Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Classmate; Obama Registered As Indonesian Citizen At Columbia University - VIDEO HERE.

BREAKING: Breitbart Reporter in Indonesia Has Documented Proof Obama is Indonesian Citizen - VIDEO HERE.

PREVIOUS: Obama Classmate: Obama Attended Columbia and Occidental as Foreign Exchange Student - MORE HERE.



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  1. This is getting good!!!

  2. What I noticed most in that video was how carefully Rush made sure what was being said by Root would not be attributed to him.

    If Rush and the other so-called conservative taking heads don't get over their fear of confronting the usurper head on with his crimes and ineligibility they are going to find themselves out of work when the "fairness doctrine" destroys their lucrative income during Barry's 2nd stolen term.

  3. Not according to Columbia.

    In a statement made to WND, Robert Hornsby said, "Barack Obama applied for and was granted admission to Columbia College as a transfer student in 1981. He enrolled for the fall term of that year as a political science major. With the conclusion of the spring semester of 1983, Obama completed the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and graduated with his class."

    Note he was admitted as a "transfer student." No where in the statement by a Columbia spokesman, who would no better based on records than a "classmate," that Obama was a foreign exchange student from Indonesia. An anonymous caller to a AM radio show does not constitute proof of anything.

  4. Wayne Allyn Root Interview on the Joe Pags Show:
    "proof in hand that Obama IS a citizen of Indonesia":


  5. http://www.columbia.edu/cu/computinghistory/obama-sundial.pdf

  6. @ Anon 5:04pm
    Man are you ever fucking gullible. Has it ever occurred to you, simpleton, that NONE of this would be happening IF THAT FUCKING PEICE OF SHIT YOU WORSHIP WOULD RELEASE HIS FUCKING RECORDS.
    Please just remove your worthless genes from the collective pool and releive us all of your miserable ass kissing presence.

  7. VIDEO: Breitbart Reporter in Indonesia Has Documented Proof Obama is Indonesian Citizen


  8. @Anonymous
    Gosh, Mr. Anonymous, you're angry.

    Now, when was the last time a Presidential candidate released the records you're seeking? It wasn't Bush, since his were leaked. Was it Clinton? I don't think so.

    How about the first Bush? I don't recall that.

    So you're asking more of him than anyone else, why again?

  9. @Anonymous 5:04 PM

    So, you're saying Obama could not possibly have transfered to Columbia as a foreign exchange student just because a Columbia spokesperson did not specifically say he transfered as a "foreign exchange student"? Since that spokesperson did not specifically say that Obama transfered from Occidental, by your way of thinking Obama did not transfer from Occidental.

  10. As long as Romney maintains his position that he's not going to release any more tax records, we have the perfect defense against releasing records.

    Romney makes it easy for us to say "why should we release anything since Romney won't release his taxes?"

    Still think Romney is on your side?

    But don't worry, we've been working on the records for 3 years now. You'll never see anything that contradicts our official story.

    Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard have far too much to lose - after all, who wouldn't want to be associated with a President. Why wreck that?

    We are so far ahead of your thinking that it's painful to watch. Maybe someday you'll accept this, but it is already too late. We've won.

    We are the power now, and you will not regain it. You are permanently sentenced to the new underclass. We will not let a new Martin Luther King, Jr. or Malcom X arise from your ranks and lead you from bondage.

    Calamity Jane.

  11. @RacerJim

    His response was to a WND reporter who had asked the question as to whether or not Obama had registered as a foreign exchange student.

  12. If only it could be proved !!!!!! For that GOD I pray.

  13. Wouldn't a world without Communists be so nice, and safe?

  14. @AnonymousThat's a ridiculous statement. Foreigners can be transfer students, too. Obama's dad did the same thing! Transferred AS A FOREIGNER. Know your facts. Robert Hornsby didn't say Obama was half black, half white, but he is. Robert Hornsby didn't say Obama is a no-good liar, but he is. Just because Robert Hornsby didn't mention it doesn't mean it can't be true. He didn't say Obama WASN'T a foreigner!

  15. @Anonymous 10:36

    Once again, the comment by the Columbia spokesperson was in response to a WND reporter who was asking the question as to whether or not Obama was a foreign exchange student. He clearly states that he applied and was accepted as a transfer student, not a foreign exchange student. Yes, foreign exchange studenct can transfer from one University to another, but they would be registered as a foreign exchange student. The Columbia spokesperson never makes any such claim.


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