why do you think all of theses moron judges make these laughable decisions in obama favor. And for the republican supporter,you are supporting a bunch of cowards.

  38. @Anonymous
    Obama is a "fool 'em once, shame on me, fool 'em twice, shame on them" kind of leftist.
    He got 69.4 million votes without telling anyone who he is. He's thinking why should I change a winning strategy?
    Obama thinks "if you want to know who I am, read Dreams From My Father published in 1995."
    Besides, it's the responsibility of the "loyal opposition" to expose who he really is. They have failed miserably.

  39. Anonymous @ 6:19 PM,

    You have stated precisely the 800 lb gorilla in the room:

    If Republicans really wanted to beat the &^%$ out of Obama in the election, they would bring this simple (and now obvious) point to the American people...that Barry S. is just another lying commie marxist who only wants to bring America to destruction.

    Obummer would lose in an heartbeat on that little bit of info coming to light.

    However, the sad point is both parties are DIRTY, SCHEMING, and DUPLICITOUS...

    And for that matter, in a manner of speaking, so is Ron Paul (although he is light-years away from the other ilk). Why? Because he also is not getting this crucial info out before the American people...and it is his duty to do so; besides, if he did he could make a real charge at the presidency; none of this soft-pedaling).

    Bottom line...all these politicians come way short of ethics, honor, righteousness...and unfortunately, the American people are so dumbed-down they can't tell the sky from the daylight.

  40. @Anonymous"Ah yes, the guilty until proven innocent section of the law."

    Evidence asshole, not guilt. Ms. Daniels has simply laid out the facts. It could not be more clear that Barry was never in CT and that his SS# was issued there. But then I'm sure you have an explanation. Let's hear it.

    Fuck you.

  41. they have to get obama out on ineligibility, then rubber stamp kagan and the unwise latina get booted from scotus and then maybe they could get the meds that roberts needs. this is the most important part of the spoils of victory. Obamacare is a drop in the bucket compared to lifetime scotus appointments.

  42. 7:06 hit the nail on the head.

  43. you are right, Anonymous. you do need a SSN to be on the ballot. but you need not have committed a felon.. last time i checked SS fraud is a felon.. and if statue d of limitation, puts this type of fraud to before he was put on the ballot, everything he has done, signed, and enacted can be erased. and he will get his next term..10-15 years.. behind bars.

  44. @Kanbun

    "and that his SS# was issued there"

    Nope, his SSN like everyone from 1973 on was issued in Baltimore, Maryland.

  45. @Anonymous

    My social security number was applied for out of the state of Florida in 1975 right after I was born. As were both my sisters and little brother. We all have social security numbers with a Florida prefix.

    My two kids were born in Florida in the 1990's and their social security numbers both have a Florida prefix.

    Every person I know that was raised in Florida all have social security numbers with a Florida prefix.

    It seems Obama is the only person to have a social security number prefix from a state he never lived in or stepped foot in.

  46. @Anonymous

    And I've seen other people claim they have SSN with prefixes for states where they never lived.

    Are you saying it is impossible for someone to have a prefix from a state they never lived in?

    Write down a list of all the people whose SSNs you know. How many are there? 50? 100? 200?

    The SSA has issued 450 million SSNs, how many of them were issued with prefixes that do not match the state they were living in?

    Do you know? Does anyone know? Is it 0? 100,000? 1,000,000?

    In 1977 when the SS-5 cards were sent to Baltimore for processing, how were they handled? Did different clerks handle different regions of the country?

    Does the Social Security Administration consider someone having a SSN prefix without having ever been in the state to be an error?

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  48. @Anonymous

    "During the Holocaust dead bodies were frequently used to fuel the locomotives"

    It would require a hugh amount of extra fuel to get bodies to burn like fuel. This is a stupid claim and posting it shows you to be a moron.

  49. Back to Susan Daniels, and her Pro Se law suit against Malcolm X junior. Pro Se -- meaning that SHE (not a lawyer) is doing it on her own without an experienced legal counsel. WHY is there no OHIO lawyer who will help her on a Pro Bono basis ?? WHY? I know why!

  50. "Why is there no Ohio lawyer who will help her on a pro-bono basis? Why? I know WHY!"

    Because they either hope that she will lose, or they are too busy making money.


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